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xNovel - Whipped And Raped


Whipped And Raped

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BC-2011 WHIPPED AND RAPED by Val Marrick


“Be quiet,” giggled Sally Canavan, putting her finger to her lips. Her blouse and bra were unfastened, and her laugh made her conical jugs bobble enticingly.

Ricky Cruz smiled into her blue eyes as his hands pushed her back down on the couch. He could feel her nipples growing hard and hot under his palms. “He won’t hear us if we don’t make too much noise,” he smiled.

Sally pushed him away suddenly. “No,” she said in a husky voice. “This isn’t right.”

“But I love you, baby,” Ricky said.

“I love you too,” Sally replied. “And I really want to do it with you. But my very first time. I don’t want it to be like this. It’s sneaky losing my virginity down here on the couch while Dad is upstairs taking care of poor mother.”

Her eyes shone with pity, as well as lust for Ricky. Her mother had been paralyzed since her stroke three years before. Her father spent all his time working or taking care of his invalid wife, leaving Sally to run the house as best she could. She loved her mother, even though she was little more than a half-alive shell of a human being, and she worshipped her father. He was so masculine, so devoted to her mother and her.

“You don’t like the idea of making it in the car, either,” Ricky said, shaking his head.

A sudden twinge hit Sally in her cunt. How badly she wanted Ricky inside her! She had let him feel and even kiss her bare nubile tits, and he had often massaged the virgin mound of her pussy, though always with her panties on. And she knew beyond a doubt that she wanted him to fuck her.

But it had to be done right! Sally was not going to lose her cherry skulking like a thief in her own house, or like any cheap high-school harlot in the back seat of a car. “Ricky,” she said pleadingly. “Let’s go to your apartment.”

Sally sat up and leaned against him, pressing the red-hot nubbin on the tip of her boob against his broad manly chest, thrilling to the feel of his muscles.

Ricky looked away. “We can’t go there, Sally,” he said quietly. “My sister, you know. I got to, uh… I got to take care of my sister. Can’t do this there, darling.”

Damn your sister! Sally thought. From the first time Ricky Cruz had put his hand on her shoulder, she had known that she loved and desired the handsome Chicano youth. With all her heart and virgin body. When she’d learned he had an apartment she had barely been able to contain her excitement. Delicious, erotic fantasies had filled her mind. She was going to give her virginity to this boy, and she was going to do it right!

But when Sally had tried to get Ricky to take her to his apartment he had turned her off. His parents were dead, she knew, and he had his younger sister to take care of. She was old enough to be left without a sitter, Sally knew, but Ricky insisted he just couldn’t bring a girl home and make it with her while his sister was in the two-bedroom apartment.

Sally had wondered why the sister couldn’t just be sent off to the movies or something, so they would have some time alone together. Maybe she was mentally retarded. That possibility, and the fact that Ricky was always so uncomfortable talking about his sister, had kept Sally from pressing him.

Just now, though with the untapped juices of desire bubbling to a froth inside her pussy, Sally wished only that Ricky’s sister would drop dead so she could go back to her boyfriend’s apartment and fuck him silly.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it!” Sally said, turning away from the youth. She balled her little hands into fists and drummed them against her miniskirted thighs. “I want you, Ricky,” she pouted. “But it seems it’s just never going to happen!”

A light touch on her shoulder sent electric thrills coursing through her body. What masculine power Ricky had! It was almost supernatural. All he had to do was look at Sally, and she would feel cunt juice start to seep into the clinging cloth of her panties.

Even the first time they had met, her first week in college, she had been so turned on she’d had to come right home and change her panties. If she hadn’t been doing all the laundry her secret desiring would have been revealed long ago. And that would have been bad.

Her father was a marvelous man, but absolutely puritanical on the subject of sex. That was one of the reasons she was already a freshman in college and still had her cherry. Robert Canavan disapproved so strongly of sex, she had just never been interested before she met Ricky. She knew it must have something to do with his own enforced abstention from sex these last few years.

Ricky’s hand slipped from her shoulder. It traveled down to cup a boob from behind, rolling the heated nipple around and around with his palm.

