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xNovel - Raped Virgin Cheerleader


Raped Virgin Cheerleader

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The area around the watchtower was deserted, just as Tommy had claimed it would be, even though it was, just three o-clock in the afternoon several lights on the tower and fence were already on. When nightfall came they would provide more then enough light to hold the little fucking party with Barbie. The back doors of the van were opened and they laid Barbie out in the back of the van, and started fucking her in earnest. In heated lust Barbie squirmed and screamed her way through numerous orgasms as one football player after another slipped between her widespread legs.

Barbie’s arms were still bound behind her, and each time one of her schoolmates pounded down on her helpless body she felt as though her elbows or wrist were going to snap. The helplessness and pain only made her more excited. Her schoolmates fucked her with fast, brutal strokes, clawed at her tits, yanked and twisted on nipple rings, and slobbered over her face.

As they fucked her and crushed her and mocked her, Barbie climaxed again and again. She had been reduced to a sex-toy in their eyes, a slutty little tramp who was only fit for fucking and hurting and making fun of. The ultimate degradation of having been turned into a whore in the eyes of her ex-boyfriend, her friends and her schoolmates turned Barbie on like nothing else that had happened.

It was late after noon before her schoolmates pulled Barbie out of the back of the van. Her pussy was swollen almost shut and the rug was soaked with sweat and puddle with jism and pussy-juice that had leak out of her cunt. Barbie’s schoolmates pulled her roughly by her breast rings to her feet, and as she wobbled under their guidance to the front of the van, huge globs of gluey jism dropped down with a loud wet plop on the graveled ground beneath her, as it poured from her cunt.

“Leaving a trail, Barbie?” a defensive-back, asked her cruelly. “What’s the matter, little toy afraid you wouldn’t be able find your way back?” They laid Barbie facedown over the hood of the van, with her legs spread wide. “That’s OK we’ll make sure that you find your way back,” as he rammed his long, stiff cock her asshole.

They took turns fucking her ass as they had done with her cunt. Barbie’s climaxes continued as her the entire football squad smashed her into the hard, cold hood of the van. Her pert firm tits flattened against the unyielding metal. The air was forced from her lungs every time a huge football player’s body sandwiched her between their bodies and the van.

Each ass reaming stole a little more of her energy, made her legs a little more wobbly and her balance a little less certain. Only the grip of four linemen on her breast rings kept Barbie from sliding off the van’s hood to the ground. Before long her lean, sexy legs were streaked with jism. Schoolmates turned her head this way and that as they ass-fucked her, making her French kiss them, and biting and spitting on her face and throat and shoulders while they fucked her overworked shitter.

By time the last boy had shot his jism up her soaked clasping asshole and her breast rings were released, Barbie was nearly unconscious. She took two stumbling steps away from the hood of the van, then collapsed to the gravel that line the side of the road. She was pulled to her knees and hard, stiff prick after prick fucked her mouth and throat, dumping load after load of jism in her mouth, down her gullet, across her face, and over her body. There wasn’t a single square inch of Barbie’s lithe, little body that wasn’t covered with the gooey white spunk.

“Stick your tongue into my piss-slit!”

“Suck my balls, bitch!”

“Don’t swallow my cum slut, let it drool out!”

“Swallow it all, baby!”

“Have some up your nose!”

“Open them eyes!”

Each schoolmate made Barbie do something different as they face-fucked her. Whatever they told her to do Barbie meekly complied. After cocks exploded their load of jism, either in or on her, she sucked and licked the spent cocks and balls clean… “Here, Your Highness!” the last boy’s cock was cleaned said, as he pull Barbie’s spunk drenched, jockstrap, crown off her head and stuffed it into her mouth.

Barbie’s knees were chaffed raw and bleeding from the gravel she knelt on. Her lips were bruised and swollen by the rough slide of cocks and the beating of prick-heads against her mouth. Her face was so plastered with jism that she looked as though she was wearing a dirty silver mask. Her tits were painted with the same dirty shade of sliver. Around three in the morning while the football team sat on the soft Bermuda grass watching the sexy, spunk painted cheerleader sucking on her jockstrap crown, Tommy dragged Barbie over to a large tree by her breast rings. With the help from a couple of his teammates, he forced the fucked out cheerleader to stand up. They removed the jockstraps from her arms and wrist, then she was pushed tits first against the tree. A small gnarl stuck out from the tree, which lined up with Barbie’s pussy. Tommy then drew her arms around the thick trunk then he secured her arms tightly around the tree. As the boys who were assisting Tommy held her tightly by digging their strong fingers into her soft ass-cheeks, Tommy drew the cheerleaders long, lean legs around the trunk and secured them tightly.

