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xNovel - Oh, Dad, No, Dad!


Oh, Dad, No, Dad!

Cover:cover: oh, dad, no, dad!
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Giles pushed another button and the top of the apparatus slid upward again.

Kathleen moaned as she was forced to stand up, her arms aching almost as much as her whipped ass. But she wasn’t upright for long. A bar was pushed through the sides of the apparatus and across her waist, then the top began to push forward again.

She screamed as she was forced to bend at the waist, her head going down and her legs straining against the bonds until her head was lower than her waist and her ass stuck up, pulled tight against the bar.

“What are you doing to me?”

“Nothing much,” Stacey said with a nasty grin, lifting the top of a padded bench as she slipped it over the metal bar that Kathleen’s hands were tied to. The padded top ran right under Kathleen’s face and she began to see the humiliation that was in store for her. She moaned, even begged Giles to stop, but Stacey grinned at her and slid her wet panties down her legs and off.

Then, smiling at the bound girl, Stacey got onto the padded top and opened her legs wide, pulling them up around Kathleen’s terrified face. Stacey’s tight curving thighs stretched on either side of her head and the hot wet gash of her cunt was inches from Kathleen’s mouth.

“Now suck it,” Stacey said.

Kathleen stared at the damp blonde hair of Stacey’s cunt, the hot wet line of her pussylips, and hard bud of her clit and almost fainted. The thought of sucking another woman’s cunt was bad enough, but to suck her stepmother’s disgusting cunt was almost more than she could bear.

But her ass burned more than hot enough to persuade her to behave. She moaned and let her head ease down over Stacey’s pussy, smelling the heady odor of a woman in heat. She licked along the line of Stacey’s cunt, her soft mouth running over the wet flesh.

“Suck it, whore!” Stacey gasped. “And that means more than what you’re doing! Suck it, or take it on the ass, you nasty little cunt.”

She pulled her legs back with her gloved hands, pushing her steaming cunt harder at Kathleen’s mouth.

The little girl sobbed as she sucked the wet lips of Stacey’s pussy.

“Shit,” Stacey said in disgust. She pulled her pussylips open and jerked her clit at Kathleen’s mouth. Bracing her legs with her elbows, she screamed at the bound girl. “Suck it, you stinking little whore, suck it!”

Kathleen gave a low scream as she did the best she could. She sucked the hard bud of Stacey’s clit between her lips and ran her tongue over it again, her body writhing with terror.

“Suuuuuck it! Whip the shit, Giles, don’t just fuck her ass, whip her first!” Stacey yelled, jerking her cunt at Kathleen’s mouth.

“Nooooo — aaghhhh!” Kathleen screamed as the cat whipped her tight asscheeks, sending more horrible agony through her. She bit down on Stacey’s clit, her teeth scissoring before she stopped.

Stacey’s ass leaped up, her curd pushing at Kathleen’s mouth, her pussy spasming.

“That’s better, bitch!” she yelled. “Do it again! Whip her, Giles, whip the shit, she’s getting it!”

Kathleen screamed as the cat whipped her helpless ass again. Her body slammed against the bar, setting it jerking a little over the carpet. And her mouth sank hard over Stacey’s clit, chewing it for all she was worth, scissoring her teeth, her tongue rasping over the hot flesh.

Stacey heaved up on the padded bench, her cunt spasming in Kathleen’s mouth. “Yeahhhh, that’s it, that’s what I want, bitch, now do it like that and you don’t get whipped! Do it!”

Kathleen did as she was told, sucking at Stacey’s hot cunt, chewing her teeth over it and licking at the demanding woman’s cunt. Stacey loved it all. Jerking up and bucking as she came, holding her legs high and wide so that nothing stopped Kathleen from getting her mouth fully on the steaming gash of her pussy.

“Okay, Giles, you can fuck her ass,” Stacey said, sliding one black glove over Kathleen’s hair.

Hanging on the parallel bars, her tits and ass beaten to a pulp, still screaming defiance at Jim, Estelle jerked and turned as the thin rod beat her with more agony. She hung her head back, coming every time the rod cut her flesh, her mouth wide open as she screamed.

Suddenly she peaked, biting a final, terrifying climax.

“Uuurrrghhhaahh!” she screamed, and collapsed, failing on the pole, her head down and her tits heaving as he tried to get her breath back. The leather bindings were wet with her sweat.

“Sooooo.” Jim said softly, holding the rod as his moaning girlfriend hung between the bars. “Got you again, huh?”