With a sigh, Sally turned her head and opened her mouth. Ricky’s lips met hers. His tongue probed out, into her willing mouth. Her tongue met his happily, twining eagerly around it. His other hand came around her ribcage to cup her other bare tit. She moaned low in her throat and settled back against him.

A hard object pressed into the small of Sally’s back. It was Ricky’s cock, rock-hard and ready for action inside his restraining corduroy trousers.

“Oh, baby,” he muttered around a wet and slippery mouthful of tongue. “You really do it to me!”

“Me too!” cooed Sally, as Ricky nibbled at her upper lip. Sexual tension built in her loins like a slowly-winding spring. And Ricky certainly had the key! His throbbing cock felt as big as a fire-hose as it swelled and pulsed, snuggling itself into the deep, cloth-covered crack between her asscheeks.

Hands on her tits! It was making her crazy! But it just wasn’t enough. Sally wanted more — more! She wanted it all, here and now!

“Oh, Ricky, Ricky,” she said, rolling her shoulders to crush the sensitive tips of her conical boobs hard into his palms. “I want you,” she crooned. “I just want you soooooo bad!”

“Me too, baby,” Ricky said fervently. His breath washed warmly over her face. He moved back to nuzzle and nibble at her ear. “You know it!”

His tongue slipped into her ear. It swirled around and around wetly. Sexual sensation crawled like spiders up and down her arching spine. Sally wondered what it would be like to have Ricky’s powerful tongue doing that to her pussy. Scrubbing her out and whipping her fragrant love-sauce to a lather. Hell, if having her ear lapped and sucked did this to her, having her cunt done the same way would probably kill her. And she wouldn’t mind it a bit!

Feeling Sally’s lust and urgency, Ricky let one hand slip from her luscious young tit. His fingertips slid down the satiny skin of her stomach. It felt to Sally as if they were tracing lines of fire. Down, down, toward the boiling cauldron of her twat.

When Ricky’s hand closed over her pussy mound Sally thought she would pass out. “Ooooooooahhhhhhh!” she cried softly, not wanting to wake her father but unable to hold the animal sounds of ecstasy in. “I need more, Ricky. More! Finger me up good, baby! Let me feel your fingers up my hungry, slippery pussy!”

Ricky was not about to argue. His hand slipped under the hem of Sally’s short skirt and back up inside the light yellow fabric. It closed over her cunt-bun. Sally writhed and rolled her pelvis, tasting the delicious pressure.

One strong finger slipped beneath the elastic band of her panties at the crotch. A brief pain stabbed into Sally as a few of the short, golden pubic hairs were pulled up with the fabric. She had a twinge of doubt: would she be able to stop this in time? Or would she surrender herself to Ricky’s manliness and let him fuck her here and now? Then the tip of the finger touched the blooming lips of her sweet little box, and drove all other thought from her mind.

The smell of her own greedy, needy cunt was strong and heavy in her nostrils. Sally had never really liked the odor of her pussy before. But now, as her twat responded in its sweet way to the sensuous contact and its honey poured out to enfold Ricky’s probing finger, she realized it was the nicest smell in the world. The smell of her own pleasure.

“God, you’re hot!” Ricky husked in her ear.

“Put it in me! Put your whole hand in me!” Sally begged. “I don’t care — I need my pussy filled. Oh, shove it up me!”

Sally groped awkwardly behind her, feeling for the tell-tale bulge in Ricky’s cords. She found it just as the finger parted her blood-gorged pussy flaps and plunged inside her. She clutched convulsively at the prick and her whole body jumped.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmnnnnnnn!” she moaned. Got to be quiet, she thought. Mustn’t wake Daddy. But oh God, so nice!

“Feel my cock,” Ricky murmured. “It’s rock-hard and ready, baby. And it’s all for you!”

Sally’s pussy muscle tightened once, experimentally, then damped around his plunging finger with a force that made him gasp. Tentatively she began to pump her hand up and down Ricky’s hard-on, feeling it grow ever bigger and harder. “You’re huge!” she breathed. “How could it ever fit inside my poor pussy?”