“Noooo!” Barbie cried weakly. She knew that nothing she wanted mattered, but she couldn’t keep from crying out at the horrible pain that lance through he her arms and shoulders and legs and hips from the unnatural way she had been bound, hanging from the tree. “No — this hurts really bad! Aren’t you done with me yet?”

“You said you wanted to get beaten, Barbie,” Tommy said with a smile, winking at his fellow teammates and pulling his belt from his gym-bag. “You said you wanted to get hurt!”

Every member of the football team began beating her. They whipped her with their belts, they whipped her with switches they got from trees and bushes from the surrounding woods, running a contest on which tree or bush provided the best branch to beat her with. They whipped with lengths of rope from the back of the van. Her ex-boyfriend even beat her with a tow-chain for a while, then he stuffed the chain up her pulsating, gooey, spunk filled shitter, giving her a long metal tail to shake while the football team continue her punishment.

Barbie climaxed a dozen times while they were beating her. She hugged the tree desperately. The longer they beat her the hotter she became. By the time her ass and back was covered with bright red welts she was humping the tree’s gnarl, as though it was the worlds sweetest, most delightful cock. The brutal scratching of the bark was almost as painful as the lashing that were scoring her tender backside, turned her on even more.

“Shake that slutty ass!” snapped a corner back that had just lashed Barbie leaving a blood-red streak across her jiggling asscheeks.

“Wag your tail, you doggy bitch,” The wide receiver shouted, lashing his belt savagely across Barbie’s shoulders. “Wag your tail just like the little lap-dog bitch you are!”

Barbie dropped her head against the tree and sobbed in shame as her friends and schoolmates stopped their beatings of her backside to watch her lewdly gyrate her well beaten, redden ass to shake the chain stuffed up her shitter like a little puppy-dogs tail. And the way her cunt-juices were being soaked up by the tree-bark. A few of them plunged their fingers into her cunt.

“Hey!” one of them shouted in amazement. “Barbie, here has fuck that rough gnarl so much that its smooth and slick.”

“Let’s see!” Tommy shouted as he and Morris cut the ropes holding Barbie to the tree.

The entire football team laughed as Barbie thudded to the ground on her tenderized back under the tree. “By George you’re right Pete!” Tommy said as he fought to control his giggling. “This gnarl is slicker then shit! Barbie! Get up here and clean this plant-cock off.”

While Morris popped Barbie’s solid jockstrap crown out of her mouth and fitted back over her head, Tommy dragged Barbie to her knee by her breast rings. Barbie immediately wrapped her lips around the gnarl that she had been humping as her backside was beaten. She licked and sucked the five-inch protrusion of the tree that she had humped smoothed. While she lapped up her pussy-juices, Tommy wrenched her hands behind her back once again and tied he wrist and elbows tightly together with a rope that he had thrown over one of the lower branches. While keeping her lips locked around the gnarl, Barbie scrambled to her feet as Tommy and Morris pulled on the rope around her wrist.

In strappado fashion Barbie stood on her toes sucking a tree. The smooth sweet voice of her ex-boyfriend filtered through her pain-ridden mind. “Spread them slimy, gooey legs, Your Majesty!”

As soon as Barbie spread her legs wide, her ex-boyfriend viciously slashed his belt right up the center of her pussy gash. “I think that Karl told you to wag your tail, Slime Queen.”

Barbie’s knees buckled as her cunt exploded with another fierce orgasm. The only thing that kept her from collapsing to the ground was the rope that held her wrist up high behind her. However her shoulders did feel as though they were being yank out of their sockets, but she continue to suck and lick on the gnarl and waggle her ass.

