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xNovel - The Niece's Sucking Fun


The Niece's Sucking Fun

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During the following two weeks, the entire school was abuzz with talk about the upcoming dance. Meg didn’t pay much attention. She buried herself in her schoolwork. And she continued to work with her uncle in the science lab. She quickly discovered that her strong feelings had not deteriorated one bit.

When she heard that Uncle Jeff had been asked to help chaperone the school dance, and that he had asked Miss Kestler, the English teacher, to be his date, Meg felt a stab of jealousy.

The next time that Don Morris asked, her to be his date for the dance, Meg accepted. She still did not feel much like going but she knew that it was not healthy to continue to let her feelings for her uncle dominate her life.

A couple of days later, while she was working alone in the lab with Uncle Jeff, he turned to her again with that same intense expression in his eyes which she had seen before.

“I’ve heard that you’re going to the dance with Don Morris,” he said.

“Yeah, I am. So?”

“I wish you’d rethink that decision. Frankly, I don’t think Don’s good enough for you, Meg. He’s such a tomcat, always trying to score.”

“Well, maybe I don’t think Miss Kestler is good enough for you!” Meg cried angrily.

“Oh, come on, Meg, that’s hardly the same thing. I think I can take care of myself with Miss Kestler! Besides, as a chaperone, I have to bring a date.”

“And I think I can take care of myself with Don Morris!” Meg sputtered. “Besides, did you ever stop to think that I just may want what he wants? That maybe I want to fuck him!”

“You can’t mean that, Meg,” Uncle Jeff said.

Meg looked at him, startled by the hurt look in his eye. He turned away from her and she reached out with one hand, wanting to make that wounded expression go away. But just as she was about to touch him, he whirled angrily on her and her hand fell to her side.

“Vine!” Uncle Jeff said between gritted teeth. “If that’s what you want, go right ahead and fuck Don Morris! Let him add another notch to his belt!”

“Fine! I will!” Meg spat out and she turned and rushed from the room even though she had not finished her work in the lab. She was halfway home before she realized that she had left her books in the lab. For once, she decided, I just won’t do any homework tonight.

Where does he get off refusing to fuck with me and then telling me not to goat with Don? Meg thought angrily. It’s like he’s jealous, but if he is, then why doesn’t he just fuck me the way he used to want to do?

By the time Meg reached her house, her thoughts were no clearer than before. But she knew one thing. She was glad now that she had speed to go to the dance with Don.

Jill was thrilled that Meg was going to the school dance. She helped her pick out a lovely dress and bought Meg an evening bag on a golden chain to go with it. Her mother was bubbling with excitement and gushed all over Don when he showed up at the door. Don looked very handsome in his white tuxedo.

The dance was held in the town’s fanciest hotel. They had a delicious dinner first and Meg was just thinking that the night might not be so bad after all when she saw Uncle Jeff walk in with Miss Kestler. The woman looked sophisticated and attractive in her gown and Meg suddenly felt like a child in comparison.

As everyone began to dance, Meg could not take her eyes off of her uncle and his date. The entire night went sour for Meg and she could not wait for it to end.

Meg stayed home from school the following Monday and Tuesday, unable to face her uncle. When she returned to campus on Wednesday, she found that she could hardly concentrate on her classes, wondering how uncomfortable things would be between her uncle and herself.

But when Meg opened the door to the science lab, she was startled to see not Uncle Jeff but Mr. MacFarlane standing before the class.

“Oh Meg,” the science teacher said as he saw Meg enter the classroom. “I understand you’ve been doing a fine job as lab assistant and I hope that you’ll continue that good work with me now that I’m back.”

Meg somehow managed to mumble that she would be honored to work with him. Now she didn’t know when she would get to see Uncle Jeff, especially since he seemed determined to keep as much distance between them as possible.

When Meg let herself into the house that afternoon, the phone was ringing.

“Hello?” she answered indifferently.

“Meg! I couldn’t wait to talk to you!” Uncle Jeff’s voice came to her over the phone.

“Uncle Jeff?” Meg said unbelievingly. “Why do you want to talk to me?”

Uncle Jeff laughed.

“Why do I want to talk to you? Don’t tease me, Meg. I’ll meet you at the old mill in half an hour. Okay?”

For just a minute, Meg thought of turning him down. She remembered how the last time had turned out and she told herself that she didn’t need any more [missing text]... not from Uncle Jeff.