“Let me show you, Sally baby,” Ricky urged. “Just let me show you!”

“Oh, I want to!” Sally said. His finger was in her to the knuckle. She sucked harder and barely bit off a scream as his knuckle bumped her swollen clitoris.

And then it happened. Sally’s orgasm smashed into her and made her head swim and her vision fade. She bounced and joggled and shivered like a wet dog shaking off water. Small sounds of ecstasy rolled from her throat. Her spasming pussy pulled on Ricky’s finger, dragging it up into her. He put another finger inside her, then another, and still that greedy coming snatch demanded more.

“Oh Ricky!” Sally shrieked, out of control, not caring. “Oh, it’s happening! I… I’m cooooommmmmmiiiinnnnggg!”

Upstairs a door slammed open. “Sally?” her father’s voice asked from the upstairs landing. “Is that you? Are you all right!”

“Omigod!” Sally squealed. “Daddy! Hurry, Ricky or he’ll…”

“Or he’ll what?” demanded her father’s voice. “Oh, dear God!”

Quickly, Sally sat up. She snatched her hand away from Ricky’s rapidly-deflating, prick. The youth’s hand slid guiltily out from under her skirt. Telltale juices glistened on his fingers.

“What in the hell is going on here?” Canavan demanded. It was as if another man stood there at the foot of the stairs, glaring at Sally with such incredible rage. The blonde had never heard her father sound like that before.

“Daddy,” she said, in a tiny, frightened voice. She pressed her hands over her tits protectively. “It’s all right, Daddy. Nothing was happening, honest.”

“I’ll say something was happening!” roared her father, his face going purple with fury. “I know perfectly well what’s happening, you loose little slut. My Christ, and in your own house!”

Sally’s father was tall but she had never really thought of him as really big before. Now he loomed like a building, seeming to fill the room with his anger, menace, and out rage.

“Now, wait, Mr. Canavan,” Ricky began, getting to his feet. “Sally didn’t have anything to do with this. I wanted to, but she wouldn’t let me.”

“Be quiet!” thundered Canavan. “Do you think I’m blind? Or just deaf? You two young animals were yowling like rutting alley cats! Sally, what if your mother heard you?”

Sally’s blue eyes filled with tears. An awful sense hit her that she had betrayed her parents. “Ricky,” she sniffled. “You’d better go.”

“But Sally,” the youth said, turning back to her.

“That’s right,” Canavan said. “Get the hell out of here right now. And don’t ever come back, you filthy spoiling Mexican!”

Ricky flushed under his dark skin. Sally’s blue eyes were full of pain as she met his gaze. “I’m sorry,” she whispered brokenly, to Ricky, to her father. Ricky walked out, past the towering form of Mr. Canavan, out into the night.

When the door closed behind him Canavan strode forward to stand glowering down at his daughter. She was quietly sobbing into her fists, now. Her small body shook with misery.

“If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would never hive believed it! My own daughter — rolling around with that Mexican stud like a common whore!” Sally shook her head, her straight blonde hair flying from side to side.

“No! No!”

“Yes!” her father yelled. “Look at me!” She shook her head again.

“I can’t! I won’t!” she bawled.

“You can and you will,” snarled her father. “And that isn’t all!”

He reached out a hand and twisted a fistful of her hair in it. He forced Sally’s head back until her neck creaked and she was staring fearfully up into his eyes. She saw a thing there she had never seen before. Something she could not identify. A thing that scared her to the core of her being.

“That’s right, you nasty little slut, look, at me when I talk to you,” Canavan said through clenched teeth. “I’ve done my best to give you a good Christian upbringing. Since your mother’s stroke I’ve cared for you all by myself. Your mother never helped. She couldn’t! Do you know?” he asked with sudden force. “Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I touched a woman? Three years! Ever since your mother’s stroke. And all that time I’ve watched you turn into a woman, growing, filling out.”

