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xNovel - Want To Whip My Aunt?


Want To Whip My Aunt?

Cover:cover: want to whip my aunt?
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Manfred yelled as he shoved his rock-hard cock into the sopping wet pit of Nichole’s fuckhole. “Jeez, this cunt’s fantastic!”

He leaned down, grabbed Nichole’s swinging tits and played with them, ramming his cock into her cunt harder and faster.

“Fuck, you bitch, I’m gonna come, you know that? I’m fucking gonna come!” His cock rasping over Nichole’s hot cunt slammed deep.

What remained of Nichole’s little teddy flapped against her body as she jerked against the back of the chair. She moaned and wailed, her pussy sucking at the massive prick buried there, her pussy tightening around it as she rushed up to climax. She pushed her tits into Manfred’s hands, her ass trembling as she heaved back for every inch of his cock.

“Yes, yes, Manfred! Come on! Fuck me! I’m coming! Come on, ram it up me! I can’t get enough, come on — aagghhh, yesss!” She lurched up, her dark hair tossing, her tits pressed into Manfred’s hands as the spasms of orgasm rushed over her. “Do it, please, Manfred! Fuck meeeeee!”

Her cunt sucked at his stiff prick, her body rocking in her raging lust.

Manfred roared with excitement and gripped her tits harder, holding his prick deep in her demanding cunt. “Okay, you whore! I’ll give you a ride! I ain’t coming till you can’t take my cock any more!”

Her tight cunt walls closed tighter around his cockshaft. He held the squirming, gasping, climaxing Nichole on his cock.

Mirabelle heard this depravity through a dim haze. There was no pain left in her ass and tits, just a low, seething mass of satisfaction. She moaned and lay there face-down, feeling utterly ashamed of herself.

But she didn’t have much time for that. She felt hands on her ass and she moaned desperately, pressing her face into the bed covers.

“Yeah,” she heard Dustin remark. “I reckon I will fuck her in the ass!”

“What?” Mirabelle moaned and rolled over slowly. She had no fight left, even though a throb of horror passed through her as she thought of what he’d said.

He leaned over her, his legs spread, his robe open, his cock out and being caressed by Eileen.

Eileen grinned at her aunt. “You gotta be fucked in the ass, Auntie. We all get fucked in the ass!”

She giggled and leaned down, running her tongue over the swollen head of Dustin’s cock.

“What ya think, Auntie?” she crooned. “You think I can get it wet enough to get in, or do you think we oughta cream it?”

Eileen was still giggling with delight as Mirabelle shuddered, her stomach turning.

“You can’t be that perverted!” she moaned. “Auntie, how could you?” Eileen teased, her blonde hair falling all over Dustin’s cock as she played with it. “You gotta learn to take a cock up your ass and pussy at the same time. I mean, fuck, you wanna learn persuasion? So, Auntie, what’s it gonna be?”

“No!” Mirabelle gasped, pulling her legs up. Her neck chain jangled as she moved and her wrist bonds reminded her of her helplessness. She could see and hear Manfred fucking Nichole. The little bitch was still screaming with lust as she came, her pussy throbbing and sucking at his thick shaft.

“No?” Eileen whispered. “You know what that word gets you, Auntie?”

“No, please!” Mirabelle moaned.

“Turn over and lie flat!” Dustin demanded, his young face beaming with lust.

Mirabelle looked at him, trembling with horror at the submission he demanded. He was only about eighteen and he was telling her what to do.

“Turn over and lay flat or I’ll put you back on the chain,” he said, rattling her collar links. “You wanna be whipped until I cum in your ass?”

Mirabelle moaned and knew she was beaten. She had no alternative but to surrender to him. Tears ran down her face, but there was also a spasm of excitement that pulsed in her pussy.

It was happening everytime she submits now and it made her feel even more ashamed. Sobbing gently, she slid her legs down the bed and rolled over, presenting her ass to him.

“Open up,” he ordered, slapping her ass. Mirabelle jerked. His palm had landed on her mashed flesh and sent hot barbs of agony spurting through her body. She spread her thighs, showing her swelling pussylips surrounded by slicked-down cunt hair.

“Better,” Dustin said, his cock thrusting hard in Eileen’s grip. He ran his hand over Mirabelle’s tight asscheeks. “You really wanna be ass-fucked?”

