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xNovel - The Family Suck Feast


The Family Suck Feast

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AB-5532 THE FAMILY SUCK FEAST by Albert Gantry


Looking red-faced and sweaty, Donna Vale was jacking off in bed. But, although the pretty blonde was a widow, she definitely was not alone and unhappy. She was fucking up a storm with her young son and daughter and her married sister’s family. Even as she finger-fucked herself, Donna was hornily watching her son and brother-in-law fuck her sister, right beside her.

Jacking off at Donna’s other side were her daughter Barbi, her sister’s son Eddy, and Eddy’s sister Suzy. Suzy was just sliding a slim finger in and out of her own cunt. Everybody was naked in Donna’s house.

“God,” Suzy moaned, “this is the way to celebrate us all living with you now, Aunt Donna. A family fuck-and-suck. You have great ideas.”

“Mmmmm!” Donna agreed, jacking off faster. “Watching John fuck Pam in the mouth while my Skip fucks her up the ass has me steaming hot!”

“Me too, Mom!” Barbi groaned, twisting her own jutting clit in two fingers, gasping to the thrills. “I need fucking!”

Eddy knelt up and waved his hard cock in her eyes.

“I’ll fuck ya, Barbi,” he said.

“Goody!” Barbi exclaimed, giving her clit a last stretching twirl.

Donna watched her cute daughter grab the cock, flop to her back, and arch her pussy up. The spread, wet cunt quickly sucked the stiff prick in. Then Barbi was wiggling like a demon on Eddy’s driving cock. Eddy just held his ass still and made her do all the work, bent over her squirming body and leering down at her. Bouncing her ass, puffing and panting, Barbi soon spasmed into orgasms. Her cunt gushing onto the sheets, she went lamp.

“Shit,” she said, once her eyes stopped rolling. “You didn’t come in me!”

Donna was all ears, hearing that.

“Fuck your cum in my cunt, Eddy. Please!” she pleaded, pulling her finger out of her cunt. She dropped back on the sheets, too, her legs apart. Her nephew slipped his cock into her cunt, fresh from her daughter’s pussy. She sighed, fucked, groaning happily when Eddy soon grunted and popped his wad up her cunt. Donna did not come, but she loved the fuck. After Eddy pulled sloppily out, Donna sat up again, her pussy draining jism.

Hotter than ever, the blonde stared enviously at her sister getting fucked in the mouth and ass. Pam was starting to twitch all over, sucking on her husband John’s face-fucking prick, scooting her asshole back and forth on Donna’s son’s stiff cock. Skip was finger-fucking Pam’s pussy as he fucked her ass. Pam had a hand curved back under her crotch, grabbing at Skip’s flapping balls, pulling on them to coax their cum out.

“Look at them fuck!” Donna exclaimed, rubbing her jizzy cunt.

“Oh, watching them has my clit throbbing out so big and red,” Suzy said. “I needed that fuck you just gave Barbi.”

“Don’t worry, Sis. My cock’s stiff again,” Eddy answered, pumping a fist on the solid proof.

“Mmmmm,” Donna murmured, “what a lovely hard-on!” She grabbed it in her curling fist, jacked on it, keeping it from Suzy.

Her sister looked at them, listening to their dirty talk. Their stares excited Pam into fucking harder. She started finger-fucking her own juicy cunt, shuddering to the slides of Skip’s prick up her ass.

Even more jealous of her sister, Donna rubbed a hand in her own drippy cunt, then mauled her tits with her slickened fingers, jacking her other hand faster on Eddy’s cock. Suzy was watching Skip’s prick jab up her mother’s ass, stroking her own hard clit in time to the thrusts. Barbi was playing with her own pussy to the same excited beat.

“Aunt Donna,” Suzy groaned, “aren’t we gonna fuck anymore?”

“Sure. Let’s try and hook onto that three-way,” Donna said.

Her sister wanted that. Pam pleaded for it, giving up sucking on her husband’s big prick long enough to speak, then slurping back onto it.

“Pile on, Donna, all four of you! Play with my body. Use me! I want hard cocks spurting in all of my holes, coming all over me. I want to lick cunt and eat prick. I want to do it all. Suck my tits! I want to come. Oh God, everybody give it to me!”

