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xNovel - Whipped Niece


Whipped Niece

Cover:cover: whipped niece
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Liz sobbed with uncontrollable ecstasy as she squirmed her pussy around the upright pillar of Danny’s upright cock. She felt the big prick pulsating within her pussy, shooting spurt after spurt of steamy jism far up the hole of her cunt.

“Ah! Ahh! Yessss!” she wailed. “Oh, your come is hot! Fill my pussy with your sweet, hot come!”

Her fingers clutched his thin upper arms like talons. Her lush butt swirled every which way as she sought to thrill her pussy with the hardness and fullness of the cock exploding within it. Her fucking was inexpert, but what she lacked in skill, she more than made up for in enthusiasm — and the incomparable tightness of her climaxing, virgin cunthole!

Danny’s hair had lost its neatness and gloss. It hung down in his eyes, sweat-soaked from exertion and passion. He grunted rhythmically as he levered his mighty cock in and out of the girl’s spuming snatch with powerful thrusts of his hairy thighs.

The insides of Liz’s cunt was like oiled silk. The tight sheath of her pussy expanded and contracted with breathtaking power and speed around the invading spar of cock. And each frantic tightening of the narrow, flexible-walled pussy brought a fresh geyser of come blasting from the tip of Danny’s cock.

The hot come rolled down the sides of the huge cock and dripped slowly from the lips of Liz’s hot pussy. She felt the gooey come smearing over the mouth of her cunt, coating her brown cunt fur with fat white droplets. She shook her head as Danny’s mouth gaped open wide to capture the tip of her swaying left boob. The delightful contact of his tongue-tip with the swollen nipple sent a new joy lancing through her tit and touched off yet another orgasm in her cock-stuffed pussy.

“Oh! Yes?” she screamed lewdly.

Danny was surprised by the amount of come that surged up the passage of his prick to spray into the auburn-haired adolescent’s cunt. Her tight little cunt just wouldn’t let his cock stop coming! He sucked in a mouthful of succulent titflesh, feeling the smooth skin turn slippery with his saliva, and moaned at the way her oozing pussy clutched at his spewing cock.

At last the hot jism stored in his hairy balls had spent itself in Liz’s cunt. Danny blinked as his prick continued to pulse with pleasure inside the wet-walled cunt.

“Oh, your cock feels so good in my pussy,” Liz moaned as her fingers massaged his biceps.

The last moments of his climax finished, Danny felt his monstrous prick begin to deflate in Liz’s pussy. She felt his body relaxing from its frenzy of passion, and whimpered with disappointment. It seemed that her own orgasms — had only just began! A final squeeze of climax in her cunt pushed the now-limp prick free of her snatch in a spray of jism and pussy oils.

Danny let the tasty tit slip out of his mouth as his limp cock, reeking of come and cunt juice, fell across the fly of his pants. Liz’s gaping pussy drooled cunt-juice and jism, then snapped shut. She sighed and let her ripe, round ass buns settle on the small man’s thighs.

Gently he lifted her off of him. She put weight on her rubbery legs as he slid out from under his naked body, then let herself slump gratefully into the chair he’d vacated. The shiny leather felt strange, but delicious to her naked sweat-sheened skin.

Danny stretched himself like the cat he resembled. He stuffed his slippery cock back into his pants and zipped up his fly. Then he strode behind his desk, pulled out a thick sheaf of bill, and peeled off several. He walked up the Reverend Rogers and tossed the money into his lap, which was tented by a painfully obvious bulge of stiff cock. The man had gotten excruciatingly horny, watching his niece fuck herself to frenzy on the little man’s not-so-little cock!

With shaky fingers, Rogers counted the greenbacks he looked up with a frown. “What’s this? It’s only eight hundred!”

Without changing his expression, Danny reached out and slapped him hard across the face. The tall man rubbed his stinging cheek and stared at the smaller man, uncomprehendingly.

“I shouldn’t be giving you that much,” Danny said, his voice cracking like a whip. “I would have been willing to give you even more than you asked for, if you’d told me straight off that the piece was still cherry.”

Rogers’ jaw dropped. He blinked his watery blue eyes twice.

