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xNovel - Want To Whip My Aunt?


Want To Whip My Aunt?

Cover:cover: want to whip my aunt?
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“Please, not that!” Mirabelle wept. “You can put it in my mouth again if you want, but not that!”

She crouched on the floor in terror. “Get up, bitch!” William said, standing over her. He bent down and picked up her neck chain.

“No, please, I — aaahh, all right!” Mirabelle screamed as she was yanked up by her collar. She half choked, staggering, her legs feeling rubbery as she was pulled back over to the bed. “Please!”

William flipped the chain over the hook and gave the end to Eileen.

“Hold her,” he said.

Mirabelle turned, clutching her collar, trying to ease it away as she gasping for breath. In front of her, William was pulling off the last of his clothes, grinning at her the whole time. His cock was throbbing back to full hardness as he watched her struggle.

“Please, let me down!” she gasped at Eileen, but the little blonde just leaned harder on the chain and made Mirabelle choke.

“Don’t be silly, Auntie.” Eileen giggled. “You gotta learn to be good.”

She looked over to Dustin, who grinned at her and pointed to his thick cock, standing up ready to fuck once more.

“See that?” Eileen laughed, turning Mirabelle around to look. “That’s the kind of men we got here — always horny. And shit, you gotta fuck horny men, right, Auntie!”

Eileen laughed and spread her legs, rubbing her pussy at Dustin, spreading her cuntlips for him.

“Don’t you wanna fuck my auntie?”

“You bet,” Dustin growled.

“So wait, hot-cock,” Eileen teased. “Or are you gonna whip me again?”

She pouted, spreading her pussy for him while she managed to hold onto the chain with her other hand.

Dustin leaned back in the chair, content to watch for the moment. Then William was there, his massive cock swinging as he took the chain from Eileen and pulled Mirabelle to him.

“Open your legs,” he ordered.

“Please, William don’t make me…”

“Whip!” he yelled.

“No, please, William! I’ll do it! I’ll do it!” Mirabelle screamed, spreading her trembling legs, waiting for him.

Eileen handed William the whip and he swung it, his eyes devouring Mirabelle.

“You gotta learn!” he said softly. “Yes, William, I’m sorry,” Mirabelle wept. “I won’t do it again.”

“Hold my cock and beg for six strokes because you were so bad, or get really hung up and get twelve on your tits, pussy and ass.”

Mirabelle looked over at her brother. Manfred was still in the chair, getting his cock sucked by the little whore, Nichole. He watched, giving no sign that he was going to save his sister.

Shaking all over, Mirabelle reached out, the chain between her wrists jangling, and slid her fingers over the stiff shaft of William’s fucker.

“Please, William, I was so bad!” she choked. “Please, whip me six times, I deserve it!”

She sobbed with shame, but a terrible spasm of lust burst in her pussy. She trembled and her cunt juices flowed as she gasped and gripped his cock harder.

“Pussy, ass, or tits. It’s your choice.” Another horrible spasm erupted in Mirabelle’s cunt. She almost came, gasping, gripping William’s cock.

“Oh, God, you bastard!” she moaned. “On my pussy!”

She watched the whip swing up, and she spread her thighs wider, moaning in horrible submission, her pussy throbbing as she waited.

The whip swung back down and then up between her legs. She screamed, spreading her thighs, taking the full impact on her wide-open cunt.

“Uurrhh!” she moaned, her pussy-flesh burning with terrible pain.

The whip lashed upward, beating into her thighs and pussy. She screamed in horrible passion, pain and lust mingling, sending her swaying and gasping.

The next stroke took her to the brink of orgasm. The lust rocked through her body. She swayed and moaned, her thighs shaking. She rubbed William’s cock, her hands blurring on his cock flesh, her mouth watering, wanting to go down and swallow his prick again.

Her thighs were spread wide as the fourth blow lashed her pussy. The orgasm broke, churning inside her cunt. She worked William’s cock, feeling helpless in the surging grasp of the lust that raged inside her. She watched the whip come down on her cunt. She lurched, taking the full power of the whip-tails, her cunt erupting with savage lust.

Drops of her pussy juices splattered away as the leather bit, the tails becoming shiny and wet. She screamed as she waited for the last blow. She took it right on her cunt, climaxing helplessly in front of them all.

“Fuck, Auntie Mirabelle,” Eileen sighed. “You’re a bigger whip-bitch than I am!”