Then the brunette tilted her mouth up again for her husband to just fuck, hod her ass up higher for Skip’s cock ramming her asshole. She was being thumped back and forth. Skip’s cock would stab into her asshole and knock her mouth onto John’s long thick hard-on. John kept heaving his prick down her throat and bumping her asshole back around Skip’s stiff cock. Pam circled her mouth and asshole on the two stroking cocks all the more eagerly.

Donna squealed. Her daughter, niece and nephew suddenly attacked her, knocked her to her hands and knees on the bed. Barbi grabbed her dangling tits and chewed on them. Suzy kissed her mouth, stabbing her tongue down her throat. Eddy pulled Donna’s ass-cheeks apart, and started licking her asshole.

Her cunt steaming, Donna fought free and crawled obscenely on top of her sister. She straddled Pam’s back, began riding the double-fucked woman, but facing Pam’s ass. She scrubbed her hot pussy up and down along Pam’s naked back, watching Skip fuck Pam’s asshole.

Donna wanted her son to lick her cunt while he fucked his aunt’s ass. She tipped her drippy pussy up to him as he went on ass-fucking Pam. Donna groaned when Skip grabbed her wobbling tits, squeezed and pulled on them. Then he dived his mouth into her blonde cunt. She squirmed with pleasure as her son mauled her tender tits and sucked her cunt. She watched him fuck her sister’s ass, stared at her own open pussy of silky blonde cunt-hairs quivering up around his face as he sucked deeply into them.

“Sweet cunt! Sweet cunt! Sweet cunt!” he cried.

“Then eat it, honey. Tongue-fuck Mother! Mmmm, yes!” she moaned.

Donna could see everything in the dresser mirror. Her brother-in-law, right at her head, got excited watching her writhing nakedly on his wife’s back and feeding her cunt to her own son. John fucked Pam’s face faster as Pam kept twisting her asshole up and back for Skip to fuck while he madly licked his mother’s cunt.

John moved his hands above both Pam and Donna and grabbed Donna’s tits out of Skip’s squeezing grip. Now looking up at John, Donna waggled her tongue out at him, then was kissing awkwardly with him as he pinched her tight nipples and fucked his wife’s face.

“Oooh, my tits and cunt feel so good!” Donna gasped, switching her ass under her son’s face and kissing up into her brother-in-law’s mouth.

Foggily, she saw Pam’s daughter Suzy playing with her own cunt, stooping in and watching her mother fuck and suck. Donna saw her nephew and her own daughter kneeling in, too. They were jacking each other off, Barbi pumping on Eddy’s prick and Eddy finger-fucking Barbi’s hot young pussy.

Full of lust, Donna was fighting to stay on Pam’s, back and go on getting her cunt lapped by her son. Pam was bucking and squirming terribly, sliding her asshole on Skip’s prick and twisting her mouth on, John’s thrusting cock. Donna could tell that John was enjoying kissing her, just above his wife’s cock-sucking head, while she got her pussy licked. As he watched Skip slurp into Donna’s cunt and slam his stiff prick in and out of Pam’s whipping ass, he was, groaning loudly, Pam was sucking his cock so well.

Donna saw her daughter helping Eddy to fuck his sister. Barbi gripped Eddy’s hard cock in her hand and guided it hornily into Suzy’s cunt as the little brunette fell to her back and threw her legs wide in the air.

The instant she got the brother and sister started fucking, Barbi sat on Suzy’s face. Hunkering her ass low, she twisted her split cunt all over Suzy’s mouth, enjoying having Suzy lick her pussy as Suzy moaned to the deep stabs of Eddy’s cock in her own cunt.

The three kids didn’t last long. Barbi suddenly jerked her head back and grunted. She orgasmed, hard into Suzy’s sucking mouth, shuddering, her naked young ass-cheeks jerking up and down. Then, Suzy bucked her ass up in a cum. She just screamed. Her cunt clamped around Eddy’s pistoning prick in, a panicking chain of spasms. Eddy froze as his sister’s pussy chewed on his cock. He couldn’t breathe as his cock simply started spurting and filled her cunt with cum.