The football team watched Barbie rattle the chain sticking out of her asshole for a while. Some of them took an opportunity to bite hard on her arms, legs, neck face and tits. Some spit on her as if she were just a heap of old smelly garbage. Some even pelted her with gravel from the side of the road. Then they went back to whipping her.

In her new position not only was her backside striped, her schoolmates aimed their striking implements against her stomach and tits and tender, inner sides of her thighs and her bloated, jism dripping, well used cunt. They whipped her up one side and down the other. Barbie put deep gashes into the gnarl she was sucking and licking, with her pearly, white teeth, as she clinched her jaw down on the gnarl from both the horrific pain from the whippings and the burning orgasms they generated within her, as she waggle her chain tail.

All of her schoolmates once again got ragging hard-ons as they whipped her. Before long they had to pause in their whippings and fuck Barbie’s cunt and shitter. The fuck were inhumanly painful for the sexy cheerleader, mauling her well beaten, svelte, young form, but the over sexed football player didn’t care. They just laughed at the way the way Barbie howled and creamed as they fuck.

The thing that made the large, burly football players, laugh harder the any thing else was the chain that was buried deep in her shitter. When ever one of them wanted to fuck her asshole, one of them would grasp the chain in both hands then in a single swift movement yank the chain out, while another boy rammed his cock into the just vacated asshole until his balls slapped her pussy. The resulting spasms that Barbie’s shitter went through sent ripples of pure delight throughout the hard, stiff fuck-rod that was buried in her ass. After firing his wad the chain would be replaced, deeply back up her asshole.

This particular activity was so enjoyable by both the fucker and the onlooker that Barbie’s bloated pussy was soon forgotten as they concentrated only on her ass. The humiliating and painful act of being started up like a lawnmower shamed Barbie beyond belief, as it made her friends and schoolmates howl with laughter so hard that they rolled around on the ground.

Finally when her schoolmates, cocks hung limply, Barbie was hoisted by her wrists, higher up until even her stretched out toes couldn’t touch the ground. Then the beer was broken out, and the team sat, leaned or laid on the grass drinking it, while Barbie squirmed and spun at the end of her line. Periodically one of them would go over to Barbie’s swinging, spinning form and whip her with some implement.

Barbie both heard and felt her arms popped out of their sockets, when her ex-boyfriend wound the rope she was hanging from tight, letting it go, causing her to spin wildly. As she spun he whipped her savagely. When she stopped spinning he grabbed her by the hair and jerked her head up, and begin slapping her brutally across the face. Letting his spittle fly as he spoke: “Are we still having fun, my little Queen of Slime?”

“Yes, more, please,” whimpered the dangling teen, as another load of pussy cream gushed out on her gaping slit.

Her ex-boyfriend rewound her and five other teammates joined him in whipping her. Before she stopped spinning Tommy started to kick her. Now, not only did Barbie spin she swung, causing her to crash into the tree. “Do you want us to stop now, Your Highness?” Tommy asked.

“No! More please!” Barbie whimpered, no longer exactly sure of what happening, aware only of the insatiable pleasure that tickled climax after climax out of her worn-out cunt and the caustic pain that bathed every square inch of her svelte young body. “Hurts so good!”

Tommy screamed in rage. Though he was dead tired, he was not about to let this bitch that had scorn and humiliated him, out last him. So he started beating and kicking Barbie with a wild fervor. It took several of his teammates to convince him to stop beating and kicking her. By that time Barbie hung unconscious from the tree. Morris cut the rope she was hanging and spinning from. Barbie’s spinning skidded to a halt as she plowed into the ground face first.

Barbie’s slender, sexy body lay in a heap on the ground, she was so still that some of the members of the football team thought that she was dead. “Shit we fucked her to death, lets get the fuck out of here!” one of the boys said nervously.

Before any of the football players took a step Barbie rolled over on her back atop of her dislocated arms, thrust her well fucked and beaten cunt into the air. “What’s the matter wimps you don’t know how to fuck a girl? I guess I have to do it myself!” Barbie screamed, as pain from her dislocated shoulders ripped through her, as she wrenched her bound, hands around to her pussy plunged her fingers into her slopping pussy.

