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xNovel - Niece Going Down


Niece Going Down

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Taffy Lowell stared at her naked body in the full-length mirror. She pouted, wishing her small budding tits were bigger and that the silky blonde hair that decorated her virgin pussy was thicker.

“Damn!” she muttered, turning around to gaze at her round, firm ass.

Glancing over her shoulder at her reflection, her wide innocent blue eyes critically stared at her lithe body and the slight swell of her hips.

“Shit, I don’t even have any curves. Fuck,” she moaned, facing the mirror again.

She rubbed her small plump tits, squeezing them together to make them appear larger. The pink nipples swelled immediately under her touch. She kneaded her tits, her slim hips moving.

“God, I wish I were older,” she whined. She spread her legs, her hands skimming down her sizzling flesh to her virgin pussy. Hot frothy pussy-cream greeted her fingers as she dipped them between her thighs and slid them up through her pussy.

“Oooooo, shit, I wanna get fucked so bad.” Finding her clit, she rubbed it, her eyes closed, an image of her handsome uncle filling her lust-sopped mind. “Unnnn, Uncle Martin,” she sighed. “I want your cock.”

Opening her eyes wide, a look of determination swept across her sweet, innocent, face. “I’m gonna make him fuck me,” she vowed. “And I’d better hurry before Aunt Lois comes back from shopping.”

Quickly, she grabbed the soft terry shorts off the bed and pulled them up her long slender legs.

“No panties,” she giggled as the hot pink terry shorts clung deliciously to her slim hips and soft ass.

She picked up the matching top and dropped it over her head of thick blonde hair.

“No bra either.”

Slipping into a pair of high heels, she paraded back to the mirror to check her appearance.

She saw the hard pointed tips of her sensitive nipples jabbing against her terry top. “At least he’ll know I’m hot,” she giggled nervously. Her heart skipped a beat as she hurried out of the bedroom and headed for the stairs.

“Hi, Uncle Martin,” Taffy whispered hotly as she came into the front room of the house.

Martin leered at his niece. She had been staying with them for three days and for three days he had suffered with a hard-on. Even while he was fucking Lois all he thought about was Taffy and her blonde virgin pussy.

“Hi, baby,” he said, the lust for his niece evident in his voice. “Your aunt’s shopping.”

Taffy winked. “I know.” She felt his horny gaze and it made her tingle.

Martin leered at her, his eyes focusing on the crotch of her shorts where it dug between the folds of her virgin pussy. His eyes lifted and fasted on the pointed nipples of her tits jabbing against the terry top, screaming to be pinched. He squirmed in his chair, his cock aching in the tight confines of his pants.

Taffy shivered under his lustful glance. It made her blood boil. “Why don’t I make you a nice drink, Uncle Martin?” she purred, jutting her tits out as she took a deep breath. “I always make Daddy’s drinks at home.”

Martin’s mouth, dried up. He nodded. “Make it a stiff one,” he said, his voice raspy with desire for his niece.

Taffy shivered, knowing the stiff one she wanted — it was right between her uncle’s legs! Swaying her hips, the cheeks of her pert ass sticking out from under the tight shorts, she walked to the bar. She felt his eyes on her ass and it made her knees weak. With shaky hands she dropped ice in a glass then poured Scotch over it.

“Here you go, Uncle Martin,” she cooed.

She bent over and smiled as she set the glass on the table. She was sure he could see down her top and when she glanced up, she caught him ogling her tits. It sent a hot spasm through her pussy.

All kinds of thoughts raced through Martin’s mind. The girl was definitely trying to turn him on. “Why don’t you sit next to me?” he said, glancing at the clock, calculating how long Lois would be gone.

Taffy gave him her hottest smile. “I’d rather sit on your lap.” Her pink tongue flicked out over her lips. “Daddy doesn’t like me sitting on his lap. He thinks I’m too old.”

Martin let out his breath in a whoosh. “C’mon. You’re never too old to sit on your uncle’s lap.”

He patted his thighs, his cock throbbing in his pants. If his niece wanted to play, he’d go along with her — maybe even give her something to worry about. A lewd grin swept over his face.

Quivering, Taffy sat on his lap, leaning into him as he sipped his drink. Her heart was pounding in her throat and her virgin pussy was contracting wildly. She squirmed, a shuddering sigh trapped in her throat.

Martin groaned as her soft ass mashed against his aching prick. He took another gulp on his drink as she squirmed again.