Eddy pulled loose from his groaning sister. His cock was staying up like steel. He was definitely not satisfied. He scooted on his knees to his mother, in her groaning four-way with his father, Donna, and Donna’s ass-fucking son. He wanted Pam to suck him off, even if she did have her mouth crammed full of his father’s prick. Eddy pushed his cock against the corner of her cock-sucking lips anyway.

“Eat me, Mom. I’ll just die if you don’t. You did blow dad!” he croaked.

Pam turned her eyes to her son’s thrusting prick, feasted them on it. She wanted that good eating, too. But she wanted to suck the jism out of the cock she was already gobbling, did not want to give up.

“Mm-hmm! Mm-hmmm!” she moaned, letting Eddy know she would blow him next, sucking faster on his father.

But John gave way to Eddy. He wanted to use another hole on his wife.

“Suck him off, Pam. Now that you have my prick sucked so hard, I want to fuck your hot pussy. I’ll slide under you and fuck it from underneath.”

John pulled his cock out of Pam’s mouth and moved aside. Pam kept her empty red lips opened wide and Eddy shoved his solid prick right in. He started fucking her beautiful face while she gulped ecstatically on his hard cock-meat, letting him stroke it clear down her throat.

Donna saw her daughter and Pam’s leaning in again, watching everything. They were finger-fucking each other, cuddling side by side. Barbi’s fingers were getting soaked by Eddy’s cum dripping out of Suzy’s cunt. Suzy’s fingers were also swimming in Eddy’s cum, still dribbling out of Barbi’s cunt from the earlier fuck.

The two girls were watching John slide below his son’s face-fucking ass and Pam’s head, moving headfirst on his back, under his wife’s belly. Pam stayed poised like a shaking dog, sucking Eddy’s cock, getting ass-fucked by Donna’s son, Donna still riding her sweaty back and getting cunt-lapped by Skip.

Pam was hot to have her husband’s thick prick plug her empty pussy. She whimpered as warm writhing bodies seemed to rub her nakedness everywhere.

“I love you all so much. God! Fuck me! Fuck all of my holes!” she gurgled around Eddy’s slippery cock sliding in her mouth.

“Do it, Daddy,” Suzy said. “Stick your big prick in Mom’s hairy cunt. Hurry! My pussy’s about to go off. I want to see you fucking her while I come!” She moaned, hunching her cunt down around Barbi’s fingers as she twisted her own fingers up into Barbi’s downy fuck-hole.

Donna egged her brother-in-law on, too, twitching on her sex-mad sister’s back, mopping her own cunt up on her son’s mouth, glassy-eyed.

“Fuck a load in your wife’s cunt, John. Your son will soon feed her his sweet jism. The way my son is fucking her so jerky, he’ll spurt off up her asshole any second. I know I’ll come when you all do!”

Donna was wildly excited, having so many naked ladies on her bed with her as she rode her sister’s back. She’d been so lonely in this bedroom after her husband died, until Pam’s family came to stay. In the dresser mirror, she could see Eddy pumping his prick into his mother’s gulping mouth, his asscheeks jerking warningly. Then John was sucking up into Pam’s cunt, pausing there, while Skip fucked her asshole faster. Pam was being fucked and sucked to a climax by three horny males, tears of ecstasy running down her cheeks, soaking along her cock-sucking lips.

Pam almost came in her husband’s mouth, but John slid on back first. He wanted to get his swollen cock up in the pussy he’d just sucked. Pam jumped when his cock-head slapped up between her cuntlips, right where his mouth had been. But she heaved her pussy down, hooked the cock’s drippy head in it. She opened her cunt wide by pushing her belly muscles down, made her hairy coot swallow the cock. Then she clamped her hot fuck-tunnel in on it.

John and Skip stroked into Pam’s pussy and asshole to the beat of Eddy’s fucks in her mouth. Donna envied her sister’s being stuffed with hard pricks in every hole. Pam kept grunting and hunching as two cocks endlessly speared her pussy and asshole, slobbering around the prick fucking her face.

“Mmmp! Mmmp! Mmmp!” she gulped, her sliding lips making bubbles around her son’s cock as she sucked for its cum.

“Here it comes, Mom! Yeah! Eat that jism!” Eddy suddenly yelped.