“Yes… I’ll be there,” she said.

As Meg turned down Sutter Road toward the old mill, she saw that her uncle was already there.

“Meg!” he called out, rushing toward her. Meg started to run toward him, her heart thumping hard. He held his arms open to her and she ran into them, still not understanding what was happening.

Jeff chuckled delightedly and pulled slightly back from her to gaze down at her face.

“I guess you know that MacFarlane’s back and that I’m no longer teaching at your school,” he said softly.

Meg nodded wordlessly.

“God, am I glad that’s over! I couldn’t stand being so close to you every day and not being able to touch you the way I wanted to,” Uncle Jeff said, lightly stroking his niece’s face with his fingertips.

“I guess I never should have come on to you or kissed you that day,” Meg muttered.

“Well, it did make things difficult for me, Meg. Do you know the kind of trouble a male teacher can get into for making it with one of his students, especially his own niece? Jesus, Meg, even if someone had just seen us kissing, my entire teaching career would have gone right down the tubes!”

“And that’s what you meant when you told me that you didn’t think it would be right for us to get it on? You meant it wouldn’t be right because you’re a teacher and it would be unprofessional?”

“Yeah… and dangerous,” Uncle Jeff said with a laugh. Then he grew serious again. “As I say, honey, I could’ve been fired and my teaching career would have gone right out the window if anyone had gotten wind of the way you and I feel about each other. And I care too much about teaching to take that kind of chance, but I’ve gotta tell you, it sure as fuck hasn’t been easy keeping my hands off of you!”

Meg felt her uncle’s hands gently squeezing her tits and she looked up at him, her eyes brimming with tears.

“Then it wasn’t because you didn’t want me?” Meg asked thickly.

“Not want you?” Jeff cried incredulously. “God, Meg, I love you so much! As for wanting you, all I wanted to do every minute we were together in that Goddamned science lab was to tear all your clothes off and fuck you!”

“You mean it?”

“Why don’t you let me show you just how much I mean it!” Jeff said softly as he lowered his face and covered her mouth with his own.

Meg felt a jolt of happiness tremor through her as her uncle’s tongue snaked around hers and they kissed each other passionately, their saliva mingling.

“There’s no one buck at my house. Let’s go back there where I can really show you just how much you mean to me… how much you’ve always meant to me,” Jeff said hoarsely as he pulled his mouth away from his niece’s.

Meg nodded excitedly and got into her uncle’s car with him, sitting so closely against him that she was all but sitting on his lap.

Inside his bedroom, Jeff reached out and drew his niece to him. They kissed again and his tongue shot out between her soft, willing lips. Her own tongue eagerly met his and she shivered with desire.

Her hands moved down and very slowly she unzipped her uncle’s fly. Then, she slipped her hands inside his pants, caressing his cum-laden balls. She pulled his hard prick out and quickly lowered herself to her knees, taking his cock between her lips.

“Ohhh, Meg, baby, suck your uncle’s cock!” Jeff groaned.

Meg closed her mouth over the head of his prick and sucked on it deeply.

“God!” Jeff cried.

He felt her soft inner cheeks against his hard cock-meat. His swollen prick lurched from cheek to cheek and Meg began to suck him harder, letting his long, thick prick slide halfway down her throat.

“Yeah, baby, you’re sucking me real good! Keep it up, baby! Suck me off!” the man sighed.

Suddenly, Uncle Jeff knew that he had to touch his niece’s tits but that he couldn’t reach them from where he stood with her kneeling before him.

“Keep sucking me, baby. Keep sucking my cock and follow me over to the bed!” he said hoarsely as he began to back up slowly toward the bed, keeping his hands on her head to guide her movements and to be sure that she didn’t stop sucking him.

“Mmmfff,” Meg moaned as she eagerly crawled forward, following her uncle’s backward steps toward the bed, her mouth still wrapped around his bursting cock.

When Uncle Jeff felt the edge of his bed against the backs of his legs, he sat down and Meg scooted between his spread legs.

Jeff reached down and unbuttoned his niece’s blouse, releasing her naked tits. His fingers pressed into her nipples, pinching and pulling at them hard, instinctively knowing she would like it that way.

