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xNovel - Hot Widow, No Panties


Hot Widow, No Panties

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After Jennifer left Sally’s, she decided to go for a walk instead of going straight home. The late-afternoon sun was still high, and she dreaded the thought of sealing herself inside her house with nothing but the TV to keep her company. She let her sandaled feet go where they would, and soon found herself nearing Lakeside Park.

She was surprised she’d walked so far in so little time. Lakeside Park was at least a mile from her house, a distance she hadn’t traveled on foot since she’d been a schoolgirl. It kit good to be using her legs again. It felt good just to be out again. After six months of being cooped up behind the walls of her house, it felt now as if she had just been released from prison. It was amazing how a little walking in the sunshine could lift her spirits. The sex had something to do with her high spirits too, that was for sure, but the walking helped.

She passed a baseball diamond where some boys were playing baseball, and several of the boys glanced her way. She tried to visualize their cocks in their pants, and she was sure they were all trying to visualize her without any clothes on. She imagined herself naked and down on all fours in the middle of the baseball diamond as the boys pulled out their randy cocks and mounted her one after the other, the way that mongrel stud had mounted the bitch yesterday out in front of her house.

I’m in heat, she thought. And they can smell me. At least, unconsciously they can smell me. They’re dying to get up on me and rut. She was human and they were human, but both she and they had animal instincts no different from dogs.

Her filthy thoughts sent her quickly away, before she succumbed to her animal instincts and presented her upturned ass to the boys like a true bitch in heat.

Two older women sat on a park bench next to the small lake at the center of the park, throwing bread crumbs to squawking ducks. A few joggers trotted along the lake path, dodging the occasional bicycles that came along. Jennifer sat down on a bench near the lake, crossing her legs and draping her arms over the back of the bench.

Her jeans were pulled up tight between her pussylips, and slowly, gently, Jennifer began to squeeze her thighs together. She knew she could get off this way without passersby realizing what she was secretly doing. She hadn’t secretly masturbated in public like this since high school, during which she’d often jerked off in class by squeezing her legs together.

She squinted against the golden reflection of the sun on the lake, pretending to be admiring the view. As she squeezed her legs together and the fuck sensations pulsed through her pussy, her toes curled sensuously against the insoles of her sandals. She thought about Gary and Tommy, about Sally and Bridget and Candy, about cocks and cunts, about pussy-juice and jizz. She salivated at the thought of sucking cocks and licking cunts.

I’ve been such a dirty bitch, she thought, such a wicked lady, such a slut. I’ve been terrible! I’ve done things that would shock the pants off even you, George, if you could see me now. I’ve drunk piss, George, I’ve drunk the pin of teenage schoolgirls, and I liked it. I bet that’s something even you never did, George — drink girl-piss. Oh, what a delicious, exciting treat!

She contracted her thighs against each other more rapidly, her eyes glazing over as the fuck itch pulsed in rhythmic waves through her loins and the rest of her body. She was on the verge of exploding with pleasure, but at that moment she felt a tap on the shoulder and she jumped like a jack in the box.

“I hope I didn’t scare you,” said the young man who sat down next to her. He was dressed in jeans and a shoulderless muscle-shirt. “You remember me, don’t you?”

It took Jennifer a few seconds to recover from being startled, and before she could tell him that she recognized him vaguely but couldn’t quite place him, he filled her in.

“I drive the newspaper truck,” he said. “I stop out in front of your house every afternoon. We waved at each other yesterday.”

“Of course,” Jennifer said.

They introduced each other. The young man’s name was Brian. He’d graduated from high school this spring. He had bushy, fairly long blond hair, and he was taller than Jennifer by six inches.

“I’m sorry about your husband,” the boy said.

“Thank you,” Jennifer said. “But how did you know about my husband?”

“That crane accident was big news. Your paperboy’s been bragging for months that you’re one of his customers. You gonna sue the construction company?”

“No,” Jennifer said. “I detest lawsuits. Besides, I don’t need the money.”

They made small talk a while. Finally, Brian glanced at his watch.

