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xNovel - Wife In The Back Seat


Wife In The Back Seat

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When Bill Brady got back home after leaving the car at Clem’s car lot, he could hear lots of action from the bedroom and was delighted to find that his faithless wife was still cuckolding him.

Bill had been embarrassed, before, because he had so much enjoyed watching Betty get fucked. It had seemed sort of perverse to him. But it was such a thrill that he had lost his inhibitions now.

If her two, lovers thought that he was kinky, so fucking what?

He went up and looked in the bedroom.

Betty was taking cock in both ends.

The voluptuous redhead was on her hands and knees. Vince was throwing a dog-fuck into her from behind her ass and Joe was fucking her face at the same time. She was swallowing right on down to the hilt of his cock, his balls rolling up to her lips.

Bill watched from the doorway for a while.

His eyes flashed back and forth as he watched his wife take it in the mouth, then up the cunt. He didn’t know which excited him more.

Bill removed his clothing, groping blindly, his eyes glued to the action.

Then he entered the room.

“Ohhhhhh!” Betty gasped.

She blushed in shame.

Her husband had caught her twice in the same day and on their wedding anniversary, to make matters worse!

It was hard to look contrite with a mouthful of cock, and she drew her slimy lips off Joe’s prick.

His cock jolted up and lay along her cheek.

Vince stopped fucking but held his prick buried up her fuck-hole, and both guys looked guilty.

But they could see that Bill was naked and had a huge hard-on and didn’t seem to be angry at all. He was even smiling encouragingly.

“Don’t stop,” he rasped.

“You-you don’t mind, darling?” his unfaithful wife whispered in surprise.

“Hell, no — I love to watch you suck and fuck with these guys,” he said.

Bill sat down on the bed beside them.

Betty was thrilled.

She had always felt a bit naughty when she cheated on her loving husband — not that it had ever prevented her from extra-marital pleasures and now that she realized that Bill didn’t mind, she was overjoyed.

It would be even more fun when her husband was watching her misbehave so approvingly! She loved the idea of having his eyes burning into her while she fucked with other men.

“Fuck her like a dog, Vince!” Bill croaked. “Put your prick back in her mouth, Joe!”

Vince and Joe were amazed that her husband was taking such a civilized attitude about it and they weren’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Vince began to fuck his cock in and out of her cunt again, and Joe fed his cock-meat to her mouth.

“Fuck, baby — suck!” Bill moaned. Her flame-colored hair tumbled about as she moved her head up and down, fluting her hot mouth down to the hilt of Joe’s big prick.

Her ass heaved up and down as Vince slammed his cock up her cunt from behind.

Betty was gazing, at her husband, watching his face as he stared at her so passionately.

Her pleasure was magnified greatly by his presence.

What more could a wife ask than a husband who allowed her to get gang banged and took such delight in watching?

“Jizz her mouth, Joe!” Bill croaked.

Joe’s cock was swelling and jolting. Precum spilled from Betty’s lips and ran down her chin.

“Shoot up her fuck-hole, Vince!” her husband groaned, in voyeur’s rapture.

Vince shoveled the cock-meat in, growling and panting like the dog he was emulating.

“Fill her up, boys! Slime my fucking wife’s cunt — hose her mouth!”

Vince howled like a wolf and a stream of steaming cum gushed up Betty’s pussy. Her haunches churned and her cunt creamed as he squirted jism into her cunt.

Bill got his excited face right up close as he watched Joe cum in her cunt. Each time the man fucked his prick in, cunt-cum and fuck-juice poured from her pink pussy-slot and ran down her trembling thighs.

“Umpppfff — umpppfff!” Betty gurgled. Joe was getting set to blow his cum-load into her throat, and she wanted to let Bill know.

Bill tore his gaze away from her cock stuffed cunt and moved up to stare at her pretty face, his own handsome face contorted by fiery emotions.

Joe’s thick prick hissed in.

“Gonna cum!” he gasped.

“Yeah-yeah! Cream her mouth! Suck the jizz out of his prick, baby!” Bill enthused.

“Glubbbb — glubbb!” she sputtered.

She gulped the cum down and Joe fed her more.

Betty wanted her husband to enjoy all the slimy details of it.

She pulled her lips off Joe’s cock-head and, holding her mouth open an inch from the end, frigged out anther wad of cum with her fist, so that Bill saw the milky fuck-juice spurt from Joe’s piss-hole and fly into her open mouth.

“Ahhhh — drink his jizz, baby!” Bill moaned.

Betty took his cock-knob back into her wanton mouth and finished sucking him dry.

She drew her face back and opened her mouth wide and let Bill see the last gooey mouthful of creamy cum on her tongue.

Then she swallowed the cum with her lips still parted.

“Ummmm — yummy!” she sighed. Bill kissed her sinful, spunk-soaked lips adoringly.

His cock was thundering, and Betty thought that he would want to fuck her next.

But Vince and Joe were still hard, and Bill was having such a ball watching that he was in no hurry to sink his own fucker into her lovely body.

He sucked her tongue, then drew back.

It was evident that he was still content to play the passive role of spectator — and Betty was more than happy to put on another performance.

She pulled Joe down on the bed and knelt over him, straddling his loins. She knew that Bill could see all the details in that position.

