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xNovel - Teenager In Torment


Teenager In Torment

Cover:cover: teenager in torment
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“Ummmmmm! This is great!” Suzanne gasped loudly. She slumped back in her seat, her lovely limbs splayed wide apart, cunt juice glistening on her luscious thighs. She was still pumping the vibrator into her pussy. The tip of the plastic battery operated prick parted her pussy-lips and sliced deep into her seething hot cunt. “Mmmmmm, this feels so fucking good! Damn! I love it!”

Doris stared in fascination as the brunette bitch slid the tip of the vibrator into her cunt. She had never seen such a lewd and perverted scene before. It was utterly astounding to view a woman raping her own pussy with such a strange device. Doris was transfixed!

Samuel stepped back away from the young girl. She had an unobstructed view of Suzanne’s cunt. The woman seemed to be going crazy with self inflicted passion, writhing about like an animal in heat as waves of pleasure surged through her hot pussy. She moaned and sighed, bucking forward as she pumped the plastic prick into her wet, torrid cunt.

Suzanne looked over at Doris and smiled lewdly, licking her lips in a motion that demonstrated sheer, raw sex. “You like watching me, honey? Ha! Ha!” Not for a second did she cease fucking her pussy with the plastic vibrator. She didn’t appear to be the slightest bit ashamed that Doris was watching her perform this lewd act!

Without a word of warning, Suzanne pulled the plastic cock out of her cunt. It made a lewd, sucking noise as she withdrew the vibrator. She sighed and stood up. Her knees were weak and quivering, the muscles on her thighs flexing. Without saying anything, the bitch glowered long and hard at Doris. Stepping forward, she kicked Doris in the stomach, catching her just beneath the ribs with the pointed tip of her shoe. Doris gasped and opened her mouth to catch a breath of air.

At that very moment, Suzanne moved quickly forward, stuck her thumb into the corner of the girl’s mouth and shoved the wet, dripping tip of the vibrator between Doris’ unwillingly parted lips. The tip of the plastic prick was damp with sticky cunt-juice. Doris was disgusted but it was all that she could do just to breathe. Her lungs felt as though they had collapsed when Suzanne had kicked her brutally in the stomach. She gagged on the tip of the vibrator that was coated with slippery cunt-nectar.

“Suck the cunt-juice off of my vibrator, you worthless little whore!” Suzanne demanded harshly. “I’m finished with it for now, and I want it cleaned off. With your mouth!”

Doris had no choice in the matter. The tip of the vibrator was already stuck far into her mouth. She wrapped, her lips wound it and slurped the woman’s cunt-juice off.

While she was busy sucking off Suzanne’s cuntjuice, the evil brunette bitch turned the vibrator on. The plastic prick whirred and rattled in her mouth, shaking the inside of her lips. She shuddered with fear. The vibrator shook, rattling against her straight, white teeth. Doris feared that her teeth would be shaken out of her mouth if the woman didn’t take the vibrator out soon! She felt nauseated as she was forced to suck the cunt-juice off of the vibrator that, only moments before, had been buried deep in Suzanne’s hot, tight cunt.

“Ha! Ha! That’s real good!” Suzanne snarled, her lip curling up. “I can see that it’ll be a lot of fun to have you around as our servant. From now on, anytime I need the cunt-juice sucked off of my vibrator, I can just call on you. Ha! Ha!”

She cackled like a witch, enjoying the torment and anguish that Doris felt at being so horribly treated. Then, Suzanne abruptly stopped laughing. She grabbed a thick handful of Doris’ pretty, long blonde hair and twisted it cruelly in her fist, leering at the helplessly bound teenage girl.

“Wh-what’s the matter?” Doris stammered.

“Nothing that you can’t take care of for me,” Suzanne hissed, tightening her grip on Doris’ hair. It felt like the girl’s hair was about to be torn out by the roots. Doris winced in pain as Suzanne pulled her head up and moved in closer.

