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xNovel - Hung, Strung Housewife


Hung, Strung Housewife

Cover:cover: hung, strung housewife
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“Please!” Rachel whined. “Pleeaasse! Jack-ak! You know how sensitive my tits are!”

“Yes, I do,” Jack said with a grin. “And I know how big they are too. The quicker you suck off my buddies, the bigger they’ll stay. If not, I’ve got the feeling these boys you have here might just squash those big old tits down to size.”

Rachel was kneeling in front of a small table. Her arms were drawn tight behind her back, bound from wrist to elbow with electrical tape. Her shoulders ached and the muscles in her arms felt as though they had been torn beyond repair, but the submissive beauty paid hardly any attention at all to those small discomforts. All her attention was directed in front, toward the pain that was about to start.

Fastened to the side of the table were two huge table vises. They were opened all the way, their flat metal jaws almost a foot apart. It was still a tight fit for Rachel’s big tits. The vises would have to be tightened several inches before they started to hurt her, but that was only a few turns of the metal handles.

Rachel was supposed to suck the cum from every one of Jack’s friends. When she heard that they had paid a dollar each for the chance to fuck her mouth, she had felt like the world’s biggest whore. And each boy could turn the crank one half a turn for each minute she took to make him cum. The worst part of all was the electrical tape that bound her legs together from her ankles to mid thighs, that wrapped around her back and stomach and the table legs and stuck to her ribs and the far edge of the table. The only part of her body she could move was her head. She was helpless, and facing the most terrible torture she could imagine.

“Let’s go,” Jack said with a grin.

The first boy’s name was Joe. He slapped Rachel’s face with his cock, driving her wild with fear by flipping his cock round out of reach of her questing mouth. The boys laughed at Rachel’s frantic, pitiful attempts to follow his cock with her mouth. She turned her head this way and that, flapping her tongue as far as she could out of her mouth. Joe would whip her face with his cock, then pull it out of reach just before she could brush it with her tongue.

“Half a minute,” Jack said, holding his wrist so he could see his watch and the action at the same time. “Let her rip.”

Joe let go of his cock and turned the crank on the vise that held her right tit. Rachel tensed as the vise tightened round her big tit, even though it was several turns away from where it would really start to squeeze her. She watched Joe’s swinging, half-hard cock intently. With his hands off the crank she finally had a chance to get his cock into her mouth.

Rachel plunged her face forward, stretching her long graceful neck until it burned with pain. She brushed the slimy head of Joe’s cock with her lips, cupping her tongue under the heavy cock-head to try to tease it into her mouth. Joe started to jerk back, but when he felt the wet brush of her tongue on his heated prick, he stayed right where he was. After a moment even that wasn’t enough, and he fucked forward until Rachel’s nose was buried in his cock-hair.

The boys cheered as Rachel hollowed her cheeks and went to work sucking the boy’s hard cock. None of them had gotten a chance at her mouth while she had hung upright between the trees. Everyone of them had huge, aching hard-ons at the prospect of sticking their cocks down the throat of such a beautiful woman.

Rachel hardly gagged at all as Joe brutally fucked his cock into the tight little tunnel of her throat. She couldn’t stop the wet gurgling noises she had made as she blew him, though, or stop the trails of spit that leaked down the corners of her mouth. The boys laughed at her and called her filthy names as she slurped and grunted hr way through the blow-job. Their contempt and mockery made Rachel so hot that she almost forgot the torture that lay ahead.

“Time!” Jack shouted.

Joe grinned at her and tightened the vise an her left tit Rachel bobbed her head on his cock like a madwoman, taking every inch he had to offer again and again and again, until her face was sloppy with her spit and his cock was jerking out of control in her throat.

“Oh shit!” he bellowed just as he started to cum. He grabbed Rachel by the back of the head and held her lips pinned to his balls. “Here’s a jism injection, you cocksucking slut!”

Rachel drank the boy’s cum as tough she wanted to suck out every drop of jism in his body. His cock seemed to vibrate in her throat, spitting out huge wads of gooey cock-juice.

