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xNovel - Whipped And Raped Teenager


Whipped And Raped Teenager

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“Okay, it’s time to go back to work. We have a schedule to meet here,” Bertram Havermeyer said as he opened the door and walked inside.

Behind him were Malcolm and Mindy. Malcolm was dressed in a shining, black leather outfit, a law-cut leather shirt that showed his rippling biceps and powerful chest and a pair of tight, leather trousers that showed the bulge in his crotch.

Mindy wore an outfit that was just as bizarre. She was decked out in a red leather halter top which cupped her luscious tits, a matching miniskirt, dark black nylon stockings, and a pair of gleaming, black pumps with sharp stiletto heels.

“Okay, tie Sally to the whipping post!” Bertram directed.

“Wh-what?” Sally said in a startled voice. She was quaking with fear, stunned by the sight of the bizarre duo.

Before she had a chance to say more, Malcolm pulled her into the middle of the room and bound her wrists to a long steel pipe which stuck up out of the floorboards. He tightened leather straps about her wrists and left her feet free.

“What are you going to do to me?” Sally asked weakly, her voice a mere whimper.

“You’re going to be whipped by Malcolm,” Bertram said calmly, matter-of-factly. He smiled widely as he spoke. Reaching down, he picked up the camera and hefted it to his shoulder, preparing to film the scene.

“B-but, I don’t get it!” Sally said nervously. “What did I do wrong? I didn’t do anything to deserve a whipping!”

“Nobody said you did anything wrong, honey,” Mindy said maliciously. “But this is part of the business — getting your ass whipped. If you aim to get ahead in the film industry, you have to accept a whipping now and then.”

“But I don’t want anything to do with the film business!” Sally shouted. She couldn’t believe that the evil Malcolm Reams was going to whip her. The leather straps which were fastened about her wrists were tight and bit into her tender flesh, sending a searing pain through her outstretched limbs. She recoiled in pain and agony as the straps dug cruelly into her wrists. Trying to pull away, she flinched, realizing that the more she struggled, the tighter her bonds became. “Please! Don’t do this to me! I don’t deserve such terrible treatment! I didn’t do anything wrong!” Sally was such a piteous sight, squirming about, every muscle in her naked body tensed and flexed. “Please, I beg of you! Don’t…”

Before she could complete the sentence, the whip whistled and cut through the air, slashing across her taut ass-cheeks which quivered and trembled with pain as the whip struck. Crack! the whip sounded as it slashed wickedly across her ass-globes. A terrifying sensation tore through her ass as the whip jolted and rocked her to her heels. She spun about and the tip of the leather whip struck her pussy, causing intense pain to course through her cunt. “Aaaaeee!” she wailed as she flinched on trembling knees, her legs barely able to withstand her weight. She let out a horrid groan. The pain that she felt was excruciating. “Jesus! My ass! My cunt! They sting! You’re going to damage my body! Please! Stop! I beg of you!”

“Don’t pay any attention to her screams, Malcolm,” Bertram said, setting up a tripod on which he placed the heavy movie camera. “Let her have it! A dozen lashes and flog her hard!”

“No! Please! No! I’ll die!” Sally shrieked. The thought of a dozen lashes on her ass and cunt made her delirious. She would never be able to withstand the horrid pain and anguish from a dozen whip lashes across her tender young flesh. She glanced over her shoulder and looked into the eyes of Malcolm, hoping that the huge, muscular man would refuse to obey Bertram’s instructions. She could see that Malcolm’s eyes were glazed with sadistic lust. He pulled the whip back and brought it slashing through the air once again.

“Owwww!” she wailed.

Again and again, he flogged her mercilessly. Malcolm’s chest heaved as he whipped her. “Take that, you slut!” he shouted as he flung the whip across her ass. The tip of the whip probed into the most intimate portions of her body, digging into her asshole and into her cunt, flicking across her sensitive young clit.

Sally flinched and steeled her nerves, attempting to endure the pain.

Bertram counted out the whip-strokes as Malcolm brutally flogged the defenseless young girl. “Six! Seven! Eight!” Master of each flogging whip-stroke, the helpless and abused young girl flinched and writhed about nervously, the pain tearing through her loins and shooting straight to her brain. She was soon numb with pain, screeching and wailing in a shrill, high-pitched voice.


“Aaaaeee! I… I can’t stand it! It… it hurts so damned much! Stop! I beg of you!”