But he only let her swallow the first big spurt. Then he pulled his prick out of her lips and madly jacked the rest of the jetting globs into her wide-open mouth, moaning crazily as his balls went on, emptying.

Pam cupped her lips up, begging with them for more cum. She got it. White globs of jism spewed out of the jerking cock to her. She never once closed her lips. She just caught the flying jism, letting it splat lewdly into her mouth, fill it. She didn’t lose a drop.

It excited Donna, seeing Pam’s son shoot his cum straight into his mother’s mouth. Eddy spurted the hot jism cleanly between Pam’s parted lips.

Pam didn’t breathe until she caught the last glob of jism. She let her mouth fill with the cock-juice. Only then did she close it. Then, she clamped her lips together and gulped hard. Joyfully, she swallowed every bit of the cum, rushing it down into her stomach with a greedy grunt. Only one string of jism dangled from her chin.

Donna kept riding face up on her cum-eating sister’s back, jutting her cunt high while her son sucked it and fucked Pam’s ass. His lips made foam in Donna’s cunt as he ate madly into it. Then Donna saw Skip suddenly start coming up Pam’s ass, bucking and groaning. His cock raced in and out between Pam’s quaking ass-cheeks, then jammed in deep. Donna could tell he was loading his aunt’s sucking asshole with cum. Skip’s hard bucking against Pam, as he shot his cum up her ass, made her shake more beneath his mother’s bare back. Pam began crying out, feeling the jism heat her guts.

“Oh, yes, Skip, darling! Give Auntie Pam a big assful of your cum! Fill my horny asshole up!” she urged.

Donna couldn’t help coming, writhing on her sister’s back, getting sucked off by her son while he shot Pam’s asshole full of jism. She flopped her legs out, clamped them down around Pam’s hips, and just let her pussy explode in Skip’s mouth.

“Suck Momma’s cunt, honey! Suck her off! It’s so good! Oh, I’m coming, you little cunt-lapper! Coming! Suck it up!” Donna bleated, her belly jerking up and down in orgasms.

Her furry fuck-hole gushed into he son’s mouth. A lot of the pussy-juice ran down the crack of her ass and into her sister’s ass-crack. Donna wondered what Pam thought, having all that cunt-juice rain, on her fucked ass, soaking the stiff cock sliding in, and out of her straining asshole.

Donna quivered as Skip kept licking her coming pussy. Then he felt her sister shudder into her own cum, begin jerking her hips up and down. Pam madly squished her asshole back around Skip’s spurting prick and shoved her slobbery pussy down around her husband’s cock, grinding herself on it.

Pam’s naked body jerked in orgasms, every muscle knotted. The pretty brunette gasped to the bliss burning her pussy and asshole, mouth, tits and belly. Her strength was draining out of them all. Even her fat tit-nipples seemed to be exploding. Her pussy squeezed around John’s cock, kept spasming with cums.

Then John grunted under Pam, fucking up into her cunt like a maniac. He was on fire, seeing his wife get her asshole feed with cum by his young nephew. He heaved his ass high, thumped his big cock into Pam’s guts and blasted jism into them. The sticky jism was already running back out of her cunt and ass, slopping down on to the rumpled bed sheets.

Donna went limp, skidded off Pam’s sweaty back and onto the bed, moaning. Rubbing her cunt, she watched her son pull his cock out of Pam’s ass just as Pam fell forward on her face and her pussy popped free of John’s prick.

Donna reached a hand out and jacked on John’s cock until John bent over her and began finger-fucking her locked pussy. Donna felt her sister watching them, knew that Pam could see her getting ready to come again. But it would be around Pam’s husband’s pussy-fucking fingers, this time. She bucked her ass up and down until her cunt started spasming off, in less than a minute. Then Donna grinned over at Pam as she showed the staring wife how much her pussy could soak John’s hand.

Donna jacked John all the way off, then. She had him pumped so hot and hard already that she milked a big load out of his cock in just a few more quick strokes. Pam looked surprised that her husband’s prick could drench Donna’s hand with so much jism after spurting only minutes before. Donna then slid over to her sister, held her hand out, and allowed Pam to lick the cum off her fingers.

