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xNovel - Mom Gets Her Licks


Mom Gets Her Licks

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Julie was weak, her ass still in the air. She could feel her son’s cock inside her asshole, but it wasn’t stiff and throbbing any longer. She didn’t know what had happened to her. Perhaps she had passed out for a moment with the intensity of her orgasms.

Becky wasn’t fucking on her mother’s finger any longer, but sitting with her small tits heaving up and down, legs parted, gasping hotly. Her hand and wrist seemed covered with pussy juices. Ben was leaning over his mother, breathing against her back, his hands beneath her body and cupping her full, spongy tits. She could feel him shaking, feel his cock shrinking inside her asshole.

She wasn’t sure if it was her imagination or not, but she thought she could feel his come juice bubbling inside her ass.

She wiggled gently, murmuring softly. “You can take it out of me now, baby.”

Ben lifted his upper body from her, turning loose of her tits. As he pulled his cock from her asshole, Julie made a whimpering sound. He pulled his cock out slowly, and Julie’s asshole, of its own volition, clutched his prick, clamping down as if reluctant to turn loose.

Once his cock was out, Julie waggled her ass lewdly, her asshole puckering. Then she straightened her legs out, lying on her stomach. A shiver moved up and down her naked flesh, her rounded, flawlessly shaped ass checks squeezing together.

After a moment, Julie turned over. Her son’s cock dangled between his thighs, his balls glistening wetly from beating at her juicy cunt. With a soft moan, Julie turned and shoved her face into her son’s crotch. She inhaled the exciting scent of his balls and cock. Her tongue swirled at his hairless balls, licking away the juices of her pussy from them. Then, with a soft mewl, Julie pulled her son’s slimy cock into her mouth. The fact that he had just taken his prick out of her asshole seemed to excite Julie. She sucked on his cock a while, her tongue licking. But his fucker remained soft. Julie didn’t mind, not at the moment.

“Mmmmm,” she purred, sitting up. “That was very good, Ben. I think you ruined my ass, but I loved it.”

Julie was on her hands and knees, and her daughter stared at her naked ass. Becky’s eyes glowed with erotic mischief. She giggled softly, and darted her face into her mother’s ass. Julie gave a pleased yelp, straining her ass into Becky’s face.

Becky buried her mouth between the cheeks of Julie’s hot ass, her lips sucking around the tight pucker, her tongue tip licking.

“Ohhhh, Becky!” Julie whimpered. “Lick my ass for me! Your tongue feels so wet and hot! Ben almost ripped my asshole apart. Lick it and make it feel good.”

Becky ran her tongue about her mother’s jizz slimed asshole. She tasted her brother’s come juice, and easily wiggled her tongue into her mother’s asshole. Julie waggled her ass wantonly, again resting her head and shoulders on the bed. She closed her eyes, feeling her daughter’s tongue licking in a wet, soothing way.

Not unexpectedly, Julie sobbed into another orgasm.

Becky, feeling the convulsions on her tongue, dipped her face and began to lick hungrily at the hairy lips of her mother’s juicy cunt, her nose buried at the steaming dent of her asshole.

Ben, still breathing hard, watched his sister sucking at their mother’s cunt. He watched his mother wiggle her well fucked ass into his sister’s face.

“Like I said, just a couple of fucking cunts,” the boy said.

Her orgasm over, Julie slapped at her son’s cock and balls, but Ben scooted away, laughing.

“Listen, you little mother-fucker,” Julie said, but her voice wasn’t angry. “Who are you to call names?”

“Cunt!” Ben laughed, climbing from the bed and shaking his limp cock at his mother tauntingly. “Fucking cunt! Both of you, fucking cunts!”

“I’ll get him, Mother,” Becky said, making a leap for her brother.

Julie sat up, watching happily as her twins rolled and thrashed about the floor, wrestling playfully. The flashes of cock and cunt delighted her.

They exhausted themselves wrestling, and Ben was sweaty. He wanted a shower, but Julie stopped him.

“Not yet, honey,” she said. “I love the way you smell. Take your shower later.”