“I’ve gotta be going soon,” he said. “The truck’s due back in half an hour.”

“So soon?” Jennifer said. “I’ve really enjoyed your company, Brian. Maybe you’d like to come visit me some time.”

“I’d like to do that,” said the boy.

“I’m all alone in that big hone now, and I get a little lonely sometimes,” Jennifer said.

They were silent for a few moments.

“I’ll bet you get a little frustrated too,” Brian said.

“A little,” Jennifer said. “Sometimes more than a little.”

“It must be rough not having your husband around.”

“Yes. It can be quite rough. You’re a very understanding young man, Brian.” Jennifer saw the bulge in the boy’s jeans visibly pulsate. She reached out and gave the bulge an affectionate pat. “You’re very understanding.”

The boy swallowed. “Would you like a ride home?”

“Yes,” Jennifer said. “Very much, thank you.”

The paper-delivery truck was parked in a secluded spot, bidden from the lake by thick bushes. After climbing into the cab and locking the front doors, Brian led Jennifer through a door into the rear compartment, which was windowless, but lighted by overhead lights. Several bundles of newspapers lay in the middle of the floor, and Brian arranged them against each other to form a bed.

“Clever,” Jennifer said. “This isn’t the first time you’ve done this, is it?”

Brian grinned. “Nope,” he said, pulling off his muscle-shirt. They undressed in silence, watching each other, both of them knowing exactly what they wanted and aware that their time was short.

As Brian straightened up, naked, his erect cock resembled a billyclub. It was enormous, larger even than Gary’s, and uncircumcised. Half his bulbous cockhead was covered by foreskin. His nine-inch prick throbbed slowly, fucklube oozing from its pisshole. Jennifer gawked at it, salivating, her loins throbbing with lust.

She lifted her lust-swollen tits, showing them to the heavily breathing young man. He reached out and grabbed her, crushing her in his muscular arms as he kissed her.

Groaning, Jennifer rubbed her hot tits against his chest. He humped his prick against her belly, his cockhead slipping in and out of its foreskin, his fucklube smearing on her flesh. Their tongues worked in each other’s mouth. The boy slipped his hand between her legs and wiggled a finger up her crotch.

“Oh Brian!” Jennifer purred. “Your cock is so big! I want it! I wanna suck it! I wanna fuck it!”

“You’re so hot!” the boy said, kissing her all over her face and tits. “What a woman!”

Squirming out of his embrace, Jennifer slid to her knees in front of the boy. She held his cock with two hands, peeling his foreskin completely off his cockhead so she could lick every millimeter of his moist, naked fuck-knob.

“Oh man!” the boy said. “Go down on it!” The boy’s cock had a sweaty, cheesy smell that repulsed Jennifer at first, but within seconds she was not only used to the smell, but unable to inhale enough of it. She slurped all around his huge, pulsating prickhead, licking its edges, licking the lube from his pisshole. She slurped at the pleasure strand on the underside of the boy’s cock and delighted in his gasping and squirming.

“You know just how to lick!” moaned the young man. “Oh Jennifer, suck it!”

Jennifer cooed. Opening her mouth wide, she swallowed his entire prick-knob. Her lips slid down his cockshaft until his cockhead was lodged in her throat. As she munched and sucked the tasty slab of teenage prick, she growled like a hungry lioness. Her right hand slipped between her legs and she stuck two fingers up her pussy. Her head bobbed and her hand jerked as she sucked cock and beat herself off.

The boy caressed her head, his big hands sliding gently down her blonde hair. The veins swelled on his huge prick as Jennifer munched on it, and her sliding lips rippled over them. With each flick of her tongue, his big cock pulsated, oozing warm fucklube into her throat.

“I love a good blowjob,” the boy said. “And you give a damn good blowjob.”

“I love the taste of your prick,” Jennifer said, pausing in her cocksucking to catch her breath and rest her jaws. “I love all this loose skin.”

She worked his foreskin up and down. His cock was drenched with her spit, and his foreskin slid as if oiled.

The boy stretched, pushing his arms high above his head, and a tremor went through his body.

