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xNovel - Billy's Hot Mom


Billy's Hot Mom

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Added:2006-06-28 00:30
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Donna sat on the toilet watching her son shower. The way the water ran from his cock excited her. It was almost as if he were taking a piss.

She wore a pair of panties, tight and low on her hips. She had already bathed, and had scrubbed her son before he finished his shower. His cock and balls were beautiful, she thought. So young, yet so wonderfully satisfying to her.

Billy faced her as the water cascaded from his head, running down his young body. She stared at the way the water came off the head of his cock, imagining he was taking a delicious piss. She shoved her hand out, cupping his balls gently, caressing them.

“It looks like you’re pissing,” she said softly. “I love to watch you take a piss, baby. There’s something so exciting about seeing that golden, hot piss spurting from a cock.”

Billy turned around, and Donna’s hand slipped over his hip to his ass. He jutted his ass back. “Like that ass, Mother?”

“Mmmm, love that sweet ass, honey,” she purred, caressing.

“Have you ever kissed someone’s ass, Mother?”

“Why should I tell you that?” she teased, running her hands about the cheeks of his ass.

“I wanna know everything you’ve done with others,” he said.

“Would it turn you on?”

“Yeah,” he mumbled as his mother slipped the edge of her hand up and down the crack of his ass. He shoved his ass back farther. “That feels very good, Mother.”

Billy put his hands on his knees, shoving his wet ass over the rim of the bathtub.

“Sweet,” Donna mewled. “Sweet, naked ass.”

She shoved her face forward, kissing first one cheek, then the other. She darted her tongue out, swiping the tip along the crack of her son’s ass. Billy gasped when he felt his mother’s tongue come close to his asshole.

“Ohhh, baby,” Donna moaned, grabbing her son’s hips and jerking his ass into her face. She pressed her face into the crack of her son’s ass, her tongue flicking wetly, hotly. “Mmmm, so sweet! You have a very sweet ass, Billy!”

Donna parted her lips and smashed them against his asshole, sucking hard.

“Ooh, Mother!” Billy gasped. “You’ll suck the shit out of my asshole!”

“Mmm?” Donna moaned, feeling the heat of her son’s asshole against her lips. She darted her tongue out, lapping against his tight asshole, licking feverishly. She pressed the tip of her tongue against the tight ass ring, and Billy gasped again.

“Are you gonna put your tongue up my ass, Mother?”

Donna, her face pressed hard into the cheeks of her son’s ass, couldn’t reply. All she could do was moan, and push out her tongue. When she felt his asshole giving, she thrust hard.

“Ohhh, Mother!”

Donna’s tongue slipped into her son’s asshole, and she darted her tongue back and forth, sliding a hand around to grasp his cock. She closed her fist about his prick and jacked him, jerking back and forth, all the time fucking him in the ass with her tongue. She rammed her tongue in and out, enjoying the wet heat of his asshole. She pumped on his cock faster and faster, while driving her tongue in and out wickedly. Billy wiggled his ass, gasping with this strange pleasure. He felt as if he would shit, but knew he wouldn’t. His cock was throbbing with powerful hardness, the prickhead swollen and dripping. Donna ran her palm about the head of his cock, smearing her hand with his fuck juices, then pumping the hard prickshaft again.

“Don’t jack me off, Mother!” Billy groaned. “I don’t want a hand job!”

Donna squeezed his cock hard, then slipped her tongue out of his asshole. “I won’t jack you off, baby,” she said. “I just wanted to suck on your sweet asshole for a while.”

Billy turned, his cock straining up very hard.

Donna dipped her mouth and pulled the prickhead between her lips, sucking it, her tongue swiping about the piss hole. Pulling from him, she rubbed the head of his cock about her chin and neck. She kissed his stomach, then pulled his cock to her tits, smashing her nipples with his piss hole.

“Now that you have this beautiful hard-on,” she whispered, “where shall we put it, Billy?”

“Up your ass, Mother,” he replied.

“You really love my ass, don’t you?” She grinned wickedly up at him. “You really love to fuck Mother’s hot asshole, don’t you?”


Donna slid from the toilet, leaning back on the floor. She spread her legs wide, pulling her panties to one side. She drew her knees to her tits, offering her ass to her son. Billy stood and looked, seeing the inviting crack, the puckering of her asshole, her cunt so hairy and juicy just above.

Donna held the cheeks of her ass wide apart, her panties to one side.

Billy went to his knees, his cock rubbing along her fiery cunt. Donna pressed her crotch up, feeling his balls rubbing along the crack of her ass, pressing at her asshole while he rubbed the shaft of his cock back and forth on her boiling cunt.

“That feels very good, baby,” she hissed. “I can feel your cock throb against my cunt. But let’s not play; let’s fuck right now!”

Billy lowered his cock, sliding the head along the wet lips of his mother’s cunt. As he dragged it to her asshole, Donna made a hissing sound. Billy watched as he pressed his cock against Donna’s tight asshole, seeing the pucker sink inward. He could watch his mother’s cunt throb this way, see her clitoris turn hard.