“Owwww! No more! Have pity on me! Please! I beg of…”



“Aaaaeee! My God! I can’t stand it! I can’t take any more!” Sally felt as though she were quickly slipping into insanity. Her mind was reeling with horrible pain and anguish. Her body was racked with incredible pain. She wished that she would die so that she would no longer be forced to withstand the brutal whipping. Her cheeks were flushed with anger, pain, frustration, fear, humiliation and degradation. She truly wanted to depart this life — this world of woe. Her body, was aching terribly and she was helpless against the brutal whip which slashed across her ass-cheeks and dug into the crevices of her pussy and her asshole.


“Twelve!” Bertram Havermeyer shouted.

Sally was relieved. She sighed loudly, happy to have survived the brutal whipping.

“How about one more to make her grow!” Malcolm said, his eyes flashing with wicked lust and evil anticipation.

“Okay, one more for good luck!” Bertram replied.

“No!” she yelled. “I can’t take another lashing. Please! Don’t do that to me.”

Craaaa-aaack! The whip landed hard on bet asscheeks which quivered convulsively in response.

“Aaaaeee!” she shrieked as the pain shot through her tortured and tormented body. The pain was excruciating and dreadful. Malcolm struck her extra hard this time, and she felt the world slipping away from her. Fireworks exploded in her brain and she reeled and turned and twisted grotesquely, her face contorted in a mask of pain. All of her muscles spasm at the same time and she felt her life being drained from her tortured body. Would she die from the beating? she wondered deliriously. In front of her eyes, she could distinguish nothing, only a dark, ambiguous grayness. She was slipping into the unknown void. Summoning all of her remaining strength and energy, she fought desperately to stay awake — to stay alive? She no longer wanted to die! Life was precious, and she wanted to live through this wicked nightmare!

Through the hazy, thick grayness she could hear the voices of her tormentors. Their voices tinged with nervous anxiety, they were speaking — speaking about her, about Sally! She listened hard, carefully, trying to discern their words. Were they worried about her? she wondered.

“Shit, now what are we gonna do?” came Bertram Havermeyer’s strong voice. He was concerned all right, but not about Sally’s welfare. He was worried about his precious film. “Shit! We’ll never be able to find a double for the red-headed cunt! Besides that, we don’t dare release a film featuring a girl who died in the process of the film’s making. That’s just too fucking risky.”

“Well, I just hope you guys manage to find a nice quiet place to dispose of the bitch!” said Mindy Mandringer, her voice cold and hard, conveying no sense of pity or remorse.

“Christ, Bertram! What the fuck do we do now?” Malcolm said. “Do you think she’s really dead?”

Malcolm bent over her twisted and tangled body. She swung slowly in little revolving circles, hanging loosely from her bound wrists, tied to the whipping post in the middle of the floor. He held his ear over her heart and listened.

Sally felt the grayness beginning to dissipate. She was alive! She would live! she thought happily. She would survive the horrid torture session, the brutal flogging.

“She’s all right!” Malcolm exclaimed loudly.

“Good!” Bertram Havermeyer said, brightening. “Untie her and let’s give her a breather.”

“I’ll give her a fucking breather!” Mindy rasped, striding forward and grabbing a swath of Sally’s bright red hair. She twisted the girl’s head upward and spat into her, face. “The cunt can breathe my pussy for a while! That’ll revive her!” She ground her cunt into Sally’s face, rubbing her pussy-lips across the young girl’s upturned mouth.

“P-please, stop,” Sally whimpered.

Malcolm strode forward and untied Sally’s wrists and she fell flat on the floor, gasping for breath, trying to recover fully from the whipping. She was allowed to rest for about twenty minutes, while Bertram, Malcolm and Mindy stood by menacingly.

“She’s had enough rest. Let’s go back to work,” Mindy said, addressing Bertram Havermeyer.

“Okay, let’s get this film finished and in the can. Do your stuff, Mindy, baby,” he said.

Mindy curled her upper lip, baring her teeth in a cruel sneer as she strode haughtily forward, bent down, pulled her short, leather skin above her knees and smacked Sally across the mouth. “Time to get back to work, cunt! It’s time to film the lesbian scene. Ha! Ha!” The woman’s laugh sounded like the crackle of a witch.

Sally finally understood what Mindy meant when she had spoken of “lezzy scenes” earlier. The wicked bitch had meant scenes of lesbian, sex between two women. The mere thought of lesbian sex repulsed Sally. She really didn’t know much about lesbianism, but she did know that it wasn’t for her. It was unnatural and immoral for two women to have sex together. Sally shook her head in grief and horror. She would have no part of lesbian sex.