“Yes, yes,” Estelle said, gasping for breath.

“Are you going to behave now?” Jim asked.

“Yes, yes, I will, I will!” Estelle moaned. “I’ll be good, I’ll be better than ever, really!”

“Ready for your ass to get off there.”

Estelle piped and sobbed, her body slowly jerking on the bars. “Yes, yes.”

“Yes, sir,” Jim said, the rod sliding over Estelle’s ass.

“Yes sir.”

“Good, and remember to say thank you.”

“Yes, sir.” The rod whipped into her ass. Her body jerked and she gave a low scream. “Thank you, sir!”

Jim cut her again as she swung back from the first blow.

Her scream was louder this time. “Thank you, sir!”

“Three,” Jim said, and the rod cut Estelle’s tits as his hand slowly moved over his cock.

“Aaahhhh! Thank you, sir, thank you!” Estelle sobbed.


“Uuurrrhh! Thank you, sir, thank you!”

“Five.” The rod lashed Estelle’s ass.

“Aaaaaaghhh! Thank you sir!”


“Aaaauuurrhhh! Thank you, sir, I’ll be a good girl!”

“I hope so,” Jim said, and pulled her off the bars, dropping her to the floor where she collapsed, moaning with pain. He undid the straps enough to pull the pole out from behind her arms, but that was all.

“Could I borrow your whore for a bit?” Giles asked, standing beside Jim as they looked down on the moaning, sobbing Estelle. “I need my daughter’s ass licked a bit so I can get in.”

“Sure,” Jim said. “Whatever you want. Get up, bitch.”

Estelle climbed to her feet, her breath ragged and her eyes glazed. “What do I have to go, sir?”

“Lick out that cunt’s ass and get it ready for me to fuck,” Giles said.

Estelle sobbed and tried to walk over in her tight leather bonds.

Jim grabbed her leash and hustled her over. She stood behind Kathleen’s whipped ass and knelt down, her bound arms twitching. Guts took hold of her hair and pushed her head right between Kathleen’s asscheeks.

Kathleen screamed as she felt a mouth moving down into her asscrack. She struggled, her mouth still on Stacey’s pussy as the sultry blonde came, jerking up on the bench and demanding more. Estelle’s mouth worked deep between her stretched asscheeks and the little slave was moaning as she licked, the tip of her tongue sliding over the very entrance to Kathleen’s tight little shithole.

Kathleen shuddered with horror and jerked her head away from Stacey’s cunt. “Nooo, no, not that, nooooo!”

Instantly, Estelle’s head was pulled away and the totally submissive girl was thrown to the floor by Giles, who then turned and picked up the cat.

“Nooo, all right, Daddy, please, pleaaaassse!” Kathleen screamed as the cat lashed her ass.

Stacey gripped her hair and stared into the helpless girl’s terrified eyes.

“Beg!” she shouted, her hot cunt throbbing just below Kathleen’s wet, suffering mouth.

The cat lashed Kathleen’s ass. She jerked and screamed, trying to beg for her ass to be licked out. It was too horrible to think about, and she screamed again as the cat whipped into her ass.

“Beg, you stupid bitch,” Stacey said. “Make it fast, I’m getting really horny.”

“Aaauughhhh!” Kathleen screamed as her ass erupted in agony at the blow of the cat. “Please, please do it!”

“Do what, you stupid bitch?” Stacey yelled as the cat whipped into Kathleen’s tight ass.

“Lick my assssss!” Kathleen wailed, her whole body burning with pain.

“Say it all,” Stacey said, running one hand down to rub her hot pussy.

“Please, please, aaauughhh! Please, lick my ass!” Kathleen groaned, her whole body jerking against the apparatus. Her ass throbbed and burned, yet that tightly knotted passion was there too, rushing out of her whipped flesh and blending with the pain.

“Better,” Stacey said, and pushed Kathleen’s head back down on her throbbing pussy.

Kathleen gave in for about the tenth time that night. She sucked Stacey’s clit into her mouth and chewed at it, running her tongue over the blonde’s hot flesh and pulling at the hard bud as she bit it. Stacey climaxed at once, yelling with lust and forcing her cunt harder at Kathleen’s mouth.

“Suck it bitch!”

Kathleen sobbed as she sucked and bit at her stepmother’s cunt. She jerked a little again as she felt Estelle’s mouth being pushed into her asscrack again, but she had learned her lesson. She moaned and tried to forget the horrible things that were being done to her.