“Shove it to me,” Donna wailed, squirming her ass. “Don’t shove it in easy and slow, baby! Ram it in me! Stab your cock right up my fucking asshole fast!”

With a grunt, Billy plunged his cock past the gripping ring of his mother’s asshole. Donna squealed as her asshole stretched and widened for the hard shaft of his cock. Her cunt spasmed momentarily, and she drew her knees tight against her tits. With his cock penetrating her ass deeply, Donna clamped the ring about the base, her asshole sucking hotly on his prick. Billy groaned with the sensations, and started pumping back and forth, fucking his mother’s asshole, staring at her wet, hairy cunt opening and closing.

“Oh, baby, you feel so big in my ass!” Donna sobbed softly, squirming her ass onto him. “Your cock feels like a fucking pole up my ass, and I love it! Stretch Mother’s asshole with your big, hard cock, Billy! Oooh, fuck my asshole!”

Billy fucked his cock in and out, rubbing at his mother’s cunt with one hand. As her pussy juices smeared his palm, he brought his hand to his face, licking. He poked a finger into his mother’s cunt as he fucked his cock in and out of her asshole, and licked his finger.

“Let me have a taste!” Donna whimpered, grinding her ass onto his cock. “Let me taste my cunt, too?”

Billy thrust his fingers into his mother’s cunt, wiggling them about. Donna gasped with pleasure, his cock filling her asshole and two of his fingers pumping into her juicy cunt.

“Let me suck your fingers!” she cried.

Billy pushed his pussy-wet fingers to his mother’s mouth. Donna immediately licked and sucked them, swirling her tongue about the wetness. She churned her ass, managing to hold her knees tightly against her tits. The hard friction of her son’s cock pounding into her asshole set her flesh to rippling excitement, her clitoris bulging. She rubbed at her cunt with her own fingers, brought them to her mouth, and licked the cunt juices from them greedily.

“You like Mother’s asshole, baby? Do you love to fuck Mother up the hot asshole?”

“Yeah, Mom?” Billy groaned. “Your ass is tight and hot and makes my cock stiff! I’m gonna fuck it and come in it! I’m gonna shoot so much come juice up your hot asshole, you’ll taste it in your cocksucking throat!”

“Yes! Oh, God, yes!” Donna wailed, feverishly bucking her ass up and down on his cock. “Come up my ass! Fill Mother’s fucking asshole with that thick cream! My asshole wants it… my asshole is hungry for cock and come juice!”

Billy shoved his hands to his mother’s ass, humping wildly now. He pumped his cock back and forth swiftly, using short, spastic strokes. His balls burned and ached, loaded with come juice. Donna, moaning with the ecstasy of her stretching asshole, kept running her hands into her cunt, then licking them feverishly. She pulled at the hairy lips of her pussy, opening her cunt wide.

“Finger-fuck my cunt!” she squealed. “Fuck Mother in the cunt with your fingers… and fuck me up the ass with your cock!”

Billy thrust two fingers into his mother’s hot, wet pussy, fucking them in and out, matching the rhythm of his cock up her asshole. The liquid sounds excited them both.

“Hot, tight ass, Mother!” Billy groaned. “Shit, your ass is tight and hot! Your cunt is wet, juicy!”

“Yes!” Donna gurgled, tossing her head back and forth on the floor of the bathroom. “Mother has a very hot, very tight asshole, and a wet, hairy cunt just for you… for your sweet hard cock and pussy-licking mouth!”

Billy yanked his drenched fingers out of her cunt and shoved them into her mouth quickly. “Mother, I’m gonna come!”

“Oooh!” she wailed, sucking his juicy fingers. Her asshole clamped about his cock hard, squeezing.

“I’m gonna come now!”

His cock lurched deep inside her asshole, then the fiery spurts of come juice gushed along the walls of her asshole. Donna screamed, his fingers sliding out of her mouth. She clawed at her wet cunt with both hands, an orgasm rumbling through her as her son flooded her ass with come juice. Billy stared at the almost violent way his mother clawed at her cunt, his cock jerking and spewing far into her asshole.

“I’m coming, too!” she shouted. “Ohhh, baby, Mother’s cunt is coming and you’re coming and my asshole is coming and… oh, shoot that sweet juice to my ass!”

With rapid spurts, Billy flooded his mother’s asshole with come juice, his cock throbbing against the squeezing ass ring. He could see her cunt pulsate with a powerful orgasm, her clitoris jerking.

“Ohhh… ooooh… ahhhhh, yes!” Donna cried softly, her spasms weakening. “So good, Billy. So fucking good!”

Billy held his cock deep inside his mother’s ass, feeling his prick relaxing. Her asshole kept squeezing, and he gasped with pleasure. A final drop of come juice was squeezed from his balls by the flexing of her asshole, and then he slumped. Donna refused to turn his cock loose, keeping his prick gripped tightly inside her asshole. The spasms of her cunt stilled, and she relaxed, arms stretched out, her tits heaving up and down. Billy caressed his mother’s thighs while they slowly returned to normal. Then he started to pull his cock from her ass.