“You bastards, you bastards!” Mirabelle wept, holding onto William’s cock. She wanted to rub her pussy so badly, make herself come some more, but she knew she couldn’t.

“Beg to fuck me!” William said, his eyes glazed with lust, his cock quivering in her hands.

“Please, fuck me!” Mirabelle moaned, clutching at his fuck-rod as the surging desire ran through her.

The worst was her fading orgasm. She needed a cock or pain to get to going again. She sobbed, trying to get a grip on herself.

“Put it in for me!” William demanded, then stepped up close between Mirabelle’s spread thighs.

His cock pushed against her tummy.

Mirabelle looked over his shoulder at Manfred, who was still getting a gentle suck from Nichole. The little whore was kneeling between his thighs, her hot little mouth sliding over his thick fucker. Then Mirabelle looked at Dustin. Eileen was on his lap. She was playing with his cock, stroking it. Mirabelle knew they were all waiting for her again.

“Please, William, how will I do it?” she moaned.

“Work it out.” He slid the cat-tails over her tits.

Mirabelle gave a deep groan of despair, then tried to pull his cock down to the wet entrance of her cunt. But even the tip was too big for her pussy.

He smiled.

In desperation, Mirabelle slid her leg to his waist. She hung round his neck with one had and pulled herself up. His body was as hard as iron.

Moaning, Mirabelle moved her pussy up the length of his massive cock, then slid the thick cockhead over her cunt-slit.

He took her weight effortlessly, and she clutched his strong body, her cunt quivering as she moved his cockhead to the tight entrance of her fuck channel. Only when the thick cock head was actually about to ram into her pussy did she remember her virginity.

She sobbed, shame rushing over her.

“Fuck me, bitch!” William ordered.

Shaking her head, Mirabelle shoved her cunt down on the thick shaft of William’s fuck-rod.

His thick prickhead pushed at her pussy entrance and stretched her cunt-hole a little. Pain rushed out, but it was nothing compared to the pain of the whip and she hardly noticed it. She heaved up, keeping one hand on his cockshaft, then slid down again. This time his cockhead rammed into her cunt, and she gasped with shock, her body trembling as her virgin pussy walls stretched painfully.

“Yeah!” William grinned, sliding the cat-tails over her tits. “Don’t you just love it?”

“Ohhh!” Mirabelle gasped, moving down again, this time taking more than an inch of his cock into her trembling cunt. She jerked and moaned as the tip of his prick touched her tight cherry.

“Fuck!” he gasped. “You weren’t joking, hey, bitch?”

Eileen giggled, and Manfred watched closely as his sister was violated.

“Do it!” William ordered.

Mirabelle gave a low bubbling moan, then she rammed down on the cock invading her pussy. For a second her cherry stretched. Then it tore, and William’s cock slammed to the top of her cunt, filling her to the brim.

With a scream of lust and pain she took it all, rocking on his cockshaft, her pussy throbbing and sucking at the enormous prick filling it.

“Ohhh, God!” Mirabelle moaned, thrusting her pussy up, her legs clutching around William’s body, her cunt spasming with feelings that she’d never felt before.

She rolled on William’s cock, taking it in to the hilt, then heaving up, her pussy walls sucking at the thick shaft as it rubbed over them. She moaned, sobbing and gasping. Surges of lust tint out of her cunt as the slick wet walls of her pussy rubbed over his cockshaft. Her fuck-strokes got more frantic, her hands pulling harder on the back of William’s neck, the chain jangling down his back.

“Tell me how good it feels!” William growled, his ass tightening as Mirabelle rode his cock.

“No, please, no!” Mirabelle sobbed, her breath getting shorter, her tits throbbing as the passion surged.

“You wanna suffer more?” William snarled, his cock shoving deep in her cunt.

“I don’t care! It’s a lie! It doesn’t feel good! It’s horrible!” Mirabelle screamed.

She was so close to coming she was terrified. She was out of control and she needed control so badly. If she came again, they would all laugh at her and that would be worse than a whipping. She hunched on William’s fucker, her pussy sucking at the hard flesh, her whole body desperate for cock.

“I’m gonna get you straightened out if it kills you!” William swore, his thick fuck-rod churning in her cunt.

He gripped her chained wrists with one hand and pulled her arms out from around his neck.

She lost her balance and screamed, her cunt ramming down even harder on his cock. She spumed with a near come, her cunt throbbing around the enormous thick hunk of meat buried in it.

