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xNovel - Mother Gets A Whipping


Mother Gets A Whipping

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Lola Mitchell drove home with a big smile on her face. She had managed to get an appointment at the beauty parlor, and she could see the scene now. She’d slide in through the back door, creep into the main room where Flint would be sitting in his favorite chair, reading the newspaper. She’d sneak up behind him, put her hands over his eyes and say, “Guess who?”

Lola sighed with happiness as she swung the car off the freeway. It was so wonderful being engaged to a policeman. Flint was so tail and commanding and just perfect. And he never bothered her with sexual demands.

He was even wonderful with her daughter, Yvette. Yvette needed a father, she’d been wild and undisciplined until Flint came along. Now she was much better behaved. She shivered when she thought of Yvette’s father. Some men were so disgusting sometimes. But not Flint, of course.

She parked the car, then checked her reflection in the mirror, making sure she looked as beautiful as she could. She might be just over thirty years old, but her face still said she was early twenties.

She crept around the side of the house and opened the back door, moving quietly through the kitchen, giggling to herself.

She got to the door of the main room and stopped, puzzled at hearing strange sounds.

There were moans and groans and it sounded as if Yvette was begging for something. She frowned and pushed the door open.

The sight that met her eyes made her blood turn cold. She gasped.

There, on her back on the floor, was her teenaged daughter, Yvette. Her legs were up and out, spread around Flint’s naked, jerking body as he rammed his cock in and out of her pussy. And Yvette was begging for it, clutching at Flint, thrusting her ass up so that her pussy could get more of his cock.

“Flint!” Lola screamed.

Flint looked up, saw Lola and rolled off Yvette at once. Lola had a glimpse of his enormous thick cock before he got to his feet, maintaining a steel-hard grip on her arm.

Yvette screamed, her hands going down to her pussy, rubbing it as she writhed on the carpet. “Mommy, you bitch, what the fuck are you doing! I want his cock! Flint, Flint, please! Come fuck me!”

Flint pushed Lola into a chair.

Lola screamed, her flared skirt flicking up over her thighs as she fell, still shocked and gasping. His cock seemed even bigger now that it was so close. She’d never dream of taking something that big into her pussy. It was nearly a foot of thick prick meat!

“What are you doing?” Lola gasped as Flint pinned her in the chair and turned to Yvette, who still lay on the floor, rubbing her pussy.

“Get the fuck up, you stupid slut!” he snarled. “Get me the handcuffs and a gag. And the bonds.”

“Yes, Flint, yes!” Yvette gasped, rushing to the other side of the room.

Suddenly Lola saw that Yvette’s ass was red with welts. There was a whip lying on the floor, a long-tailed whip with a short, thick, leather covered handle. She gasped and tried to scream, but Flint had a tight grip on her and his other hand was around her neck. His cock throbbed so close to her face that Lola thought she’d be sick.

Yvette rushed back, her long, dark-blonde hair streaming behind her. She had some handcuffs and some black leather strips.

“Gag her!” Flint snapped.

“No!” Lola croaked, but Yvette was already slipping one of the black leather strips ever her head.

Yvette tightened some straps, pulling the thick leather strip tight over her mother’s mouth. Lola was still more furious and baffled than afraid, but fear crept through her as Flint pulled her arms behind her chair and clicked the handcuffs onto her wrists. She struggled, but he ran a rope through the join of the cuffs and fled it to the bottom rung of the chair.

Lola was trapped, her arms straining paifully. In her fear and rage, she kicked out at Flint, but he grabbed her ankles and bound them to the front legs of the chair.

Flint pulled back and stared at her while Yvette slid her arm into his and cuddled up to him, pushing her hot little cunt against his thigh.

Yvette was dressed in a tiny little red slip that hardly covered the welts on her red ass, matching red stockings with garter belt and high heels.

“Fuck,” Flint said, “we gotta do something about this.”

“Sue, honey, but right now, I just gotta have you cock!” Yvette moaned, spreading her legs around his thigh, rubbing her pussy against him in the most depraved manner possible. “Come on, darling, please, Mom ain’t going nowhere. Gimme you cock, you know what a bad girl I’ve been!”

She mewled and slid her hand over his fucker, kissing and nibbling at his cheek.

“Wait a fuckin’ moment!” Flint snapped. “When’s the next time she’s gonna be meeting anybody?”

“This time next week, darling, when she has her hair done again,” Yvette gasped. “You know she don’t go anywhere. Now come on, honey, I need your cock!”

“Yeah, right!” Flint gasped. He grinned at Yvette. “Might as well go for it, right?”

“What do you mean, darling?” Yvette purred, rubbing her cunt against his leg, her hands gripping his massive fuck-rod.

“I trained you, I can train her, right?”

“Darling, honey, no! You promised, it’s me, only me! Come on, not her!” Yvette slid down his iron-hard body, sliding her hands over his cock, gasping and moaning as she licked and sucked the length of his body. “Come on, darling, you know I can give you everything you want. Not her, she’s a fucking ice queen. Come on!”