“What the fuck is your problem, cunt?” Mindy said crudely. “You don’t want to suck my sweet pussy? Is that it? Hey, once you get a taste of my cunt, you’ll give up men for good. You believe that?”

“No! I don’t believe anything you say, you filthy fucking whore! Get away from me!” Sally shouted.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Mindy was all over the naked young girl, slapping her hard across the face. The brunette bitch went down and pinched the girl’s tender nipples, digging her long, red-lacquered fingernails into Sally’s aching tit-flesh. “You’ve simply got to learn to cooperate better!” Mindy said, taunting the wretched young girl who writhed about, on the floor. “You’ll suck my pussy or I’ll make you wish you had, you fucking slut!” She rained hard, slapping blows down on Sally’s face and body, striking her firm tits and taut ass. Suddenly, as Sally rolled over on her stomach to escape the slapping blows, Mindy reached down and stuck her middle finger into Sally’s tight, puckered asshole. Her finger wormed its way deep into the girl’s asshole, burrowing past the protective ring of sphincter-muscle that surrounded her tight and tender asshole.

“Owwww! Stop it! Stop it!” the girl protested. Mindy jammed her forefinger deep into Sally’s asshole.

“How do you like getting fingered in your asshole, bitch?” the cruel brunette shouted.

“I hate it! It hurts! It hurts awful!”

Mindy glanced up at Malcolm Reams and laughed heartily. “Did you hear that, Malcolm? Shit, what a fucking pansy-ass! Just wait till she feels your huge prick reaming out her asshole. Then she’ll really know pain! Ha! Ha!”

“Oh, my God!” Sally shrieked. The thought of the giant prick of Malcolm Reams penetrating her tight and tender asshole was frightening. His prick would split her asshole apart!

“Now suck my cunt, bitch!” Mindy demanded. “Suck it dry, you little fucking slut!” With that, the brunette bitch ground her pussy into Sally’s face, rubbing her wet pussy-lips across Sally’s mouth. “Suck! Suck my cunt!”

Sally gripped the woman’s pussy-lips between her lips and began to obey the lewd command. She momentarily considered biting down hard on the wicked woman’s cunt-lips, but she thought better of the idea. It would be a serious mistake. Malcolm and Bertram would surely whip her and abuse her even more than they already had if she bit the female star’s cunt. I’ll simply have to suck the bitch’s pussy, Sally decided. She really had no choice in the matter. As soon as she began to lap and suck Mindy’s hot, wet cunt, the evil brunette pulled her forefinger out of Sally’s steaming asshole, and Sally knew that she had made the correct decision. Sucking Mindy’s wet cunt was a degrading task, but it beat the hell out of getting her asshole reamed out by Mindy’s probing forefinger. Christ! she thought, her asshole was terribly sore and tender.

“Suck, bitch! Suck my hot cunt!” Mindy commanded. “Make me come. I want you to suck me until I come!”

Sally sucked and lapped and tongued the evil woman’s cunt for all she was worth. She knew that the woman would not leave her alone until she had climaxed from the lewd sucking. She slid her tongue deep into Mindy’s juicy cunt. Mindy’s pussy-juice dripped out of her wet, needy cunt and drenched Sally’s upturned face. The wretched young girl smelled the pungent odor of the wicked woman’s cunt-nectar and felt the pussy-nectar pouring out of the woman’s pussy and streaming down her cheeks. She wept, but her crying noises could not be heard. Her tears were smeared with cunt-juice and her sounds of anguish and torment were muffled by Mindy’s pussy-mound which ground cruelly into her mouth.

“Looks like she sucks pussy real good!” came Malcolm’s enthusiastic voice.

“Yeah! She’s a born cunt and cock-sucker! I found us a real nice little bitch here!” Bertram Havermeyer chimed in.

Both Malcolm and Bertram stood by closely watching the debauched scene. Bertram filmed the entire sordid episode, occasionally zooming in for a close-up of Sally’s puckering mouth on Mindy’s wet, hot cunt-lips. The two evil men reveled in the debauchery of the moment.

Sally felt terrible. She was being sexually molested and abused. Raped and tortured, forced to commit unspeakable sexual acts. Forced into decadence and perversion. The thought of what was happening to her was repulsive, and she wanted only to be freed from the bonds, of degradation. For the moment, she prayed that Mindy would soon come and end this horrid scene.

