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xNovel - Daddy's Naughty Daughters


Daddy's Naughty Daughters

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Crissy was thrilled. She crawled up into her father’s arms, rubbing her hot virgin body against his hard powerful frame. “Am I as good as Mommy before she left us?” she asked.

“Better, baby,” Douglas rasped, cradling his child in his arms.

“Oooh, Daddy.” She tingled all over, found his mouth and gave him a wet hungry kiss.

Douglas groaned and sucked on her tongue, his wet limp prick mashed against her soft belly.

Crissy pulled her mouth away from her father’s lips. “Suckin’ your cock was the greatest, but I’m so hot. Will you help me, Daddy?”

Douglas rubbed his child’s lithe naked body. His hands cupped the firm cheeks of her ass, kneading her pliant assmeat. He felt her small tits mash against his chest, her nipples like hot pokers searing his skin. “I’ll take care of you, baby,” he groaned.

“Oooh, Daddy,” she sighed. She showered him with kisses, then dropped her hand down to his limp prick. A hot shiver raced up her arm. “Will you fuck me, Daddy? I wanna be fucked so bad.”

Douglas’ head was spinning. He fondled her young writhing body, his mouth hungry, working frantically over his daughter’s neck. He kneaded her tits, his mouth working down her soft creamy body. “As soon as my cock’s hard again, Crissy,” he said.

“Oh, Daddy! I’m burning up!” She lay on her back, her pussy on fire, juices flowing, coating her cunt in filmy cream. “Suck my titties, Daddy! Suck ‘em!”

Douglas’ urgent mouth found the small plump mounds of his daughter’s tits. He sucked hard, making Crissy whimper with glee. He chewed on her nipples, working his tongue over the hard bullet tips.

Crissy squirmed on her back. She scratched her nails through her father’s hair, then pressed his mouth to her tits. “Ooooh, Daddy! Daddy!”

Douglas dined on her tits, his hands roaming down to her slim hips. He dipped one hand between her parted legs, cupping the blonde mound of her overheated pussy. Juice flowed into his hand.

“Unnnn Daddy!” she gasped, humping her hips and grinding her cunt against his hand. “Lick me. Lick my pussy before you fuck me.”

Douglas was drunk with passion. He chewed his way down his daughter’s virgin body, crawled between her long slender legs. “You a virgin, baby?” he panted.

“Yes, Daddy. I want you to break my cherry.” She squirmed her hips. “I wanna feel your cock up inside my fuckhole.”

Douglas groaned and stared at her pussy. It had been years since he had broken a cherry and his cock throbbed, growing again, stiffening.

“Lick me, Daddy. Make me hotter.” Crissy clawed her way down her slim body, and she parted the velvety folds of her cunt, exposing her fuckhole. “I wanna cum, Daddy. God, I’m so hot.”

Douglas wanted to fuck her this instant. His cock was hard enough, but he wasn’t going to lose the chance of sucking out a virgin pussy. He brought his mouth to his daughter’s cunt, moaning as his lips clamped to her wet seeping pussy. His cock, pressed against the mattress, throbbed, anxious to fill Crissy’s virgin fuckhole.

“Ooooh, Daddy!” She humped, twisting her hips, her cunt grinding against her father’s face. “Suck! Suck!” She was out of her skull.

Douglas sucked, using his tongue. She tasted sweet, innocent, and it drove him crazy. He slipped his hands under her jiggling ass, cupped her cheeks and squeezed. Warm cream flowed over his face.

Crissy was like a firecracker ready to go off. She whimpered, her hips rolling, her hands skimming over her flesh. It was like a dream.

Her father was eating out her cunt and soon he would be shoving his gorgeous cock up inside her virgin pussy. She would truly be a woman.

With her father licking her cunt, and her mind spinning with thoughts of being fucked, Crissy’s pussy exploded. “I’m creaming, Daddy. Ooooh, I’m cumming!”

Crissy humped up, rolling her hips. Her small creamy tits jiggled. “Ooooh, Daddy. I’m cumming! Lick me! Lick me!”