“You have any idea what a virgin is worth? By the time I found out what I had on my hands, it was too late,” Danny continued.

Rogers was shaking his head. “But, I — but…”

“You’ve got your money,” Danny rapped. “Now get out!”

Ponderously, Rogers rose to his feet. He averted his face from his niece, who lounged easily in the chair, her legs spread apart to bare her gaping pussy with deliberate lewdness. A trickle of jism ran from her cunt-gash and down her perineum to farm a white pearl on her asshole.

Her uncle walked heavily to the door. She saw the way his eyes kept flickering toward her. Her nakedness, displayed so casualty and so defiantly, drew his eyes like moths to a flame.

He reached for the doorknob, his hand unsteady.

“So long.” The small man’s voice was soft, but its sound brought Rogers up short. “I’ll see you in church — Reverend?”

Rogers hunched his shoulders spastically, then sagged as if he’d just been shot. He dragged the door open and lurched out, slamming it shut behind him as if to shut off forever the well-appointed motel office. Even over the hum of the air conditioning the two could hear the scuffle of his leather-soled shoes as he hastily receded along the cement walk outside.

Danny turned to Liz with a lopsided smile of satisfaction. She returned his smile with one of her own — on that displayed every bit of lustful invitation her violated innocence could muster.

Danny’s eyebrows rose appreciatively. “I think you’ll do.” He walked behind his big oak desk and picked up the phone. “But I have to make sure of it.” He dialed a number.

Liz let her head roll back, and she sank into a sweet fog of sexual satisfaction. It had been so nice having her virgin pussy fucked full of real, live, rock-hard cock! The brief pain of having her cherry burst hadn’t dampened her enjoyment in the least, as Danny’s big bar of prickmeat had reamed out her untried pussy.

She lifted a slender hand and toyed with her pale boob. Instantly the fat nipple swelled into a ripe cherry, taut and round and exquisitely sensitive to erotic stimulation. She rolled the little nubbin of titflesh lazily between her thumb and fingertips and wondered at the ease with which she had slipped into a completely carnal mode of thinking.

Her sexuality had just been dormant, keeping that way by the heavy handed Puritanism of her uncle, though now she knew all too well what a sham that was. The questions her uncle had been asking the past couple of years, about what she did with boys — or let them do to her — suddenly made sense. The old hypocrite had probably been fantasizing about getting his cock stuffed up her tight little pussy since she’d moved in!

She was self-aware enough to know why she’d responded to Danny the way she had. Having her uncle there to watch had made all the difference! She’d had a chance to get back at him by fucking the daylights out of the small man while he watched — and she had, and she’d loved every minute of it!

Of course, the size of Danny’s cock, and the eager, skillful way he’d fucked her pussy full of it, hadn’t exactly made it hard for her to get off.

Her pussy had begun to water again. Vaguely aware that the man had spoken a few low words into the phone and replaced it in its cradle, she began to tickle the silt of her pussy with her fingertips.

“Mmmmm,” she hummed with satisfaction. The feathery touch of her fingers on her delicate pussy lips filled her cunt and her nubile young body with sensations she still couldn’t quite identify. They tickled, and yet again they had a strange, demanding edge to them. She sensed the man standing over her and looked up at him hopefully. Her big eyes asked the question, flashing from his face to the crotch of his pants. Cunt juice gleamed on her fingers.

Danny grinned. “Just lost your cherry and already hot to trot, huh?” he laughed and shook his head.

Statuesque Greta stood nearby, a black whip dangling limply from her hand. Her perfectly sculpted, high cheekboned face was as impassive as the man’s. But the way her nipples jutted from the immense globes of her tits, barely constrained within a wispy blue halter top, betrayed that she was as turned on as he was. Liz tried to bring her hands up to shield her tits as the woman advanced a slow step, but her hands were tied behind her back.

“Get up,” the tall, browned beauty commanded.

Biting her lip, Liz shook her head. She scrunched down into the leather chair as far as she could, retreating instinctively from the awful threat of the whip.

It did her no good, of course. Greta brought the whip forward with a vicious wrist-flick. The underside of Liz’s right jug stung to the impact of the braided leather thong.