Becky leaned over her brother’s body, her face close to his cock and balls, sniffing. Then she giggled.

“He does smell good, Mother,” she said. “I bet I could come, smelling him.”

“Let’s don’t get too freakish,” Julie laughed. “Freakish?” Ben said. “Anybody that would take it up the ass, then suck my cock, well, that’s freakish, Mom.”

“Okay, I won’t do it again,” she said, laughing to show she didn’t mean it.

“I take it back,” Ben said quickly. “I take it all back, Mom.”

“You don’t wanna loose what you’ve got,” Becky said. “But you will if that cock doesn’t get hard.”

“Why?” he asked his sister, a gleam in his eye.

“I want it, you asshole!” Becky said, grabbing at his cock and balls.

Julie sat on her bed, watching them starting to wrestle again. Becky pinned her brother down, sitting on top of him. Her legs held his waist, her pretty cunt showing. Ben’s cock was near his sister’s pussy. While Becky pinned her twin brother to the floor, Julie scooted off the bed and knelt. She pressed her son’s cock and balls to her daughter’s smooth, hairless cunt.

Becky giggled, wiggling her ass.

Julie stuffed the head of her son’s cock into Becky’s cunt, then, holding his balls in her hand, held it there as her daughter rubbed back and forth. The wet heat of his sister’s cunt caused Ben’s cock to start swelling again.

“Now I’m gonna fuck you!” Becky gurgled as her brother’s cock grew rigid inside her pussy. “I’m gonna suck your cock off with my cunt!”

Julie laughed with erotic delight as she watched Becky bouncing her sweet, compact ass up and down. She saw the hairless cunt spread about Ben’s swollen cock. The pink pucker of Becky’s asshole flexed. Holding her son’s balls, Julie leaned down and kissed her daughter’s ass. Becky, gasping, stopped moving. She sat on her brother’s cock, holding it deep. Julie licked down the parted cheeks of her daughter’s ass. She tickled Becky’s tiny asshole with the tip of her tongue.

“Ooo, Mother!” Becky cried out. “Lick it for me! Lick my asshole! Ohhh, I bet I can came… with Ben’s cock in my cunt and you licking my asshole.”

Julie made a hungry sound as her tongue flew up and down the hot crack of Becky’s ass, twirling and licking eagerly at the tight asshole. She lifted her son’s balls to her chin, rubbing them around, her lips still sucking on the girl’s crinkled asshole. Her tongue moved down to lick at her son’s balls, then she flicked the tip at the stretched lips of Becky’s cock-stuffed cunt, tasting cock and pussy together.

“Ohhhh, lick us, Mom!” Ben groaned, running his hands past his sister’s hips and clutching the compact cheeks of her ass. He pulled Becky’s ass wide open for his mother. “Lick my balls, Mom! Lick Becky’s asshole! Ooo, lick her cunt and my cock!”

Julie was breathing hard, her tongue darting up and down, tasting her daughter’s asshole, then her son’s balls, then Becky’s cunt where her son’s cock was buried. Her tongue went from one place to the other, wet and hot. She squeezed her son’s balls into her chin. Becky arched her ass, yet kept her brother’s cock inside her creamy cunt. Ben fucked up and down, driving his prick in and out of his sister’s cunt as their mother sucked and licked.

Julie was thrilled with the feel and taste of her son’s cock and daughter’s cunt. Her mouth and tongue worked feverishly, sucking and licking, kissing and biting gently. The heady scent of Ben’s cock and balls, her daughter’s stretching smooth cunt and little asshole, sent her mind spinning with intense sensations.

The tight squeal from Becky wasn’t needed to let Julie know her daughter was erupting into ecstatic orgasms. She had felt the contractions of her tight little cunt lips, the puckering of her luscious asshole. Becky squealed and came, her little ass shaking of its own accord. Julie licked frantically.

“I’m coming!” Becky cried out.

“Ohhh, I’m coming, coming so hard! Lick, Mother! Lick everywhere! My cunt, my asshole! Lick and suck me!”