Mirabelle moaned, feeling her ass burning with pain. She knew what was coming, but she couldn’t give in.

“No, please, not that?” she gasped. “Please fuck me in the pussy if you want, but not that!”

He spanked her ass hard, slapping her sore asscheeks.

“Aagghhh!” Mirabelle gasped, jerking up, her ass throbbing with pain.

“Tell me how much you wanna be ass fucked!” Dustin spanked her again.

Mirabelle wailed and screamed, jerking up, agony rushing out of her ass. She tried to close her legs, but he was between them, his knees holding her thighs spread apart.

“Beg for it, whore!” He laughed, his cock rubbing against her thighs. “I wanna hear you beg!”

He spanked Mirabelle’s asscheeks harder, each one in turn, five or six times.

“Aaaghhhh!” Mirabelle screamed, trying to roll over and escape the pain.

Instantly Eileen landed on Mirabelle’s back and grabbed the chain. She pulled Mirabelle’s head up by the collar, pinning her aunt to the bed, her hot ass in the middle of Mirabelle’s back.

Mirabelle screamed and tried to push her niece away, but Dustin spanked her ass hard and more agony throbbed out over her. Mirabelle collapsed back onto the bed, gasping, her ass burning with terrible pain.

The spanking went on — Dustin’s hand slapping her asscheeks, beating each side in turn, reddening her flesh further. He straddled her thighs, keeping up the relentless beating.

“Yeah, fuck, I love this!” he yelled. “Beg me, whore, beg me!”

Mirabelle’s ass jerked wildly. She felt a dark, desperate excitement rising with the pain.

Throbs of depraved lust shot through, but she needed something more. She needed cock and it didn’t really matter any more where she got it.

Dustin spanked her hard and she gave a final scream of submission.

“Yes, yes, please, Dustin! Fuck my ass.”

“Fuck!” Dustin yelled, spanking her ass again. “I was enjoying that. Beg me again fuck hole!”

“Aaagghh! Please, Dustin, fuck my ass!” Mirabelle screamed as the pain rushed out of her asscheeks. “Please, fuck my ass!”

“Jeeezz,” Dustin sighed, his cock throbbing over Mirabelle’s ass, hard and ready. “Your fucking aunt turns me on, Eileen!”

“So what? She turns me on too!” Eileen laughed and let Mirabelle’s head fall back to the pillows. “You want her to cream your cock up?”

“Nah, I’ll cream her ass.”

Mirabelle lay there, wondering what he was going to do with her. She felt a squirt of some kind of cream on her ass. It felt deliciously cool and she moaned gently as Dustin spread it over her crimson flesh. More of it was squirted on her and a soft sensuality poured over the helpless woman.

Dustin moved up, straddling her thighs, his cock still thrusting over her ass.

Eileen took Dustin’s prick and pushed it down into the crack of Mirabelle’s ass, letting him fuck into the red whipped flesh as he creamed her asscheeks.

Mirabelle was moaning with lust, spasms of excitement rolling over her body. The soft roll of Dustin’s hands in the cream and the feel of his cock in her ass-crack were making her come in low submissive pulses. She lay there, feeling the endless soft climaxes running through her.

“Yeah!” Dustin sighed as he ran cream into the crack of Mirabelle’s ass, pushing his cock heat at the crinkled, tight entrance to Mirabelle’s shit-hole. Then he smeared cream all over her asshole, rubbing it harder, pushing at the crinkled entrance.

Mirabelle tried to tense her ass muscles, but she was too exhausted. She relaxed, hardly noticing as Dustin slid a finger into her shitter. He slid cream into her ass, rubbing it all over her shit-pit walls as she lay there, her face in the pillows, her ass jerking a little. Dustin growled with satisfaction, finger-fucking Mirabelle’s ass, his cock sliding in her ass-crack while Eileen slid her own creamed fingers over it.

Suddenly, on the other side of the room, Nichole reared up, her body as taut as a bow.

“Whip my tits!” she screamed at William, who was sitting in a chair. “Whip my tits you fucker! I gotta come higher, whip my tits!”

“Keep your fuckin’ pants on!” Manfred roared, fucking his cock deep in her cunt. He grabbed her hair, pulling her body back even harder, ramming her into the chair back. “Do it, William, show the bitch how to come properly!”