“I watched your young body blossom, while I never touched a woman! And, this, this is how you repay me!” He moved suddenly and Sally’s head rocked to a resounding slap across her face. She fell back with a yelp and pressed a hand to her cheek. She could feel the palm print burn and flush in her skin. “You act like any cheap, loose, round-heeled slut! Like a prostitute! A harlot! You’re a loose woman. You’re no daughter of mine.”

Sally’s eyes widened in horror as his big hands began to undo his belt. “Don’t spank me,” she begged.

Her father leered at her. “I won’t spank you,” he said in a strangely slurred voice. “Spanking is for children. You’re not a child any more. You’re a slut. And you’re going to get what a slut gets.”

He finished with his belt and unbuttoned his pants. Sally watched, transfixed, as her father pulled down his pants and under-shorts. His cock sprang free, as throbbingly erect as Ricky’s had been.

“Oh my God,” Sally gasped.

Canavan slapped her again. “Don’t use the Lord’s name in vain, you harlot,” he rasped viciously. “You belong to the devil now. You’re his daughter, not mine.”

Still shaking her head. Sally moved away from him. “No, no,” she said. He grabbed her hair with both hands and yanked her back, thrusting forward with his hips. His stiff prick speared against her mouth. It forced her lips apart. It drove between her teeth and into her mouth.

Sally screamed, the sound muffled by the long plug of her father’s cock. She could feel herself starting to gag. The flavor and smell of cock was overpowering. She fought to escape.

“God, that’s it, you little slut,” her father groaned, thrusting insistently forward with his hips. Sally rocked her head frantically, trying to reject her father’s prick from her mouth. She pushed at it urgently with her tongue, trying to get it out. The frenzied efforts only doubled her father’s enjoyment of face fucking her. His eyes were closed and his mouth was wrapped around a blissful smile.

The steel-hard bar of cock in Sally’s face started jerking and pulsing. He’s going to come! Sally thought. My father is going to come in my mouth!

With a sudden surge of strength Sally broke free of his grasp. A few golden strands of hair tore loose and hung in his hands as she fell against the back of the couch. Her stomach gave a lurch. The girl leaned over, gagging and retching.

Her father was livid. “You don’t like it?” he roared. “What’s the matter with my cock, bitch? Doesn’t it taste good enough? Not as good as brown Mexican cock, is it?” His pecker wagged in rhythm to his words. It was long and skinny, like a policeman’s nightstick.

Sally sobbed and choked, denying him, denying what he’d done. It made him even madder.

“You don’t like my cock!” he yelled again. “Well, you’re going to get it anyway, bitch! You’re going to get it right now!”

Roughly he grabbed her shoulder and spun her to face him. He pushed her onto her back so hard her legs went up in the air. Catching one of her waving legs in one hand, he reached with the other for her pale blue panties.

Sally could feel what he was doing. “Daddy, no!” she wailed. “Daddy, what are you doing? Daddy, it’s me, remember? Your daughter, Sally! Oh don’t, Daddy. Doooooon’t!”

Robert Canavan pulled with such force that he tore the panties clear away from his daughter’s hips. Sally waggled her legs wildly in the air. He stared as her struggling splayed wide open the lips of her still-damp cunt. The pink-rimmed, virginal gash was a breathtaking display. Thick puffy rolls of flesh framed the dainty petals of her pussy and the deeper red of her dripping depths. His mind was enflamed with lust at the prospect of fucking her. And the thick, damp aroma of aroused pussy was strong in his nostrils.

Sally felt her father’s hand close over her pussy and she cried out again. Her cry turned into a low moan of unwilling passion as Canavan rolled his thumb over her swollen clit. In spite of her shame and horror, it felt too good to resist the overpowering message of pleasure it sent pounding to her brain. But it was her own father doing this to her! It was wrong — so wrong!

“Oh, Daddy,” Sally cried. “Wait, don’t — it’s not right. It’s… it’s… unnnnnhhhhh!” She broke into an incoherent yell of pain and pleasure as her father plunged the full length of his pounding prick into her.

