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xNovel - Mother Gets A Whipping


Mother Gets A Whipping

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“Please, Flint, not with her here!” Lola wept, her tits still aching from the twist of his brutal hands. “Please, this is supposed to be something special between us! Please, send her out!” Flint laughed and gripped Lola’s hair, pulling her face close to his. “She stays, bitch! And she does what she likes, got tat?”

“Please, Flint, don’t do this to me!” Lola begged, trying to get away from his grip. He held her bent over the bed, her mouth inches from his chest.

“Ask Yvette to stay and watch you fuck my great big cock!” he chuckled, pushing Lola’s head down toward his thick cock.

“Please, Flint, don’t! Aagghh!” Lola screamed as the long tail of the whip cut into her ass, burning a line across her ass-flesh. She jerked and Flint let her turn her head a little. Yvette wiled the whip, ready for another blow. “I’ll — no, no you can’t! I’ll — aagghh! Bitch, you bitch!”

Her daughter cut her again with the thin whip tail.

Flint tugged on her hair, and the sobbing Lola was pulling close to his chest. She moved her hands behind her to save her suffering ass.

“Get them down?” Flint snarled, pulling at her hands, but Lola avoided him.

He twisted Lola onto her, back. She screamed, but he was on her in a moment. Despite her defiance, he pulled her arms back and crouched on them, trapping them behind his knees. He gripped her hair as she tried to scratch at his ass and back. His cock hovered over her face as he crawled toward the edge of the bed, dragging Lola until half her body was hanging over the edge of the bed. Now she couldn’t pull her legs up, she didn’t have leverage. She screamed and struggled, but her arms were pinned and she could hardly move.

“Do it!” he snapped.

She screamed as she watched Yvette curl the whip over her head and lash out. Until the last moment Lola didn’t know where it would hit. Then agony ripped through her luscious, thrusting tits.

“No!” she screamed as her tit-mounds jerked and a thin red line of pain appeared across their soft swelling surfaces. “Aagghh! No, no, Yvette, I’ll kill you, no — uurrhh!”

In terrible agony, she twisted on the edge of the bed, her hands tearing at Flint’s ass and back, her tits throbbing as the whip lashed into them.

“Come on, Mommy! Beg me to stay! I’d love to watch you and Flint fuck!” Yvette giggled as she lashed her mother’s tits again, the swinging leather making them jerk viciously as another red line of agony surged through her tit-flesh.

Lola screamed, staring at the whip as it lashed in, beating her tit-mounds. Thin red lines appeared in her creamy tit-flesh and the agony was almost unbearable. But she was determined not to give in and let Yvette watch her fuck Flint.

“Shut the fuck up, Lola, or it’s the gag again!” Flint snarled.

The whip lashed her tits, and Lola reared.

“Yeah, better, now, come on, you cunt!” Flint growled, taking hold of his cock and rubbing it slowly over Lola’s terrified face. “Beg Yvette to stay before I come all over your face.”

He grinned as Lola sobbed and twisted, trying not to scream as the whip cut her swelling tits.

“I reckon you aughta do it,” Flint said, rubbing his rock-hard cock. “I’m a horny fucker, but I shot a lot tonight. It’ll take a time to get ready again. And you know what Yvette’s like with the whip. Fuck, she loves to use it as much as get it, you know that?”

Lola moaned in agony, twisting and heaving, trying not to scream.

It wasn’t the pain that broke Lola in the end, it was the thought of Flint shooting cum all over her face. Even the whip wasn’t as bad as the thought of getting her lovely face covered with more of his cum. She’d get her revenge on Yvette, she vowed, as she broke and wept.

“Yes, yes, let her stay!” she whispered, her feet digging at the carpet.

“Nicely now,” Flint teased, his cockhead just above Lola’s mouth.

“Please, let Yvette stay and watch me fuck your…” Lola moaned.

“Good!” Flint rolled away, lying back on the pillows and waiting for her.

Lola rolled to the carpet, crouching by her bed, rubbing her tit she moaned, trying to ease the pain, but then found that a strange thing was happening. There was a warmth in the pain. Something she had never felt before.