Liz’s whipped tits jiggled as she arched her back, her mouth open with a wild scream of pain. “Aggh! No! God, my tits — they’re on fire! You’re cutting them to pieces!”

Not a flicker of emotion showed on Greta’s stony but lovely face. She raised her arm and slashed the whip sideways across Liz’s big boobs. The thin lash cut deeply into the front of the naked jugs, driving the nipples deep into the cushion of titflesh in a hideous flare of pain.

Liz threw herself out of the chair in a fit of agony. Her giant boobs pulsed with agony at the beat of her racing heart. Her uncle’s beating with the belt had been a gentle, sweet caress compared to the painful touch of Greta’s whip!

“Stop,” she moaned. “I’ll do anything you I won’t ever try to run away! Oh, Danny, make them stop hurting me!”

She was huddled on the floor with her knees drawn up, her flushed cheek and abused tits pressed into the carpet, her pale naked ass sticking up in the air. Danny looked down upon the inviting globes of assflesh waving from side to side, and to the wisp of chestnut pussy hair between the tops of her thighs. Drops of his come were still congealed in the cunt fur.

He shook his head regretfully. “Sorry, kid. Standard procedure. It’s for your own good, really. Better for you to learn your lesson now than to try something and have to be punished for it later. Believe me.”

Liz’s stomach did a flip-flop. What punishment could be worse than this? But she knew there must be things that were infinitely worse, and if anyone could think of them, the slim and elegant Danny could! And what he couldn’t think of, the tall, Nordic twins — they couldn’t be anything else — could no doubt dream up.

There was a sound like a pistol shot. Pain seared Liz’s asshole. With her butt in the air and her tasty asscheeks spread apart, it had been a perfect target for Greta’s painful whip. The knotted strap at the end of the whip had snapped exactly on the pucker of Liz’s poopchute.

She straightened her body, her whipped jugs dragging painfully across the carpet, the way they’d done in her uncle’s office the day before. But then it had been a broad leather strap abusing her tits and ass. Greta’s whip was more subtle — and far crueler.

Greta flicked the whip back and forth across the girl’s naked butt till the pale skin stretched over her pert asscheeks was an angry spider’s web of glowing red welts. Liz screamed and begged and cried, but the assault on her naked ass never abated.

Finally she summoned up all her strength and threw herself onto her back. Her butt just couldn’t take it any more.

Knowing what would happen, her scream began an instant before the whip landed hotly on her upturned tits. The nipples seemed to swell with pain. Red-hot lines glowed across her violated jugs.

Greta lifted the whip. Liz howled in desperation. Neither her big boobs nor her tender ass could stand even one more stroke of that terrible whip. She had to protect herself! But her hands were taped tight behind her bare back.

There was only one thing to do. In the instant before the lash descended, Liz brought her long, slim legs up so that her painfully taut nipples pressed into her thighs just above her knees. She’d rather feel the agonizing kiss of the leather on the backs of her thighs than on her throbbing boobs!

But the whip didn’t land on her legs. Greta’s beautiful face actually broke into a smile as she changed her aim, and brought the whip whistling down at her naked, sobbing victim.

AIIEE!” Liz shrieked as the whip came slashing down along the vulnerable pink silt of her pussy, exposed between her thighs.

Her back arched uncontrollably. Her cunt seemed filled with fire. She squirmed hotly on the carpet, her breath choppy and irregular. Severe, searing pain burned her whipped pussy lips.

“Oh! Ohh, Ghaad!” she moaned, thrashing her head from side to side. “God, it hurts! I can’t stand it!”

In her delirium of agony she didn’t even think to anticipate the next blow of the whip. It wasn’t until the fire in her cunt started to die down that she realized it hadn’t landed. She opened her eyes and blinked away the tears.

Hans was standing over her, totally naked. His cock loomed over her face like the spar of a sailing ship, and it was immense!

“Get up,” he said.

When she didn’t immediately respond, Greta slashed her across the boobs with the whip. Sobbing with pain, clumsy with her hands lashed behind her, she struggled first to her knees and then to her feet. She stood in front of Hans, gazing down at herself.