Douglas slapped his tongue up through her cunt. Hot virgin pussy-cum flowed over his face. Hearing his daughter squeal with pleasure drove him wild. She was delicious and he sucked deeper, drawing her cuntlips into his mouth.

Orgasms swept through Crissy’s writhing body. Her cunt muscles pulsed against an empty channel. She shoved down and ground her cunt into her father’s mouth. “I’m creaming you, Daddy! Ooooh, God!”

Douglas held onto her ass and feasted on her virgin pussy. Twisted and bent, his cock ached. He gobbled on her pussy, found her clit and captured it between his teeth.

Crissy arched her back, slamming her pussy into her father’s mouth. “Bite. Daddy! Make me cum again!”

Spit drooled from her open mouth. Cum gushed from her cunt, drenched her father’s face and soaked the cheeks of her ass.

Douglas chewed, sucked and used his tongue. He nipped her clit with his teeth, made Crissy screech with joy. His own hips were jerking, his cock jabbing into the mattress.

Crissy stiffened and fell back to the bed, a quivering mass of flesh. “Oooooh, Daddy!” She squirmed. “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Douglas came up from between his daughter’s legs. He was crazed with a desire to ravage his child’s body. He pulled his powerful frame up over Crissy’s slim figure and stared down at her flushed passion-filled face. “Did I eat you as good as Tammy?” he asked with a grin.

“Oh, Daddy!” she gasped. “You know?”

“Yeah, baby. I saw the whole thing this morning.”

She felt his cockhead against her stomach. “You mad?”

“No,” he panted, his prick throbbing, ready to rip into his daughter’s virgin pussy.

She was too hot to talk about her sister. “Stick it in me, Daddy,” she panted. She humped up and rocked her hips as his cock pressed against her stomach. “Oooooh, fuck me!”

Douglas brought his lust under control. “It’ll hurt, baby.”

“I don’t care!” she gasped. “I want your cock.” She raked his thick arms with her nails. “Fuck me. Make me a woman.”

Douglas eased the bloated head of his cock between the puffy folds of his daughter’s pussy. Hot buttery pussy-cream flowed over his cockhead, making him groan. He pushed, the head of his prick pressing against the thin skin of his daughter’s cherry.

“Ooooh, Daddy! I feel it. Fuck me. Take my cherry!” She was delirious, screaming at the top of her lungs.

Douglas stared at her contorted face. He jabbed forward, the head of his prick ripping through her cherry as if it were tissue paper. “Baby,” he roared, plunging through her virgin fuckhole until his cock was buried to the hilt. “Sweet, baby!”

“Ayieeee!” Crissy screamed. “Daddy!” She bucked up, twisting, her teenaged body impaled on her father’s stiff cock. “It hurts so bad!”

Hissing through his teeth, he kept his prick buried. The muscles of her cunt were tightly wrapped around his cockshaft, pulsing, milking his prick instinctively. “Relax,” he whispered. “Relax.”

Crissy bucked like a wildcat under her father’s cunt-splitting prick. She twisted her hips, squirmed, but couldn’t get free. Her father was too strong and his cock was too deep. “Take it out!” she cried in a moment of terror. “Oooooh, please!”

Douglas ignored her pleas, knowing the pain would go away. He moved his hips slowly, allowing her pussy to adjust to having it stuffed with his prick. “Easy, baby,” he soothed, keeping his raging passion in check. “The pain will go away.”

Crissy thrashed beneath her father, whimpering, the pain unbearable. She bucked up, jerking her hips. She clawed his arms, her blue eyes bulging. “Daddy… it hurts!”

Douglas eased back, pushed forward, his cock slipping easily into her pussy. “Unnn, baby.”

“Aghhhh!” Crissy wailed. She twisted her hips as her father stuffed her cunt. This time when he stabbed into her cunt, the pain disappeared and a hot sizzling warmth took its place. Pain gone, her passion quickly returned, turning her back into a hot crazed sex kitten. “Daddy! Daddy!”