“Oct up, Mommy.” Yvette giggled, standing over Lola, her finger pushing into her pussy. “Flint likes to get his cunt when he wants it. He gets really nasty if he don’t. So, get up there.”

Yvette prodded her mother with her toe. Lola crawled up, her body ringing with pain. Moving ever closer to the heaving monster of Flint’s cock. Her cunt and tits rang with pain as she stroked Flint’s thighs, her eyes cast down, unable to face his mocking glare.

“Don’t you just love cock, whore?” He ran his cockhead over Lola’s tummy and she shuddered with horror.

“Yes, yes, I do!” she wept, her body spasming in horror at the thought of having to shove that massive fucker up her tight cunt.

“Then get it up you, bitch!” Flint chuckled, grinning wildly.

Lola took hold of his massive cock.

Yvette, with the whip in her hand, grinned as she watched her mother guiding Flint’s throbbing cockhead between her thighs and against the swollen gash of her cunt.

Lola shuddered as Flint’s cockhead pushed at her tight entrance. Lola knew her pussy would be dry, it always was. Nothing had ever excited her enough for her to allow a cock to slide into her pussy easily. She moaned and pushed down on his hard prickhead, holding the cockshaft.

She tried to force her pussy over his cock. Her cunt ached with pain as she shoved down and the first inches of Flint’s prick pushed into her fuck channel.

Flint growled with lust, shoving his cock up into her cunt, scraping her pussy walls with his massive fucker. His cock was wet with so much pre-cum juice that it was easier than Lola had expected, but still his swollen, rock-hard prick sent spasms of pain rushing out of her cunt walls. His prick stretched her pussy to the limits, scraping against her cuntlips as it pushed deeper.

“Yeah!” he growled. “Love it, huh?”

He took hold of Lola’s tits, rubbing the whipped flesh, twisting her nipples.

Lola screamed, jerking and rolling, her cunt slamming down on Flint’s cock, taking it all in until his cockhead rammed into the top of her cunt-hole.

“Aagghh!” she wailed, gasping, as he lurched up and twisted her tits again, his fingers tightening on her nipples.

Her cunt spumed around his cock and the strange warmth she’d felt earlier exploded and rushed through her body. She gasped, rocking on his cock, her pussy-walk sucking at the massive prick that impaled her, her tits throbbing with pain.

“Hey, bitch, you like that, huh?” Flint yelled, his cock throbbing deep in her cunt.

“You’re horrible, no!” Lola wailed, her pussy sliding up and down on his enormous prick.

“Then why the fuck you gettin’ wet?” Flint demanded, twisting her tits again, rolling her nipples as Lola began to fuck his cock.

“Ahhh, it’s not true!” Lola wailed, jerking up and down on Flint’s prick, her pussy throbbing around his fuck rod.

But it was true, and she knew it. Where there had only been pain, there was now a rising throb of passion. Her cunt was getting wet, and Flint’s cock was sliding in the soft sheath of her pussy with ease. She moaned, gasping, as the passion spread.

“Oh, God!” Lola wept, sobbing as her now very wet cunt worked faster on Flint’s prick.

“Come on, bitch! Tell me how turned on you are!” Flint yelled, twisting her nipples hard.

Lola screamed. Her pussy gripped his cock as a terrible dark passion surged over her. There was nothing she could do to stop it, it was too strong for her.

“No!” she wept. “No, it’s a lie!”

“Go on, Yvette, do it!” Flint yelled, gripping Lola’s hair suddenly and pulling her down until her mouth was against his chest, her wails of passion muffled by his hairy flesh. He trapped her legs with his, and Lola felt her cunt spasming with horrible lust as he shoved his cock deep in her fuck-hole.

“Oh, please!” Lola forced her cunt back down on his thick cock, her cunt taking it in effortlessly now and craving for more.

She wept and shuddered, hating herself for this terrible betrayal. For the first time in her life, she was getting turned en by fucking. She wailed and writhed, but nothing stopped the urges of passion that came from the ramming fuck of Flint’s cock in her cunt.