Her boobs glowed bright pink. A red welt reached up onto her belly out of the thick forest of her pussy fur, testimony to the whip stroke that had brutally slashed her cunt. She was sick with pain and fear.

“Turn around,” Hans said in his thick, guttural voice.

She obeyed as quickly as she could. He took her by the arm and led her around the big leather chair. She came along meekly, afraid of the slick whip dangling from his sister’s trembling hand. Even in her misery and anguish, she was not unaware of the titanic rod of cock that bobbed inches from her bare ass as the young man walked beside her.

He brought her around so that her loins pressed into the back of the chair. The leather was cool on her hot skin.

“Bend over,” the blond young man commanded.

Liz did so, aware of the way her buttcheeks spread as she did so, and knowing how vulnerable that made her asshole — or her pussy, for that matter — to Greta’s whip.

But it wasn’t the whip that she felt attack her from behind! Something hard prodded at her asshole. She moaned. Her asshole still stung from the crack of the black lash. Then the hardness pushed forward more insistently against the tightly-shut asschute.

Liz gasped in horrified awareness of what was going on. Hans was trying to stick that giant cock up her ass!

“No!” she screamed. “No, let me go! Don’t shove that great big cock up my poor butt!” She felt his huge hands clamp onto her asscheeks. Too late, she tried to clamp the cheeks of her butt together. They trapped the giant cock-knob between them.

The salt on Hans’ palms stung Liz’s whip-welted ass. She barely noticed. All she was aware of now was the big cock pressing hurriedly at her tender butthole, and the certainty that she wouldn’t be able to survive having that monumental shaft of cock up her butt — especially without lubrication!

Innocent as she was, she’d heard the girls talk at school. She knew some of them had let boys fuck them up the ass — she even knew some who said they enjoyed it. She’d never been able to believe them. The thought of having something long and hard shoved up into her asshole made her ill.

And now the largest cock she’d ever seen — bigger even than her uncle’s eight inches of prick — was about to be rammed up her butt, bone dry!

She shook her head and cried out. Hans slid his thumbs down the crack of her asscheeks and pulled. The thumbs drew her asshole wide open in spite of her efforts to hold it closed. With a grunt he jammed the bulging head of his prick into the tiny opening.

“Yii!” Liz shrieked as the cockhead invaded her asshole. “Get it out! It’s too biig!”

Her buttcheeks were wedged far apart, and the entrance of her ass throbbed with a pain almost as intense as that of the whip stroke. The fat cockhead forcing its way into her asshole had rubbed the insides of her poopchute raw!

Liz squirmed with panic and pain. Her luscious young butt welled around the trapped cockhead. Hans sighed and moved his hands to grasp her narrow waist. Liz tightened her stomach and ass muscles, trying to force the agonizing cock from her butthole. All she did was increase the delicious pressure her asshole was exerting on her tormentor’s cock!

The breath was driven from her body as Hans started pushing his prick up her asshole. Liz had never imagined anything could hurt so much! The tears streamed down her cheeks as she fought feebly, trying to writhe free of the big cock impaling her ass.

Like a wooden stake, the rigid cock drove unrelentingly up the naked girl’s asshole. She groaned ceaselessly at the unyielding hardness wedging apart the walls of her tender ass passage. She felt a sense of invasion, of obscene violation, as the steely prick moved ceaselessly up her butthole.

But that wasn’t the worst. The dry cockshaft scraped the lining of her asschute til it felt like a razor-edged sword being thrust up her asshole!

“Ohh!” She choked. Her tits flopped freely, slapping against the back of the chair. Under other circumstances she might even have gotten turned on at the feel of leather against her naked titflesh. Now all that existed for her was the pain. “Take… it… out! I can’t — uggh — stand it! You’re tearing me apart!”

Hans ignored her, his face still showing no expression. But he wasn’t unaffected by it all. The pressure in her ass passage was crushing his mighty cock in an incredibly powerful grip, and the sensations as she struggled around the spear of prick impaling her ass were driving him to the very limits of self-control.