William flung the chain over the hook, and yanked hard. Suddenly she was hanging. She screamed as he leaned back, his cock still thrusting deep in her cunt. He gripped her waist.

“Now you learn, bitch!” he promised.

Mirabelle didn’t know what was going on until she saw that both Eileen and Dustin were there with whips. Dustin had a long, single tailed whip while Eileen held the rod.

“No!” Mirabelle screamed, twisting on the hook, her arms straining desperately. She might have pulled herself up, but William held her waist.

He grinned and pulled her harder onto his cock.

“Do you know what pain does to a cunt?” He chuckled. “It sucks like crazy, I mean, it goes berserk!”

“No!” Mirabelle gasped, staring at the whip and rod.

She could see that Dustin was lining the whip with on her tits while Eileen ran the rod over her asscheeks. She trembled in expectation of the agony, but, at the same time, that shudder of horrible excitement also pulsed in her guts.

She looked over at Manfred. He was finally showing signs of arousal. He was gripping Nichole’s hair and forcing his cock deep into her throat.

Then Dustin lashed the long-plaited tail of the whip at Mirabelle’s tits. At the same moment the rod lashed into her ass.

Mirabelle gave a desperate scream. She pulled on William’s cock, then rammed back down, coming again as his thick fuck meat filled her pussy.

“All right, I’m having a good time!” she screamed, breaking out in a cold sweat.

“You love it, whore!” William roared, slamming his cock deep in her cunt.

“All right, I love it!” Mirabelle screamed as the whip cut her left tit and the rod lashed her ass.

“Yeah!” William yelled. “But it’s too bad, bitch! You get this until I come! So bring me off fast, save yourself some pain, shit-head!”

“Aagghh!” Mirabelle wailed.

The whips beat into her and she came helplessly, her cunt sucking at William’s cock like a vacuum pump. She jerked, coming even harder as the whip lashed more stinging painful welts into her ass and tits. She swung from the hook, her arms aching, her cunt fucking up and down on William’s massive cock.

“Fuck!” Manfred growled, gripping Nichole’s long dark hair as her throat took the full length of his cock. “My sister sure can fuck!”

Nichole gurgled and slid her mouth up the length of his fuck-rod, her tongue swirling around his hard flesh.

“Oh, please, Manfred, lemme fuck you!” she moaned. “Come on. My pussy wants it so much!”

She sucked at his cockhead, her lips working over the swollen flesh, her fingers butterflying up and down his shaft.

“If I fuck you, bitch, I’ll come,” Manfred said, pushing his cock into her willing mouth.

“I know! I know you wanna fuck her!” Nichole groaned, caressing his balls gently, her tongue probing into his tiny piss-slit. “But I gotta have it, Manfred! I just out! And I’ll get you hard again, you know I can! Come on honey, you can fuck more than a couple of times a night!”

She gasped and slid her mouth right down his boner, taking it to the limit, filling her throat with it.

“All right, all right!” Manfred gasped, his cock throbbing deep in Nichole’s mouth. “But you get me hard again, real hard!”

“Oh, yeah!” Nichole moved her mouth back up at his cockhead. “And it’s not hard till you tell me it’s hard, right?”

“Right!” Manfred replied.

Nichole got up and led him by his cock to a chair. She spread her legs and leaned over the chair, her ass circling for his fucker. “Oohh, come on, fuck me!” she begged.

Manfred pinned and worked his cock into the quivering gash of her pussy, his eyes on his sister, who was rolling and screaming in the chains. His cock slid into Nichole’s tight hole, sliding over her shivering pussy walls.

“Oooh!” Nichole gasped, her dark hair falling over the chair seat in her passion.

She pushed back at him, taking all of his fuck-rod in her pulsating cunt, heaving with the jolts of lust that exploded in her pussy.

“Ohhh, fuck, Manfred! Come on? Fuck the crap outa me!” she begged. She gripped the chair arms, taking every inch of his cock she could get.

Mirabelle writhed, her cunt sucking at William’s prick as it reamed her out.

Dustin lashed her tits, the single tail biting a curling path over her flesh. She jerked up and slammed down, her pussy spasming over William’s cock, her whole body on fire. The rod whipped into her ass and Eileen gave a shriek of delight.

“Hey, look, Auntie Mirabelle’s coming!” she squealed, then lashed Mirabelle again.