The next boy was named Andrew. He had a small cock, so small that it barely poked Rachel in the back of her mouth. Her checks hollowed and swelled as she sucked the cum from his cock. He only managed to turn the vise on her right tit once before he poured his jism into Rachel’s mouth. She didn’t swallow it until he had finished shooting his whole load. Her checks bulged with the cum-load. Then she tilted her head back, opened her mouth so that all the boys could see the brimming pool of jism within, and swallowed it in laud, wet gulps.

“What a gross fucking bitch!” one boy shouted.

“Geez, she’s a sleazy cum-sucker, ain’t she?” another boy cried.

Their abuse and the perverted thrill of swallowing such a huge mouthful of cum made Rachel orgasm. She thrust her ass back and forth and flexed her cunt as if she were fucking a huge, pounding cock. Her big eyes glazed with lust. The boys called her even dirtier names, and a few of them stepped close and spit on her beautiful face and voluptuous body. Rachel moaned louder and came harder. When the next boy shoved his cock into her face, Rachel stared at it blankly for a moment. Then she swallowed it whole, pressing her nose against his stomach and squirming her lips around the bulging sac of his balls.

“Oh shit!” the boy gasped. “Oh shit!”

Rachel pushed her face forward desperately, slithering her lower lip over the crinkly bag of the boy’s balls. She opened her jaws impossibly far and popped one whole ball inside her mouth. Then she did it again, and sucked the whole bag into her wet, warm mouth. Her gorgeous face bulged grotesquely with the impossible load she was holding in her mouth. Spit ran over her chin like a waterfall.

The sex mad housewife slapped her tongue all over the boy’s balls. She flexed her throat around the gullet-stuffing shaft of his cock.

The boy gasped with pleasure, his legs shaking, but he managed to hold out until he had gotten to turn each vise once. By the time he filled her throat with his jism the vise on Rachel’s tight tit was just pressing into her creamy flesh. It didn’t hurt, not yet, but it was going to very soon.

The next boy was named Lonnie. He turned around and presented Rachel with his ass. He spread his asscheeks wide and poked his ass right at Rachel’s pretty nose. It was with a sigh of resignation that she plunged her face into his filthy asscrack and went to work. She knew that it could take a very long time to make a boy cum this way, and she didn’t have the time to waste.

His asscrack was filthy. It looked, smelled and tasted as though he had never used a sheet of toilet paper. Rachel rubbed her face into it like a cat rolling in kitty litter. She sponged her tongue up and down the filthy crack like a deer at a salt lick. And when the crud from his asscheeks was smeared all over her face and tongue, she plunged her soft lips onto the crusty brown pucker of his asshole and plunged her tongue up the clotted channel like a bear searching for honey.

It was the most impressive display of ass-sucking any of the boys had ever seen. Rachel smacked and slobbered on Lonnie’s ass as though it were the world’s sweetest morsel of candy. When she plunged her tongue up his asshole, his knees shook and he almost fell down. Than he whipped around and aimed his cock right between Rachel’s parted lips. His first spurt of jism splashed over her nose. After that there was fuck-slime everywhere. Rachel caught what she could in her mouth.

Lonnie hadn’t gotten to turn the cranks even once.

The next boy was named Henry. Rachel jacked him off with her lips, bobbing her head up and down, taking only three or four inches of his cock into her mouth. All the time she skinned her lips up and down his cock she was whipping her tongue over his cockhead. She made him cum in just a couple minutes, but by that time he had turned each of the cranks twice. Rachel cried as his jism filled her mouth to overflowing and cascaded down her trembling chin. The vises were pressing against her tits now. She knew the pain was going to start soon.

The next boy had a long, curved cock. Rachel trapped it between her white teeth and the wet, soft hollow of her cheek. She worked her cheek and teeth together and slithered her tongue up and down the curving cock-shaft. The boy dripped so much fuck-lube that it drooled from the corners of Rachel’s mouth like slobber, but she couldn’t seem to make him cum.

She slipped his cock into the center of her mouth and tried to deep-throat him, but the curve of his cock was too severe. He turned the vise again and again, and Rachel whined with discomfort as the jaws of the vises pressed against her lush tits. Finally she rammed her face all the way down on his cock, ignoring the terrible, tearing pain his curved prick caused her throat. The boy screamed with surprise and lust and choked her almost to death with his load of jism.