Meg moaned with pleasure as she felt her uncle handling her tits. Meg closed her lips snugly around her uncle’s prick, sucking at it hungrily. She could feel his fat cock-head swelling more inside her mouth. She had been lusting after her Uncle Jeff for so long, sure that he didn’t want her, and now here she was actually sucking him off.

She could feel his prick throbbing obscenely inside her mouth and she sucked harder and harder in response. She moaned around the thickness of his cock-meat, feeling her pussy drooling with fuck-juice.

The girl ran her soft fingers through her uncle’s prick-hairs as she continued to suck his tasty cock. She felt his hands moving all over her tits, pinching her nipples, kneading her titflesh, and she knew that she had never felt so turned on in all her life.

Uncle Jeff knew that he wanted to touch his niece’s pussy. But, again, they were not in the right position for that. With a sigh, he slipped both hands under her arms and began to lift her up toward the bed.

“Don’t let go of my cock, Meg!” he said desperately, knowing that he would not be able to stand it if she didn’t keep her mouth wrapped around his prick. “Keep sucking my prick while I lift you up here with me so I can touch your pussy!”

Her uncle’s words sent a hot sexual thrill through the teenager, and she shuddered with fuck-lust as she felt her uncle lifting her up onto the bed with him. Just as Uncle Jeff instructed her to do, she kept her lips snugly wrapped around his cock, sucking him as he maneuvered her into position.

Now, Uncle Jeff was lying on his side, facing his niece who was lying on her own side, her face in his crotch. Even though she was wearing a skirt, she was not wearing any panties and her uncle could smell the tantalizing aroma of her aroused cunt. He flared his nostrils to breathe in more of the heady fragrance as he began to fondle her pussy.

Then he threw her skirt up so that it bunched up around her waist, fully exposing her pussy to him. He gazed down at her naked cunt with hungry eyes and began to caress it once again.

“Mmmm,” Meg moaned around his swelling cock-head.

She could feel her uncle’s hands on her naked pussy and she closed her eyes, thinking that she had never felt anything this good in her life. She lashed out with her tongue, licking all over his spongy cock-head. She felt a little drop of pre-cum ooze out onto her tongue, arousing her tastebuds. She lapped that little pearly drop up quickly, savoring its taste as she swallowed it. She could hardly wait to swallow his entire creamy load.

Uncle Jeff’s fingers pried open the lips of her cunt, stirring up the pussy-cream in the creases, searching feverishly for her clit. The hard clit bud popped up from its hood, stiff and red, pushing demandingly against the uncle’s fingers. He flicked the nail of his index finger against his niece’s clit while she continued to suck him off.

“Ohhhh,” Meg moaned, sucking still harder on her uncle’s cock.

She thrilled to the feel of his fingers in her pussy, playing with her clit, and she knew that she would come soon.

Jeff rammed two fingers into his niece’s cunt and caressed her inner cunt-folds, arousing the girl half out of her mind.

“Ummmfff,” she groaned, now licking up and down the man’s prick-shaft with long, wet strokes. Then, she eagerly licked at the underside of his swollen cock-meat, feeling the large blue vein pulsing with hot blood against her tongue.

She lapped up more little drops of pre-cum which oozed from his puckering piss-slit. Then she closed her mouth around him again, trying to swallow his cock whole.

“Unnhhh!” Uncle Jeff groaned as he felt his prick sliding down his niece’s tight throat, her snug throat-muscles closing around him.

The teenager moaned with incestuous pleasure in response to her uncle’s fingers, which were fucking deeper and deeper into her cunt. Now, she took a deep breath and swallowed hard, sucking all of the man’s throbbing prick into the warm wet tunnel of her mouth, expertly deep-throating him.

She loved fucking him with her mouth and she wanted to feel him coming inside her, spurting all of his cream down her throat.

“You-you sexy cunt!” Uncle Jeff cried out huskily. “God, Meg! The way you’re sucking me! You’re deep-throating me! I love it.”

His fingers moved in and out of her pussy, finger-fucking her harder and deeper each time he felt the tug of her throat-muscles around his hard cock.

“Mmmm,” Meg responded, delighted that she was able to make her uncle feel so good.

She felt him tracing a slow, sensuous outline from her cunt to her asshole with his free hand. Then, he pressed one finger against her small, tight asshole and worked it into her.

“Aaarghh,” Meg groaned around him as little darts of pain lanced through her.