“Yeah, baby!” He grinned. “I told you.” He eased back, leaving only the head of his bloated cock buried inside his daughter’s pussy. “Ride it, Crissy.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she panted. Crissy lifted her hips, her stretched cunt gliding wetly over her father’s buried prick. “Unnnn. Oooooh, it feels so good! So damn fuckin’ good!”

Douglas’ balls swelled. He leered down, watched as his lust-crazed teenaged daughter fucked herself madly on his stiff prick. “Enjoy, baby. Fuck yourself blind.”

“I am,” she squealed. “Ooooh, Daddy. It’s the best feeling in the world.” Crissy bucked up. The syrupy juice in her pussy bathed his fat cockshaft. Her muscles pulsed rapidly against his prick. She twisted her hips and ground her clit against his hard groin. “Ooooh, Christ, I’m goin’ crazy.”

“Not yet, baby,” he assured her. “It gets even better.” To give her an example, he drove his hips forward, pounding her wriggling body back into the mattress. He eased back, lunged again, then twisted his hips, his cockhead gouging the tight wet walls of her sizzling cunt.

“Ahhhh! Yessss!” She bucked up and met his thrusting stabs, her clit mashed by his groin. “Aghhhhh! Don’t stop! Keep fuckin’ me, Daddy!”

Douglas fucked hard, smashing his daughter’s body between his hard driving fame and mattress. With his cock buried, he jerked his hips, twisting his long fat prick inside her fuckhole. His teeth clenched, his jaw tight, his cock throbbed inside her tight steamy pussy. “Baby.”

With her pussy filled with her father’s prick, Crissy went wild. She thrashed beneath him, her tits jiggling, her fingers kneading his stiff muscled arms. “I’m in heaven, Daddy. Make me cum.”

“Soon, baby,” he rasped, stabbing her gulping cunt with long teasingly slow strokes. “When you can’t stand the pleasure anymore.”

Tammy opened the door and stared into Crissy’s bedroom. A gasp caught in her throat and her knees went weak. “Oh, God,” she whispered, watching her father slam his cock into Crissy’s pussy. “Ooooh, God.”

Neither Crissy nor her father heard or saw Tammy. They were too busy fucking.

Crissy trembled. Hot spasms rippled through her pussy each time her father plunged his cock into her sopping-wet hole. She quivered, using her cunt muscles every time her father eased back and dragged his cock from her cunt hole. “Faster, Daddy! I’m going crazy.”

Douglas was going crazy, too. Fucking his daughter’s tight wet pussy had his balls rumbling and his cockshaft thickening with blood. “How’s this, baby?” he growled, shortening his strokes and adding more power behind the quickening thrusts.

“Oooooh, my God! Yes! Yes!” She felt his fat throbbing cock inside her cunt. Her hips bucked and she thrust her cunt forward. “You’re so deep, Daddy!”

With the next plunge, Douglas smacked his groin against her trembling body. The head of his cock stabbed deep. “Unnn, Crissy!”

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she wailed, her cunt gliding wetly along his cum-swelled hard-on. Her hips came ramming up, her pussy gobbling on his buried cockshaft. Her ass crashed back to the bed as her father pounded her into the mattress. She moaned, matching his quick stabbing thrusts with her own jerky moves.

Douglas fucked into her juicy pussy with fast-paced lunges. “Baby.” His broad chest heaved as his breathing grew more intense. Hard jabs drove his cock into her squiggling body. He drilled her pussy, fucking the entire length of his prick into her frothy cunt.

“Daddy! I’m so close!” She lunged up, twisting her hips.

Douglas rammed back, his cock slicing through her mushy fuckhole. He felt her gripping cunt muscles squeeze his stabbing cockshaft. “Baby… you’re dynamite!”

“Ooooh, Daddy!” His words made her head spin. She banged her cunt onto his cock and ground her clit against his hard groin. “I feel so full!” Her slim sizzling body wiggled frantically on the bed as whimpering sobs escaped her drooling mouth.

