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xNovel - Some Nuns Suck... Secretly!


Some Nuns Suck... Secretly!

Cover:cover: some nuns suck... secretly!
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There was a knock at the door. Sister Mary stirred on her bed, the candles shifting slightly in her cunt and asshole. The feeling delighted her. She let out a low moan. The knocks came again, this time in quick succession. Sister Mary moved over on the bed, suctioning the two candles from her cunt and asshole. She hated taking the waxen shafts out.

“Who is it?” she called, donning only the top portion of her smock as fast as she could.

“It’s Father Michael. Is everything ail right? I thought I heard strange sounds.”

“Can’t hear you well enough,” Sister Mary said, placing the candles on her prayer table and quickly unlocking the door. She opened it and stared up at Father Michael, the handsome new priest she’d gotten the candles from. “Uh, Sister! Your cap is not on and… and you’re not fully clothed,” the priest exclaimed, averting his eyes from the disheveled nun.

“I was taking a nap,” Sister Mary said, shaking her long dark locks of shimmering hair back. “Why don’t you come in while I get myself presentable.”

“I-I guess it’s okay if I come in,” he said, not comfortable. He did not look directly at the sexy nun. “I-I was just checking to see how… you liked your prayer candles. Have you… uh… tested them yet?”

“In a manner of speaking,” Sister Mary said, sitting on the edge of her bed. She made no move to clothe herself. She just sat in front of the handsome priest, crossing her legs provocatively. One full side of a thigh and almost all of an ass-cheek was revealed to the startled priest. He found it difficult to look at the nun, but eventually found himself able to.

Sister Mary eyed the rising arch in his dark blue pants. His zipper looked like it would burst from the pressure. The nervous priest moved his hands there quickly to bide his erection. The hiked portion looked like a grotesque appendage growing out of the youthful priest’s midsection.

“Looks like you’re glad to see me,” Sister Mary said, hiking her smock a little more. She had it almost to her waist. Just a little shift in position on the bed or an unfolding of her sexily tapered legs and the wide-eyed priest could see her cunt-flesh.

“Uh, maybe I should go?” Father Michael said, pushing his thick sandy hair away from his forehead. Beads of sweat appeared on his brow.

“I’m not really tired anymore,” Sister Mary said, rubbing her chest deftly, as if stretching. Her humongous tits stretched through the fabric and two tiny points showed through where the sharp points of her nipples touched the cloth.

“And since you got me up, you must give me the courtesy of your company for a while.”

Father Michael’s mind was temporarily going blank as he stared at the beautiful, scantily clad nun. Her creamy smooth legs and the prominent bulges on her chest were leaving him speechless and thoughtless.

“Why… did you… become a nun? You are quite… beautiful,” he finally said.

“To be of service to others. Any way I can,” Sister Mary said, unfolding her legs and spreading them slightly. “I prefer pleasure to suffering so I give of myself freely, willingly to those I choose.”

“You do?” The priest licked his lips. “Yes. I have special ways of serving others by making them feel good.”

She tilted her head back slightly, unbuttoning the top two buttons of her smock. The deep valley between her luscious tits was revealed. Father Michael’s pants stretched tight where his cock had flexed itself even more solid.

“I want to make you feel good,” she said. “Would you mind if I did that?”

She edged toward him, coming off her bed. Father Michael nodded. He seemed hypnotized by her two large tits, which swayed freely beneath her half-open mock. Sister Mary walked toward him, swaying her hips back and forth.

“The Lord gave us these bodies for a reason,” Sister Mary said, kneeling in front of the seated priest as if she were going to pray to him.

She folded her hands and leaned forward, her hips just inches from the hiked portion of the priest’s pants.

“I am drawn to you,” she said, observing Father Michael’s bulging trousers.

“Yeah. Uh-huh. Must be the Lord’s will.”

“Then His will be done!”

The sexy nun unbuttoned her remaining buttons and her smock fell open, revealing her large, round tit-flesh.

“Oh my!” Father Michael said. “Praise the Lord! You are blessed!”

“So are you,” Sister Mary said, leaning into Father Michael’s crotch. She folded her hands in front of her large tits to keep them from falling forward as she leaned into the excited priest’s pelvis. With her teeth, she clamped down on his zipper and pulled it down. Father Michael’s bloated cock-flesh plopped out like a Jack-in-the-box. The cock sprang to attention, flexing itself upward, straining, bulging, bloated veins throbbing with power and energy. “Glory Be!” Sister Mary exclaimed, admiring the mighty fuck-rod which had escaped from the horny priest’s pants. “You, too, are blessed, Father Michael! May I be of service to you?”