The statement and sight enraged the football players so much that they tied her ankles to her dislocated shoulders. Then they all fucked her in all three holes over and over again. Even the boys, who couldn’t get it up after the nightlong fuck, plunge their soft cocks into Barbie mouth until she sucked a trickle of jism out of them. Barbie screamed and gurgled her way through the new assault in an unending orgasm.

After the last boy shot the last wad the group of boys had, Barbie was unrecognizable beneath a shifting silvery mass of dry and wet jism. Fresh pussy-cream gurgled its way through the layers of jism to bubble up into the air.

Barbie was still cumming. Her body was covered from the tip of her toe to the ends of her longest strands of hair, with jism and pussy juices. Under that frothy coating of cock and pussy slime, Barbie’s luscious, sexy, young body was a wild, twisted, network of welts and bruises. Barbie looked as though she had taken on an army division in a month-long orgy, instead of one night outing with forty football players.

The tired boys sat on the grass near exhaustion they watch Barbie’s cunt and asshole squirm and flex as though they were still looking for something long and hard to slip in side them. Collecting a couple of empty beer bottles, Morris crawled over to Barbie and inserted them in to the two gapping fuck-holes, which swallowed the bottles instantly. Two more bottles were pushed into Barbie’s gapping cunt and asshole after the first two. Only the very bottom of the third and forth bottle stuck out of Barbie’s flexing cunt and asshole. These two bottles were pistoned back and forth for a while. Every one could hear the four bottles clash together every time the third and forth bottle were slammed into the fuck-holes. The bottles made her climax constantly. Painful lustful nerve rattling climaxes.

“Shit it’s six in the fucking morning! We need to get the fuck out of here.” Tommy released her ankles and snickered, “Can we drop you off anyplace?”

“Yeah!” one of the boys said with a laugh, “We could drop you off at your house.”

Barbie groaned and shook as another orgasm rippled through her at the thought of her parents seeing her like this. Barbie pushed the bottles into her fuck holes deeper and propped up on her bound elbows, as she watch the football team get dress. “Piss on me!” she gasped. A huge glut of jism poured out over her lips as she open her mouth to speak. It streamed down her chin and throat in a wave of solid, dirty white. “Piss all over me! All of you! I’m nothing but trash! I ought to get piss on! It’s all I’m good for! Piss on and show me what kind of whore I really am!”

“Right on,” Tommy said, and aimed his cock right at her eyes. “All over your trampy, cum-sucking face.”

Barbie screamed, as his piss scalded her eyes, but she kept them wide open as Tommy pissed into them. He pissed across her nose and into her wide, open mouth. Other team members started pissing. They hosed her body with a dozen streams of piss, then two dozen. Before long almost every boy on the football team was drenching Barbie’s sleek young body in stinking yellow beer piss.

Barbie writhed in ecstasy as the boys pissed on her. Her sinuous, sultry body twisted and rippled in a display of raw, sluttish sex. Before long her creamy, welted skin glistened with piss. Boys pissed into her beer bottled stuffed cunt and ass. More then anywhere else the boys pissed all over beautiful face and into her open mouth. They laughed at her and called her, the vilest of names while watched her swallowing steaming mouthfuls of their dirty piss. Each time she emptied her mouth they would fill it up again. Barbie couldn’t stop climaxing. Her cunt and asshole gripped the bottles that plugged them until they were close to shattering. The cunt poured so much fuck-cream that the bottles in it were filled with the gooey stuff. Her ass clutched one of the bottles so fiercely it shot out of her ass.

Too soon for Barbie needs the piss streams trickled down then stopped. The boys, has pissed so much that it had washed off most of the jism and pussy-juiced that had coated Barbie’s sleek young body. The piss and gooey gunk had streamed down her body to the ground beneath her, turning it to mud. Barbie popped face down in the filthy, smelly black muck, she rolled and squirmed in it coating her sleek svelte body with it.

Barbie looked up at the ring of grinning boys that surround her. As she continued to squirm and roll and slither in the stinky, slimy black muck, Barbie realized something direful.

The Academy boys had kidnapped her, held her against her will, debasing her, force her into becoming a lowly, pain loving gutter whore, into a sex slave for men’s amusement. They were strangers who hated her. Who despised everything and everyone from Eastport. They had set out on a campaign of conquest, with her as the primary weapon.