“Daddy!” The last hard driving fuck-thrust triggered her orgasm. She began to shake. Her legs came around his back and locked, her heels digging into his hips.

“I’m cumming! I’m… cumming!” Orgasms ripped through her pussy. Her cunt flooded with her pussy-cum, bathing her father’s stabbing prick. Her pussy pulsed rapidly, eager for the load of cum buried in her father’s swinging balls.

“I’m cumming, Daddy. I’m creaming all the fuck over!” Crissy went insane.

Douglas saw his daughter’s face twist into an expression of lust. He knew she was creaming, felt the orgasms in her pussy attack his cock. It blew his mind. He fucked her harder, making her scream.

“Cum, Daddy!” she squealed. “Cum! Cum!”

With his next stabbing thrust, Douglas’ balls erupted. Hot thick cum shot up through his pounding prick, spewing from his pisser. Thick globs of cum whitewashed his daughter’s tight cunt. “I’m cumming, baby! Jesus Christ. I’m cumming!”

Crissy arched her back. The hot squirting cum from her father’s prick sent her screaming into another series of fantastic orgasms. She lunged up, rocking her hips, craving more of his spewing prick. “I feel your cum, Daddy! Oooooh, keep cumming! Fuck me!”

Hot sticky cum poured from her pussy each time her father rammed his cock into her wiggling body. She felt his cum fill her body and it drove her mad. “Harder, Daddy! Faster!”

Her ass hammered the bed. Her tits shook, the nipples sore and swollen. “I’m still cumming!” She bucked up, twisting her clit against his groin as he slammed her back to the bed.

Douglas pounded her violently. His hips jabbed forward at blinding speed, driving his cock to the root each time. “Baby,” he roared, his muscles straining, his arms weakening.

Crissy’s cum greased her father’s drilling cockshaft. It mixed with his cum inside her fuckhole, gushed out down her cunt crack and formed a puddle on the sheet. A gurgling moan escaped her mouth. It was as if her father’s cock had stabbed into her throat. “Your… cock… ooooh, Daddy! I…” She was delirious.

Douglas stared from glazed eyes at his daughter’s beautiful face. In the throes of passion, her face had lost its innocence. His gut knotted as his cum-stained balls slapped against her quivering body with each stab into her squishy cunt.

Crissy was in bliss. Her hips moved at the same frantic pace her father had set. Her ass came off the bed, her hips bucked, and she moaned when he drove her squirming twisting body back onto the bed. “Ooooh, Daddy!” She stiffened, raking his chest. “Ahhhh!”

Douglas fucked hard, his balls about drained. His arms crumbled and he crushed her beneath him, his hips still stabbing, slicing his cock in and out of her climaxing pussy.

Crissy found his neck with her mouth and chewed. Her arms circled his back, and she held him tight. She lunged up, moaning, her tits crushed against his chest. “Ooooh, Daddy!”

Douglas ground her back onto the bed, his hands skimming under her body, clutching the cheeks of her jiggling ass. Panting, his groans lost in her throat, he fucked her maniacally until she lay limp and weak beneath him.

Crissy purred like a contented cat. She stroked his back lovingly. Her hips twitched and her legs fell away from his body. She lay there, savoring her cum-stuffed cunt. “I’m a woman, Daddy,” she whispered.

Douglas rolled off his daughter’s body and panted as he caught his breath, his prick limp, sticky, lying like a slab of meat against his thigh. “You’re better than your mother ever was.”

“Mmmm, Daddy,” she cooed, rolling into his arms. It was then that she spotted Tammy standing at the door. “Tammy!”

Douglas lifted his head. “How… long have you been there?”

“Long enough to want you to do the same thing to me,” Tammy sighed. She ran into the bedroom and joined them on the bed.

“I’ll never make it through the night,” Douglas groaned happily.

“I think you will,” Tammy said, scampering down to his limp cock.

Crissy licked his chest. “I know you will.”



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