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xNovel - Tied Up Neighbor Wife


Tied Up Neighbor Wife

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The door was opened by one of the prettiest brunets Sharon had ever seen. Petite and fragile-looking, the woman gave the impression of being active even when she was still. Her dark, chocolate brown eyes darted quickly over Sharon’s form, barely resting for a second on the upturned breasts.

When she saw the woman, Sharon lost all her courage. She was about to thrust the bottle of wine into her new neighbor’s hands and run away, but Nancy’s smile kept her glued to the spot.

“Come on in,” the woman said, moving aside. “Brad has told me a little about you.”

Sharon flushed and lowered her eyes, wondering exactly what the woman’s husband had said.

“I… I brought you a bottle of wine,” she said weakly.

“Come on in,” Nancy said, “you can help us dunk it.”

Ushered inside, Sharon felt more ridiculous than ever. Still, she seemed to be drawn to the young couple. When she sat down on the couch, Brad entered the room. He lifted his eyebrows when he saw her, then shot his wife a quick glance.

“Guess who’s here,” Nancy said to Brad. “I was afraid you might have scared her off.” She then turned to Sharon. “He can be pretty cool when he wants to.”

Sharon’s mouth felt dry as cotton, her heart was pounding in her throat. Obviously Brad hadn’t told his wife anything about what had happened. Somehow, the idea excited her more than ever. It was as if the two of them shared some precious secret.

“Well, let’s try the wine,” Nancy said, getting glasses.

After drinks were poured, then refilled, the atmosphere warmed. Sharon felt her muscles rein, felt more secure. She even toyed with the idea of giving Brad some sort of message to come over and see her when his wife was away again.

“My husband tells me you’re a fantastic cocksucker,” Nancy said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I… I beg your pardon?” Sharon gasped, spilling her drink.

“Oh, not to worry,” Nancy said. “Brad and I are very liberal. In fact, we were so liberal, we got kicked out of our last apartment.”

Sharon didn’t know what to think. Had she heard right? And if she had, what did the woman mean, anyway?

“Liberal?” she asked, searching for the first word she could utter.

“Sure,” Nancy explained. “Twosomes, threesomes, bondage, water sports, you name it.”

Christ! Sharon thought she was liberal! And here this woman was talking about stuff she hadn’t even heard of. And right in front of her husband! If Sharon said something like that in front of Ron, he’d probably deck her.

“I see,” she spluttered, turning red. Clearly, she didn’t see at all.

“Care to make it a threesome?” Nancy said. “There’s nothing I like better than eating pussy while I get fucked.”

Sharon felt as if she’d been slapped in the face. Surely the woman hadn’t said that she… ate pussy! That was… well, abnormal.

“No,” she said, swallowing hard. “I… I think I’ll just finish my wine and…”

“Suit yourself,” Nancy said, then she stood up. She looked toward her husband, and smiled. “Mmmm, baby, all this wine and talk about fucking has made me horny as hell. Come on, fuck me?”

“Let’s go,” Brad said, standing and touching his wife’s outstretched hand. “See you later, Sharon.”

Sharon’s mouth dropped open as she watched them pad toward the bedroom. It was like a dream, an insane dream. They didn’t even know her, and simply got up and walked away to the bedroom, for Christ’s sake!

To fuck!

“They’re crazy,” she whispered, finally standing up.

She was about to leave, when she heard Nancy scream out. The woman’s yell was filled with what seemed to be a mixture of pain and ecstasy, stopping Sharon in her tracks.

What in Christ was he doing to her?

She wanted to leave, but something held her. She had to find out what was happening. And anyway, it wouldn’t hurt just to look, would it?

She cautiously moved down the hall and stood outside the bedroom. What she saw caused her chin to drop.

There lay Nancy on the bed, her arms and legs stretched wide, making her body look like a big X. And she was tied up! Ropes were wrapped around her ankles and wrists, attached to the frame of the bed.

And between her legs was her husband, his ass pumping up and down savagely. His balls were sliding up and down the insides of her thighs, his cock grinding wildly in and out of her cunt. As he stabbed het, the room filled with smacking noises.

“Faster, you bastard! Make it hurt!” Nancy shouted, her face contorted with anguished desire. “Ram it to me… poke my pussy wide open.”