“Mmmmmm, this is nice,” she cooed, draping an arm around his neck.

She rested her head on his shoulder and pulled at her shorts. The crotch was digging into her cunt and rubbing against her exposed, blood-filled clit. Accidentally, her fingers brushed over her uncle’s cock and she quickly moved her hand away, her cheeks flushing a bright pink.

Martin polished off his drink. His niece’s ass was fabulous against his prick. He wanted to grab her, carry her upstairs to bed and ravage her body. He grit his teeth. She was his brother’s daughter.

“Maybe you’ll find a boyfriend while you’re staying with us,” Martin said, trying to keep his desire out of his voice.

“I don’t know,” Taffy said wistfully. “Boys are so immature.”

She squirmed her ass and moved her thighs apart, just an inch so his cock could be comfortable against her crotch. She gulped, feeling it throb, and at the same time praying that it would soon be buried deep in her virgin pussy.

“You like real men, huh?” Martin said with a grin.

Taffy’s cheeks burned red. She snuggled close, crunching down on his cock as she pressed a soft plump tit into his arm. “I think men can make a girl happier than a boy,” she cooed.

The vein in Martin’s temple was throbbing. The girl was going to bust his cock if she didn’t stop squirming. He felt the softness of her tit against his arm and the sweet scent of her body. It had his head reeling.

“DO you think I’m sexy enough for a man?” she asked, breathing her hot breath on his neck.

“You’re sexy enough for anyone,” he said, his hands itching to grab the soft meat of her tits. He put his arm around her, his balls beginning to ache. “You won’t have any trouble getting anyone you want.”

She sighed and flicked her tongue out, the tip brushing against her uncle’s ear. “I think you’re sexy, Uncle Martin. Real sexy.” She squirmed, knew she was driving him crazy. If only she could make him fuck her!

Martin was finding it almost impossible to keep his hands off his horny niece. If she was playing at being a prick-teaser, she was messing with the wrong guy.

Taffy ran her tongue into his ear and rubbed her tit into his arm. Feeling his cock throb against her crotch was causing tiny spasms to erupt deep in her virgin pussyhole.

“Am I sexy enough for you?”

Martin groaned as his prick stiffen beneath her twisting body. “If you weren’t my brother’s daughter…” He didn’t bather finishing his sentence. She was driving him crazy!

Taffy lifted her head, her, ass constantly moving against the throbbing bulge in his pants. A hot smile spread across her flushed innocent face. She knew the end of his sentence and she intended to make him take her pussy whether he was her uncle or not.

She opened her mouth and brought her hungry lips to his. Her tongue darted out, snaking into his mouth. She hummed, twisting on his lap. “Kissing you is great.” She ground her ass down on his cock. “Did you like it?”

“Yeah, but Christ, Taffy!” His insides were beginning to churn. She was going to wind up with more than she bargained for if she kept that up.

Taffy was trembling. “It’s okay for me to kiss you like that, isn’t it?” she asked, her eyes wide with innocence.

Martin couldn’t speak. He shook his head, unable to find the words.

Taffy sensed his lust and took advantage, of it. She plastered her eager lips to his again, her tongue swishing through his mouth. She felt his raging hard-on throbbing against her crotch and she wiggled down, wishing it were buried up inside her pussy. Keeping her mouth fused to his, she held his face, caressing his neck and combing her fingers through his hair. Martin couldn’t keep his desire under control any longer. He crushed her body against his. His hips jerked and his cock ached to be jabbing between her hot thighs and into her virgin cunthole. His hands covered her back, kneading her lithe body as she pressed tightly against him.

Taffy melted into his arms, her quivering body sizzling with desire. Eagerly, she kissed him, her tongue exploring his sucking mouth. She moaned, showering his face with hot urgent kisses. She kissed his neck, cars, then swept her hot mouth back over his face, sucking and whimpering as he rubbed her back and held her crushed in his arms.

“Ohhhh, Uncle Martin,” she gasped. Her face was flushed and her wide innocent blue eyes glimmered with, a growing lust. Trembling, she brought her mouth back to his feasting on his lips as she squirmed on his cock, the throbbing prickmeat keeping her virgin pussy constantly pulsing.

Martin’s head was spinning. Taffy had him crazy. He jerked her away from his mouth, his breathing ragged, his face tight with emotion. In a moment of sanity, he brought himself under control.