While the forty faces that were staring down at her, ogling her with animal lust and loathing contempt, were people she knew. Many of them whom she had known for most of her life. One of them she had even dated. She had gone to dances and movies and parties school with them. She had cheered at every single one of their games. These were her friends, her schoolmates.

Though, do to her training at the Academy. She had begged them to do every painful, degrading thing that they done to her sexy, young body, Barbie seethed. As she thought that that her lover, friends and schoolmates were ten times worse the Academy boy were by their heartless raping of her.

Her life had been completely and utterly destroyed. She had been debased, fucked, beaten and pissed on by the very people she had thought of as her friends.

Yes these forty boys were ten times — no a thousand times worse — then the Academy boys were.

Now she laid lip in piss soaked mud, her lean, sexy body streaked with spunk, pussy-juices, and filth. A beer bottle stuck out of her cunt filled with pussy-cream with another one buried deep in her cunt also filled to the brim. Another beer bottle was lost up her shitter. Every inch of her young body screamed in agony. But despite her loathing for her schoolmates and the pain that radiated throughout her body she didn’t want her schoolmates to leave.

If they left she would be alone. No one would be fucking her. No one would be hurting her. No one would be abusing her. No one would be debasing her.

Barbie didn’t think she could stand it.

“More!” she cried out desperately. “Please fuck the slut some more! Please hurt the bitch. Please! Oh, please!”

“Not now Slime Queen!” Tommy chuckled. “Later! After we kick the Academy’s military ass. Maybe we’ll have another party.”

“Or maybe not,” Morris said cruelly. “We might have some real girls willing to fuck us after we win the conference championship. Respectable girls, you know. They’ll be all happy after we win the game. You know you can fuck a slut anytime, but you’ve got to jump at your chances with real girls.”

Barbie sobbed at Morris’ heartless words.

Her ex-boyfriend nudged Barbie onto her back with his foot. “Here, Your Highness, a token of our affection for you,” Brian chuckled as he squatted over Barbie face. “A last little party favor for you to keep and cherish until we met again, our beloved Queen of Slime.”

Barbie knew what to expect even before the first turd slipped out of Brian’s shitter. A orgasm raced through her as it splatter down into her left eye socket the her right eye socket then the rest of he load of shit filled her open mouth and coiled up around it.

“You’re one gross mother-fucker Brian!” one of the freshmen said from the back of the van.

“It may be gross but she loves it!” Brian chuckled. “Look at the way she humping.”

“Maybe we should all take a crap on her,” another one of the freshmen progressed hopefully.

“Shit, no!” a third freshmen shouted. “Its all ready eight-thirty. We barely have enough time to get back to town, over to the school, suit up and be ready for coach by ten. Oh, shit if coach finds out we violated curfew he’ll fucking kill us.” Completely unconcerned about the sexy, young cheerleader that they all had spent the night raping.

“He doesn’t have to know, does he!” snapped Morris.

“And he better fucking never!” snapped Tommy.

As the cars and vans drove passed Barbie they call her the vilest of names. As the last van rolled pass Barbie. Brian leaned out the window. “Bye, bye Barbie, you sleazy whore. Maybe you can drag your slimy ass back to school and give us all blow-jobs at half time.”

After the last van left the park and the dust settled down a step-van with park markings on it pulled up next to Barbie. Gary and Dave got out. And Pat climbed out of fire watchtower with a video camera in hand.

“Looks natural, doesn’t she?” Gary asked with a grin, as she squirmed in the slimy muck.

“Sure does!” replied, Pat. “Those lousy creeps won’t have a chance at the game! They are so fucked-out and worn-out that our team will mow right over them.”

“And after the game their fancy dreams will be over,” giggled Dave as he waved the video camera in his hands.

“Yea, man their asses are grass. Once we start mailing copies of the tape,” snickered Pat.

“Yea, those rich fucks will never recover from the scandal,” Gary stated.