When the boy stepped away, Rachel looked around. Her beautiful face was slimy with cum and spit and fuck-lube. Jism dribbled over her pouting lower lip. The vise grips around her tits had begun to change the shape of the big, lush mounds. Then another boy stuck his cock in Rachel’s face, and she lunged her mouth down on it.

“Time,” Jack said before Rachel had even gotten the boy’s prick hard.

Rachel whimpered with pain as the boy turned the crank on her right tit. Her tits were almost completely covered by the wide jaws of the table vise. A boy stepped up and pushed his cock into Rachel’s ear. She tried to turn her head to suck him, but he just moved with her, fucking his hard cock into the delicate shell of her right ear. At thirty seconds he was leaking pre-cum into her inner ear, but he didn’t seem that close to cumming. He turned the crank on her left tit, crushing it a little bit more. He fucked her ear as though it were a tiny cunt, jacking off on his cock at the same time.

“What a pervert!” another kid shouted. “Here, let me get in on this action!”

Suddenly a cock was pushed into Rachel’s other ear. Her head was trapped between two hard-humping boys. They skewered her ears, filling the tiny cavities with sloppy fuck-lube. They took turns spinning the cranks on Rachel’s tits, slowly crushing her tits in the unyielding vises.

They came at almost the same time, and Rachel squealed her way through an orgasm as they filled her ears with jism. There was something so perverse about being fucked in her ears that it made Rachel climax.

The jism spilled deep into her ears and all over the sides of her face. Rachel’s beautiful face was sloppy with cum now. She looked every bit the part of the horny slut who’d sucked off a dozen boys. Even more shocking were her tits. The vises had made her luscious tits widen and flatten like silky, fleshy pancakes. The tips of her tits, free of the crushing vises, were filled with blood and bulging as though they might explode at any instant.

Another boy stepped up to Rachel’s face. She sucked him avidly, washing his cock with her spit and sponging it dry with her tongue. He came quickly, filling her scummy mouth with yet another load of jism. But before he stepped back into the crowd, he had tightened each vise two more turns.

Another boy stepped up to have his cock sucked. He pulled out just before he came and stuck his spurting cock up first one and then the other of Rachel’s flaring nostrils. The jism scalded Rachel’s sinuses. When he finished cumming, fuck-slime was rolling down from her upper lip like a dirty silver mustache.

A second boy made her suck his ass before he turned around and fucked his cock down her throat. He got to turn each of the cranks a half dozen times. The next boy rubbed his cock over Rachel’s face until he spewed his jism. His cock slime plastered Rachel’s beautiful face. Two more boys fucked her throat, pounding her gullet until her throat felt sore and swollen. By the time she had swallowed their loads of jism Rachel’s stomach felt bloated with cum. She realized blearily that she must have swallowed a gallon of jism. The next boy to step up held his cock in Rachel’s mouth, not letting her deep-throat him. The exhausted beauty was grateful for the break. She lapped at his cock until her tongue burned with exhaustion. She slurped at the few inches of cock that fit in her mouth until she teased the boy’s cum down her throat. Then another boy shoved his cock in her face and she had to start all over again.

Each of the boys tightened the vises a little bit farther, crushed Rachel’s billowing tits a little bit more. They billowed out around the sides of the vises like a cookie cutter. The pain was a grinding, pinching, tearing agony. The muscles in Rachel’s tits were being pulled slowly past the breaking point. The flesh was being squashed to mush. The pain-dazed housewife didn’t believe her beautiful tits would ever be the same after this inhuman torture.

Two boys rubbed their cocks over her slimy, swollen lips at the same time, and Rachel looked up at them with confusion in her eyes. Her lips were tingling, almost numb from the friction of all the cocks she had sucked, the burn of all the jism that had spilled over them, the impact of all the hard stomachs that had smacked against her mouth. Her tongue ached so terribly that it was hard to move it at all. It felt swollen and clumsy. And her throat seemed to be swelling shut. It felt as if it had been scoured with sandpaper.

“Two at once, big tits,” one of the boys said, pushing his big cock-head into her open mouth. “You suck us good and you’ll get a double mouthful of cunt.”