“Unnhhhhh! Ohhhhh! Yeah! Suck my cunt, you little clit-snapper! It feels so fucking good. Shit, this bitch sucks good pussy!” the brunette exclaimed as she rocked back and forth, her pussy rubbing across Sally’s open lips. Her cunt slid deep into Sally’s mouth, and Sally sucked the woman’s clit-button down into her throat.

Mindy moaned long and loud. “Ohhhh! Aaahhh!” She climaxed and Sally felt the woman’s clit throbbing inside of her mouth. Suddenly, Mindy pulled her knees inward, gripping Sally’s cheeks tightly. Sally felt the blood rushing to head. She became dizzy and her head began to ache terribly. It felt like a migraine headache, so powerful was the squeezing grip that Mindy had on her head. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Mindy released the pressure on the poor girl’s head. The brutal brunette toppled over backwards and basked in the afterglow of her orgasm. Sally felt dizzy, and she could not focus for a few seconds. But soon her headache dissipated and she looked up, her eyes glazed, her vision still somewhat distorted. Her body ached terribly and her mouth was sore from sucking Mindy’s cunt, not to mention having been forced to suck Malcolm’s huge cock earlier.

“Thank God! It’s over!” she exclaimed as she wiped Mindy’s cunt-juice from her mouth and face.

“Honey! We haven’t hardly got started yet,” said Bertram Havermeyer. “You’ve got a long night in front of you, my little cunt! Malcolm will make sure of that. Ain’t that right, Malcolm, old buddy?”

“Sure as shit!” Malcolm said. He stood towering over Sally’s supine, naked body. His prick and balls formed a huge bulge in his tight-fitting leather pants. He leered at Sally with a look that frightened the poor, abused eighteen-year-old redhead. Malcolm’s face was a mask of unbridled lust and seething passion. He looked dazed, his eyes glazed over, his chest heaving as he took deep breaths. He reminded Sally of a bull who was preparing to tear a matador to pieces with his horns.

“Well, boss,” Malcolm Reams said to Bertram Havermeyer, “What do you think? I’m ready to fuck her tight little virgin asshole. If is okay by you?”

“No time like the present, good buddy!” Bertram exclaimed with a toothy grin. “But I think you’d better grease up your prick with some Vaseline before you try to enter her asshole. She’s gonna have a tough enough time taking your big prick up her ass, even if you are greased up.”

“Yeah!” the brunette bitch added. “Shit, she had a hard enough time handling my finger in her asshole. Imagine how she’ll respond to the feel of Malcolm’s mammoth prick reaming out her asshole! Shit! This bitch is about to learn the meaning of pain.” Then turning towards Sally, she said, “You’re about to get it now, you fucking wench! When Malcolm ass-fucks a woman, believe you me, she doesn’t forget it! You will never forget it! In fact, he’s liable to split your ass in two with his prick. You’ll be lucky if you come out of this scene alive, bitch!” The brunette grinned lewdly and licked her lips with her tongue. She tapped her foot on the floor and anxiously awaited for the ass-fucking to begin.

Bertram Havermeyer changed the lens on his motion picture camera and placed it on a tripod. He aimed the camera toward Sally who lay on the floor weeping and moaning. The young girl eyed her antagonists and she didn’t like what she saw. Their cold eyes were devoid of any sense of pity or empathy. Their faces were as cold as ice. They looked evil, wicked, depraved. Bertram methodically adjusted his camera. Mindy sat down in a chair, propped her feet up on a stool and lit a cigarette. Malcolm Reams stared straight at Sally, looking at her with his glazed eyes, looking at her with what Sally could only describe as animal eyes. He looked like an animal in heat, a crazed bull, ready to attack, prepared to wreak vengeance upon her frail, youthful body.

Good God! she thought. These people were sex maniacs — depraved sex maniacs! How could they even consider the idea of Malcolm fucking her asshole? It made no sense at all. His prick was a foot long when it was hard. And it was easily three inches thick. Her tiny asshole could never accommodate his mammoth cock. The very idea was absurd! Preposterous! Absolutely ridiculous! If he did try to ass-fuck her, she would surely be killed, impaled on his giant prick! And even if she somehow managed to live through the ordeal, the pain would be so intense, so horrible, that she would never be able to endure the suffering. She would go mad! She would be driven insane by these three debauched people! Sally’s very life was on the line and she knew it. She had to at least try to escape!

