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xNovel - Ravaged Tied Family


Ravaged Tied Family

Cover:cover: ravaged tied family
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June ground her teeth with frustration and anger. Both her husband and son appeared to have joined forces with the four animals who called themselves motorcyclists. At least Howard and Randy were doing nothing, to protect her and Crystal. They had the chance now, they were untied, but they just stood back watching, hands on their tips, cocks jutting up in the air, as the four bikers threw her and Crystal together in a naked heap on the ground and surrounded the two women like mad dogs. Despite her disgust and rage and fear, June could hardly keep her eyes off all the erect cocks, each a different length and thickness, each a slightly different shape. Some were circumcised, some were naked knobbed. June couldn’t help being somewhat excited with all this naked, hard prickmeat around.

Laughing, the bikers kicked at the women, rolled them in the dust and over the jagged rocks. The two females groaned as the stones dug into them.

“Crawl,” Coyote ordered, and the women slithered like snakes, the rough ground scouring their tender nipples.

“Kiss our feet,” Sammy demanded and, after a few savage kicks, got what he ordered. The sniveling females continued to crawl, kissing the filthy naked feet of the four men, each man in turn.

The men squatted down, balls hanging low, and the mother and daughter were forced to suck and lap at their big ball sacs. They kicked and kissed the pricks of the men then, and took turns sucking on each man’s cock until he pushed them away.

The men straightened up, snickering among themselves, satisfied with themselves.

June felt the mad urge to dive at one of the hairy legs before her, sinking her teeth into it like an enraged dog. But then she realized how animalistic she was becoming — which was exactly what the men wanted to see her become so she restrained herself. Besides, they’d surely kick her to death if she tried attacking any one of them.

Digger forced a toe up Crystal’s cunt, and Crystal writhed as he reamed her out. The men laughed their appreciation.

“Hey, let’s see some pussy-eating,” Coyote suggested.

“Yeah,” Sammy said. “I can get off on that.”

“You heard ‘em,” Digger, said to the females. “Let’s see ya eat some pussy.”

“Sixty-nine,” Willis said. “Eat each other’s pussy at the same time. Come on, girls… before we have to get mean.”

June wouldn’t budge. She wasn’t sure she’d heard correctly, but if those, bastards thought she was going to suck pussy — any pussy — let alone the pussy of her daughter, they were out of their minds. Lying on her side, she crossed her arms, determined to fight to the death.

Crystal swung into the sixty-nine position with June and thrust her crotch at June’s face. Gum ran from the girl’s raped pussy and asshole like a grayish paste. June was stunned, unable to react. She was even more shocked when Crystal thrust her teenaged face between June’s legs and began to lap at June’s crotch. She gasped as her daughter’s tongue slithered up into her cunt.

“Come on, Bitch Momma, get eating!” Sammy growled, digging his toenails into the back of June’s head and forcing it forward.

June’s nose plunged between her daughter’s pussylips, cum running into her nostrils.

“Eat!” Sammy bellowed, grinding her face between Crystal’s legs with his foot. “Suck cunt, you bitch!”

Helpless, whimpering, June gingerly began to lick. She would have let them kill her before she would have submitted to their demands except she was getting horny. Crystal’s soft, wet tongue wiggling in June’s pussy was getting June excited. June spread her legs wider, letting her daughter nuzzle deeper. As the girl’s tongue slid inside her to the hilt, June moaned with pleasure, ramming her own tongue up Crystal’s hot, sticky pussy. Crystal moaned, too, and the two females clamped their hot thighs around each other, sucking each other out, eating pussy as if neither of them could get enough of it.

“Goddamn!” one of the men said, and the other men muttered as well.

The sounds of slurping and sucking filled the air as June and Crystal ate pussy. June swallowed mouthfuls of cum and pussycream. She didn’t know which of the men had shot their loads up Crystal’s cunt, but she didn’t care. She realized how disgusting the act she was performing must appear, but she didn’t care about that anymore either. A perverted lust had taken command of her. She was enjoying eating pussy, her daughter’s pussy, and it felt so good to have a hot tongue up her own crotch.

“Mmmmn!” June moaned, swallowing warm juice, tasting hot pussymeat. And Crystal answered with a moan of her own.

Out of the corner of her eye, June could see the four cyclists masturbating themselves, jacking their big dripping cocks as they watched her and Crystal. Her heart slamming harder in her chest, she chewed, on her daughter’s pussy, sucked her daughter’s cunt, rubbed her dripping, lust-inflamed crotch in her daughter’s mouth.

The men muttered dirty words, cuss words.

As they beat their hot pricks, fucklube oozed from their pinholes and dripped down on the bodies of the two naked, writhing women.

June felt absolutely filthy. She grunted, twisting her head as she sucked and slurped and munched Crystal’s dirty little fuckhole. The men kicked her and Crystal from time to time, as if the two females were pigs in a pen. June’s back and ass were still wet and sticky with stinking piss, and pin still ran out of her asshole. She felt slightly sick to her stomach from the piss she’d been forced to drink. She was a disgusting mess, a heap of grunting, lusting, worthless fuckmeat.

Crystal chewed into June’s clit, sending a rush of hot tingles through June’s pussy. June groaned, shimmying her thighs around her daughter’s clamped head trying to bring herself off against her daughter’s face. She imagined the fuck-slime pasting all over Crystal’s rosy cheeks, a combination of pussycream and filthy male jism. June gained a perverted thrill from knowing that the jism her daughter was so greedily sucking ant of her and swallowing had been ejaculated from Randy’s prick. The disgusting girl didn’t know it, bit she was eating the cum of her own brother. June couldn’t imagine anything more vile than that, but it excited her to think about it. She bit Crystal’s hard little clit, torturing it with her tongue as she clamped it between her teeth. The excited fuck-bud squirmed like a tiny worm, and Crystal groaned, humping madly, grinding her teenaged crotch in her mother’s sucking mouth.