William laughed and picked up the long tailed whip. He lined it up, cracked it once over Nichole’s head, then lashed her tits.

Nichole’s tits swung violently under the impact. A curving red line appeared across them, and Nichole gave a spine-chilling scream of lust and pain.

“Yeeuueegh!” she wailed, her body jerking. “Again! Harder? Whip meeeee!”

William lashed her tits and she lurched, coming in screaming waves of depraved passion. Her body gyrated as orgasms rocked her, bursting in her tits and cunt, sending her screaming higher with each stroke of the long-tailed whip.

William grinned, swinging the whip to the pulse of Nichole’s screaming demands. His other hand was running over his cock, which was rapidly hardening.

“Do it, do it, William, I gotta come harder!” Nichole screeched, thrusting her tits out, the twin globes already a deep red all over, with deeper weals in the soft flesh.

The whip lashed in and tore away another strip of her teddy. She screamed louder, shaking and tensing.

“Fuck!” Manfred yelled, his eyes on Nichole’s tits, his cock going out of control in her sucking cunt. “The bitch’s bringing me off! Whip her tits! Whip her real good!”

He shoved the screaming, twisting Nichole harder into the chair back, almost lifting her feet off the floor.

“Yes, yes, do it!” Nichole screamed, her pussy throbbing out of control around Manfred’s cock. “Uurrhh! Fuck, fill me up, Manfred! Come on! You can get hard again, you gotta fuck your sister yet!”

“Uurrhh! Bitch!” Manfred roared as a streaming gush of cum burst out of his cock and splashed into her sucking pussy walls.

He gripped her hair hard, pumping his cock at her pussy, shooting streams of hot cum into her willing body. His ass jerked as he yelled with release, jism squirting into Nichole’s hot cunt.

“Gimme more, William! More! Yes — mooorre!” She climaxed, surging to the crest of her orgasm. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Her hair tore out of Manfred’s grasp as she bent over the chair, sobbing and gasping with satisfaction.

“Ohhhh, fuck, that was un-fuckin’ believable!” she gasped.

Manfred pumped out the last gobs of his cum into her still-sucking pussy.

“Fuck!” He grinned at William. “These two get better everytime.”

William grinned and rubbed his cock. “Only trouble is they make you so fuckin’ horny everytime!”

“Ohhhh, how terrible.” Nichole moaned. “I guess I’ll have to get fucked again!”

“You can wait, honey.” William chuckled. Mirabelle knew she was about to be ass fucked and a deep terror surged through her.

Dustin was straddling her thighs, his cock in her ass-crack. Eileen was still holding his prick, pushing it down, lining it up on her crinkled little hole.

Mirabelle moaned and buried her face deeper into the pillows. Stabs of excitement rushed over her body and the wonderful satisfaction of the cream on her ass still lingered. She tensed, waiting for the cock to begin fucking her ass.

It wasn’t like his finger, that was for sure. His big prickhead pushed at her ass and slammed in an inch or so, sliding in on the slick cream.

Instantly Mirabelle tensed as pain shot through her ass. Her anal muscles stretched under the invasion, throbbing painfully.

Dustin held his cock where it was, only moving it a little in and out of her tight entrance. “Ready, bitch?”

Mirabelle could feel his cock and she knew Eileen was still holding it, waiting for him to drive it to the depths of her ass.

“Yes!” she sobbed. “I’m ready!”

Dustin yelled with laughter and delight. Suddenly he slammed his cock right into Mirabelle’s ass as Eileen let go of his prick so he could ram it all in.

Mirabelle screeched with pain as her ass was reamed out by the thick shaft of Dustin’s cock. Her ass walls trembled and spasmed, aching, as his cock drove deep into her guts. She gasped, trying to reach back to grip her suffering ass, but the chain stopped her.

“Yeah, Auntie, a real ass-fuck, right?” Eileen laughed, appearing in front of Mirabelle’s face. She leaned beck against the head of the bed and smirked at her suffering aunt. “Fuck, does your ass feel as if it’s got a great big pole up it?”

Mirabelle wept, pushing her face down into the pillows to avoid looking at her niece’s face.

Dustin was groaning on top of her, ramming his cock in her ass, his cock circling in her shit pit. He forced her thighs wider apart with his knees, his hairy loins rubbing against her sore ass, scraping the whipped flesh. He growled, reaching under Mirabelle for her whipped tits, grabbing the twin mounds, squeezing and twisting them.