Sharon was mesmerized as she looked at the woman’s expression. Could it be that she really enjoyed being tied up like that? Her wrists and ankles were raw, almost bleeding.

“Screw it all the way in, you cock sucking whore,” Brad growled. “Do a fucking good job or I’ll bite your damned tits off.”

“Do it,” Nancy begged, thrusting her hips upward so hard she almost knocked him off her trembling body. “Bite me… tear into myths! Fuck me! Yes, yes… just like that.”

Sharon realized they were way out of her league. Christ, she felt deliciously evil just to go out and find a strange man or two, and fuck more or less in a conventional way.

But those ropes!

What if he really hurt her? she wondered. I mean, how could she get free? Why, he could do anything he wanted.

The idea fascinated her. As if she were viewing a willing rape or something.

“Oh, my God,” she murmured, feeling her pussy tighten. Her eyes went again to the area of their smacking crotches. Cock in cunt, balls slipping and sliding over smooth tanned flesh.

“Come on over and join us,” Nancy said, seeing Sharon. “Mmmm… it’s great!”

“No,” Sharon said, again feeling foolish. “I’ll just watch.”

Watch? Christ, what am I even doing here! She felt her pussy begin to throb like it never had before. It was almost as if a tiny hand was inside her, delicate fingers slipping over her greasy cunt walls. She squeezed her knees together to drive away the sensations, but it only made it worse. She realized she was coming dangerously close to having a climax.

“Ohhhh, Brad, that’s good,” Nancy gasped, her body freezing for a second. “Shove it to me hard as you can. I… I’m almost there!”

While Sharon watched the woman’s pussy being assaulted by Brad’s enormous cock, she felt her knees weaken. Slowly she dropped to the floor and lifted her skin. She touched the area between her thighs and moaned.

“Mmmmm,” she whispered softly, digging her fingers under her panties and swirling the golden-red hairs over the slick, throbbing cunt opening.

“Aieeeeee!” Nancy shrieked, thrashing about as if she were being tortured. “Fuck! Fuck meeeeee!”

Sharon jerked her panties down and jabbed her fingers deeply inside her pussy. At the same time, she began crawling toward the bed, her eyes glazed with pleasure.

She’d never seen anything like this before, even though she’d fucked thousands of times. Nancy’s pussy was stretched wide, locked firmly around her husband’s plunging cock. She could almost feel the hard pressure, herself.

Nearing until her face was almost against their feet, she peered closer. The sight was burned into her mind forever. Those dark brown hairs around the woman’s cunt, mingling with the soft brown ones of Brad’s crotch. And the slippery cock shaft, covered with froth, grinding in and out of the pink pussy. The thick, pulsating balls were enormous, slapping into the crack of the woman’s ass.

Suddenly, she gasped, seeing the man’s cock grow even thicker. And for the first time, she would actually see a woman get fucked full of cum.

“Ready for a hot load, baby?” Brad grunted, hammering violently forward and upward. “Hmmmm?”

“Yes, screw it to me, you fucking bull stud,” Nancy groaned. “Cram a gallon of hot stuff in me!”

Sharon watched with bated breath, waiting for the man’s cum load to blow into the woman’s pussy. And when it happened, she thought she would lose her mind. It was like nothing she’d ever seen before.

Like a pressure hose, his cock pumped in massive, steaming globs. Soon, Nancy’s pussy was full to overflowing, causing the brown hairs around her cunt to cream up.

“Fuck her!” Sharon whispered, her eyes widening with pleasure. As she watched the two fact even faster, she jabbed her fingers violently into her own cunt, feeling her climax build. “Really screw it to her and stuff your cock all the way in.”

Her whispered words became a loud groan as her orgasm peaked, sending electric-like jolts of raw ecstasy up and down her cunt canal. She dropped her chin on the bed and opened her mouth wide, wondering what it would be like to lick between their bodies.

She suddenly remembered what the woman had said earlier, about eating pussy. Well, if it had a big cock in it, what was wrong with that?

As if drawn by some unseen force, she crawled up on the bed and moved her head between their thighs. The smell of sweat and cum was so pungent it made the insides of her nostrils burn.

“Take it, you bitch,” Brad grunted, heaving the last of his cum into his wife’s pussy. “Every fucking drop.”