He stabbed her so violently with his cock that he never felt the small push of resistance to his first assault. The cherry she had wanted to give her lover had been broken, and he didn’t even notice.

Drool ran from the corner of Canavan’s mouth, and he grunted. Christ, the little slut was tight. Too tight for a girl who’d been spreading her luscious white thighs for any stud that came along. Well, this was no time for second thoughts. All he wanted now was a grand, glorious fuck. To blow all his long-simmering load deep into her box.

It felt as if a spear had been run into Sally’s body. A wave of agony washed over her as the virgin walls of her cunt were wedged ruthlessly apart by the hard-driven cock. Then her daddy’s big dick began to pull out, and it felt as if it were drawing her soul out with it. It made a lewd slurping sound.

“Ohhhhhh!” she cried in spite of herself. “Oh, it feels good!”

“You like it do you, bitch?” gasped her father, slobbering on his chin in his frenzy of lust. “Well that’s good, cause you’re going to get it again and again till it’s all finished with you.”

“Oh yes!” Sally screamed wantonly as he pumped her. “Oh, yesssss!”

In and out he fucked. Sally’s cunt juices flowed and flowed until they ran out of her gash onto the sofa. Her father’s hard fucking sprayed a mist of cunt honey over his hips and thighs and belly. Sally felt the cold sweat spray over her churning loins as she raised her body to meet each and every thrust.

“Oh, do it to me, Daddy!” she screamed. “Fuck into me with that long, long cock!”

Muscles stood out on her father’s arms. He didn’t seem to notice the ripening glory of her jugs, spilling out of her open blouse. His head was back and his eyes screwed tightly shut.

Something caught at Sally’s throat. “Oh, come in me, Daddy! I’m about to come,” she cried. “Fill my pussy with your come!”

Urgently she sucked in with her belly muscles. A velvet noose clamped onto her father’s cock shaft. It did the trick. He grunted and blew his wad, every bit of it.

The first hot spurt splashed all the way to her womb. It felt like burning acid eating into her. “Oh Daddy, you’re coming!” screamed Sally. “You’re coming in me now! Fill my pussy with your jism!”

The big fountaining prick was doing its best to obey. Time and again Canavan’s cock jerked and spat and fired another blast of sperm deep into his daughter’s belly. His arms were turning to jelly. His head reeled. But he just couldn’t quit coming — couldn’t stop pumping gallons of his load into his daughter’s forbidden snatch!

Another orgasm piled into Sally… her father’s fucking drove her ass deep into the sofa cushions. She clawed her nails into his forearms and arched her back to take him in farther.

“Oh! Oh! Oooh!” she shrieked. “I’m coming again! Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! Oh, Ricky!”

As Sally howled with wordless ecstasy her father collapsed on top of her. He crushed her. His hands clutched her. He fucked into her with the last of his spurting lust.

Sally went through orgasm after orgasm. Her pussy sucked her father’s cock dry, and kept on sucking.

Finally the fury of climax subsided in Sally’s father and he lay still atop her. Her own spent passion became a sweet haze of afterglow. “Oh, Ricky,” she purred unthinkingly.

And then it hit her. What had happened. Who had done it.

“Oh my God!” Sally gasped. “Daddy!” She began to squirm and push him off. Sick shame overcame her.

Robert Canavan shook his head like a man waking from a deep sleep. He rolled off her. His deflating cock slid from her pussy with an obscene plop! A string of gooey jism ran from the tip of his prick to her overflowing cunt mouth as he stood up. It lengthened, sagged, and broke, falling to mingle with the dark pool of juice on the couth beneath Sally’s butt.

Saliva was smeared all over his face. The terrible light still shone in his eyes. “You’re a good fuck, I’ll give you that,” he said nastily. “You must do a lot of exercises to keep your twat that tight.” He gave a small, ugly laugh as he pulled on his pants. He didn’t notice his cock smeared with red from breaking her cherry.

He left Sally there, crying hysterically, her shoulders shaking uncontrollably. He didn’t say another word to the daughter he had just violated so brutally. He just walked up the stairs into the master bedroom and shut the door behind him.



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