“You gotta cut this shit out,” he said hoarsely. “You don’t know what could happen.”

Taffy knew and she smiled as she climbed off his lap. She stared down at the bulge in his pants and shivered. “What could happen, Uncle Martin?” she purred innocently.

From lust-glazed eyes, Martin stared at his hot sexy niece. “You better go out until your aunt comes home,” he said, fighting his urge to fuck her.

Legs spread, Taffy stood in front of him. She was tingling all over. She wanted his cock and intended to have it. “Would you like to see me naked, Uncle Martin?” She swayed in front of him. “I look real sexy when I don’t have any clothes on.”

Martin groaned deep in his throat. There was no way he was going to say no to her suggestion.

Panting softly, and having her uncle’s undivided attention, Taffy slipped her top over her head. As she tossed it on the floor, she heard her uncle suck in his breath. She skimmed her hands up over her flesh then shook her tits, the nipples sticking out, swollen and eager for her uncle’s mouth.

“They’re not big like Aunt Lois’, but do you like them?”

Martin groaned again, his eyes riveted to his niece’s beautiful tits. They were small, nothing at all like Lois’, but they were perfectly shaped and creamy white, capped with pink. His mouth dried up and a muscle at the corner of his tense mouth began to twitch.

“I’ve never shown my titties to anyone before,” she cooed. “I like it. It makes me hot. Does it get you hot, too?”

Martin nodded, devouring her budding tits with his eyes, wanting to devour them with his mouth. “They’re gorgeous,” he rasped.

A hot smile spread across Taffy’s face. Her cunt was on fire and her knees were trembling. “You wanna see my pussy?”

Martin nodded. There was no way in hell he would have said no.

Taffy saw the desire in his eyes and it made her cream. She stuck out her tits, the nipples feeling as if they were going to burst as she slipped her fingers into the elastic of her shorts.

With lust running rampant through her virgin body, she slid her shorts down over her slim hips, baring the silky hair of her overheated pussy. Jiggling her hips, the action making her tits sway, her shorts melted down her legs and gathered around her ankles. She stepped out of them, posing naked, her high heels making her legs look even longer.

“Do I look good?” she purred, jutting out a hip.

Martin brought his hand to his crotch and rubbed the aching meat of his prick through his pants. He stared, sweeping his lust-filled eyes over her naked flesh. She was perfect! He groaned, his mouth watering for her pussy.

Taffy turned around, exhibiting her pert ass for his approval. “Daddy’s always patting my ass,” she giggled as she rocked her hips and bent over, “but he’s never seen it like this.”

Martin drooled as he ogled her ass and long legs. He could see her ass crack and the pink gash of her wet, virgin pussy. At this moment, he wanted her more than anything in the world.

Taffy turned around and saw his desire. It matched her own. “I’m so hot, Uncle Martin. The way you’re looking at me makes my pussy all mushy.”

Her head was spinning and all she could think about was the bulge in his pants and what she wanted to do with it. Dropping to the floor, she kicked off her shoes and crawled between his legs, placing her hand on his crotch.

“Let me see your prick,” she whispered hotly.

Martin groaned. “Go ahead, Taffy.” He stared at her as she rubbed the palm of her hand slowly over his bulging cock. “Take it out.”

Quaking with a passion that was growing more intense by the second, Taffy tugged the zipper down. She groped inside his pants until her fingers touched the hard, hot meat of her uncle’s prick.

She gasped as she lugged out his giant cock. “Ooooo, Uncle Martin. It’s so big and thick!”

Martin jerked as her fingers curled around the fat throbbing shaft of his cock. “What are you goin to do now?” he rasped. His hips squirmed as her fingers glided slowly up and down his cockshaft.

“I wanna do everything with it, Uncle Martin.”

She licked her lips, her mouth inches away from the spongy head of his prick. She leered at her first prick, seeing how the veins ran through his prickshaft. She squeezed, feeling the blood surge through his hard steel-beamed prick.

“Ununun, Uncle Martin. I’m gonna lick it and kiss it, and suck t.” She lifted her eyes to his face and watched as his mouth curled up into a lewd smile.

“Go ahead, Taffy,” he said, his voice coated with lust. “Do whatever you want with it.” His groin was tight and his balls were swollen. “Enjoy it, baby.”

“I will,” she panted breathlessly. She blew her hot breath over the bloated head of his cock as her fingers lightly stroked the fat throbbing prickshaft.