“And you’re sure one cum-loving slut,” the other boy said. He was banging his cock against Rachel’s lips, too, wedging her mouth so far open that the helpless beauty felt something pop at the back of her jaw. “I’ve never seen a suction-pump mouth like yours. You ought to really get off sucking on two big pricks at the same time.”

Rachel gurgled helplessly as both boys popped their huge cock-heads into her wedged-open mouth. She tried desperately to shake her head, to free her mouth long enough to beg the boys to stop.

The boys held her head tightly in place and pushed their cocks deeper and deeper into her mouth. Rachel’s mouth opened wider than it ever had before, wider than it was meant to open. Tears filled her eyes as the impossible double intrusion reached the back of her throat. She couldn’t breathe around the two massive cock-heads that banged against her gullet. But the boys kept pushing. Rachel’s face turned bright red as she tried in vain to breathe around the two massive fuck-rods. Her slender throat swelled around the paired cock-heads as they pushed down inside. Every boy in the yard gathered around close to watch the obscene swelling of her throat, the grotesque splitting of her beautiful face by the two big cocks. The boys pushed and pushed and pushed, and all of Rachel’s gagging and struggling couldn’t keep them from forcing every inch of their cocks down her helplessly resisting throat.

Rachel’s lips were pulled so tight that they split, and thin trickles of blood ran down her chin. The boys pushed on. Her eyes were forced shut, her chin pushed almost flat against her cock-swollen throat. The boys kept pushing. Her body swayed and her head was held upright only by the restraining hands and cocks of the two boys finally the boys’ cock-hair scratched her cheeks, their balls swinging against the lower curve of her jaw. She was taking two ten-inch pricks fully inside her throat.

The boys scoured her throat with their cocks, thrusting in perfect rhythm. Rachel could do nothing to stop the hellish assault. It went on for almost ten minutes.

By the time the boys poured their double load of jism down Rachel’s throat the vim were no more than two inches apart. She was sure that the big soft pillows of flesh would never recover from the abuse they were taking. The nipples bulged so obscenely that the boys couldn’t resist slapping them with belts. The shock of the blows made the unbearable agony even more devastating.

Rachel couldn’t swallow the cum the boys shot her full of. Her throat didn’t seem able to make the movements needed to swallow. She choked on the gooey, gluey slime, and while the boys were still shooting, it poured out of her mouth and nose. Boys screamed at her and spit on her as she slobbered jism all over herself, but there was nothing Rachel could do to stop it. After the awful double suck Rachel was helpless. She couldn’t make her tongue work, couldn’t purse her lips or draw them tight around a cock. It took her ten minutes to make the next boy cum, and Jack had to stop the others from closing the vises completely together on her tortured tits.

After a time Rachel could swallow again, but everything else just kept getting worse. After five more boys had taken their turns on her mouth, another pair of boys made her double suck them. Their cocks weren’t as big as those of the first pair, but the pain was still hellish. It seemed an eternity before the last boy soaked her face with his jism. He, and the last three boys before him, had rubbed themselves off on Rachel’s cum plastered face. Her mouth was too slack and swollen to afford them any pleasure at all.

And then there was only Jack.

He held his cock almost a foot in front of her mouth and smiled down on her. Rachel knew what he wanted, and with a tiny moan of despair, she tried to reach his cock. She arched her neck forward, tried to pull her body up over the table. She leaned forward as far as she could, and still the head of his cock was over an inch out of reach. Then she stuck out her swollen, cum-coated tongue. It brushed the very tip of his cock.

“Make me cum,” he said, and tightened the vises a half turn.

Rachel flicked her tired, aching tongue all over the hated, slimy head of his cock, trying desperately to tease an orgasm from him. And every thirty seconds he tightened the vises a little more. Tears of sorrow and agony ran tracks through the half inch of cum that coated Rachel’s beautiful face. Jack just smiled and watched.

Finally he could tighten the irises no farther. And then he shot his wad of jism right into the curled cup of the beautiful slave’s tongue.

Jack’s slumped back, tears stiff running down bar face. The vise jaws were pressing almost together, squashing Rachel’s enormous, creamy tits as flat as pancakes. Her face and mouth were gummy with jism. She had sucked the cum out of almost fifty boys.

“Anybody up for another round?” Jack asked.



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