Estelle knelt between Kathleen’s spread, bound legs as Giles pushed her head into the crack of his daughter’s ass. Estelle knew exactly what to do. Her tongue licked out over Kathleen’s shitter entrance and flicked back, digging in a little and pushing into the tight brown hole.

Kathleen shivered as she sucked at Stacey’s cunt. Her ass spasmed under the assault and she tried to tighten her muscles to keep Estelle’s tongue out, but she couldn’t do it. With Giles’ hand on the back of her head, Estelle licked deeper, pushing her tongue right into Kathleen’s shithole.

“Get it real wet, bitch,” Giles said. “If my cock can’t get in, you’ll do it again and take it on the ass as well!”

Estelle moaned and thrust her head into Kathleen’s asscrack. With frantic, powerful pushes of her tongue, she rammed into Kathleen’s ass, licking inside the tight brown hole.

Kathleen jerked and screamed into Stacey’s cunt, but she didn’t dare complain. She felt Estelle’s tongue flicking into her ass and wanted to die. But instead, a sudden burst of passion shot out of the contact as Estelle’s tongue went really deep, licking over her shitter walls and getting them wet enough for Giles to get his cock in. Kathleen gasped and screamed, her head slamming harder into Stacey’s cunt.

“Yeah, come on, baby, do it!” Stacey yelled, pushing her cunt up at Kathleen. “Ooohhhh, that’s good, that’s better!”

Kathleen moaned and screamed, thrusting her ass back at Estelle’s mouth, her ass throbbing with sudden, unexpected passion. Her shitter walls throbbed and spumed around Estelle’s tongue, her lust surging out and burning through the pain of her whipped ass and up through her guts.

“Come on, bitch, came on! Fuck, she’s coming! Lick her ass, lick her ass!”

Kathleen sobbed as she realized she was going to come. The passion built in her guts. She gave a low scream, her teeth chewing at Stacey’s clit as the blonde threw her head back and screamed, climaxing in endless surges of lust.

Suddenly Kathleen knew Rick was near. His mouth was close to her ear, and he brushed her with his lips, sending her spasming into terrible, painful contortions. She knew what he was going to say.

“Don’t come!” he whispered. “I forbid you to come!”

Kathleen screamed, her teeth gripping Stacey’s clit harder as the horrible woman gasped and screeched in ecstasy. The agony in Kathleen’s guts grew as she fought to push the orgasm down. Estelle’s skillful mouth sucked her ass in so that she could probe her tongue even deeper into her shithole. The tip of it worked over her shitter walls.

“Don’t do it,” Rick said, and with a scream of pain, Kathleen obeyed her muter, forcing the lust down, the pain surging over her and making her weak as she sucked Stacey’s spasming clit between her teeth. “Good girl. If it goes on like this, there’ll be some real treats for you.”

He went away, and Kathleen moaned into Stacey’s cunt as the hot blonde held her there, making Kathleen suck her cunt until she was fully satisfied.

Giles laughed and pulled Estelle’s mouth away from his daughter’s ass. “You fucker, Rick, you’re really putting her through it.”

Rick just laughed and sat down, his eyes never leaving Kathleen’s tight figure in the bands.

Giles pushed his cock at the tight entrance to his daughter’s ass. Kathleen shivered and moaned, realizing that her final virginity was about to be raped. She stiffened, but her father’s cock pushed and she couldn’t stop it. The tip penetrated her ass, spreading her tight ring of muscles and making her gasp and moan at the sudden pain. She sucked harder at Stacey’s clit, tightening her teeth as the blonde held her head and yelled with lust.

“Yeahhhhh!” Stacey yelled, jerking her cunt at Kathleen’s mouth. “Fuck her ass, Giles fuck her assss!”

Giles roared as he slammed his cock at Kathleen’s ass. He thrust and his enormous cockhead fucked right into her shithole, stretching her ass hole walls to the limit.

Kathleen screamed and sobbed, but he pushed again and mother four inches of his throbbing prick fucked into her tight ass. Her shiner walls almost exploded with pain, and she screamed as she was reamed out by the enormous cock. Giles pulled his cock back out a little, his cockhead just working over the tight ring of muscles that protected her shitter. Then he slammed home, fucking his cock to the hilt in Kathleen’s asshole, his prick sliding in easily on the saliva left by Estelle’s tongue.