She balanced on the top of Joe’s towering cock-lance like a flagpole sitter. Her coral-pink cunt-slot was sucking on his flushed purple cock-head and streams of pussy-nectar poured down his prick-shaft.

“Watch, darling,” Betty moaned. She pushed her cunt down and buried Joe’s cock to the hilt. Her ass brushed his balls as she held all of his cock up her pussy.

Bill got his face right down there, staring at the junction of cock and cunt.

Betty squirmed and wriggled on a full cunt-load. As she ground down, the firm cheeks of her shapely ass parted, revealing her asshole.

Bill licked up the crack of her ass and then began to suck out her tangy shit-hole.

Vince was waiting for instructions. Betty was Bill’s wife, after all, and it was only correct that her husband should set the scene.

Bill got Betty’s asshole juiced up with spit, lapping in deep and slobbering into the slot.

He moved his head out of the way. “Shove it up her ass,” he demanded. Vince grinned and shuffled in, fitting his swollen cock-head to her tight little asshole and working it in inch by inch.

He fucked in to the hilt, and his balls lay against Joe’s balls in Betty’s groin.

Betty began to ride on Joe’s fucker, pulling her pussy up to the cock-knob, then sinking down to the root.

Vince fed his prick to her ass at the same time.

She could feel both cocks rubbing together in her guts.

Bill dropped belly-down on the bed, his chin on the mattress, his face close to the double action. His prick was working like a lever, hiking his ass up.

Betty set the tempo, cunt-fucking and assfucking fast, then slowly, changing the rhythm to make it last. Her cunt began to cream again and her guts turned to goo as Vince steadily rammed his prick up her ass.

Her mouth was vacant, and Bill was tempted to face-fuck her. But he couldn’t bear to tear his face away from the action in her ass and cunt.

The next time that he watched his wife cheat on him, he would have to arrange it so that she had three men at the same time. They ground away, slowly building up to yet another climax.

Betty was juicing off again and again. Her hot pussy was going to keep right on creaming as long as the hard cock-meat was fucking into her.

Joe bridged his torso, driving his cock lance upward.

His jizz hit the core of her cunt with a hot splash.

Betty fucked up and down, taking his cum as she buried his prick and taking more cum on the recoil.

Then Vince was squirting a steaming enema of cum into the wanton woman’s shit-hole. His fucker plunged in, pumping the jism back out. Slimy torrents of cum ran down into her groin and mingled with Joe’s cum.

Both men drained off and sagged.

They were finished for the day, which would have distressed Betty, if her horny husband wasn’t waiting for his own turn with her.

Vince dragged his softening prick out of her ass and she slid up and let Joe’s prick slip from her pussy. She bent down and gave the soft cock-meat a suck, then turned and mouthed Vince’s ass-flavored cock. She polished his cockknob as her husband looked on.

Bill waited until the other two men had dressed and departed.

He felt very romantic and affectionate now and wanted to be alone with his loving wife.

Betty lay on her back, her legs spread open, cum pouring from her asshole and pussy and streaking her lips. Bill kissed her mouth, then sucked on her tits, switching from peak to perky peak.

He moved on down and hiked her up so that he could suck out her sodden asshole, then clamped his mouth to her adulterous cunt and sucked, loving to eat his wife’s sweet pussy after she had been thoroughly fucked by other men.

“Darling — darling,” she moaned, as his lapper stirred her cummy cunt to foam.

She melted in his mouth.

Then he moved on up and fucked his prick in her slippery pussy. He was so horny that he shot off on the first fuck-stroke, filling her cunt with more cum than he ever had before.

His cock didn’t diminish at all.

If anything, his prick got bigger and harder and his cum-bags instantly recharged themselves.

He began to give her a long, slow second fucking, and Betty moved with him, undulating and arching as his cock fucked in and out.

They fucked for a long time.

Bill creamed off as plentifully as he had on the first fuck, and his prick stayed stiff.

The joy of peeping had inspired Bill, turning him into a satyr — which ideally suited his insatiable wife.

She sucked him off and drank a load of cum, then he fed her another cuntful, reamed out her asshole, and fucked her pussy yet again, his vitality boundless and matched by her own nymphomaniacal passion.

At long last they were satisfied. They cuddled together, kissing tenderly. “I’m so glad that you gave me a car, darling,” she purred. “Just think of all the horny men I can pick up and bring home in that red convertible!”

Bill groaned, suddenly remembering that, in his annoyance, he had left the car to be sold.

He had to get it back, he knew, looking forward to having his wife use it to pick up lots of lovers for him to watch.

So Bill and Betty both hurried down to the used-car lot.

Clem was not to be found, but the shiny red convertible was still where Bill had parked it, all glossy and innocent, the keys still in the ignition.

It was still her car, so they got in and had a fuck on the front seat, just to break the vehicle in.

There was a van parked nearby at the curb, and it was rocking on its springs. But neither Betty nor Bill thought anything of it, nor did they ever know what a lot of fun had been caused by the presence of the red convertible on the car lot.

They finished fucking and then drove home.

A short time later, leaving the van, Clem and Dolly wondered what had happened to the convertible.

They never did figure it out. Dolly settled on a van, instead, and paid for it on the installment plan and even learned to drive, eventually. But she was parked a lot more than she was driving…




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