“You shut the fuck up and do what you’re told!” Flint snapped, sliding his cock in and out of Yvette’s mouth.

“Yes, yes, darling, I will! But you don’t want her, you know you don’t, you want me!” Yvette wailed, then slid her mouth right down his cock, taking it all in until her throat bulged.

“Get your fuckin’ mouth off my cock until I tell you to put it there!” Flint growled, sliding his hand into Yvette’s blonde hair.

She sobbed, shaking her head, cramming more of his cock into her mouth.

“Take it out now or I’ll show your mother how I turn bad girls into good girls,” Flint said softly, sinking his cock deep in Yvette’s sucking throat.

Yvette gave a muffled scream, but her hot mouth stayed on his cock, her pussy raking up and down his thigh.

“Okay, whore, you asked for it!”

As the terrible depravity unfolded in front of her, Lola wept. As she watched Yvette’s lovely young tits bulging in the top of the little slip while her mouth slid around on Flint’s cock, Lola knew she should have brought the girl up with more discipline. She should have known men would be after those swelling tits, that tight waist and sensuous ass.

But the depravity of the scene that Lola had witnessed so far was nothing to what happened next.

Flint gripped Yvette’s soft blonde hair and shoved her mouth off his cock, throwing her back across the carpet.

The little blonde screamed, crawling over to the whip and picking it up in her trembling fingers.

“Oood girl,” Flint said softly as Yvette crawled back to him, carrying the whip and whimpering in submission.

Lola watched in growing horror as her daughter crawled up Flint’s legs, kissing at his flesh as she moved.

Gazing up at Flint in adoration, Yvette licked the whip handle, kissing it before she held it up for him and worked her soft lips back over his cockhead.

Flint took the whip. Yvette held his massive cock and ran her mouth over it, sucking his prickhead, kissing and licking up and down his cockshaft.

“Tell me why you were bad,” Flint said, his eyes on his little slave.

“I must do what you say all the time!” Yvette wept, sobbing and sucking his cock. “It was bad to ask you not to fuck Mommy, I mustn’t do that. I’m sorry, darling, but I love you so much, I can’t bear to think of you fucking that bitch!”

She slid her mouth over his cock, taking the whole length of it in as she wept and sucked.

“You take what I give you!”

Yvette’s head bobbed up and down on his cock as she nodded frantically. Her fingers played with his balls.

Flint held the whip and ran it through his fingers. “So, show your mother what a good little girl you can be.”

Yvette’s mouth slid back up Flint’s cock. She held his cockshaft and stood up slowly, her legs stretched tight. Soon she was bent at the waist, her ass sticking out, barely covered by the hem of the little slip.

“Please, darling, punish me for being so bad!” she gasped. “I’ll do anything for you, anything, if you just don’t go away!”

“Turn around to let Mommy see,” Flint said softly, his cock swelling in Yvette’s sucking mouth. “And pull your slip up, you know you must do that…”

“Yes, darling, yes! I will!” Yvette moaned, turning so that Lola was staring right at the stretched cheeks of her daughter’s ass.

Yvette reached back and pulled her slip up, showing the full whipped mass to Lola’s horrified gaze.

“I’ll be so good, I’ll come for you!” Yvette moaned.

“I know you will.” Flint lashed Yvette’s back.

Yvette moaned and slid her mouth down his cock, taking it all in, then pulling back, runnning her soft lips over his swollen prickhead as she clutched his cockshaft for dear life.

Right before Lola’s horrified eyes, the whip swept through the air again, but this time the tip bit into Yvette’s asscheck.

The little blonde screamed in pain, slamming her throat down on Flint’s cock, taking it all in, her ass jerking in agony. A strip of red appeared on her curved ass-flesh.

The whip curled in the air. It landed on her other asscheek.

Yvette’s scream was muffled by Flint’s cock, but it was still loud enough to be heard. Her whole body pulsated in agony, her ass and legs trembling.

Lola stared, hardly breathing as Flint lashed Yvette’s ass. She was going out of her mind with rage and tenor, but even more than that, she couldn’t understand Yvette. Her daughter was screaming in pain, but she was sucking Flint’s cockhead, sucking it as if it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

And Flint was smiling as he whipped her daughter, his rock-hard cock sliding between Yvette’s lips as she wailed. His eyes were glazed with lust. His arm swept up and back, curling the whip with practiced skill.

“Ahhh, yes, darling! Yes! Whip me! I was so bad!” Yvette screamed, clutching his cock, sucking the head of it. “I’ll come for you, darling! Whip my ass! Whip my pussy! I’ll do it for you! Please, whip me, yesssss!”

Yvette screeched with pain and desire as the leather whip lashed into her an.

“Okay, you little whore, show me why I oughta keep you!” Flint roared, lashing right between Yvette’s thighs, whipping it deep into her pussy.

“Aaaaah, yes, darling, yesssss!” Yvette screamed, her ass trembling.

She screeched and wailed, sucking his cock deeper, her legs trembling as she thrust her ass out.

The whip lashed into Yvette’s flesh, then right down the center, beating into her ass-crack and pussy. Yvette’s screams got louder. She jerked, her mouth running over Flint’s cockhead, her hands pulling at his cockshaft.