Malcolm Reams pulled his leather trousers off and walked over to where Mindy sat in the corner. “You got any Vaseline?” he asked the wicked brunette.

“Does a bear shit in the woods?” Mindy replied with a snicker. She reached into her purse and produced a jar of Vaseline. “Here you go!” she exclaimed as she handed the jar of Vaseline to Malcolm Reams. “Use it in good health, honey.” She broke out in laughter and leered at Sally, who had pulled herself onto her knees. To Sally, she said, “You’re lucky, bitch. If Malcolm fucked your virgin asshole bareback, you’d be in real trouble. As it is, you might not be able to take it even with his cock all greased up.”

Sally couldn’t believe what she was hearing! These people were mad! She had to get out of there, and she decided to make an attempt to flee.

“Fuck you all, you demented creeps!” she shouted as she suddenly rose to her feet and dashed toward the door. Malcolm was busy rubbing Vaseline on his lengthy cock and Mindy was relaxing in the corner, so she sped past them with no problem. The only one who stood between her and the door to freedom was Bertram Havermeyer, who was fussing with his camera, making adjustments and focusing the lens which he had just changed.

“Stop her!” Malcolm shouted.

“Don’t let her get out of here!” Mindy shrieked. “She’ll head straight for the cops!”

Bertram Havermeyer reached out and grabbed her by the arm, but she shook him off and kicked him right in the balls. He fell to the floor, clutching his aching balls, wincing in severe pain and unable to pursue her as she dashed through the door.

She raced across the living room floor. Her entire body ached from the torture that she had undergone and her cunt hurt so badly that it slowed her movement. Still, she ran toward the front door. She had a good head start, and she knew that if she could only make it out the front door, she would be safe. Bertram Havermeyer would never catch her. She knew that for sure. She had executed a perfect place — kick right between his legs, and she heard him go down and hit the floor. Mindy was exhausted from the cunt-sucking that she had received from Sally. So she wasn’t worded about that bitch catching her. The only one who could catch her was Malcolm Reams. But Malcolm was taken totally by surprise when she made her move to flee the condominium, and he was such a big, hulking man that he no doubt moved slowly. She knew that she could beat the big man in a footrace any time, even with her muscles and pussy aching so badly. She crossed the living room floor, trying desperately to make it to the front door — to freedom! Then her aching cunt seemed to grab her, to stop her in her tracks. She stumbled and fell to the floor. Sally pulled herself to her feet and moved haltingly toward the front door. Her hand gripped the doorknob. She began to turn it. Finally, she would escape! she thought with jubilation.

“Hold it right there, cunt!” came the familiar voice of Malcolm Reams. His voice was harsh and threatening.

Sally felt fear welling up inside of her. Her spine shivered at the sound of Malcolm’s cruel voice. But she did not turn around to face him. The next time I face that bastard, she thought, will be on the witness stand in a courtroom. When Malcolm and Bertram and Mindy would be on trial for raping and torturing her. She opened the door about a half a foot when the heavy black leather lash raked across her bare ass-cheeks.

“Close that fucking door, cunt!” Malcolm shouted harshly.

“Fuck you!” she shrieked. But before she had a chance to open the door wide enough to make her escape, the whip slashed across her shoulders and ass-cheeks. She flinched and fell to the floor. The pain was unbearable. She turned and looked at Malcolm. He stood on the other side of the room, his powerful muscles rippling; his body looked awesome. Malcolm’s huge prick was as hard as a rock. He had a glistening hard-on. The entire length of his prick was lubricated with Vaseline. In his hand he held a long, wicked bullwhip.

“Close that door!” he repeated, and he punctuated his command with a slashing whip stroke. The braided tip of the bullwhip struck Sally’s nipple and raked across her bare belly.

“Owwww!” she screamed as she groveled about on the floor. “Please, don’t do that! I beg of you!”

Malcolm paid no attention to her pathetic pleas for mercy. He lashed her again, this time wielding the bullwhip in an expert whip-stroke that left the wretched young girl wrapped up in the whip, virtually held in bondage by the whip that coiled about her tormented body.

Malcolm strode forward, a lascivious smile pasted to his face. He kicked the door shut, then turned and kicked Sally in the ass. “You fucking stupid cunt!” he shouted. “What a dumb thing to do. Now you’re really gonna get it. If Bertram’s badly hurt, he’ll give it to you good, bitch. Shit! You’ll be lucky if you get out of this alive. Now, up on your knees and lick my cock.”



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