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xNovel - Rape A Virgin Aunt


Rape A Virgin Aunt

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BB-136 RAPE A VIRGIN AUNT by Blake Garfield


“Come on, Aunt Donna, give me a kiss!”

“What?” Donna gasped, trying to push her handsome young nephew away. “What are you guys even doing here?”

Donna tried to back away from the boy and bumped into his older brother almost immediately. Mark was the oldest of her sister’s three sons. He leered at Donna with open lust as he closed his hands around the firm cheeks of her ass. It was all Donna could do to keep from screaming.

A moment later she was sandwiched tightly between the two boys. Wayne, the middle brother, closed his strong young hands over her full tits and squeezed until Donna thought she was going to pass out from the pain. She glanced around the deserted street for help and saw only the youngest of the three brothers, Tony, opening the back door of her treasured BMW, the keys to her house and car clutched in his hand.

“What are we doing here?” Mark mimicked her mockingly. “Why you told us to drop by any time we wanted to, Aunt Donna. We’re just doing like you asked.”

“Forget it,” Wayne said, handling Donna’s round, sensitive tits as though they were a couple pieces of fruit he was testing for firmness. “Mom told us that she was a fucking tease. Always letting the boys take her out to the drive-in, then getting them so hot their balls ached and they came all over their pants.”

“Then telling them she was waiting until she got married,” Tony said. “Making them go home with swollen balls to beat off in the bathroom.”

“No,” Donna said, tears springing to her wide blue eyes as Wayne and Mark wrestled her toward the door Tony was holding open. “Your mother isn’t telling you the truth. She’s always been jealous of me because she was the best-looking girl at the school until I got there. You can’t believe her! I wasn’t a tease! I wasn’t!”

“Right,” Mark said with a smirk and stuffed her into the back seat of her expensive car. “Well, we’re going to take you on a little field trip to the drive-in. I guess we’ll find out who the liar is.”

Donna gasped in pain and shock as Mark and Wayne threw her onto the floor of the car.

She tried to squirm up onto the seat, but before she could move more than a few inches, Tony and Mark had slid into the back seat with her and pinned her to the floor with their feet. Mark settled one of his big, dirty boots right on the side of Donna’s beautiful face, and the gritty feel and filthy smell almost made her vomit.

The tall, sexy blonde’s heart beat fast as Wayne slid into the front seat and started up the car. She knew the boys weren’t kidding. They were actually going to take her to the old Eastport Drive-in. Now it was a dangerous place where only the most dangerous kids went.

Even the police were afraid to go in there at night, and the only movies it showed were bloody horror movies and even more disgusting pornography. Donna didn’t even want to think about what the boys were going to do to her once they got her there.

Donna had teased boys when she was in high school, but it hadn’t been her fault. She was four years younger than her sister, who had gone through school with a reputation for doing anything with boys and girls alike.

Donna was even more beautiful than her sister, with the kind of smoldering blonde sexiness that drove boys and men out of their minds. Every boy in the school wanted to go out with her, and a lot of them she had liked and said yes to.

But the idea of having sex had always filled Donna with a sick, scared feeling. She had watched her sister fucking boys one or two or three at a time, her sexy young body speared by huge, ugly cocks. The sight had made her sick. So she had developed a reputation as a tease, and her years in school had been unbearable because of it.

Now Donna Davis was successful and wealthy, while her sister was dirt poor and raising three wild teenage boys on her own. But Donna was still a virgin. At thirty-one years old she had never let a man stick her with his cock. The idea of being fucked still made her want to retch.

“Hey, boys, what’s happening?” a new voice asked. Light slanted in through the car.

“Where the fuck you steal this car?”

“Steal shit,” Wayne said. “We’re just using our fucking aunt’s car to see some movies.”

Trapped on the floor of the car by Mark and Tony’s feet, Donna’s heart soared with sudden hope. She hadn’t thought of the fact that the boys would have to buy tickets to get into the drive-in.

Surely the manager would call the police when he realized that her nephews had kidnapped her.

“Sure,” the gravelly voice said, obviously not believing Wayne. “How many?”

“Four,” Mark answered, and both he and Tony slipped their feet off Donna’s trapped body.

Mark wrapped his hand in Donna’s hair and pulled her up into the light. “The three of us and this fucking cock-tease.”

Donna gasped with shock and squealed with the pain of having her hair yanked so savagely.

Her spirits dropped at the sight of the gross, evil-looking man who stood inside the glass ticket booth. He leered at her openly. When Donna recognized him, she began to cry.