Ben, too, felt his sister’s cunt grabbing at his cock with steaming waves of orgasms. He began to pump up and down frantically, fucking his cock in and out of Becky’s spasming cunt almost violently. Julie was aware of her son’s quickly approaching discharge. She ran her tongue about the base of his cock, tasting the fuck juices Becky’s cunt left there. She tasted her son’s cock throbbing so powerfully, and with a moan, she sucked his balls deeply into her mouth, her tongue twisting harshly.

“Here it comes, Becky!” Ben shouted.

“Yes!” Becky screamed.

Julie shot her hands beneath her son’s uplifted ass, sucking his balls in a frenzy, her nose pressed into her daughter’s asshole. She felt her son’s balls tighten, then writhe inside her hot mouth as he unloaded them, gushing his come juice into Becky’s hungry cunt. Julie moaned about her son’s balls, her cunt exploding. She tasted the creamy deluge of her son’s balls as it dripped from her daughter’s cunt.

Becky was lying across her brother now, gasping, her compact ass shivering. Ben let his ass down, his mother’s hands captured between it and the carpet. Julie continued to lick at his loose balls, squeezing her son’s ass. Becky straightened her legs out, and Julie felt her sweet little ass cheeks close about her nose. Releasing her son’s balls, she ran her tongue about Becky’s ass, licking up and down the ass crack, whimpering with erotic joy.

After a moment, she raised up. She watched them awhile, her son’s cock still inside Becky’s softly grasping cunt.

“That was a beautiful fuck,” she whispered. “Mother, your mouth sure made it fantastic,” Becky breathed, then she smashed her lips to those of her twin brother. She kissed Ben deeply, her tongue delving. She shook her ass in delight.

“Piss in her,” Julie said, her voice whispery. “Piss in your sister’s hot, cunt, Ben.”

Becky giggled.

“Do it, Ben,” she urged. “Piss in me.”

“I don’t know if I have to piss,” he said.

Becky, giggling lewdly, wiggled on top of her brother. Only the head of his cock was between the creamy lips of her cunt now.

Julie clipped her hands to her son’s balls, cupping them gently, her eyes burning as she gazed at his cock crammed into her daughter’s cunt.

She felt the urge to piss.

A dribble of piss came out of Ben’s cock. Becky squealed as she felt it inside her cunt.

“Oooo, that feels so good! More, Ben! Piss a strong stream in my pussy!”

Julie, holding her son’s balls, saw the golden piss dripping out of the lips of Becky’s cunt. She felt it on her hand. Then Ben let go with a strong stream.

Becky cried out with delight as her cunt became flooded with hot piss. She felt it stinging along the satiny walls of her hairless cunt, felt the warm piss running out. The heat of his piss sent tremors of perverse pleasure through her.

Julie’s eyes smoldered as she watched her son’s piss dripping out of her daughter’s cock filled cunt. It was hot on her hand, mixed with Ben’s come juice. She gave a little sob and stood up, spreading her legs about her daughter’s ass. Bending slightly, she crouched above Becky’s naked ass.

And she pissed.

Becky squealed as she felt her mother pissing on her small ass, her brother’s cock still gushing deep into her cunt. The wet heat drenched her ass, her thighs, and Ben’s balls. Julie was crying softly with pleasure as she watched her own hot stream of piss spurt out of her hairy cunt, splashing onto her daughter’s creamy ass, between those succulent ass cheeks, down across her cunt and Ben’s balls.

Becky shoved her hands to her own ass, stretching the small ass cheeks wide. Julie adjusted her hips and pissed upon her daughter’s crinkled asshole. Becky wailed in rapture, her little pussy contracting about the head of her brother’s cock.

“I’m coming again!” she wailed. “Oooo, piss on me! Piss in my pussy, Ben! Ahhhh, fill my cunt with hot piss! Mother, piss on my ass, my asshole! Ooooo, I’m coming so fucking hard!”