“Ooooh, fuck this is great!” he gasped. “My cock feels soo good!”

He laughed and Eileen laughed too, her blonde hair tossing over her shoulders.

Mirabelle hardly knew when Nichole had climbed onto the bed, but suddenly she was there, grinning, her thighs spread, the dark bush of her cunt hair soaking wet and covered in cum. She ran her finger in the gobby mess and pulled it out.

Eileen jerked Mirabelle’s hair, and the two little bitches laughed at her suffering. Nichole slid her finger into her mouth and licked off the cum, her wicked eyes on Mirabelle. Then she slid her finger into her cunt again and pulled it out. It was covered with jizz.

“Your turn,” she said with a grin, pushing her finger at Mirabelle’s mouth.

“Lick it, aunt, or I’ll give you something to think about!” Dustin growled, working his cock deeper in Mirabelle’s ass as he pulled at her tits.

“No!” Mirabelle wailed, staring at the horrible cummy mess on Nichole’s finger.

“Pull her back, Dustin,” Eileen said. “You’ll get your cock deeper into her fuckin’ ass anyway.”

“Shit, the bitch is always giving trouble!” Dustin growled.

Mirabelle screamed as he hauled her down the bed. Her legs came off the end of the bed and she was forced to stand on the floor, bent at the waist, her ass thrusting out, taking even more of Dustin’s cock. Her ass throbbed as it was fucked by the full length of Dustin’s cock. Now he was leaning on her back, ramming his cock to the depths of her ass. But his hands were still on her tits and he pulled her up, twisting her nipples in his fingers.

“Lick it!” he snapped, ramming his cock in her ass, churning it in her shit-pit.

Mirabelle moaned as pain rushed out of her nipples. They were sore, and he was twisting them hard, pinching them with all his force.

“Lick it, Auntie!” Eileen giggled as Nichole held her finger to Mirabelle’s sobbing lips.

Mirabelle moaned, her tits aching, her ass throbbing with the raping fuck of Dustin’s cock.

“Lick it!” Dustin snarled. He tightened his grip on the hard buds of Mirabelle’s nipples with a vicious force.

Mirabelle moaned. Her mouth opened and Nichole pushed her finger in.

Submissively Mirabelle licked at the cummy finger. It wasn’t so bad, even if it was her brother’s cum. She licked it clean, letting the thick goo slide down her throat. The taste lingered.

“Oh, good!” Nichole giggled and slid her finger back into her pussy.

“Hey, why don’t you just give her your cunt?” Eileen said.

“Oooooh, of course!” Nichole replied sarcastically. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Mirabelle sobbed louder, but she knew she couldn’t fight any longer. She was too tired, her nipples were still in Dustin’s grip and he could send spasms of pain all over her at any time he wanted. Her ass was throbbing with excitement, yet the pain in her tits burst through her exhaustion, sending trembles of lust through her body.

Nichole straddled her, her thighs around Mirabelle’s face. She grabbed Mirabelle’s hair and pulled her mouth to her hot wet pussy-crack.

“Yeah!” she gasped. “Suck it good for me!” Mirabelle felt the hot wet flesh slide over her mouth, smearing cum over her cheeks and mouth. The smell of fuck juice and female lust assaulted her nostrils, and she moaned. She sucked at Nichole’s hard clit-bud, filling her mouth with it as the open lips of Nichole’s cunt spread over her mouth. Her tongue began licking up the cum that was oozing from the tight hole of Nichole’s pussy. The sticky goo ran all over her mouth.

Dustin’s cock was speeding up in her ass, slamming in with all his force. He yelled with rising lust, puffing on Mirabelle’s nipples, twisting them brutally.

“Oooohhh, fuck, I’m gonna shoot this time!” he gasped. “How do you like a fuckin’ ass full of cum?”

He growled with lust, his cock churning the depths of Mirabelle’s shit-pit while the jizz surged in his balls.

Mirabelle sucked on Nichole’s wet pussy gash, making the little brunette gasp with hut.

It was setting her off again — her throbbing nipples, the lust pouring out of her ass as Dustin’s cock swelled and throbbed as it filled with cum. She hated herself, hated herself more than anything in the world, but still, she was going to come again.



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