“So it is your aunt,” Buck Anderson said, his cock getting hard. “Bitch gave me blue balls ten times before I stopped asking her out. You boys go on in. No charge tonight. But I might come back and visit for a spell during the third feature.”

“Sure thing, Mr. Anderson,” Mark said, slamming Donna back down to the floor of the car. “I think she’ll be pretty broken in by then.”

“Good,” Buck said. “You have a real good time, Donna. You’ve had this coming for fifteen years.”

“Oh please!” Donna whimpered as Mark settled the heavy weight of his foot against her face once more. “Please let me go! What are you going to do to me?”

“Fuck you, Aunt Donna,” Tony said, his handsome, boyish face alight with excitement. “Fuck you in every hole you’ve got!”

“We’re going to teachyou a lesson, you sorry cunt!” Mark growled, rubbing his dirty boots all over Donna’s beautiful face.

“We’re going to teach you what it is that sluts like you are made for. What kind of a dumb cunt are you, wasting a hot body like yours for all these years. You should have been getting fucked since the day your tits started popping out.”

Wayne slid the car into a spot on the front row of the drive-in. Mark grabbed Donna by her hair again and hauled her up onto the back seat between him and Tony. While Wayne put the speaker on the door of the car, Mark slammed Donna’s head against the rear window a dozen times. By the time he let go of her silky blonde hair Donna was too dazed to do anything but slump weakly between her two nephews.

She looked from boy to boy, unable to believe that these were the ones who would be ripping the cherry she had protected for thirty-one years.

The oldest, Mark, wasn’t even a senior yet. He had a square face and dark hair, and in spite of his foul language and rough manner, Donna could see a bright light of intelligence in his eyes. Wayne, looking over the front seat at her, was as blonde as Mark was dark, his chest hairless and bulging with muscles. Tony, the youngest and barely more than a child, had jet black hair and fine, almost delicate features. The three brothers were so different that Donna had often thought they each had a different father. But they were all looking at her with the same lust now.

“Turn on the light,” Mark said.

The moment the overhead came on Mark tore open the front of Donna’s friliy white blouse. Donna gasped with fear and shock. Mark shredded the blouse from around her shoulders with two more quick jerks of his powerful hands. Donna cried out as her expensive white blouse was torn to rags.

The boys gasped at what they saw. All that was left of Donna’s blouse was half of one sleeve hanging down her right arm and a string of ragged white that draped over her left shoulder and trailed down between the deep cleavage of her tits. Dressed in rags, Donna looked sexier than ever.

Donna had the kind of face that drove men wild. Her mouth was wide and full-lipped and inviting, her teeth perfect rows of gleaming white. Her wide, blue-gray eyes smoldered constantly, seeming to forever hold a promise of animal passion just waiting to be released.

But the beauty of Donna’s face was just an appetizerfor her other charms. Donna was the kind of tall, willowy blonde men dream about. She was almost six feet tall, taller than either Wayne or Tony and almost as big as Mark. But she was as lean and finely muscled as a thoroughbred racing horse. Her broad shoulders tapered down to an upper body that was long and lean. There was only one thing about her upper body that wasn’t skinny — her tits — and that was what made all three of her nephews gasp in shock.

Donna tied down her tits in the most restrictive bra she could find to make them look smaller. Now that her blouse hung about her in rags, though, the deception failed. Wayne reached over from the back seat and ripped the tight cotton bra in half, spilling her big, sweet tits into the open.

“No!” Donna gasped as her tits tumbled free. Tears ran twin tracks down her beautiful face. “Oh please don’t do this! I don’t want this to happen!”

Donna’s tits weren’t huge, but they were more than a handful-full, perfectly round melons that stood high and proud on her chest. Her nipples were sharp-tipped pink projectiles, and they stood out hard and straight in the cool night air, well over an inch long. “You dirty, beautiful bitch!” Wayne hissed, slapping his hands over her full tits and mashing them flat against her chest. “Hiding these big pretty tits all these years! You dirty fucking whore!”

Mark yanked her skirt up her legs, then tore it in half when he couldn’t drag it out from under Donna’s ass. The sexy blonde tried to fight her three nephews, but Tony grabbed her wrists and wrestled them back behind her head. She cried out in frustration and horror, watching helplessly as Mark tore her skirt to pieces. She screamed even more loudly when Mark tore off her panties and Tony used her bra to tie her hands at the same instant.

“Look at her,” Wayne said. “Aunt Donna’s a real fucking beauty. What the fuck’s she been doing wasting this body all these years?”

“Don’t worry,” Mark said. “It’s going to get plenty of use from now on.”