“Jesus Christ!” one of the men moaned. “I’m gonna come again, for…” His words became animalistic grunts as he exploded his hot cum all over the two pussy-eating women.

Both June and Crystal humped excitedly, stimulated by the shower of hot, sticky cum that rained down on them. As a second man cried out and fired his load, June’s heart pounded frantically, her excitement reaching a dangerous level. She ground her hairy crotch in Crystal’s mouth, crazy to bring herself off. A third cyclist blew his load and suddenly Crystal moaned as if she were being thrashed her teenaged cunt sucked, at June’s cunt-fucking tongue, spasms pulsing through her lust-saturated cuntmeat. June was momentarily stunned at the strength of her daughter’s orgasm. Crystal’s cunt became like a hairy mouth that chewed at her own mouth. The fourth cyclist began shooting, pelting the females with scalding cum, and June’s lust and fuck-tension peaked. Daggers of hot pleasure twisted through her inflamed pussy, shot in all directions through her loins, shook her entire body. Her eyes rolling back into her skull, June whined into her daughter’s seething cunt, her own fuckhole seething and exploding with agonized pleasure.

The smells of jism and cunt hung in the air around the humping, grunting, writhing women. The sun beat down on them, frying their bruised, skinned, slime-covered bodies. They squirmed in the red dust, growling like a pair of dogs, gnawing the pleasure through each other’s spasming pussymeat. As their orgasms subsided, as their humping slowed, one of the cyclists forced them apart.

“Lick the cum off each other,” Digger ordered.

“Get licking!” Sammy growled, kicking at them.

June was so exhausted that she could hardly move. Moaning, she forced herself to begin lapping at her daughter’s naked body, cleaning off the fat, sticky gobs of cum that hung all over the girl. As June licked off Crystal, Crystal did the same to June. The two females moaned with exhaustion, the cum dripping off their lips, their heavy tits dragging in the dust as they willed themselves to move and to lick. June had never felt more like an animal than now, crawling in the dirt, lapping up cum like a hog, at the trough. The fat gobs of turn slid glibly down her throat, like raw oysters.

One of the cyclists started to relieve himself. His hot piss rained down on the two whimpering women, splashing all over them. June tasted piss as she continued to lick, the cum-wads clinging to her daughter’s skin seemingly endless. The other three cyclists imitated the first, chuckling with evil satisfaction as they relieved their bladders on the naked bodies of the helpless mother and daughter. Piss gushed down on the crawling females, running all over them, bathing them from their faces to their toes.

“Keep licking,” Coyote ordered after the women had cleaned the cum off each other. “Lick up the piss, too, ya stinking bitches.”

June lapped up the stinking piss of the four men, her tongue slithering all over bet daughter’s smooth young body. She couldn’t resist applying a few sucks to Crystal’s hard little nipples, and Crystal reciprocated by sucking on June’s own stiff tit-nibs.

June became aware of the buzzing rumble of what sounded like more motorcycles. It was faint at first, but within seconds it became louder, and June realized that whatever was approaching, whether motorcycles or a truck or whatever, was approaching fast.

“Patrol!” Digger bellowed, and suddenly the four cyclists were running around frantically, gathering up their clothes, stumbling into pants and boots.

Sammy stuffed all his clothes into the saddlebags on his cycle, then ran around wild-eyed, shouting about his knife. “My knife, Goddamn it, where’s my knife?”

“Fuck your knife, shithead!” Coyote yelled, starting his machine, he was shirtless, his denim vest slung over his handlebars. “Let’s get the fuck outta here!”

Willis and Digger straddled their bikes, starting them with simultaneous roars. “We ain’t waiting for ya!” Digger shouted.

Coyote, Willis, and Digger fed their machines gas and started forward, red dust spinning up behind them. Coyote’s front wheel raised off the ground as he shot forward his long hair flapping behind him.

Sammy ran around as if he’d lost his mind, his prick still hard and whacking up and down, slapping against his belly. “My knife,” he muttered, and June almost felt sorry for him.

She spotted the knife gleaming on the ground nearby and pointed to it. Sammy rushed over, snatching it up, his worried face taking on a demonic smirk.

The roar of motorcycles became deafening in the canyon. Coyote, Willis, and Digger disappeared around the bend up the road, only Willis looking back.

“Next time, Hot Momma,” Sammy yelled running for his bike, his body naked, his knife clutched in his right hand. “Next time slice off them big tits of yours.” Leaping on his cycle, he started it instantly. Jerking forward, the big machine performed a wheelie for ten yards before the front wheel dropped down again. Just as Sammy’s naked ass disappeared around the bend up the road, two motorcycles roared into view from down the road.

The women jumped to their feet, crossing their arms and trying to hide their nakedness. Howard and Randy stood as if frozen, their hard pricks jutting up out of their naked loins. June’s heart slammed with apprehension, her mind all mixed up. She wasn’t sure what was happening. The roar of the cycles was maddening.

Then she saw the badges gleaming on their chests, the sunlight reflecting off the silver metal. She saw the holsters and pistols on the right hips of the men, and the billy clubs dangling off their left sides. They wore high, black-leather boots and gray uniforms. Windshields rose above the handlebars of their growling machines.

“State troopers,” June said. “Thank God!”



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