Then, she felt the hot membranes of her asshole closing tightly around his probing finger.

Meg’s body writhed from side to side as her mouth slid up and down on her uncle’s bursting cock. Her teenaged tits flattened out against his leg.

Suddenly, Uncle Jeff felt his balls tightening up against the base of his prick, and he knew that he could not hold back any longer. He had to come. He was going to come.

“Unnghhh, aaarghhh!” he groaned as large hot wads of thick jizz shot into Meg’s sucking mouth.

Yes, come! Come inside me! Make me come too! Meg shouted in her mind as she felt her uncle’s cum gushing into her mouth. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. How good it tasted. And how much more it turned her on.

As Meg continued to suck her uncle’s prick, swallowing down his delicious cum, she felt his finger on her clit once again. It was at that moment that her pussy exploded in orgasm.

“Yuunngghh!” she groaned around her uncle’s orgasming cock as she came with him. She sucked harder and harder on the lurching prick inside her mouth until she had completely drained the man’s balls. Then, she slipped her lips off of the still-hard cock. Still coming hard, the girl threw herself onto her back and began to claw at her climaxing cunt with both hands. But then she felt her uncle’s hands covering hers, and she opened her eyes to look up at him.

“Let me do that for you, honey!” he murmured with a loving smile as he gently pushed her hands out of the way. Then, he fondled the top of her pussy-mound with one hand while he used the fingers of his other hand to probe into her fuck-hole and stroke her clit.

“Yes, yes, Uncle Jeff, keep me coming! The way you’re touching me… it’s turning me on sooooo fuckin’ much!” Meg cried.

Uncle Jeff grinned down at his niece as he continued to rub her clit and fuck into her pussy-hole with his fingers. He felt the teenager’s clasping pussy-muscles closing tightly around his fingers and his cock began to grow hard again. With his thumb, he stroked her clit, feeling it shudder orgasmically.

Long moments later, her orgasm began to ebb. She gave a long, shuddering sigh as her uncle’s fingers withdrew from her pussy.

“Your fingers are all wet,” she murmured, looking up at his juice-stained fingers.

“Yeah, I know… let’s see how they taste,” the man said as he raised his fingers first to his nose, deeply breathing in the sexy aroma of his niece’s cunt, and then to his mouth. With a grin at Meg, he darted his tongue out and eagerly licked up her fuck-juices from his wet fingers. He felt his prick give a jerk and he knew that he had a full-fledged hard-on again.

“Oooh, that looks so sexy!” Meg cooed, reaching out and gently stroking his hard prick.

“So do you, baby,” Uncle Jeff said as he slid on top of the girl.

For just a minute or two, the uncle and niece lay there in a tight embrace, both of them knowing that they were finally about to fuck each other. After waiting so long for it, they both seemed to be silently agreeing that it was worth it to wait just a few minutes more.

“What about Miss Kestler?” Meg murmured, looking up into her uncle’s handsome face.

Jeff laughed and shrugged.

“Like I said, she was just a date. What about Don Morris?” he asked.

“Just a date,” Meg said with a shrug of her own. “I guess I wanted to make you jealous by going to the dance with him.”

“Well, it worked. It killed me to see you with that stud. All I could think about was how he was going to put the moves on you and after you told me that maybe you wanted to fuck with him.”

“I just said that because you made me so mad!” Meg admitted. “I didn’t want to make it with Don. He did try it but I put him in his place. I just kept thinking about you… you were the only one I wanted, Uncle Jeff. And I still feel that way.”

“Oh, baby,” Uncle Jeff said softly as he lowered his face and gave his niece little wet kisses all over her face and neck. Then, he pressed his lips against hers and they both moaned as their tongues met.

As they kissed, Meg slid her hands down between their naked bodies, reaching eagerly for his big, hard cock. She grasped it tightly and began to guide it toward her wet cunt. She spread her thighs farther apart and gazed up into Uncle Jeff’s smoldering eyes.

“I’ve been waiting for this for so long… for you to fuck me,” she said in a raspy. “I love you so much and I need to feel your cock inside me!”

“I need it too, baby. I’ve been waiting along time too. I need to feel your tight pussy wrapped around my cock more than I’ve ever needed anything before in my life!” the man said as he thrust forward with his hips and slid his cock easily into the girl’s juice-soaked fuck-hole.



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