“Unnnnn, Taffy,” Martin groaned. “Jesus.”

Hearing her uncle say her name like he just did sent shivers up and down her spine. She brought her lips to his cock and gave the fat spongy tip a wet noisy kiss.

Spasms ripped through her cunt the moment her lips came in contact with his prick. She kissed it again, her uncle’s soft, urgent groans making her quiver with passion.

“Suck it, Taffy,” he said, his voice rough. “Put it in your mouth and suck it.”

Taffy parted her lips and sucked the bloated head of his cock into her mouth. She began to shake uncontrollably. She swirled her tongue over his cockhead, her fingers still gliding up and down his prickshaft.

Martin moaned as the heat of her eager mouth sent shock waves down his shaft to the cum churning in his balls. His body was tight and it took all of his willpower to keep from lunging up and spearing her throat.

“Suck it, Taffy. Put some more in your mouth.”

“Yesssss,” she moaned, her mouth coming off his prick. “Let me get your pants off first. I don’t want anything getting in the way.” With his help, they quickly had him stripped from the waist down.

Taffy moaned as she stared at his giant cock and huge balls. She caressed his nuts, watching them contract under her feathery touch. Using her nail, she traced a path up his long throbbing cockshaft.

“Use your mouth, Taffy,” Martin moaned, desperately wanting his niece’s mouth back on his cock. “Put it in your mouth.”

Taffy snaked out her tongue and slithered it up the length of his cockshaft until every hard throbbing inch was wet with her spit. Spreading his legs more, she used her tongue on his swollen balls, coating them with warm, drooling spit. Completely soaked, she lifted her head, her eyes bright with desire.

“Did you like that?”

Martin nodded. “In your mouth, Taffy. Suck it!”

“Yes, Uncle Martin,” she purred. “I’ll do anything you want.” She paused and licked her lips. “Anything.”

She brought her hungry mouth to his cock, bringing the bloated head between her lips. She sucked as the fat head of his prick brushed against the roof of her mouth. His groans were filling her head as she sucked his cockhead and stroked his throbbing cockshaft.

“Unnnnn, Taffy,” Martin groaned. The heat of her mouth was driving him crazy. “Eat it, baby. Unnnnnn… suck it.”

Holding the thick base of his prick, Taffy eased her mouth forward, the head of his cock gliding along the roof of her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. Breathing through her nose, she paused. Her pussy was sopping wt and all she could think about was taking his prick all the way into her mouth then into her pussy.

“Don’t stop,” Martin groaned, his hips jerking. “Suck it!”

Forcing herself not to gag, she pushed forward, taking the bulbous head of his cock into her throat. It was fantastic and her head began to spin. She sucked, her tongue swishing back and forth across the sensitive underside of his throbbing cock.

Martin was out of his mind. He lurched up, driving his cock into his niece’s throat. He beard her gag and felt her teeth sink into his prickshaft. He lunged again, then dropped back in the chair groaning as she sucked and licked frantically on his aching cock.

“Unnnnn, Taffy, unnnnn!”

Gasping, her throat stretched wide, Taffy inched his prick into her gullet until her clinging lips touched her fingers. She took away her hand and plunged down, taking the rest of his prick into her mouth.

“Aghhhh,” Martin groaned, his prick trapped in her tight throat and hot, sucking mouth. “Unnnnnn, Taffy. You got it!” He twisted on the chair, his prick throbbing violently in her mouth.

Caressing his groin and thighs, she held him deep in her throat, his cockhair tickling her nose, the head of his prick almost reaching into her belly. Her heart was pounding. Her first blow-job and she had taken every hard wonderful inch of his prick. She gurgled, her pussy pulsing, oozing out a steady flow of virgin cuntjuice as he throbbed in her mouth and gullet.

Eagerly as her uncle groaned with pleasure, she slowly lifted her head, her hips clinging to his prick until her teeth banged against the ridge of his bell-shaped cockhead. She sucked, then lowered her head again, taking him back into her throat. She repeated it, her uncle’s groans growing louder as his prick swelled even larger in her mouth.

She used her tongue, whipping it across his cockshaft as she slowly fucked her face with his prick. She sucked, then began to gently gnaw on his rock-hard cockshaft. The action of her teeth made her uncle twitch.

“Ahhhhh, Taffy,” Martin groaned. “Suck it! Suck it!” He lunged up, meeting her mouth. “Unnnnn, baby. Chew it up.”