Lola had no idea what he meant until the whip cut across her ass. Her pussy plunged down again, filling her cunt with hit cock. Her scream rang around the room, but it was more a scream of surprise than pain. Her ass throbbed. Her cunt rammed down on Flint’s fuck-rod, taking all ten inches into her desperate fuck-hole. She shuddered, breaking out in a sweat.

“Hey, Yvette, do it! Her cunt gets tighter when you whip her!”

“No, you bastards, no!” Lola wailed, as he waited for another blow of the whip.

She screamed when it came, her ass jerking wildly, the pain rushing through her. Her cunt throbbed and sucked at Flint’s cock, and an explosion of lust burst in her guts. She writhed on Flint’s hard chest. Her ass arched up, holding still, as the whip curled and lashed across it.

Lola hunched, her cunt slammed down on Flint’s cock as the first orgasm of her hit, bursting in her pussy. She screamed, bucking on Flint’s dick, her cunt trying to take more of the enormous, swollen cock, her tits rubbing against Flint’s chest, her mouth slobbering on his shoulders. The whip lashed her again, and another climax burst in her pussy.

“Hey, watch the bitch go!” Flint yelled, thrusting his cock up into her pussy. “Come on, Yvette! Really give her the works!”

“Noooooo!” Lola wailed.

The whip lashed her ass each time she jerked up in her increasingly frenzied fucking. Her pussy erupted in constant spasms of orgasm, each climax forcing her to fuck faster on Flint’s cock. She gasped, biting Flint’s neck in her lust, her pussy fucking faster and faster until Yvette couldn’t keep up the pace of the whipping.

The explosions of lust surged again as Lola’s pussy spasmed around Flint’s massive hunk of meat.

“No, no, please — ooohhhh!”

Her ass exploded as the whip lashed it, her pussy going out of control. Screaming with lust, she pulled up, until just the head of Flint’s cock was inside the spuming entrance of her pussy. She rocked and jerked as the whip lashed her ass for six vicious blows. At the sixth one, the climaxes burst wide open.

Lola gasped, her cunt sliding don on Flint’s cock taking it all in, her body going limp as she collapsed across him. She lay on his chest, groaning and gasping, her pussy throbbing gently around his fucker.

Flint chuckled, gently rubbing her crimson ass. “You didn’t make me come. What do you do now?”

Lola sobbed. “You bastard!”

“Honey, ya gotta satisfy your man,” Flint said softly, sliding his cock deeper into Lola’s gently throbbing pussy. “If you hadn’t been so fuckin’ determined to get yourself off, you wouldn’t have jerked up like that, held your fuckin’ ass out for the whip, you bitch! If you’d stayed on my cock, I would have come!”

“Stop it, stop it!” Lola moaned, working her warm soft cunt on his throbbing cock. She knew he was telling the truth, his prick was so close to shooting, she could feel it in her curt. “I hate you!”

He growled and thrust up at her cunt, his cock fucking all the way into the sucking hole of her pussy. “Bring me off! And make it good, or else!”

“Please, darling,” Yvette said. “I’m all horny too. If I can’t have your cock, I wanna be sucked!”

Flint ginned. “You mean you want your mother to suck your pussy while she gets me off?”

“Yes, it’s only fair!” Yvette giggled. “I got her off — the bitch couldn’t get enough of the whip. She’s gotta please me!”

“No!” Lola gasped. “No, you can’t ask me to do that — that’s incest!”

“Tell ya what,” Flint said moving his cock around in Lola’s fuck-hole. “You can either suck Yvette’s pussy or take another whipping. Shit, you’re gonna need somethin’ to get you going again.”

“No, don’t say that! I’ll make you come!” Lola moaned in horror, starting to work her cunt up and down on Flint’s cock, trying to get him to cum.

But he knew what she was doing and he chuckled, twisting her nipples until she mowed and stopped.

