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xNovel - Want To Whip My Aunt?


Want To Whip My Aunt?

Cover:cover: want to whip my aunt?
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William laughed as Dustin bellowed with lust and started to fuck his cock even harder into Eileen’s pussy. He slid his hands around the top of Mirabelle’s stockings, playing with the creamy white flesh.

“You like to watch people fuck?” he asked.

“Y-you pervert,” Mirabelle moans.

Her wrists and ankles ached, but nothing hurt as much as her nipples. They throbbed in pain, even though the clamps weren’t as tight as they had been.

“Naughty,” William said reprovingly. “You don’t want me to think you don’t like this, do you?”

His fingers gently touched the clamp on her right nipple, and Mirabelle gave a low moan of horror.

“Do you?” he asked.

“Please… don’t torture me!” she sobbed. He twisted the screw of the clamp and the jaws tightened on Mirabelle’s nipple.

“Please, please!” she screamed, her lovely blonde hair flying around her shoulders.

She jerked in desperation. His other hand was closing in on the tight crotch of her panties and she wasn’t sure which was the worst — the pain in her nipple or the feel of a man’s hand on her inner thighs. Never in her life had she imagined that she’d let a man touch her there.

“Tell me how much you love watching people fuck,” William whispered, twisting the tit-clamp again.

“Yes, yes, I love it!” Mirabelle screamed as her tit surged with pain.

“Good. But you took so fuckin’ long, you can wear that clamp until Dustin’s shot his load.”

Mirabelle gave a bubbling scream sad fell back in the chair, her face wet with sweat tits throbbing in agony. But that wasn’t the worst thing — William’s fingers were at the edge of her panties now and she couldn’t stop him.

“Please!” she wept.

“Please what?” he asked, his fingers running up over the material of her panties, over the shivering lips of her pussy.

“Please, don’t touch me there!” Mirabelle moaned.

“But I thought you loved to be fingerfucked.” He reached for the other tit-clamp.

“Yes, yes, I love it!” Mirabelle shrieked, her tits jerking as she shuddered in desperation.

“Then don’t tell me not to touch you, got that!” he snapped.

He twisted, the second clamp hard. “Yes, yes — aaagghh.” Mirabelle screamed. Her thighs ached horribly as she tried to close them, but the straps around her knees kept them wide apart.

“Watch!” William said, his fingers running over Mirabelle’s pussy.

By now Mirabelle knew she had to obey. She looked over at the three young perverts fucking on the bed.

Dustin was roaring with lust as he pumped his cock faster and faster into Eileen’s pussy. He gripped her slip, his cock pistoning in and out as the cum burst out of his cock.

“Yeeaahh!” he yelled. “Ohhh, fuck, what a piece of ass!”

Then, with a great bellow of passion he shot another wad of cum deep in Eileen’s cunt.

She was screaming with delight as she took her boyfriend’s cock up her spasming fuck-hole and sucked Nichole’s pussy, pulling the sexy little slut closer, her mouth working overtime. Eileen’s blonde hair was all over Nichole’s thighs as the dark-haired girl leaned back moaning with passion, her dark pussy hair becoming wet and slicked down with Eileen’s saliva and her own juices.

“Ohhhh, wow!” Nichole gasped, her ass heaving up off the bed, her pussy shuddering with lust. “Come on, suck me, Eileen! Suck me! Ohhhh, yeahhh!”

She gripped her tits, rubbing them hard as she came.

William’s fingers slid over the tight material of Mirabelle’s panties, stroking her twitching pussy.

She moaned, shudders of painful horror rushing out of the contact. Everything she had feared about the touch of a man was coming true. She was revolted as his fingers brushed against her pussy, rubbing his fingers into the crack of her cunt, easing the outer lips of her pussy apart.

Eileen was going out of her mind with climaxes as Dustin pumped cum into her cunt, his thick, swollen cockhead scraping over her pussy walls with each ramming fuck. Her ass jerked back at him, the crimson mass of assflesh tightening and relaxing as she tried to get as much of his cock as she could. Her muffled screams of lust burst out from around Nichole’s pussy while her wicked tongue flicked out, brushing against Nichole’s clit, then burrowing deeper, into her tight little fuck-hole.

“Ooohhhh!” Nichole screamed, spasming harder, her cunt clutching at Eileen’s tongue as the two of them came shamelessly, twisting and heaving until the bed rocked and creaked.

Dustin gasped, feeling the stream of cum diminishing to oozes of white goo. He slapped Eileen’s ass and she gave a high scream of lust, coming again as hr hungry cunt swallowed his fucker.

“Yeah, shit, man, that was somethin’ else!”

His cock dribbled spunk into Eileen’s spasming fuck-hole as he gasped for breath.