Mirabelle screamed with pain, but she thrust her tits out for the whip. The whip lashed into her tit-mounds.

“Uurrhh! Help!” she wailed, climaxing in a frenzy of pain and lust. She wanted to die with shame, but she was helpless. Her pussy spasmed over the massive hard rod of William’s cock, fucking up and down the full length, taking it all in her fuck-channel. She wailed and moaned, her tits taking another lash of the thin leather whip-tail, her tit-mounds heaving and jerking. The thin lines of agony were now all over her tits, and her swelling flesh was crimson with the force of the blows. Her tight asscheeks jerked as Eileen whipped them, beating another deep welt into her skin.

She came, feeling her pussy walls throb around William’s cock. She couldn’t tell which was pain and which was lust any more. It was all one and it made her come, endlessly, helplessly. She fucked up and down on William’s cock, her pussy going out of control, sucking at his swelling flesh, tightening each time the whip lashed her.

William gasped, his eyes running over the whipped masses of Mirabelle’s tits. His ass heaved up, ramming his cock into her pussy harder and faster as the cum boiled in his balls.

“Oh, yeah, yeah! I’m coming!” he gasped. “Whip her! Fuck, I’m coming!”

“Come on, William, come on!” Eileen screamed, beating her aunt’s ass with an incredible fury. “Fuck! Come on! Shoot up her cunt, William! Shoot up her cunt!”

Eileen gasped, sliding her fingers down to her trembling cunt, rubbing it. Her little white slip flicked around her thighs as she moved. She lashed Mirabelle’s ass, her long legs shaking excitement.

“Come on, Auntie! This is a real man up your cunt, make the most of it!”

Mirabelle shrieked and came. Her head was flung back, her arms pulling at the chain. The chain to her collar rattled, and her tits thrust out as the whip-tails curled around them. She felt William’s cock swell in her pussy, the hard shaft jerking as the cum churned in his balls.

William gripped her waist tightly, ramming her pussy onto his cock with all the force as hot streams of jizz rushed up his thick fuck-shaft. He roared with lust, his cock jerking as the cum burst up it and gushed into her spasming cunt.

Mirabelle screamed as the first jet of cum burst into her pussy. She jerked as the hot liquid rushed over her cunt walls. She was coming in terrible spasms of lust, the climaxes bursting in the depths of her cunt. She hardly knew that her pussy was spasming around his hard, shooting cock, ramming down on it, taking every gush of cum, every inch of meat it could get.

She felt the whip on her tits, but didn’t realize that she was making a target of them for Dustin. She screamed in the most depraved lust when the tail lashed into her flesh. And she never knew that her ass rammed out everytime she slammed her cunt to the base of William’s cock, never knew that her asscheeks waved and thrust, taking the full beat of the rod, as the agony shot through into her cunt.

“Uurrgghh!” she screamed. “I hate you! Hate you all! I hate youuuu!”

But she came again, her orgasm surging through her to the tips of her nipples as they took the agony of the whip. She swung on the chain, her head back, her eyes closed, her whole body shaking and quivering. Cum gushed into her cunt, then oozed out of her fuck-hole as she fucked on William’s spurting rod. Jizz ran into the crack of her ass.

And still she came.

William bellowed with satisfaction as his cock spurted thick gobs of cum-cream into Mirabelle’s cunt, his ass jerking, his eyes feasting on Mirabelle’s tits.

“Fuck, yeah!” he yelled. “Watch her cunt go!”

Mirabelle’s long legs gripped his waist as she came again, her body totally out of control. The whip lashed her tits. The rod whipped her ass, and she took the last gushes of fuck-juice into her cunt.

“Ohhh, God, God, God!” she screamed as she crashed over the top, her pussy sucking William’s cock, her tits and ass taking the slashing blows of the whip and rod. She hung on the chains, exhausted. Her legs fell from around William’s waist.

William signaled to Eileen and Dustin to stop. He held Mirabelle on his cock as the last gobs of cum oozed out of her cunt.

Mirabelle still felt William’s prick in her cunt as she trembled with the most terrible satisfaction that she’d ever known. William rolled her around on his cock like a puppet as he took all he wanted from her cunt and his cock became limp.

Then he shoved her off his cock and threw her across the bed. She sprawled, no longer caring what she looked like, her whipped ass and tits showing to them all. Dimly, through the mists clouding her mind, she heard Manfred yelling as he fucked Nichole.



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