Barbie was slick with the piss, jism and pussy-cream muck. Shit stilled covered her face. Her sleek body bore welts too numerous to count. Spunk and pussy cream leached out of her beer bottle stuff cunt, as it continue to twitch wildly. Her asshole trickled jism as the stretch asshole star winked open and closed. Dave grabbed the bottle sticking out of her cunt and raised it to her lips. He held it upside down until every drop of her pussy-cream was drained out of the bottle and down her throat. Barbie fired off two quick orgasms as she drank her own cunt-juices.

Gary viciously kicked the daze teen in her heaving breasts. After the thoroughly fucked cheerleader’s eyes stopped their random movement and locked onto Gary’s cold hard, steely gray eyes he giggled evilly, “That was a very successful first mission, slut,” Gary said. “But you fucked up several times, didn’t you!”

The terrified teen shook uncontrollably with fear as she sobbed. “Yes Gary I fucked up badly. Please forgive me.”

“Well we have some special little treats for air-head’s fuck-ups,” Gary scowled. “But first I’ve come up with a nifty idea Barbie-sleaze. What do you say that the very first copy goes strait to your parents before the game ends today, along with a letter from you on how much fun you had making the tape?”

Though Barbie turned ash white with dread at hearing Gary’s ‘idea’ she nether the less responded cheerfully and joyfully. “Yes, Gary I think that is a very nifty idea. Please send my parents a copy of the tape and let me write a letter to them. So they can see what a whorish little girl they raised. Please Gary send the tape and letter for me before the game ends today.”

“All right Barbie-sleaze, I’ll do that for you. But your sluttish body will have to be rented out to pay for the postage,” giggled Gary evilly.

“And you need to stay in training, too,” Pat said. “I saw that little trick they did with five fist. I think we will try for seven and three feet some time real soon.”

“It that OK with you Barbie-sleaze?”

“Yes Gary it does. Thank you so very much. And Pat I look forward to my future training. Especially the seven fists and three feet for my fuck holes.” Though Barbie sounded like she could hardly wait for the further abuse of her young body her shuddering body betrayed that false bravado.

“Turn over and stick your ass up high!” Gary barked. “This is a little present for you, Barbie. A present, just so you’ll always know who you are, and what you are.”

Barbie had an instant to see the blazing hot irons that Gary, Pat and Dave held in their hands before she flipped over and stuck her ass up high. Barbie plowed her face into the muck and screamed as Gary and Pat’s irons seared their way in to her ass checks. She could smell the burning of her own flesh and hear the sizzling as the brand burned into her flesh. The pain was awful, but the nerve-wracking orgasm hit her with nearly an equal amount of pleasure.

On one ass cheek were the words, “FUCK ME HARD” and on the other cheek were the words, “BEAT ME HARD”.

“On your back, Barbie-slut!” roared Dave.

Barbie flopped on to her back. The cool piss muck felt soothing to her branded ass. Her relief didn’t last long. She went through another powerful orgasm, as Dave pressed his iron across Barbie’s hairless pussy mound. It seared the words, “I AM A SLUT” into it.

“In your box,” Dave said when he was finished branding her.

Barbie struggled to her feet and climb into a four-foot by four-foot steel box at the back of the van.

Once inside it Dave barked out proudly, “Congratulations General on a very successful campaign.”

“Thank you Dave. Like any good commander,” Gary said, “I’m only as good, as the men in my command. In this case the men in and slut under my command.”

“You look good slut, just the way you ought to,” giggled Pat as he secured the lid to the small box, trapping Barbie inside it. It was the same box that she was brought to Eastport’s parking lot in. Only this time she was covered with smelly piss, stinky shit, gooey jism and slimy pussy cream muck, instead of being dressed in sexy clothes. As she lay in the dark box, picturing the reaction her parents would have when they saw the video tape of her begging for her school football team to rape and torture her, Barbie began to sob bitterly.

As the step van bounced along, Barbie ran her finger across her skin tracing the brands.

Now there was no turning back for her. For as long as she lived, she would be a sex toy for the men around her, a pretty, mindless animal to be fucked and hurt and ridiculed.

To the daze, beautiful sex slave, the three brands were a natural extension to her status. Now she wouldn’t need to remember what she was, what she liked or what she was to be used for. All any man would need to know about her, could be read off her body.

Barbie wept in the pitch-dark confines of her transport box as the van headed back to Rener’s Military Academy.




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