Suddenly Yvette gasped, pulling off Flint’s cock, her lips working the swollen flesh, kissing it.

“Yes, darling, I’m coming for you!” she gasped. “Ooohhh, whip me! I’m coming! Just for you, darling! Just for you! Aaaggghhh!”

Lola watched her daughter orgasam. Her disgusting, perverted daughter was coming while her ass was being whipped and her mouth was full of Flint’s cock.

“Yes, yes, darling, yes!” Yvette wailed, falling to her knees, still fucking at Flint’s cock as she cradled it. “I came for you, darling! I promise I’ll be a good girl from now on, I promise!”

“Spread, whore, show me!”

“Yes, darling!” Yvette gasped.

She foil on the carpet. She moaned, rubbing her whipped ass, spreading her legs, showing the darker hair of her pussy mound to Flint and her mother. She eased the little slip back up to her waist and lay back, her legs spread wide open. Her whipped ass seemed to glow with the marks.

She slid her hands down her legs to her ankles and held them. “Is this how you want me, darling?”

Lola strained at the handcuffs, the metal cutting into her wrists. She swayed in the chair, almost upsetting it. She pictured herself describing this scene to a judge.

Flint held up the whip and waited, the tail curled in his hand.

Yvette gasped, her thighs trembling. “Yes, darling, yes if you want, yes, I’ll come for you again, I will!”

“Good,” he said. “Show Mommy what a good girl you are.”

He flicked the whip out. The tail lashed right into Yvette’s spread pussy. She screamed and jerked on the floor, her little slip flicking around her waist, her legs trembling.

“Come for me!” Flint commanded, lashing her again.

Yvette screamed as a tiny red line appeared on her inner thigh. She clutched her ankles, her body rocking in her agony. But still she kept her pussy open for him, her legs spread as wide as they would go. The whip tail lashed onto her other thigh.

She screamed. Then the whip lashed her clit and Yvette let out an unearthly wail as she climaxed, heaving up and down, her asscheeks tightening.

“Yes, darling, see? I’m coming for you, I’m coming! Whip me again, whip me, yeeess!”

Lola felt sick. She saw drops of Yvette’s pussy juices as the whip lashed her clit. Lola vowed that she’d beat Yvette black and blue when she got out of this. In horror and desperation, she fell back in the chair, sobbing helplessly.

“Yes, yes, darling!” Yvette screamed. She clutched her ankles harder, pulling her ass up, spreading her thighs even wider. “Ohhhhhhh, [missing text].”

[missing text] of control in the little blonde’s cunt. He bellowed with his relent, his strong hands holding Yvette tight, his cock pounding into her cunt as a flood of cum burst out of his balls and rushed up his cockshaft. A hot stream of jizz burst out of his cock, deep into Yvette’s sucking cunt.

“Ohhh, darling, yesssss!” Yvette wailed. Her pussy sucked at his cock as the gushes of cum poured into her cunt. “Shoot, darling, shoot!”

Her pussy throbbed with lust as another thick wad of cum burst out of Flint’s cock and splashed all over her pussy walls.

“Uuubhh, fuuuuck!” Flint bellowed, his thrusting cock pouring more gobs of thick creamy goo into Yvette’s jerking pussy. He filled her cunt with his cum, ramming into her writhing pussy with all his force as he shot wad after wad of spunk.

Lola stared, wanting to scream. Then she noticed that her skirt was riding up in her struggles. More and more of her thighs could be seen and there was nothing she could do to bring her skirt down again. Then she saw cum clinging to Flint’s cock as it drew out of Yvette’s cunt before pounding back in again. There was more cum in Yvette’s pussy hair and the sight almost made Lola sick.

“Yes, darling, yes!” Yvette screamed as the final thrusts of Flint’s cock filled her cunt to overflowing with jizz.

He slowly relaxed, his ass jerking a little, his cock sliding in and out as Yvette clutched him and gasped with pleasure.

“Ohhhh, I was so good, darling, wasn’t I? Tell me I was good, please!”

Flint moved his cock around in her cunt, getting another low moan of submissive pleasure from the little blonde. “Are you sorry for your bad behavior?”

“Oh, yes, darling! You know I am!” Yvette gasped, clutching him light. “Oh, darling, come on! Let me suck your cock hard again, please!”

“And are you gonna help me with your dumb broad of a mother?”

“Yes, darling, anything you want! I’m sorry I was bad, but I want you so much,” she sighed, rolling him onto his back. She ran her hand over his yummy cock, then leaned over and licked at the still-hard shaft. “Just tell me what you want!”

She sank her mouth over his prick, taking it in, licking the cum away.

“Mmmmm!” Flint turned and looked at his captive in the chair. “I think we’ll take her upstairs. I’ve always wanted to fuck her in that bed of hers.”

“Yes, darling!” Yvette sobbed, her lips caressing his cockhead, her tongue flicking over the cummy flesh.

Lola gave a muffled scream. There was no way on earth she would let Flint fuck her now. She’d rather die.



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