“I-I don’t… understand,” Doris said, plaintively.

“I didn’t come yet, you fucking idiot!” Suzanne shouted, spit from her mouth landing on Doris’ eyelid. “It’s a damned good thing you’re here to take care of my needs, bitch!” With that, she straddled the girl’s face and began to gyrate her hips, grinding her cunt into Doris’ nose!

Doris couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Her nostrils breathed in the heady, pungent aroma of Suzanne’s juicy, hot cunt. The smell was sweet, but Doris felt terribly abused. This was awful! she thought. Her nose was being used to satiate the evil brunette’s sexual desires!

“Ummmmmmm! That feels real good! Shit, Doris,” the woman teased cruelly, “as long as I have you around, I won’t even need my vibrator. Ha! Ha?” She slid her cunt-slit across the girl’s nose, cackling demonically as she jerked off, rubbing her cunt into the little girl’s face. “Yeah, fuck me with your nose, you slut! Please me! Nose-fuck me!”

Suzanne seemed delighted with herself as she pressed her cunt down on Doris’ nose. She held on tight to Doris’ pretty blonde hair, pulling her face upward to make sure that the girl could not escape her wet pussy. Suzanne’s brittle cunt-hair rubbed roughly across her lips. Her tits heaved beneath her loose blouse, and her nipples became stiff and pointed, poking out of the thin fabric. She was breathing deeply, moaning as she raked her cunt across Doris’ nose. She jerked her hips back and forth, writhing in sexual abandon, pressing her slippery cunt firmly down on the girl’s face. Her asscheeks were taut, tensed and firm as she humped and humped. Her pussy leaked cunt-juice that trickled into the girl’s mouth.

Quickly, Doris pursed her lips to avoid tasting Suzanne’s cunt-nectar. That was her first mistake. Suzanne seemed to sense the girl’s revulsion at the grim reality of cunt-juice streaming into her mouth.

“Open your mouth, you whore!” she commanded.

Tugging on Doris’ hair, she pulled her face upward, right into her hot cunt. She moved slightly, rearranging her position, her legs spread far apart. She smacked Doris hard across the head, but Doris refused to obey. Then, the brunette bitch balled her hand into a tight fist and punched Doris hard on the top of the head.

“Open your mouth or I’ll beat the hell out of you!” Suzanne bellowed.

Doris obeyed. Suzanne pumped her hips downward until her clit slipped between the girl’s lips. She ground her cunt into Doris’ mouth, and the girl tasted the woman’s cunt-juice.

Doris gasped and resigned herself to her fate. She was being forced to service the wicked brunette bitch. She kept her mouth open, grimacing in shame as Suzanne shouted harshly, “Suck my clit, you slit-sucking whore! Suck my cunt! Obey me, or else!”

Doris wasn’t about to take a chance and defy the brutal, sadistic woman. She knew that she had to give in to Suzanne’s depraved sexual demands. It was so degrading, so humiliating, but she had to obey. She simply had to suck Suzanne’s slick, hot cunt. The tip of her tongue flicked wetly across the woman’s erect clit.

The woman’s cunt-nectar leaked out of her pussy and spilled into the girl’s mouth. Suzanne ground her cunt into the girl’s face, rubbing her cunt-lips across her nose and jerking downward so that her clit slipped between Doris’ sucking lips. Every time that Doris took a breath, she smelled the pungent aroma of Suzanne’s rippling cunt, which gushed with pussyjuice.

Soon, Doris realized that if she gave in and sucked hard on the evil brunette’s clit, the woman would ease the grip on her hair and the pain in her scalp dissipated. But, if she didn’t work hard to please the woman by slurping her cunt-lips and her clit into her mouth, the bitch only tormented her and hurt her worse.

Doris was kneeling on the floor of the plane. Suzanne saw her opportunity to torture the helpless girl even more, and she jumped at the chance. She stepped onto the girl’s tender thighs, pressing the soles and sharp, pointed heels of her shoes hard into the girl’s flesh.

