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xNovel - Raped Policewoman


Raped Policewoman

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Added:2008-07-23 20:02
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BB-156 RAPED POLICEWOMAN by Heather Brown


For many men, at some point in their lives, there is something they will do anything to reach. In Athletes train for years, oblivious to their surrounding, in an effort to win a Olympic medal. A young lawyer will spend countless hours and money on a political campaign. And a mountain climber will take risks of life and limb to scale heights never before reached.

Others will go to immeasurable lengths to find success in their chosen endeavors. Witness Melanie Cooper, a 25-year-old college graduate who, frustrated by every-day secretarial jobs, seeks adventure and challenge through a career in law enforcement She is obsessed with a goal of becoming successful in a field long dominated by men. But her obsession leads her not only to violate society’s codes, but also her own principles.

RAPED POLICEWOMAN shows the reality of obsession, how destructive it can be to the individual and those around him. It is admirable to set a goal and make sacrifices to obtain it, but is it admirable to go to any lengths for it?

The story of a modern woman, programmed to win, to take what she wants — a novel exploring pert of life as it is today.

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