Now Pam’s daughter called everyone’s attention to a new fuck that had started on the floor when no one was watching.

“Look!” Suzy said, pointing to the rug not far from the bed. “Skip is fucking his sister again. They’re dog-fucking! Really humping to get their rocks off. Let’s watch.”

Donna looked. It always amazed her, how excited she got watching her son and daughter fuck each other. Hunching wildly, they were certainly enjoying it this time. And they were definitely dog-fucking.

Their eyes were bugging and their tongues were hanging out. They were fucking madly, drooling, they were so close to orgasming together. They were so hot, they were blind, couldn’t see anyone was watching.

Donna knew they could still hear, though. A loving mother, she began calling encouragingly over to them, cheered them on. Donna could tell they heard her, in spite of their ecstatic blindness. They started fucking faster, their sweating, naked young bodies turned red all over, as she egged them into hotter action.

“Fuck, sweeties! Go to it! Just hump your hot asses off. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Mother’s watching you. Stick your prick to your sister, Skippy! Fill that little cock-sucka’s cunt with your cum!”

As everybody knelt on the bed and watched her son and daughter fuck on the floor, Donna saw John’s cock come booming up again. Her brother-in-law’s prick was just what she needed, with her cunt itching to be rammed, tingling from being licked and finger-fucked before.

But Donna’s sister grabbed the prick first. Pam was attracted by it boning out so far on her husband as he stared at their niece and nephew fucking, doggy, down on the rug. Wrapping her hands around the cock, Pam let John fuck it through her curled fingers until it was hard.

Then Donna saw John’s son jacking on his own stony hard-on right beside her. Quickly bending and turning, slobbering a little to make lubrication, she slurped her lips back around her nephew’s prick. But she would not move her head. Suddenly hungry for his jism to drink, she just nudged Eddy’s ass to start him hunching, then allowed him to fuck himself to a climax in her hugging mouth. She held her naked body perfectly still as the hard prick fucked between her lips, a happy look on her gorgeous face. When she got the gusher of cum, she gulped it right down.

Still steaming hot in the cunt, feeling sorry she had not let Eddy fuck her, Donna looked for other cock. She saw her brother-in-law fucking her sister now, his prick whipping foam out of Pam’s pussy. Donna wished that long thick prick was slogging in her cunt.

She heard her son and daughter thumping into orgasms together on the floor. Then they gasped and groaned through the wild finish of their dog fuck. Donna stared over as Barbi kept her cunt cupped up high and to the rear and wriggled her pert ass as Skip filled her little fuck-slit with a spilling load of jism. Barbi squealed and squealed, coming with him, her tight young pussy sucking her brother’s hot cum greedily in.

Donna jumped from the bed, hurried over, holding her cunt. She had her son fuck her on the floor as soon as his jizzy prick left his sister’s pussy. She got down on the rug like a dog, too, gave him her golden pussy that way. Then she stuck her tongue in Barbi’s fucked cunt, ate Skip’s cum out of it while Skip fucked her.

On the bed, Pam and John were still fucking like animals. Beside them, watching closely, their son and daughter wrapped themselves around each other and started hotly sixty-nining. But, after they sucked each other hot, Suzy and Eddy turned again and began slogging through a straight fuck, imitating their loving parents.

Everyone came again. John spurted a load of cum in Pam’s cunt, making her climax with him. Their kids, Eddy and Suzy, clutched together and shook in orgasms as Eddy shot Suzy’s pussy full of cum. Barbi came in Donna’s motherly mouth. Donna, at the same time, was moaning off a wad around her son’s plugging prick. Skip loaded Donna’s cunt with more than enough jism to leave it drooling shamefully.

Hopping back on her bed, Donna made her sister suck Skip’s cum out of her cunt. John gave her his cock to suck as she got cunt-lapped by Pam, and she came in Pam’s mouth. Since John still had his load, Donna bent over in front of him and let him fuck it off up her ass. Pam also came, twisting and stretching her own bloated clit, then kicking as her pussy spasmed and she watched her husband hunch to a spurting finish in Donna’s asshole.