Julie kept pissing for a long time, even after her son had finished. A final squirt splashed upon the ring of her daughter’s asshole, and she was finished. From her waist to her thighs, Becky was covered in piss. Her cunt was drenched with piss. Ben’s balls and the base of his cock glistened with piss.

Julie stepped back and looked, and suddenly shoved her face into their crotches again, licking and sucking like a wild woman. Her ass lifted into the air, swinging about in tight circles, her hairy cunt exploding with unbearable orgasms all over again. The hot taste of their piss sent her mind reeling. Her tongue lapped about her son’s inner thighs, his balls, up his cock to her daughter’s cunt and across her asshole. Julie was almost out of her mind with perverse sensations.

The orgasms were starting to be painful. She pulled her piss-smeared face away and fell onto her back. She clawed at her cunt with both hands, twisting and thrashing on the floor. She yelped and sobbed, tears of joy streaming from her eyes.

Becky lifted from her brother, sitting across from him, watching their mother with amazement. Ben, too, was staring at their sex-crazed mother…

“I can’t help it!” Julie groaned. “I can’t help it! I’m coming and can’t stop! Ohhhh, I don’t want to stop! It hurts and it feels so fucking good at the same time!”

Eventually, however, she did calm down.

She lay on the floor, legs and arms wide, her tits heaving up and down as she gasped and struggled to breathe. Her naked body shuddered now and then. She kept whimpering. It seemed a long time before Julie felt any strength returning to her. Her legs were weak and wobbly when she managed to stand. She stood, weaving slightly, her eyes appearing sleepy, but she was grinning with satisfaction. She ran her hands through the thick mass of her cunt hair, parting the wet, pink lips of her cunt. Her clit was revealed. She gave her clit a feathery touch.

“It’s so sensitive now,” she complained softly, removing her finger, only to press the wet cunt lips together.

Her pussy hair was wet with piss, as were her inner thighs. Julie parted her legs, half squatting. Ben and Becky gazed at their mother, still excited by her lewdness. Julie pulled the lips of her cunt open once more.

“Kiss it,” she whispered.

Ben moved forward before his sister did, and buried his face into his mother’s piss-wet cunt. Julie raised her head, closing her eyes dreamily as her son kissed her sensitive, quivering cunt. His tongue soothed her aching clit as he licked slowly up and down.

“That feels good, Ben,” Julie mewled. “It makes my cunt feel better. God, I think my cunt is raw!”

Becky got on her knees behind her mother and began to caress Julie’s naked ass. Her hot little mouth pressed at the ass cheeks, kissing almost tenderly. Julie made a pleasant hissing sound as her son licked tenderly at her piss-wet cunt and her daughter licked lovingly about her ass.

“Mmmmm, between the cheeks, baby,” Julie mewled. “Lick between the cheeks of my ass, baby.”

Becky eagerly plunged her tongue into the crack of her mother’s ass, probing the tip against the slimy ring of her asshole. Julie purred softly as the aching sensation of her cunt began to fade. The feel of a tongue gently licking about her cunt and another one probing at her asshole made Julie feel very good. She didn’t have the desire to come, not after those explosive orgasms she had just gone through. She wanted the kids to lick her softly and slowly, help bring her down from that fantastic high.

“You like the taste of my piss, Ben?” she asked softly.

Ben’s eyes glittered as his tongue licked from her knee to her pussy, then down his mother’s other thigh. Becky, behind her, licked at the swell of her mother’s ass, the backs of her thighs, and probed at the hot ring of her asshole. Julie cooed with the gentle way they licked.

“I feel better,” she said softly, stepping away from them. “My cunt doesn’t ache anymore. I don’t think I want to ever come that hard again.”

She slumped to the couch, spreading her legs out wide. The gleam of her wet cunt held the excitement of her twins, who seemed to be in a constant state of arousal without tiring.

They were still where she had left them, and Ben stood up. Before, he could move away, Becky grabbed his ass and buried her face into his cock and balls.

“Mmmm, you taste good,” Becky said, drawing her brother’s cock into her mouth, tasting come juice, pussy cream and piss.

Ben held his sister’s head, grinning down at her, wiggling his ass.



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