“No, leave it in me,” she whispered, closing her asshole tightly. “Don’t take your cock out yet.”

He saw the expression on her face.

“What are you gonna do, Mother?” he asked.

She grinned at him, parting the lips of her cunt with her fingers once more. “I think I’ll take a piss,” she said. “Do you mind?”

Billy giggled. “With my cock up your ass?”

“Sure,” Donna replied. “Why not?”

Billy stared down at her cunt. “Why not?” he echoed. “Go ahead and take a piss, Mother.”

Donna let out a quick spurt of piss. It splashed against Billy’s stomach.

“You like it?” she asked.


“Here comes some more!”

Donna spurted again, the golden piss splashing out of her cunt and onto her son’s stomach.

It ran down his flesh, over the lips of ha cunt and to her asshole, where his cock was still buried. Donna held the hairy lips of her cunt wide open, pissing strongly now, spewing a golden stream up a few inches before it spattered onto her son.

Billy moved his hand to his mother’s cunt, feeling the hot piss. He pulled his hand up and, to his mother’s delight, licked the ass from it. She strained hard, wanting to keep pissing.

“Taste my piss, baby!”

“Delicious!” Billy replied, shoving his hand back into it and bringing it to his mouth again. “Your piss is good and sweet and hot, Mother!”

“Want to piss in my ass?”

Billy grinned, watching her cunt pissing.

He said nothing, but began to piss inside his mother’s asshole.

“Oooh, I can feel it!” Donna moaned. “Oh, baby, I can feel you pissing in my ass! Ahhh, it’s so hot and wet! Piss, baby, piss!”

She kept up a golden stream from her pussy, drenching Billy’s stomach and cock and balls, the cheeks of her ass. Billy gazed hotly at her cunt, excited by the golden piss spewing from it. He spurted hot piss up her asshole for a long time.

“Ohhh, that’s so good, baby!” she hissed. “Give Mother an enema! A delicious, hot, piss enema! I love it, Billy! Ohhh, God, I love to feel you piss up my fucking asshole!”

Billy moaned softly as he watched the stream of his mother’s piss slowing down. Without saying anything to her, he cut his own piss off, and pulled his cock out of her asshole.

“Ohhh, no!” Donna wailed.

But Billy jerked back and to her delight, shoved his face to her cunt. He caught the final gushing of his mother’s piss in his face, and she had finished by the time he closed his lips about her cunt.

“Ohhh, eat it, baby!”

Billy sucked greedily at his mother’s cunt, tasting her piss on the soft hair of her pussy. He drove his tongue in and out of her cunt frantically, sucking at her clitoris. Donna hunched her crotch up to meet his face, squealing with rapture.

“Suck my cunt! Make me come again!” Donna urged, tossing her cunt about with wild pleasure. “Suck Mother’s cunt hard, baby. Oooh, I feel your piss dripping out of my asshole!”

She raced her hands behind her upturned ass, fingering her asshole while her son sucked and licked her cunt. She shoved her middle finger into her own asshole.

“Ahhh, suck my cunt, Billy! I’m fingerfucking myself in the ass! Suck my pussy! Eat Mother’s hot pussy!”

Billy rammed his tongue far into the soft wetness of his mother’s cunt, then drew his tongue up over her clitoris, finally licking through the piss-wet hair, tasting her piss hungrily.

Driving her finger violently into her own asshole, Donna yelped. “I’m ready to come again, Billy! Ohhh, my cunt is on fire and I’m going to come again!”

Billy felt his mother’s cunt contract against his face, and he lapped frantically as she exploded with orgasm. Slamming her cunt hard into her son’s face, Donna screamed with ecstasy, holding the back of his head with one hand, still thrusting her finger in and out of her burning asshole. Piss dripped out of her ass, soaking her hand, increasing her erotic enjoyment.

When she finished coming, Billy lifted his face.

“Kiss me!” she urged, pulling his face to hers. “Let me kiss your lips and lick your face! Oooh, you taste so good… my cunt juice on your mouth!”

Donna ran her tongue about her son’s lips, his cheeks and chin, tasting her own cunt, her own piss. She pulled her finger out of her asshole and, to Billy’s surprise, began to suck. “You had that finger up your asshole, Mother!”

“Mmmm, my asshole is no different than yours,” she replied. “I tongue fucked you in the asshole, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, you’re right.” He grinned, sitting back on his heels. Donna’s thighs were spread about his hips, her cunt open to him. He lifted his cock. “I didn’t finish pissing in your ass, Mother.”

“You didn’t?”

“I’m gonna finish pissing now, on your cunt!”

“Ohhh, baby, please!”

Billy shot a long stream of golden piss over his mother’s pussy. Donna lifted her head, watching her cunt hair become soaked, feeling his piss burn the sensitive lips of her pussy and clitoris.

“Ohhh, that’s nice, honey!” she murmured. “Piss all over me! Piss all over Mother’s hot, hairy cunt! Oooh, I like that!”



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