“Man,” he sighed, “you know how to turn a guy on. I wish I had you around all the time to pleasure my cock whenever I get horny.”

“We might be able to arrange that,” Jennifer said. She pulled his foreskin down tight and went down on his cock again.

The boy’s toes curled with pleasure as Jennifer’s head bobbed. Her spit ran down his cock as her smacking lips slid up and down. Her tongue churned incessantly, sending such wild thrills through the boy’s prick that he almost lost his balance and toppled over.

Jennifer could tell that he was on the verge of spurting cum down her throat. She wanted badly to taste his cum, but she wanted even more badly to squirm on his big cock as he stuck it up her cunt again and again.

“Fuck me!” she said. “God I’m dying for it!”

He laid her face-up on the bed of newspaper bundles. He was a strong boy and her body was as light as a plastic mannequin in his hands. Kneeling on the bundles, he lifted her spread legs and lowered himself between her thighs. His thick cock dripped hot lube with each wild throb. He bent his big veiny fuckrod down and shoved its naked head against her parted, lust swollen cuntlips. As their fuckmeat kissed, they both moaned. Jennifer quivered from scalp to toes.

“Stick it in me!” she panted. “Shove it up my crotch! Oh God please!”

“I’m gonna stick you good!” the boy growled. “I’m gonna ream you out like your husband never did.”

Jennifer caught him around his slender waist and pulled him into her. As his cock entered her pussy, they both groaned with pleasure. His cock slipped up her cunt until their pubic bones butted against each other. His cockhead throbbed in her womb. She could feel his balls against her wet crotch. Her legs locked around him and she clawed his back, gibbering with excitement as the lust pulsed through her body.

“Oh God it’s so big? I can’t stand it! Fuck me, oh God, fuck me!”

The boy started to thrust, to grind his cock in and out of her. Every muscle of his body squirmed sinuously under his sweat-oiled skin as he writhed in her sexual embrace, rubbing his hot flesh all over her as he churned his nine-inch cock in the depths of her cunt.

It felt as if a rattlesnake had crawled up Jennifer’s pussy. The fuck-tension in her loins swelled to an excruciating level of ecstasy, and by the time the boy had delivered a dozen thrusts, she teetered at the brink of orgasm.

“Go slow!” she moaned. “Please, go slow! You’ll make me come if you go too fast!”

“Then come,” the boy said. “Come now, then come again later. You can come as many times as you want.”

He churned his loins, grinding his cock inside her mercilessly, reaming her out as if he were drilling a well. His steel-hard prickshaft filed against her clit until she thought she’d scream. His cockhead bored out the mouth of her womb.

“Ohhhh!” Jennifer whined, raking his back with her fingernails. “Oh please, oh God.”

“This feels so good!” the boy growled. “You got the hottest, wettest, tightest pussy!”

Jennifer couldn’t hold on. She was going to come and she couldn’t stop it. As her toenails clawed the boy’s asscheeks, as she gnawed into his neck, her body shuddered violently and electricity jolted her loins. As spasms overwhelmed her, she clung to the rutting teenager, grinding her exploding cunt around and around on his cock. She whimpered as if she were being whipped.

“Oh yeah!” the boy moaned. “Yeah, yeahhh!”

Jennifer clung to him, gasping and moaning as she rocked her loins and churned her exploding cunt on his cock. As her orgasm reached its peak of intensity, Brian increased the speed and depth of his fucking. Jennifer thought she’d lose her mind.

Despite Jennifer’s crushing, almost defensive embrace, Brian moved easily and powerfully between her legs, fucking her with longer, deeper, harder strokes. His enormous cock plunged mercilessly. As she screeched and wailed from the unbearable intensity of her orgasmic sensations, Brian bore down, slamming his cock up her writhing, wildly sucking pussy, pleasuring his prick inside her as her fuckjuices bubbled out and drenched his hairy, jizz — swollen balls.

“Please?” she gasped, her eyes overflowing with tears. The sensations were so intense she was ready to bawl.