“Owwwwwww!” Doris shrieked, reeling in pain. The woman was pressing all of her weight down on Doris’ creamy, young thighs, gouging her high heels into her tender and tortured flesh.

As she screamed in terror and agony, her lips slipped off of Suzanne’s cunt. The brutal brunette bitch punched her hard on her forehead.

“Suck my cunt, you filthy little slut!” Suzanne bellowed harshly. “Don’t you dare stop now! I’m gonna come soon! Suck my cunt until I come!”

Doris sucked the vicious brunette’s cunt, slurping her erect and throbbing clit into her mouth, tasting the viscous liquid cunt-juice that streamed out of Suzanne’s heated pussy.

Suzanne twisted and turned, holding the girl’s head firmly between her thighs, reveling in sadistic sexual desire, raking her cunt across the girl’s wet lips. She jerked her hips back and forth, gyrating in a frenzy as Doris ministered to her lascivious sexual needs, licking and lapping at her pussy. She moaned and groaned passionately as she brutally humped the girl’s face.

Doris felt aches and pains all over her body. It was still rather difficult to breathe, after she had been so ruthlessly kicked. There was no way for her to fight back, and she knew it. She only wanted to satiate the woman’s perverse lust so that she would be left alone. But Suzanne was a long time coming!

She was obviously in no big hurry to reach, a climax. She enjoyed dominating Doris too much to hurry her orgasm?

Slipping her tongue beneath the woman’s throbbing clit, she opened her mouth wider and gripped the bitch’s clit between her teeth. Then, she swirled her tongue around Suzanne’s clit, causing the brunette bitch to swoon in sexual oblivion!

“Ohhhhhhh, yesssssss!” Suzanne moaned. “That’s great! Suck my clit into your hot mouth, you whore! Do it! Suck my cunt!”

She jerked and twisted, her cunt spasming in Doris’ face. It was as though Suzanne were doing some sort of lewd dance, poised tentatively, her heels digging brutally into Doris’ aching thighs. She savored the lovely sensations that coursed through her well-sucked pussy, nearing the throes of a magnificent orgasm, loving every second of the depraved and debauched cunt-sucking!

Suzanne was behaving like a lewd and wanton harlot, a depraved sex-starved animal who could not get enough to satiate bet bizarre, lesbian desires it seemed that the nastier the brunette bitch spoke to Doris, the more turned on the woman became.

“Yeah, this feels just great! My cunt is on fire! Suck my pussy! Do that movement again with your teeth, where you slide your teeth across my clit! I love it! It feels terrific! Do it again!”

Doris felt embarrassed to be spoken to in such a lewd and wicked manner, but in some strange way that she could not quite comprehend, she was pleased with herself — proud of the fact that she, a mere inexperienced teen-age girl, was actually capable of making the sexy brunette writhe about in sexual bliss. She felt as though she were deftly manipulating the evil woman with her lips and tongue and teeth. She believed that she held some bizarre type of power over Suzanne as she slurped the woman’s clit into her mouth. She began to enjoy the cunt-sucking, bending eagerly and willingly to the task of pleasing the woman.

“Unnnnn! Don’t tease me! Please! Suck my cunt, you bitch?” Suzanne rasped, sliding her pussy across Doris’ mouth, her cunt-lips glistening with pussy-juice. Her cunt-lips were puffed up, swollen in response to the lurid sucking. The woman was going wild with lust as Doris sucked her hot, slick pussy. She wasn’t able to control herself anymore, jerking and bucking, humping the blonde’s tormented face as the brunette scraped her hot and slick cunt-lips across the girl’s mouth. The friction from Suzanne’s grinding pussy made Doris’ face flush. Her lips became raw and red, sore from the woman’s thick bush of coarse cunt-hair which brushed and raked across her mouth. Cunt-oils mixed with the girl’s spittle, lubricating her face with a heady brew.