“In… what way?” the tense priest asked. “You need some relief,” Sister Mary said. “If you were sick, I would pray for you. If you were hungry, I would cook for you. But you seem to be horny, so I must go down on you.”

But it was too late. Sister Mary slurped the mammoth cock into her succulent mouth in one swoop, gobbling the young priest’s cock all the way!

“Ohhhh, Sister!” Father Michael panted, jerking his head back, closing his eyes as he felt Sister Mary’s wet lips encircle his cock-flesh. Her smooth, slick throat muscles evenly stroked his sensitive cock all the way in. His cock was hilt-deep inside the sexy sister. He felt her lips touch his cock-hairs as his cock angled all the way down her throat.

“Oh, heavens! So nice, oooh!” he groaned. Sister Mary slowly withdrew the mighty cockshaft, nibbling at the underneath side, sliding her lips up the cock-root.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God!” Father Michael shivered, jerking in the chair, feeling the gorgeous nun’s mouth enclosed around his tender cock. “Ohhhh, yesss, Lord in heaven!”

Sister Mary unclasped her hands and held the sturdy cock at the base as she pumped her lips around the mammoth fuck-rod and gobbled it in and out.

“You’ve unleashed a devil,” he said, smashing his lips down hard, cruelly, on the surprised nun’s wet mouth.

Sister Mary retaliated by drawing him to her, mashing her soft tits against his massive, furry chest. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled his body down hard. He did not have to take aim or heft his huge cock toward her wet open cunt. The sturdy fuck-rod strained home, sinking right into her parted pussy-lips.

“Ooooh, Father!” the sex-starved nun exclaimed.

“Unghh, nice!” Father Michael panted, feeling his throbbing cock slide into her wet open fuck-hole.

Father Michael ground his swollen-veined cock deep into the quivering sister’s undulating pussy. He churned the cock around, stirring up her cunt, rubbing the raw inner flesh of the passionate cock violating her innermost depths.

“Take it all, Sister Mary!” the hot priest cried, fuck stroking his taut cock faster and faster into the nun’s buttery cunt.

They rolled around on the bed, bouncing almost off the mattress. She shoved her cunt around his thrusting cockhard as both of them smashed into each other, their hot flesh entertwining, straining, heaving.

“Ohhh, yesss, ahhhh!” the priest screamed, feeling the sexy nun’s hot fuck-box envelop his sensitive cock.

“Ohhhh, Father. Yesss, fuck me!” Sister Mary shrieked, grinding her crotch up to meet his cock every time he stabbed her deep.

They tore at each other with a vengeance, as if their lives depended upon it. The passionate nun bolted up against the fuck-starved priest as his cock churned around inside her creamy cunt, stirring her up, pressing against the raw inner walls, distending her pussy-flesh.

“Ahhhh, Father, yesss, fuck me hard!” she cried, clawing at him.

The pussy-mad priest had lost his mind. He mercilessly pumped his huge cock in and out of Sister Mary’s cock-stuffed cunt. Their bodies slammed hard into each other with every brutal fuck thrust. The hot nun felt the monster cock gouging deep into her quivering fuck-hole. The rubbery slick walls of her pussy convulsed around the invading shaft as it lashed at her, stabbing deep, ramming itself all the way, twisting around, then reaming her buttery depths like something out of hell.

“Fuck me, Father Michael!” the straining nun yelped, angling her ass higher to better receive the thrusts of the mammoth cock which battered her shimmering cunt-walls!

“Yessss, take it, Sister! Ohhhh, what a cunt! Love this, God bless you!” he cried, circling his cock around in the shivering nun’s throbbing cunt.

Both of the holy people wrestled on the bed as one, with the priest on top, pumping himself maniacally into the frenzied nun’s tender pussy.

Sister Mary pulled at the sexy priest’s sandy hair, stroked his shoulders, clawed his back, felt his taut ass-flesh as his hips bucked wildly into her crotch, sinking his monster cock all the way into her boiling pussy.

The hot priest shook his head back and forth, rubbing his chest against the nun’s massive tits which flopped on her chest. He pressed himself against the ravaged sister, feeling the creamy softness of her tit-flesh.