And her resistance was not without its effects either. It was taking all of his tremendous strength to cram his prick into her reluctant butthole. His muscles stood out in bold relief on his brawny arms. Sweat beaded his forehead, ran down the thin blade of his nose to drop onto the upturned cheeks of the girl’s ass. She yelped as the salty sweat stung the welts left by Greta’s whip.

Inch after inch of rock-hard cock ground into Liz’s butthole. The size of the cock was unbelievable. Even greased, it would have been hard for the girl to take it up her asshole. She felt as if her body was completely filled with cock, as if the cheeks of her ass would be torn asunder by the fantastic size of the prick invading her ravaged butthole.

But the scraping, rending, grinding pain of his cock was the worst. The pain in her raped asshole was greater even than the pain Greta’s hot whip had given her! Right now she would have been willing to let the blonde-haired bitch slash at her pussy all day with that whip, if only she could have this outsized cock taken out of her tortured butt!

But, endlessly, the cock rammed into her ass. Hans’ cock was like a telephone pole being pushed into the girl’s rump — a telephone pole covered with sharp bumps.

Something tickled the cheeks of her ass. A sudden thrust drove the final agonizing inch of hard cock into her tormented ass. Liz groaned, shaking her head mindlessly.

Hans grabbed handfuls of tender assflesh and ground his big cock around in Liz’s asshole. God, her butt was tight! He’d wanted to take as long as possible to stuff his cock into her butt, so that she’d get the maximum agony from the butt fucking. That was the purpose of the exercise, after all; the pleasure he got from both tormenting the lovely, naked girl and feeling her impossibly tight ass channel crushing his cock was only a delightful incidental! But now that was done, and he could fuck that beautiful butt for all he was worth.

YEOWW!” The exclamation was torn from Liz’s lips as Hans ripped his huge cock free of her asshole. The flared hood of his cockhead seemed to flay the already-raw inner linings of her ass passage, while the suction of the enormous cock’s withdrawal threatened to turn her inside out.

“Oww — aggh!” she yelled as the cock drove back into her asshole with pile-driver force.

Then Liz’s cries became a constant wail, rising and falling like an air-raid siren as the cock thrust ruthlessly in and out of her tender butt. Each stroke of the huge cock hurt her asshole worse than the last, till they all blended together in an unbearable pool of pain.

The poor girl wailed and thrashed and waggled her butt frantically, trying to escape the awful reaming of the prick in her asshole. It did no good. Her struggles only served to give her tormentor even more pleasure as her butt surged around his hard-driving cock.

Hans let his gaze wander across the room. His sister was naked now, straddling Danny’s lap while he sat in the swivel chair behind his desk. Her legs were propped up, exposing her pink, pale-furred pussy, and revealing the small man’s big prick shoved to the hilt up her ass as well. But the pussy oils gleamed hotly on the shaft of his cock as it slipped from her ass — she wasn’t undergoing the unleavened torture that Hans’ ungreased prick was giving the howling captive.

Hans was looking straight at the delicious slit of his sister’s pussy when he came.

His cock expanded as a charge of jism traveled along its jerking length. Liz cried out, aware only that the horrid, bloated fullness of her asshole was getting even worse. Then the come blew into her asshole from the tip of the imbedded prick, and she learned what real pain was like. The saline come burned her raw ass channel like hot acid!

“Ohhh!” she screamed. “It burns! Oh, ahhhh!” Her butt pumped up and down in a ghastly parody of orgasmic passion as Hans’ giant cock filled her ass full of stinging jism, so much so that the thick white come ran in torrents from her cock gorged asshole.

His hands full of Greta’s huge jugs, his prick plunging in and out of her sucking ass, Danny looked over and saw the hot come dripping from his newly-acquired girl’s butthole as Hans’ monster cock slipped from her butt. The cock drove in again with such violence that a spray of jism coated the young man’s crotch before his hips slammed into Liz’s exposed buttcheeks.

“Gaaah!” the girl shrieked.

“That’s it, baby,” Danny grunted. “Just make sure you learn your — ahh! — lesson!”

Then his hips rose powerfully to bury his cock balls-deep into Greta’s plush ass, and he filled her butt with his own seething spunk.



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