“Ummmmmm! Work harder on my cunt! Snap my clit again, you filthy little cunt-sucker! It feels so damn good to have your tongue up my cunt!” Doris was getting hot and horny as she sucked Suzanne’s lovely, hot pussy. Strange thrills rushed through her dripping cunt. She found it difficult to believe. There was absolutely no way to understand what was happening, but Doris was getting turned on in a very big way! She ached for sexual release, just dying to reach down and finger-fuck her hot, wet pussy. But, that was impossible. Her hands were bound tightly above her head, tied to the whipping post. Still, she could please the brunette bitch — and she decided to do just that.

It was thrilling to turn on the sexy woman, thrilling in a new way. She worked hard to bring the lovely, sexy brunette to an all-consuming climax that would tear her apart with passion.

Doris sucked and slurped the woman’s pussy, gulping down her pussy-oils as she gripped Suzanne’s clit between her teeth. Before long, the teen-age girl’s face was covered with Suzanne’s slimy, viscous cunt-nectar. But, Doris didn’t give a damn! She was overcome with wanton lust, and all she wanted to do was make Suzanne cum. She used her teeth like pinchers, clawing at Suzanne’s throbbing clit, pulling her clit as far ash could stretch out of its red cuntal sheath. Then, she released her grip, and Suzanne’s swollen clit snapped back into position, partially hidden by her puffy, pink cuntlips. She gasped with pleasure and shouted loudly, “Aaaaaaghhhh! Yesssss! Any second now! Don’t stop!”

Doris wasn’t about to stop! She was caught up in the wicked sexual depravity of the moment, her tongue slicing deep into the brunette’s tight, hot, dripping cunt.

“Unnnnggggghhhhh! Yesssss! Now!” Suzanne shrieked. “Keep sucking my cunt! I’m gonna cum!”

She moaned low and long, her pussy-lips spasming in Doris’ mouth. Cunt-juice strewed out of her cunt, coating the girl’s lips and cheeks. Suzanne twitched, her legs trembling, her thighs quivering. Her face was covered with sweat, flushed a bright red. She licked her lips lasciviously and humped Doris’ face, sliding her cunt up so that her swollen, glistening pussy-lips parted around the girl’s upturned nose. Her orgasm hit her hard, and every muscle in her lovely body tightened and flexed. She placed all of her weight on her heels. This was bad, news for Doris, because she was supporting the woman’s weight on her tender thighs — and Suzanne’s heels were digging painfully into her skin!

When Suzanne came, she shook, her pussy-lips spasming in Doris’ mouth. Her thighs trembled. She jerked her hips and cunt-juice poured out of her pussy, coating Doris’ face. Suddenly, the brunette bitch reined, loosening her thigh muscles. Sweat poured down her lovely face, dripping onto Doris’ upthrust tits as she stepped off of the girl’s aching thighs. Her cunt was satisfied and the burning sensations that tore through her pussy began to subside. She fell into her seat, stretched her long legs out in front of her, crossed her ankles, and threw her arms aver the back of the seat. Her lust, for the moment, was satiated.

“Ohhhhhhh, that was terrific,” she cooed softly. “Doris is gonna be nice to have around. She’s a great little cunt-sucker!”

Doris winced when she heard Suzanne’s lewd, uncaring statement. Her pussy was hot and unsatisfied — but Doris no longer felt sexually excited. She was hurt deeply by the brunette bitch’s insensitivity. She didn’t even say thanks for the wonderful cunt-sucking that Doris had given her ripe and needy pussy.

Then, Doris felt silly. Of course, Suzanne wasn’t grateful. The evil, sadistic woman had forced Doris to suck her pussy until she reached a climax. Doris hadn’t really done Suzanne any favor. She had simply obeyed Suzanne’s vile command. It wasn’t her idea to suck the woman’s cunt, and she certainly wouldn’t have done it if she hadn’t been tortured and forced to do it. The grim reality of the situation struck Doris. She was a prisoner, a servant. In actuality, Doris was a slave! A sex slave!



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