The lusty nun’s body jerked erratically as she tensed with every mighty fuck thrust by the priest. His cock slammed deep into her steaming fuck-hole, blasting away at her cunt.

“So deep, so deep, yessss, thank you, Father Michael, ohhhh!” Sister Mary groaned, jerking every which way to better receive the huge cock skewering her surgingcunt-flesh.

“Yesss, ohhhh, take it!” the priest cried, sipping his hips against the sexy nun’s body as his cock pistoned itself into her slick cunt-gash.

Sister Mary grabbed both of the hot priest’s shoulders and drew herself to him, keeping his cock tightly locked inside her cunt. She twisted underneath him, making him slide to one side, next to her. Then she mounted him, wrapping ha legs over his pelvis expertly, keeping his cock wrapped tightly inside her cunt.

The priest was forced onto his back, and he lay on the bed with the hot nun above him, her legs around his hips, her boiling cunt encompassing his ballooned cock.

“What… are you doing? Oh, feels good, thought,” he sighed. “Gonna ride you, Father. How’s it feel?” she asked, wriggling her ass down hard around Father Michael’s balls, receiving his thrusting cock-meat deep into her buttery fuckhole. This time she was doing the fucking, thrusting her hips down on the prone priest, jamming her cunt flesh around his flagpole of a cock.

“Ohhhh, yessss! Ride ‘em, cowboy!” the priest wailed, feeling his tender cock-meat being crushed into the syrupy slick flesh of the hot nun’s creamy pussy. “Ya-hoo!” Sister Mary cried, ramming herself down onto the sexy priest’s cock. She gyrated her cunt around the bloated fuck-rod which was stuffed up into her wet pussy, rubbing his cock-flesh against her pussy-flesh and gripping the massive rod as tight as her swampy cunt would allow.

The sex-ravaged priest was going out of his mind with lust. He drew her down to him, feeling her wobbly ass-cheeks part as her crotch meshed into his. As his cock buried deep inside her oozing cunt, the frantic priest grabbed the hot nun by the hair and pulled her face to his, kissing her wetly, passionately, feeling her throbbing cunt quiver and dilate around his huge cock.

“Oh, Sister,” he whispered, looking into her face. “I’m gonna cum now!”

“Do it!” she screamed. “I want it all! Give me your hot milk!” She jerked up suddenly and slammed herself down again, undulating her ass around on his cock, making the turned-on priest sigh heavily as his monster fuck-rod swelled quickly.

“Ahhhh, ughhhh, coming!” Father Michael cried, clenching his eyes shut, twisting his head to the side, feeling his balls shudder as the hot nun’s cunt gripped his cock tight.

The purple head of the priest’s cock exploded like a cannon, firing fiery wads of thick paste deep into the slick passage of Sister Mary’s spurning pussy. The huge cock flexed itself, jetting thick wads of creamy jizz up into her bubbling cunt.

“Ohhhh, Father, feel it, yesss, do it, want it all!” she cried, bucking down on him hysterically.

“Yessss, yesss!” the priest bellowed, blasting his cock deep into Sister Mary’s tight wet fuck-hole.

The priest’s rigid cock flashed hot wads of boiling cock-cream into the horny sister’s buttery cunt. The mighty fuck-rod exploded gob after gob of steaming juice, flooding the nun’s juicy pussy, splattering her inner walls, soaking her cunt completely.

Sister Mary felt the river of jism spewing into her like boiling lava from an erupting volcano and shivered all over, pinching her tits, slinking her head. This was better than a candle or a broom or a stick shift or a door knob or anything she had ever tried to fuck herself with. “Ahhhh, Father, yes!” she sobbed, twisting her body around on the priest, getting all of his cum inside her till it leaked out of her cunt and down her legs onto him and the sheets.

“Yesss, Sister Mary, take it! Take it all! Ohhhh, you’re so great!” he panted, feeling the surges of pleasure coming from his contracting balls as his cock spewed endless streams of fiery goo into the pulsing sister’s warm pussy.

They collapsed, Sister Mary on top, Father Michael on the bottom, connected at the crotch by his cock and her cunt.

Father Michael’s cock softened inside her buttery cunt, floating in that sea of pussy juice and cock-paste which oozed everywhere.

“Wasn’t that great?” Sister Mary said.

The priest nodded dumbly, almost unable to speak. “It was inspirational, divine. A sacred act.”

“Man does not live by bread alone,” she said. Father Michael nodded listlessly.



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