While he squirmed his ass around, gouging his spent cock fully inside her pussy, Sharon began running her tongue over the man’s ass cheeks. She felt him flinch.

“Hey, you’re gonna join us after all, huh?” he said, looking over his shoulder.

“Yes,” Sharon whispered, feeling her throat tremble with hungry desire. She ran the tip of her tongue up and down the hairy crack, then to his balls, tasting the heady flavor of cooling cum.

After teasing him with her tongue and teeth for a few moments, she began licking more greedily. She took his nuts one at a time into her mouth, then both together. After leaving his balls glistening with her warm spit, she kissed and chewed the woman’s soft, yielding flesh.

“Lick my pussy,” Nancy said, feeling Sharon’s warm tongue against the inside of her thigh. “Get out, Brad, let her fuck me with her tongue.”

“Anything to please my lady,” Brad said.

He withdrew his cock slowly, then moved his body upward. He then straddled Nancy’s middle and held his rock-hard cock down, pressing the tip of it against her open mouth.

“And you’re gonna please me,” he said, thrusting his own coated prick between her lips.

When Sharon saw the woman’s milky cunt, she thought she would go crazy with desire. She’d never seen anything so beautiful before. The tight pussy crack seemed to be bubbling, spitting out thick globs of cum. The brown hairs around the cunt opening seemed to be covered with liquid, glistening pearls.

Slowly, she lowered her mouth to the pussy entrance and thrust out her tongue. The second she tasted the delicious combination of cunt juice and cum, her throat seemed to contract. Quickly, she locked her lips around the crack and fucked her tongue ail the way inside. “Mmmmfff!” Nancy mumbled, her voice lost in her husband’s crotch. She lifted her hips ad squirmed against Sharon’s face, then spluttered out another satisfied moan.

While Nancy writhed beneath her, Sharon licked and chewed on the warm pussy, sucking in all the juices she could. And in way, it was even better than licking on a big dick. It was more gcntle, more yielding.

“Sweet pussy,” she gasped, taking Nancy’s clit between her teeth and gently biting down. “Mmmmm… wonderful…”

While she sucked and chewed, she humped her ass up and down, moving her wet pussy over the woman’s knee. The touch was electric, causing her insides to respond almost violently. Within a matter of seconds, she felt her climax build again.

“Oh, ohhhh, God,” she cried out, jabbing her face hard against Nancy’s cunt. “Suck on my tongue.”

Nancy’s pussy clamped firmly around Sharon’s spearing tongue, drawing it fully inside. A couple of seconds later, it was almost as if her cunt were trying to pull it out by the roots.

“Aaaaghhhh!” Nancy screamed, her body riddled with delicious pleasure.

“Suck it, cunt!” Brad snarled, heaving his full weight forward. His cock was plunging wildly in and out of Nancy’s mouth, his balls slapping the hollow of her throat noisily. “Eat it in… lick on my cum, baby!”

Sharon looked through the brown brush of cunt hair and watched Brad’s pumping ass. Slowly, she lifted her right hand and cupped the hairy, muscular ass cheeks, then ran her fingers up and down the dark crack.

“Fuck her mouth full of cum,” Sharon whispered, letting her fingers move over his swinging balls? “Then fuck me full.”

“Get up here and you can both have some,” Brad said, reaching around and grabbing Sharon by the hair. “Nothing I like better than screwing two mouths at the same time.”

Although Sharon was reluctant to leave the steaming pussy, her desire for cock was too demanding. She positioned herself beside Nancy and pushed her face between the man’s legs.

“Suck on my balls,” Brad said, pushing her head farther into his crotch. “Both of you, suck me all over.”

Sharon did as he asked, then shivered when the enormous nuts slipped between her lips. She knew that in just a few moments he would blow out a thick load of cum.

“Ohhhh!” she murmured, clawing at his side, letting her nails move toward his left shoulder.

“Now, you,” Brad said, quickly withdrawing his cock from his wife’s mouth and ramming it violently into Sharon’s throat. “Suck, you little cocksucker… just like you did before.”

Sharon experienced a wild climax the instant his prick shot into her mouth. Her pussy seemed to explode, turn to mush. She jerked her ass up and squeezed her knees together, giving a loud groan, munching hungrily around his cock base.