Donna’s legs were impossibly long and impossibly shapely. Her ass was a perfectly rounded bubble, soft enough for a man to sink his fingers into, tight enough to drive him wild. Her cunt was a tiny pink slit that was fringed with gold hairs. Mark freed his cock and Donna screamed in terror. She hadn’t seen a cock since those longago days when she had watched her sister fucking. She hadn’t remembered pricks being so long and thick and strong-looking, or so hairy and ugly. Mark’s cock looked gigantic, big enough to kill her, and the head was dripping with fuck-lube.

Wayne popped his cock out next, his prick almost hairless but every bit as long and ugly as Mark’s. Tony opened his jeans last, and Donna almost lost her mind when she saw the size of the cock he pulled into the open. It was at least as thick as her wrist, and it looked almost a foot long.

“Please, boys!” she whimpered, glancing wildly from one cock to another, unable to tear her gaze away from the hardened, dripping lengths of fuck muscle the boys were pointing at her. “Think of your futures! Think of your mother!”

“Shit,” Mark said with a little laugh, “it was Mom who told us to give you a try.”

“Nooooo!” Donna cried out. She thrashed helplessly, her hands tied behind her head, as all three of her nephews pawed her lean, sexy body.

“Feel these sweet little tits,” Wayne said, tugging the firm, silky mounds all over Donna’s chest.

“Give me a kiss, Aunt Donna,” Tony said, his hands rubbing over her sleek flanks and the flawless white flesh of her back.

“Such a sweet little pussy!” Mark hissed into her ear, pinching and grabbing at her sexy ass with one hand while he teased the other over the fluttering lips of her virgin pussy.

Donna gasped for air, tears streaking her beautiful face and sobs wracking her sexy body.

There was nothing she could do to keep her nephews from mauling her.

Tony clamped his lips tightly to hers and Donna squealed in fright as he crushed her lips and forced her jaws wide apart. His tongue whipped into her mouth like a fat, wet worm, and Donna almost vomited.

She had never been french-kissed before, and the thought that her mouth was being filled with a teenage boy’s spit made her stomach toss and heave. Without warning, Mark plunged a finger up the tiny, pink mouth of her cunt. Donna jerked up off the car seat, her ass clenched tight with shock. Her cunt flexed too, trapping the slender intrusion of Mark’s finger deep inside her. She could feel the scratch of his fingernail on the delicate skin of her cherry.

The thought that she was about to lose the cherry she had protected for over thirty years drove the sexy blonde into frenzied action. She kicked and squirmed wildly, throwing herself at Mark and Tony. She tried to bite Tony’s tongue, but before she could damp her jaws together the boys were responding to her rebellion.

Donna had never imagined that she could feel so many different kinds of pain at the same time. Wayne closed his tit-mauling hands into tight fists. He dug his fingernails into the tender flesh of her tits while he crushed the full mounds against her chest. Tony raked his strong fingers over the soft flatness of her silky stomach. He tore at her long blonde hair with his free hand, jerking her head back, then catching her lush lips between his teeth and biting down until she shook with the awful pain.

Mark fought his way between her long, lean legs, puffing them wide apart. When he bit down on the pink lips of her pussy, sinking his teeth deep into the flesh, Donna whimpered like a beaten schoolgirl and gave up her struggles.

“Dirty cock-tease!” Mark growled. He spun Donna around on the long, leather bench of the car’s back seat. “Now you’re going to get it, you sexy ball-buster! Time to lose that fucking cherry, Aunt Donna!”

“No,” Donna whispered, her wide blue eyes filled with terror. Her cunt was tight and dry. “Please don’t rape me! I’m not a cock-tease! I just don’t want to have sex! Please don’t…”

“Shut up!” Wayne screamed, slamming his fist into fffst one and then the other of Donna’s full, round tits. “Hurry up and fuck her, Mark! I can’t wait for my turn!”

Donna writhed in agony as the pain from her tit beating burned its way into her bound, helpless body. She didn’t try to escape when Tony slipped from the back to the front to give Mark more room to work on her. She didn’t resist when Mark opened the window a crack, fit her already bound hands through the tiny space, then closed the window tightly against her wrists. Only when she felt the rub of his hard, dripping cock over her pussy did she beg again.

“Oh please,” she whimpered, looking up at the cruel face of her oldest nephew. The pain in her wrists was terrible, but she tried to keep her voice from shaking. “I’ve never done anything to you. I’ve never done anything to deserve this.”

“You do deserve this, bitch,” Mark said cruelly. “Because you’ve never fucking done anything with anyone.”

Donna cried then, her courage broken by the boy’s cruel logic.



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