“Which is it?” he asked, pinching her tits. Lola’s mind seethed with horror. She locked at Yvette. She knew the little bitch would whip her again, or make her suck her disgusting little cunt. Her pussy shuddered around Flint’s cock and her tits ached as he twisted her nipples.

“Make up your mind, bitch!” It was the thought of more whipping that broke Lola. It was the horror that she might come if Yvette whipped her ass. “I’ll do it! I’ll suck her cunt, but I’ll kill her when I get hold of her!”

Flint took the whip from Yvette. “Don’t that just scare the shit outa you?”

Yvette giggled and stood upon the bed, then pulled the remains of her slip off, tossing it aside and spreading her legs.

“Get up, Mommy,” she purred.

Lola trembled with disgust and shame as she slowly raised her head.

Yvette giggled, straddling Flint’s body, her ass pointing at his head. Shamelessly she spread her legs wider, gripping her mother’s hair and pulling Lola down, drawing her mother’s mouth down on her hot pussy.

Rage and shame fought in Lola as her mouth came closer to Yvette’s hot wet pussy crack. She could already smell her daughter’s lust and it disgusted her.

“Give me a good one, Mommy!” Yvette whimpered. “Or Flint will whip your tits.”

She pulled Lola’s head to her cunt and slid forward. Lola wailed as she was bent over backwards, her tits thrusting up between Yvette’s spread thighs. Yvette gripped her hair harder, rubbing her cunt on her mother’s face.

“Suck me, Mommy!” she gasped, her cunt pouring juices all over Lola’s face.

Lola thought she was going to die of shame. She felt Yvette’s cuntal hair rubbing on her cheeks, the hot gash of Yvette’s pussy running over her mouth, Yvette’s clit throbbing at her lips.

Yvette was going berserk with lust, gasping and moaning, her thighs trembling as she shoved her cunt on Lola’s mouth.

“Come on, Mommy, make it good! Make it real good!” she demanded, her pussy throbbing harder.

Lola tried to suck at the hot wet flesh all over her mouth, even as she shuddered with shame. Yvette yelled at her to do betters so Lola sucked the hot flesh in, running her tongue over Yvette’s clit.

“Fuck it, she’s useless!” Yvette moaned, her straddled legs trembling as she rolled her pussy on Lola’s mouth. “Come on, Flint! Give her a bit of encouragement!”

Lola jerked, her body trembling. She tried to scream, but Yvette had such a grip on her hair that nothing except a bubbling moan came out. She spasmed wildly, then jerked, as the whip cut across her tits, beating into her nipples with horrible force.

He may have been on his back on the bed, his cock deep in Lola’s cunt, but Flint still managed to lash Lola’s tits with the whip tail. He laughed and lashed her again, his cock fucking deep in her pussy.

“Yes, Flint, yes! She does it better, whip her again!” Yvette demanded, mashing her cunt on Lola’s mouth. She gasped, her cunt rolling on her mother’s face, her tits heaving with passion.

The whip cut her tits and Lola began fucking just as she had done when Yvette was whipping her ass. Her pussy was spasming, sucking at his cock harder with each whip stroke on her luscious mounds. She sucked Yvette’s cuntlips into her mouth and bit, chewing at the spuming flesh, her tongue rasping over the hard bud of her daughter’s clit. Suddenly she gripped Yvette’s thighs, pulling her closer, ramming her daughter’s cunt at her mouth. She was going to get revenge on the little slut.

“Aahh, Mommy! Yes!” Yvette screamed, fucking harder at Lola’s mouth, her pussy spuming and pouring juices as Lola bit her. “Do it, Mommy! I’m coming!”

Lola was furious, this wasn’t the revenge she’d wanted. She yelled into Yvette’s pussy, but the whip cut her tits, and the spasms of growing lust made her head spin. Hex cunt sucked at Flint’s cock, fucking faster and harder, and this time Lola knew Flint was going to come. He was keeping up with the pace of her fucking, his cock swelling deep in her fuck passage.

She moaned, gripping Yvette’s thighs, shoving her mouth against Yvette’s cunt, biting harder and harder on her clit.