He leaned forward, ramming his cock all the way into Eileen’s cunt, letting the last drops of his fuck juice run out. Then he gasped and pulled his cock out of Eileen’s pussy and flopped into a chair.

“Oh, fuck, Dustin!” Eileen moaned. “Keep it in there till it gets soft!”

But he ignored her and leaned back in the chair, pulling his robe over his cum-streaked cock. His cock was bobbing, and Mirabelle thought it was the most disgusting sight she had ever seen.

“You want cock, Eileen, come here and bring your dirty little friend with you,” Manfred said suddenly.

“What!” Mirabelle moaned, turning to her brother in deeper horror. “No, Manfred! You can’t do that, you can’t do it to your own daughter!”

He laughed at her, his eyes alight with vicious lust. “You think I’m gonna let the two best pieces of ass in this town get away from me? Even if one of them is Eileen’s?”

He got up and Mirabelle saw the massive bulge in the front of his pants for the first time.

“Tell you somethin’ else,” he said, “my fuckin’ sister looks pretty good too!”

Mirabelle knew she would pass out. She fell back in the chair, busting into tears.

William’s fingers worked her pussy through her panties and he leaned closer, grinning all over his face. “Now you get up and strip, right?”

Mirabelle moaned in terror.

“Please, take the clamps off my nipples,” she whispered.

“Not yet. They come off when I know you’re being a good little slut, like Eileen and Nichole.”

Mirabelle sobbed, her whole body shaking. “And if you take them off before I tell you, I’ll put you aver the bed and whip your ass like Dustin just whipped Eileen’s.” William smiled. “Only a lot harder. Now, are you ready to strip?”

Mirabelle saw that Eileen and Nichole were giggling like schoolgirls on their first date as they knelt at Manfred’s feet and slid their hands over the front of his pants. Nichole was already pulling his zipper down and the massive hunk of his fuck-meat was bulging so close to his belt that Mirabelle choked with horror at the size of it. Her own brother had a massive cock!

“Are you gonna strip?” William asked.

The pain in her clamped nipples was more than enough warning for Mirabelle.

“Yes,” she sobbed.

William laughed and got up.

She kept looking down as William freed her, and she closed her thighs, rubbing them against each other to take away the itch and throb of feeling a horrible shame in her pussy. Then she rubbed her wrists. Circulation returned to her hands.

“Stand up!” William snapped.

She obeyed, rubbing at the clamps still attached to her nipples. It was all she could do to stop herself from pulling them off.

“Out there,” William said, “and do it where we can all see.”

In an agony of horror, Mirabelle walked to the middle of the bedroom floor. To one side, the two girls were easing Manfred’s cock out of his pants and Mirabelle couldn’t help but sneak a glance at it. His prick was enormous, sending another shiver of horror through Mirabelle. The two girls were drooling over it, Eileen’s soft lips running up and down the shaft, licking and kissing her father’s prick. Nichole was undoing Manfred’s belt, puffing his pants down.

“Take that dress off!” William snapped.

In a daze of horror, Mirabelle undid her belt, letting the dress drop to the floor as she stared in absolute horror at her niece sucking on her father’s cock. She shivered with desperation.

Manfred’s eyes were on her now, taking in his sister’s body.

Mirabelle shuddered and wept as the luscious curves of her body were revealed, and even Dustin gave a whistle of lust and started working on his cock as he watched.

Manfred’s pants were off and Nichole began to suck while Eileen pulled her father’s briefs over his massive boner and down.

“The slip!” William ordered.

Mirabelle slid the straps of her slip off her shoulders and let it slide down. Now she was nearly naked. Her tits were in full view and only her panties protected her pussy from their stares. She stepped out of the ripped slip, still clad in panties, garter straps, stockings and shoes. Suddenly she wished she wore tights.

“Jeez!” Manfred gasped as his cock jerked in Nichole’s mouth. “What a fuckin’ figure, hey, William? No wonder you wanted to get in her pants!”

William chuckled and walked slowly around the cowering Mirabelle, drinking her full beauty in.

Mirabelle had long, shapely legs. The curves of her calves were tight. Her waist was slim, and her tits large and luscious.

“Slide the top of your panties down,” he said. “Don’t take them off, just slide ‘em down.”

Mirabelle moaned and obeyed, the tit-clamps swinging from her nipples, sending sparks of pain through her with each movement. The top of her panties slid down almost to her pussy as she worked them lower. He made her tuck it in as if she was wearing little bikini briefs.

“Yeah!” Now, walk around a bit, I wanna see your ass move.

Mirabelle moaned, the pain in her tits swelled with every step. She could feel Manfred’s gaze on her as his cock slid between the two sets of willing lips that moved up and down his swollen length.

“Fuck!” William gasped. “You couldn’t turn a fuckin’ rapist on with a walk like that. Work your ass, bitch, turn me on!”