Eager to please, Taffy threw herself wildly into sucking her uncle’s cock. She bobbed her head frantically up and down his cockshaft, her spit drooling from his lips, soaking his cockhair and dribbling down over his cum crammed nuts. She sucked and whipped her tongue along his throbbing prickmeat, chewing on the steel-hard cockshaft. Her nails raked his thighs and tight groin as her head bobbed faster and faster on his bloated prick.

“Baby!” Martin roared, lunging up from the chair. “Unnnnn, Taffy!” He jabbed at her face, his ass hammering the cushion of the chair. “Unnnnn.”

Taffy pulled her mouth off his cock. Her face was red, spit dribbling from her panting mouth. “Cum in my mouth, Uncle Martin,” she gasped. “Let me drink your cum.”

“Yeah, baby.” He reached down, grabbed her blonde hair and brought her hot mouth back to his cock. “Suck it and I’ll cream.”

Like a vulture, Taffy gobbled up her uncle’s prick. She took him to his balls and swooned, the thought of him cuming in her mouth making her cream. She sucked, her noisy slurps blending with her uncle’s groans of pleasure. She used her tongue, his groans growing louder. When she used her teeth, his groans filled the room.

“Un… un… un,” Martin groaned, his ass lifting off the chair. “Unnnn, Taffy.” He drilled her face with his cock, his balls rumbling, ready to explode.

Taffy felt her uncle tense. She didn’t know what to expect, but she was eager for it to happen. She gulped on his prick, her body shaking, her mouth sucking and chewing.

“I’m cuming!” Martin roared as he slammed his prick into her mouth. “I’m cuming!”

His bells erupted, a blast of cum spurting from his pisser and splattering the back of Taffy’s throat as another thick wad quickly followed.

Taffy gulped the first wad. Her eyes bulged as she choked on the second spurting glob of his jizz. He was cuming in her mouth and it drove her insane.

“Baby,” Martin roared, drilling his exploding prick in and out of Taffy’s hot sucking mouth. “Unnnn, I’m cuming!”

Taffy slammed her mouth down on her uncle’s prick, meeting his hard lunging thrusts, her lips mashing into his groin. Cum gushed into her mouth, flooded her cheeks as she frantically gulped it down. It was even more exciting than she had ever imagined. Gulping and gagging on his spurting prick, she sucked and chewed, wanting all of his cum.

“Taffy,” Martin roared, hammering her face with lightning stabs. “Suck it! Suck!” His balls churned as he fed her his cock with hard punching jabs. His ass thumped on the chair, his face twisted with lust. “Unnnnn, don’t stop, baby. Aghhh, got plenty more.”

Cum gushed from Taffy’s lips and her nose. It squirted into her throat and filled her mouth. Choking and gagging, she never stopped. She bobbed her head wildly, her teeth grating along his cockshaft, her tongue whipping it. She sucked deep, drawing the cum up from his rumbling nuts and into her mouth. It was wild and she loved every second of it.

Martin roared, plowing her throat with his squirting prick. He dropped back to the chair and jerked his hips as her teeth gnawed on his prickshaft. He lunged up again, meeting her mouth and crushing her lips into his groin.

“Unnnnnn, Taffy!”

Slurping and sucking his cock, she chewed, craving every drop. Grabbing the base of his cockshaft, she squeezed, her hand flying up and down his prick as she feated on his spewing cockhead. Cum still gushed from his prick, filing her mouth and squirting down her throat.

Martin jabbed up, his balls almost drained. “Unnnnn, Taffy!” He crashed back to the chair, jerking his hips, his cock trapped in her sucking mouth.

Holding his prick, she sucked deep, drawing out the last of his cum. One deep suck brought a thick glob into her mouth and a loud grunt from her uncle. She shoved her face forward, mashing her lips into his groin as the last spurt of jizz sprayed her throat.

“Unnnn, baby,” Martin gasped, his prick buried to the hilt, her hot sucking mouth making his spent dick twitch. “Enough.”

As if in a daze, Taffy lifted her head, his drained dick popping from her mouth. Cum stained her lips as she looked up at him from bright glassy eyes. “Did I do it right?” she asked.

Martin nodded, his limp prick lying against his thigh. “Nobody could’ve done better.”

“I’m glad,” Taffy moaned. “I’m so glad.”

She licked her lips clean and sighed. “God, cum tastes so good.” She smacked her lips and gazed at his cock. “So delicious.”



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