“Yaaahh!” Yvette screamed as a rush of climax erupted through her. She rammed htr pussy back, her legs bending as she kept her pussy on her mother’s mouth. “Ohh, suck me. Mommy! I ain’t come like this before — fuuuck! It’s wonderful!”

Lola couldn’t stop herself, her lust was taking over. The whip lashed her tits and her cunt throbbed on Flint’s fucker, taking it right to the end of her cunt. It was too much. At the next stroke of the whip on her tits, her pussy exploded and she came, sobbing in shame, helpless in the grip of her own depravity.

“Yesss!!” Flint bellowed, his cock churning in Lola’s cunt. “Fuck, you got it, whore! You’re a whore!”

He lashed Lola’s tits, the cum surging in his balls, rushing to escape.

“Fuck, I got ya both, you bitches!” hey said and the whip swept beck, lashing Yvette’s heavy ass. “I got ya both!”

“Yes, you fucker, yes!” Yvette screwed, going berserk as she came, her ass throbbing to the beat of the whip, her pussy rolling on her mother’s face. She took another blow, her ass throbbing, her pussy pouring juices over Lola’s face as she climaxed shamelessly.

“Fuuuuuck, I’m coming!” Flint bellowed, his cock throbbing as the cum rushed out of his balls and up his shaft. “Ohh, you whore, you fuckin’ whore!”

He roared with release, his cock shooting streams of hot jizz into Lola’s cunt, his ass arching up off the bed as he lashed Lola’s tits and Yvette’s ass with the whip.

Lola felt her head spinning as her pussy erupted with lust, taking the gushing cum, throbbing and sucking at Flint’s shooting cock.

She sucked and chewed at Yvette’s pussy, gripping her daughter’s thighs is she savaged her cunt. Roaring climaxes poured over her, and Lola wept with shame, but nothing stopped her orgasm. It surged to the shooting beat of Flint’s cock and the lash of leather on her tits.

“Yes, yes, Mommy, yes!” Yvette screamed as she came, her cunt throbbing between Lola’s teeth.

The whip lashed her ass and her climax peaked. She screamed with the most terrible satisfaction, then started to collapse, falling to the bed, her moans of satisfaction echoing in the room.

But Lola wouldn’t let go. She was determined to punish her daughter. She kept chewing on Yvette’s cunt as the climaxes burst in her pussy and tits. She followed Yvette down, twisting to he side, her mouth clamped to Yvette’s pussy. Her pussy sucked at Flint’s cock, dragging the cum out of it. Already gobs of his cum were running down her thighs, but she didn’t care. Then the whip lashed her tits as the last gobs of cum shot out of Flint’s cock, deep in her cunt.

Lola’s scream of final satisfaction burst out from around Yvette’s cunt as the climaxes shattered inside her. Suddenly she didn’t have the energy to punish Yvette. She fell with her daughter across the bed, her pussy still sucking at Flint’s cock as the cum dribbled out of it, her mouth still on Yvette’s cunt.

Lola had no idea how long it was before she came around. Vaguely, she heard Yvette moaning. Gradually the mist cleared, and she realized she was lying on the bed, still gently sucking Yvette’s pussy while her cunt worked softly around Flint’s cock.

Guilt, shame and rage rushed over Lola. She pulled away, getting off Flint’s cock. She rushed to the door. Then she turned and rushed back to the bed, her hand out.

“You had your fun, you bastard! Now give me the key!”

Flint rolled over on the bed. “Tell us how much you enjoyed that.”

“Don’t be stupid!” Lola snapped. “It was disgusting, depraved! I only did it because you whipped me and I’ve got the marks to prove it! The key!”

Flint chuckled. “Last chance.”

“The key!”

Flint picked up the bedside phone and dialed.

Yvette grinned at her mother, rubbing her insatiable pussy gently.

“Yeah, get me Alice,” he said. “The key!” Lola snapped.

“Hi, Alice. Got a real one for you here. Bring a couple of guys, they can enjoy her on the ride in. Yeah, you know where. See ya’.” He grinned at Lola as he put the phone down.



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