Brian wouldn’t be stopped. He’d become a wild young bull, intent only on pleasuring his cock as hard and fast as he could in Jennifer’s juice-filled pussy-hole. His nostrils flared. His eyes glazed over. He resembled a boy gone mad.

“Uhhhhh!” he growled, every muscle of his body working in coordinated rhythm as he writhed between Jennifer’s legs and slammed his cock into her again and again with grinding penetrations. “Uhhhh, awwwww, yeahhhhh!”

Jennifer’s cunt had never felt so sensitive. The contractions of her orgasm had subsided, but the intense feeling in her aunt were orgasmic. It was as if she’d been experiencing an incessant, endless orgasm from the moment the boy’s cock had first entered her. She became as crazed as he was.

She clawed down his back, raising welts on his skin. She bit into his jaw, into his neck, not caring if her teeth broke the flesh. She contracted her cunt as hard as she could, trying to slow the plunging and grinding of his cock inside her. She kept begging him to slow down, but the more she begged, the harder and faster he fucked. His body crushed her, smothered her. His sweat drenched her.

Despite her biting and clawing, he kept kissing her, kept slobbering all over her face. He rubbed his muscular chest against her tits, and each time his hard nipples met hers she nearly lost her mind as electric jolts shot through her body. His cock rammed, plunging up her cunt like a locomotive piston.

“Come!” he said. “Come again! Come with me!”

Delirious, Jennifer twisted her blonde head from side to side. She crushed herself to the boy, trying to fuse their bodies together forever. Her pussy was melting, yet so tight she feared it would split with a thousand fissures. Her entire body was going to explode. She couldn’t tell anymore whether she was feeling pain or unbearable pleasure. As the boy rammed into her repeatedly, she fucked him back as hard and fast as she could, fucked him in self-defense, fucked him as if her life depended on it.

“Ohhh. I’m gonna come!” the boy bellowed. “I’m gonna come!”

His cock swelled so big and hard inside Jennifer that her pelvic bones strained at the stains. It felt to Jennifer like a torpedo about to explode.

“Awwwwwww?” the boy cried out, his body shuddering, his cock flexing rhythmically as spurts of jism erupted from it. “Uhh, uhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh!”

As his cum splashed in the depths of Jennifer’s cunt, as it shot up into her womb, as the boy’s cock shuddered and flexed and pumped out gobs and spurts of sizzling spunk, Jennifer forgot herself for a moment, and in that moment she reined. Like magic, the unbearable sensations saturating her fuckmeat melted into the most exquisite pleasure she’d ever experienced. As the boy’s cock jerked and vibrated, pumping her pussy-hole full of hot jizz, Jennifer’s orgasmic contractions resumed and waves of ecstasy flooded her body.

“Ohhhh — yessssss!” she moaned. “Ohhhh darling yessss!”

She squirmed under the rutting teenager, sucking the cum out of him with her spasming pussy, feeling the indescribably wonderful ecstasy in every cell of her body.

“Oh yeahhh!” Brian moaned, humping and spurting. “Oh Jennifer, yeah baby, yeahhh!”

Jennifer writhed under him, grinding her tits up at him, milking his cock with her clutching, sucking pussy. She groaned in unison with him, letting him know she was feeling just as good as he was. She thought they’d never stop coming. She prayed they’d never stop coming. It felt so incredibly good! How could anything ever feel so good?

They fucked until every twinge and aftershock and quiver had been milked from their coupled bodies.

“How’d you like it?” Brian said, licking her nose.


Jennifer squeezed his cock with her cunt, and his cock flexed inside her in response.

He pulled his cock out of her and helped her up. The newspaper bundle that had been under Jennifer’s ass was slimy on top with pussyjuice and gobs of thick white spunk. The boy had shot such a profuse load that her pussy had overflowed with it.

“I’d better get home and get this truck back to the garage before they send the cops out looking for me,” Brian said.

“Are you gonna visit me sometime?” Jennifer squeezed the boy’s long cock. “Let me finish that blowjob I started?”

“Any time you want,” Brian said, and his cock swelled noticeably in her hand.

They dressed quickly, without looking at each other, so as to void temptation. Brian had to get his van back to the garage.



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