“Like it, don’t you?” Brad asked, withdrawing, punching back inside. “Let’s see just how much you can fucking take, baby.”

With that, he began hammering his prick savagely into her mouth. Sharon had never felt anything like it before in her life. It was as if he were hating her with his cock, trying to destroy her throat. But instead of being horrible, it was the best thing she could imagine. Each savage thrust sent her to new heights.

“Now, me,” Nancy said, opening her mouth wide. “I… I want cock to suck, too.”

“Just a second,” Brad snapped, pumping so hard his ass was a blur. “Gonna give this little baby the first wad of cum to suck down.”

Cum, Sharon thought. Sweet, delicious cum to lick out! The mere mention of the word was enough to cause her throat to spasm with hunger. She began gobbling furiously on his cock shaft, trying it seemed, to swallow it right into her stomach.

And then it happened. The first rush of molten jism hit the back of her throat. When it did, her climax became more violent. Pleasure bordered pain, then crossed the threshold.

“Aaaghhhh!” she coughed, inhaling the acrid aroma of his crotch. Another convulsion of raw pleasure shot up and down her spine.

“Me!” Nancy begged, licking into Brad’s crotch hairs. “I… I want to suck some cum… please, baby.”

Brad jerked his prick out of Sharon’s mouth and plunged it hard into Nancy’s throat.

“Take it, bitch,” he growled, pumping in a few quick wads of cum.

For Sharon, just a taste was not enough. She wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock and yanked it out of Nancy’s mouth.

When she did, a massive splatter of jism hit her between the eyes, then quickly rolled across her cheek. She didn’t mind, however, because there was plenty left in his balls.

“Mmmmm,” she gurgled, completely sucking him dry. As she did, she felt Nancy’s warm tongue on her cheek, cleaning up the stray globs of cum.

“Ohhh, fucking shit! That’s all,” Brad said, pressing his full weight down on both their faces. “Not a drop more.”

A few moments later. Sharon spit his cock from her mouth and turned her head to one side. She lot her lips move over Nancy’s, open mouth, then kissed the woman passionately. The flavor of spit and cum made her moan with renewed pleasure.

It was like nothing she’d ever experienced. The softness of a female, and the muscular form of a man against her face. The best of both worlds.

“I love this,” she whispered, darting her tongue against Nancy’s. “You people sure know how to fuck, let me tell you.”

“Mmmmm, this is nothing,” Nancy whispered. “It gets a lot better.”

“Better?” Sharon asked. “How could anything be better?”

“Shall we show her, Brad?” Nancy suggested, pushing her head against her husband’s stomach.

“Think she can take it?” the man said.

Something in their tone made Sharon shiver. Like being in a haunted house in the daytime. Not scary, but uneasy.

Brad pulled away and moved off the bed. He began untying his wife’s bonds, then gave Sharon a cool glance.

“Now the fun begins,” he said, his voice hoarse with desire.

“Just let me go home and get,” Sharon began, suddenly wanting out, away.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Nancy said. “Not for a long time.”

“What do you mean?” Sharon gasped. They were both locking at her strangely, like hungry dogs.

“Why, baby, we’re gonna give you what you’ve been wanting all your life,” Brad said, stroking her hair. He pushed her back down on the bed when she tried to get up. “Now, you can make it easy, or hard. It’s up to you.”

“Don’t… please,” Sharon begged, her eyes widening with fear. “Don’t hurt me.”

“That’s part of the fun!” Nancy said. “But this time, we’re not in an apartment, and we can do everything.”

Sharon remembered her saying something earlier about getting kicked out of their apartment. What had they done?

“She’s gonna be better than the last one,” Brad said. “Something tells me that.”

“I want to go home?” Sharon whined, her voice trembling.

“We’ll let you go home,” Brad said, his gaze intensifying. “When your husband comes back.”

“But-but that won’t be for two weeks!” Sharon exclaimed.

“Yeah, too bad it’s such a short period of time,” Brad laughed. “But I guess we can do a lot in two weeks, can’t we Nancy?”

“Yes,” his wife said ominously, her teeth bared in a wide, sadistic grin. “And let’s start right now.”

Sharon began screaming.



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