Kathleen’s scream rang out of Stacey’s cunt as her dark hair flicked over the blonde’s thighs and her ass erupted with terrible agony. She felt as if the enormous pole of her father’s cock buried so deep in her guts it would thrust up into her throat at any moment. She moaned as he pulled back and fucked in again.

“Fuck her good, Giles! Fuck the slit out of the stuck-up little cunt!” Stacey gasped as she slid her black-gloved hands over her thighs, keeping her leg spread as she let the helpless girl suck her pussy.

“I’m gonna fuck her ass off,” Giles said. “And she’ll beg for more if she wants to go to college.”

As Kathleen tried her best to satisfy the demands of her terrible father and stepmother, Jim hauled Estelle back to her feet.

“Not bad, not bad,” he said.

“Thank you, sir!” she moaned, her eyes lowered.

“Reward time. What would you like?”

“Please, could I have my tits and ass freed, sir?” she asked her crimson flesh throbbing in the tight leather.

“One of them, the other will cost you six strokes if you want it now.”

“My tits, sir!” she gasped. “What can I do to get my ass freed? It hurts so much.”

“Hmmmmm,” he said as he began to take the tight straps off Estelle’s tits. “I suppose a good blow-job might do it. All this got me as horny as hell.”

“Yes, sir, yes, I’ll do it!” Estelle gasped in her eagerness to please. She moaned as the straps came off her tits, letting them bounce free. Her hands were still tied behind her back, so she couldn’t rub them, but the relief was evident. Her tits were white, with red lines where the leather had bitten into her flesh.

She was still bound around her shoulders and down to her waist as she sank to her knees once more, her mouth reaching for his cock. Jim sat in a chair and made her crawl over to him, then he shoved his cock into her mouth as she knelt there, moaning and sucking.

Bent double, her father’s cock slamming in and out of her ass and her mouth sucking at her stepmother’s cunt, Kathleen felt herself slipping into a pit of swirling lust. Her ass muscles spasmed around the enormous prick buried there and her teeth gripped Stacey’s clit harder, chewing at the hard bud as Stacey continued to spasm in endless climaxes. Kathleen could feel her father’s cock swelling and jerking as the cum boiled in his balls, ready to shoot out.

“Yaaahhhh!” Giles yelled, his cock fucking in and out of Kathleen’s shitter faster and harder as his lust grew. “I’m gonna shoot again, yeaahhhh, I am!”

“Go on, baby, fill her shithole!” Stacey screamed as she hit another shattering climax, her pussy throbbing over Kathleen’s mouth. She grabbed Kathleen’s hair and pulled her face away from her cunt for a moment. “Bring me right off, or else, you cunt! Do it!”

Kathleen wailed in horror as her face was slammed back down onto Stacey’s cunt. She sucked and bit as Giles’ cock began to swell with a load of cum. She felt as if she was bursting as her shitter walls quivered and the old passion started to burst out of her guts. She screamed and shivered, her body writhing as her deep, depraved lust slowly burned, growing all the time.

“Aaahhh, yeaaahhhh!” Giles roared, and his cum shot deep into Kathleen’s ass. The hot stream pulsed out, mashing into her shitter walls as his cock fucked higher. She spasmed, her ass tightening around his prick and her mouth sucking harder at Stacey’s clit. The horrible lust erupted through her, making her gasp and moan, her whole body jerking on the apparatus.

And then Rick was back as another hot stream of cum burst into her ass.

“Don’t come, don’t fuck up now,” he said. “Don’t come!”

“Aaaghghhh!” Kathleen screamed as the terrific lust surged over her body. She fought it with all her might, struggling to keep the endless lust at bay as her father’s cock shot more hot wads of jism into her ass. In the terrible right, her teeth clamped down on Stacey’s clit and chewed it as if it was a piece of steak.

“Yaaahhhhh!” Stacey screamed, and climaxed in a sudden series of terrible jerks. She pushed Kathleen’s head off her cunt with one hand and fell back, gasping with satisfaction and rubbing her pussy, her gloves smeared with her own blood.

Kathleen screamed too, for she hadn’t realized that her teeth were buried deep in the blonde’s cunt, chewing with a fury that had sent Stacey into the final peak of ecstasy. There was blood in her mouth as she gasped and finally got a grip on the surging lust that threatened to overtake her. Even though Giles’ cock was still fucking away in her ass as his final gobs of cum poured into her shit-pit, she had control. She forced her passion back down and looked up to see Rick looking at her.

“Did I do well, sir?”

He nodded. “But the hardest test is coming.”



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