Mirabelle sobbed louder and swayed her ass, but it wasn’t doing any good. She walked to the bed and back as the three men grinned at each other.

“Fuck,” William said. “Let’s try something else. Stand there.”

Mirabelle obeyed him, her body trembling with shame. She was close to the bed, facing them so that all three men could see her.

“Open your legs,” William said. Mirabelle kept her eyes cast down as she slowly spread her legs until William told her to stop.

“Rub your pussy.”

“What? Please, no!” Mirabelle screwed, fury overtaking her terror. “Never, never!”

“Do it, bitch, or you’ll be in trouble!” But even the pain in her nipples couldn’t bring Mirabelle to obey William’s order.

“No!” she screamed, rushing for the door. William grabbed her before she’d gone more than two steps, and Dustin was with him at once.

She screamed and struggled, but the men hustled her back to the bed.

Dustin held her as William put a thick black collar around her neck. It was studded and a chain attachment.

Only then did she remember the ornamental beams in the ceiling. And the hooks that were screwed into them. She screamed as William slipped the chain through the loop of one of the hooks and pulled on it.

It wasn’t a noose, but it almost felt like it, as she was pulled upward until the thick collar was half choking her. She gasped, her hands going up to pull on the chain. Her toes barely touched the floor. She swung and made a grab at the chain.

Dustin slipped cuffs and a chain over, one wrist, then pulled her arm back behind her head. William had pushed her other arm up, back behind her head, and the other end of the chain and leather cuff were around that wrist. The chain between her wrists was short and was attached to the back of the neck chain, trapping her arms behind her. All she could do was grab the main chain and try to take some of the pressure off her neck.

She gasped and choked, terrified out of her mind.

“Open your legs!” William snapped.

Mirabelle gurgled in horror as she slid her legs apart. The more she spread her legs, the more pressure was applied to her neck.

“Wider!” William snapped.

Mirabelle tried to obey, but her feet almost off the floor. She couldn’t do it.

“If I lower you a link or two, you can do it.” William said. “How about it?”

Mirabelle gasped and tried to nod, her head spinning from lack of air.

“Ask nicely.”

“Pluuurrss!” Mirabelle gurgled as she swung on the chain.

William laughed and lowered her a couple of inches. It wasn’t much better, but at least Mirabelle could now hold her legs wide open and breathe more easily. She spread her legs, sobbing as she waited for his perverted desires.

Then she screwed.

William held a whip in his hand, a short handled whip, with knotted tails, and it swung cagily in his hand as he grinned at her.

“You just tell me when you wanna rub your pussy for us,” William said, swinging the whip.

It happened so fast that Mirabelle didn’t have time to react.

The whip swung up, then came down until the tails brushed the floor. Quickly William lashed up, right between her open thighs. The knotted tails bit into her pussy and she screwed.

Mirabelle gripped the chain, her body tossing, as agony erupted from her clit. Her thighs closed, she twisted, staring at her tormentor.

“Open your legs!” William snapped.

Mirabelle couldn’t believe it. He whipped right across her tits, beating sheer agony into her flesh. One of the clamps was yanked off her nipple and went bouncing across the floor as her gurgling scream echoed through the room.

“Open your legs!” William snarled, whipping Mirabelle’s tits again.

The tails caught on the remaining clamp, pulling her nipple.

Mirabelle screamed again and her legs parted. The whip lashed her tits again, and she spread her thighs wider apart, sobbing and wailing with pain.

“Better. Now are you ready to rub your pussy for us?” William asked.

Mirabelle sobbed and tried to beg, but nothing came out except a hoarse whisper. The whip lashed her pussy, the knots biting through her panties as if they didn’t exist. She screamed and jerked in her pain, her legs closing instinctively.

He lashed her tits again and she spumed. Pain rolled over her. Quickly she spread her legs, then took another lash into her helpless pussy.

“Fuck, I can’t stand this!” Manfred roared. “Get on my cock, bitch!”

He pulled Nichole up, and the giggling little minx swarmed over his tall, hard body. She grabbed his cock, sliding it to the wet entrance of her pussy.

“Ohhh, Manfred!” she gasped as her hot cunt slammed down the length of his massive cock, filling her cunt to the brim.

She clung to his neck, gasping with lust, her ass moving, her cunt fucking his thick rod.

“Fuck!” Eileen pouted. “I want some too.”

She rubbed her pussy, her fingers sliding on the cum cream that smeared her cunt.

“Lick her ass while she fucks me!” Manfred demanded, moving the squealing Nichole on his cock.

He ran his hand over her tits, and Nichole gasped, holding onto his neck, her pussy sucking wildly on his massive fuck-rod.

“No, not yet!” she gasped. “Take me up there! You know what I want, baby!”

Manfred grinned and walked effortlessly to the bed, holding Nichole on his cock.