Donna was enjoying the family fuck-and-suck the most. She used her pussy and mouth, hands and asshole every way to keep it going. She twisted endlessly over, under, and around her six lustful fuckers and suckers. She wriggled her naked body in everything from simple twosomes to shamelessly sucking and fucking in the whole bare-assed pile of seven. She came and came, screaming and whimpering. Between times, she kept jacking off, excited by knowing that, as in their usual bedtimes, they would all go on fucking until they had to sleep.

On this special Sunday night, Donna ended up, as she’d hoped, sharing her brother-in-law’s big prick with her sister on the master bed. Their four children were still fucking wickedly on a sleeping pad on the bedroom floor, squirming like worms.

Donna helped Pam suck John off. Then they dropped their cunts on his cock and screwed him into coming there. Donna and Pam then sucked each other out, lapped each other’s fucked cunt clean. Right away, they made John fuck their pussies and mess them up again. They writhed through this cycle over and over.

“Looks like we’re really a together family now, Sis,” Donna panted up to Pam, squirming on her back in a straight fuck with her brother-in-law for a change. She kept churning her pussy up around John’s thick cock, purring with pleasure as Pam fondly watched the screwing.

“We’re sure as plugged into one another as people get!” Pam laughed.

“And we’re going to stay that way,” John vowed, thumping his prick extra deep in Donna’s golden cunt.

“Ooooh, I hope so,” the pretty blonde groaned, twisting her pussy faster on his prick.

“Me too!” Pam giggled. She knelt, opened her legs, and dropped her spread cunt on Donna’s mouth, sighing contentedly. “It’s made us all happy. Besides, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Just look at our four over-sexed kids.”

As she got fucked and ate pussy, Donna rolled her eyes to the sweaty little devils on the big pad beside the bed. Her daughter and Pam’s were trying to fuck the sleeping pad into tatters. Barbi and Suzy were madly bouncing their young asses on the floor as their brothers moved back and forth between their hooking legs, trying to satisfy the pair of greedy pussies with very stiff crocks. Even as she stared over, Donna saw the two little girls getting their fuzzy cunts loaded with cum out of Skip’s and Eddy’s cocks. Each girl just happened, joyously, to be fucking her own brother, this time.

Donna hornily agreed with Pam. Everyone in her bedroom was happy. She hunched her own hot ass faster. Lustful grunts, squishes, moans and thumps were resounding in the room. Donna sucked up into her sister’s jismy pussy deeper, tongue-fucked it. She enjoyed pleasing her beautiful sister by eating her hairy cunt. But she was enjoying even more, this very moment, holding her own clutching cunt up to her sister’s big-pricked husband and letting him fuck another gusher of jism into it.

John’s cum spurting into her cunt sent Donna reeling into another climax. She writhed and whimpered, bucking her naked ass; her sister started coming in her mouth. Donna was gulping down waves of Pam’s pussy-juice as Pam excitedly came. Pam whined and wriggled just as much as Donna. She hunched her black-furred cunt on Donna’s face until she was drained. Then she fell away, panting on the sheets, all smiles.

“Now, John, darling,” Donna said, the second her mouth was not covered by cunt, “since you buttered my pussy up so nice with your jism, your wife can take her turn licking it. I’ll suck your prick and get more cum that way, direct.”

In heaven, Donna sucked hungrily on John’s cock, twisted her jism-flooded pussy up while Pam ate into it. Soon, she started coming again, powerfully. In ecstasy, she stiffened and allowed her cunt to just spew into her sister’s mouth. She heard Pam finger-fucking herself, too, groaning close to a cum.

Than Pam’s husband started coming in Donna’s sucking mouth. Donna groaned, began swallowing the blobby spurts of cum out of that long thick prick. The big drink of jism completed Donna’s pleasure as she listened to her sister jacking off. Pam finally came around her own madly scrubbing hand as she gave Donna’s pussy many more loving licks.

In this short spell of quiet, Donna felt a deep peace. She was sure that her family’s closeness would last. She could see that the handsome brother-in-law she’d just sucked off, and her cunt-lapping sister, both wanted it to.

As all the fucking continued, Donna was fondly remembering how her new happiness had started. It had been only a month ago. It had been in the very next bedroom. And it was just days after Pam and John moved in with Suzy and Eddy.



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