William lashed into Mirabelle’s cunt and she spasmed, the pain rushing through her body like a raging fire. She gasped, the right collar pulled, digging into her windpipe. But still she couldn’t give them the satisfaction of watching her do something as disgusting as rub her pussy.

Her legs closed and the whip clit her tits, pulling off the second clamp. She opened her legs once more, unable to take the whip either on her pussy or tits.

But William always had a target. He swung the whip effortlessly, the tails cutting into her flesh each time.

Mirabelle gripped the chain above her head and prayed for strength. She was weakening. The pain was so great that even rubbing her pussy in front of them all didn’t seem so bad. She gritted her teeth, screaming, trying to hang on.

Then William changed his attack. After the whip cut into Mirabelle’s pussy, he swung it around and lashed Nichole’s tight ass as she clung to Manfred and rode his cock.

Nichole screamed with delight, her ass reddening fast, as she jerked on Manfred’s cock. She gasped, plunged down the length of his cock, gripping him hard, her legs sliding up higher and clutching him around the waist.

“Ohhh, fuck, yes!” she screeched. “Come on! I wanna make him tome! Aagghh! Yeah, William, yeah! Come on, I’ll suck you off if you do it good!”

William laughed and swung the whip, beating Mirabelle’s tits, then going back to Nichole’s jerking ass.

The sexy little brunette wailed and gasped, her pussy sucking wildly on Manfred’s cock.

“Fuck!” Manfred roared, his cock slamming deep in her fuck channel. “Don’t stop whatever my bitch of a sister promises! I wanna watch her get whipped as I come! Yeahhh!”

“Oh, darling, yes!” Nichole wailed, her cunt working over his throbbing, heaving fucker. “Come up my cunt — ohhh.”

She screwed as the whip cut her ass her pussy working over Manfred’s hard fuck meat in a frenzy of lust.

Mirabelle only heard this vaguely through the haze of her pain and gasping breath. She knew she couldn’t hold out any more. The pain was breaking her. Anything, even masturbating in front of them, would be better than this.

She gasped, nodding her head as hard as she could.

“You wanna rub your pussy?” William yelled, lashing her tits.

Mirabelle screamed frantically, her head nodding furiously.

“Well, tough, bitch! Manfred wants to watch you get whipped while he comes!” William yelled, lashing the cat-tails upward between Mirabelle’s thighs.

She screamed as they bit into her pussy and he laughed, swinging the leather at Nichole’s ass.

“Ohhhh, do it!” Nichole screamed, shoving her ass up for more pain, her pussy working over the spasming, heaving rod, of Manfred’s cock. “Fill me up, honey, fill me up!”

Her large tits bounced in the top of her little teddy. She gripped Manfred’s neck hard, moaning and gasping with lust.

“Ooohhh, yesss, darling! I’m coming too!” Nichole screamed.

Manfred yelled as he watched his sister take another slashing blow across her tits.

Mirabelle’s legs opened.

“Yeahhh, here it comes!” Manfred bellowed, hunching his ass faster, his cock slamming to the top of Nichole’s hot little cunt. “Whip that bitch, William!”

He gripped Nichole’s tits as the cum rushed out of his balls and up his jerking cockshaft.

Mirabelle clutched at the chair. She screamed hoarsely as he lashed up into her pussy. The pain was a constant, soaring rush now, bursting all over her body. Her tits ached and throbbed, and her pussy felt as if it was being burned with hot rods.

Another stroke lashed her tits, she screamed watching Nichole’s take the first shot of Manfred’s cum in her sucking cunt.

“Yeaahhh!” Manfred roared, his cock pouring spunk, his hands gripping Nichole’s tits.

Nichole screamed with lust. Her cunt was sucking the cum out of Manfred’s cock in huge gobs. The whip lashed over her tight asscheeks and she came, wailing and gasping with satisfaction. Her tits pressed into Manfred’s hands as the whip cut right through the lacy material of her teddy.

Nichole screamed again. Her ass was beet red, her cunt oozing cum while the tight muscles sucked the rest of Manfred’s jism out of his cock.

“Ohhh, fuck! That was worth waiting for!” he yelled, his prick still thrusting up into Nichole’s cunt as he watched his sister gyrate and spasm on the chain. “Fuck, she looks so good!”

He laughed at Mirabelle as she twisted and tried to hold her thighs spread apart. He held Nichole on his cock and she rode it, moaning with pleasure, her hot cunt still pumping out the last drops of cum from his prick.

“You ready to rub your pussy now?” William demanded.

Mirabelle moaned once more, nodding her head.

“Good!” he said, then gave her one last lash right on her pussy.

She hung there, her whole body aching but now there was a warmth in her cunt and it was overwhelming the pain. She didn’t know what the feeling was, but she was externally grateful that William loosened the neck chain as he also freed her hands.

“Okay, cunt, deliver,” he said.



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