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xNovel - Hot Incest Family


Hot Incest Family

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Ted laughed huskily and slapped his brother on the back. “Tiff’s right, Steve. I don’t mind! I’ll fuck her after you finish. Go to it, Bro. Fuck her cunt and fuck it good!”

Steve shot his brother a grateful look and licked his lips excitedly as he stared down at his sexy sister, now writhing on the ground in a frenzy of fuck-lust. He could hardly believe the change that had come over her!

“Ohhh, hurry, Steve,” she groaned.

“Hurry and get that big cock of yours into my pussy! I need to feel it fucking my cunt! Hurry, please!”

Mark laughed and pushed his son toward Tiffany: “You heard her, Son. Fuck the cunt!”

Mark and Ted sat cross-legged on the ground, no longer needing to worry about holding the girl down while Steve fucked her. They began to finger their cocks while they grew more and more excited, anxiously waiting for the hot fucking action to start.

Steve walked between Tiffany’s legs, his prick sticking straight out in front of him. Tiffany reached out and grabbed it, pulling it straight toward her.

“Wow! You really are hot, aren’t you?” Steve asked, his cock jerking lewdly in her hands.

“Ohhh, yesss, Steve! I’ve learned my lesson now. And I want you to fuck me however you want. But just fuck me! I need it so baaaaad!”

Steve knelt between her legs as Tiffany guided his big, bursting cock toward her wet pussyhole. As he moved toward her she pulled his prick forward and, at the same time, scooted her hips forward, impaling herself skillfully on the teen’s big ten-incher, so like his dad’s.

“Ahhhhhhhh, yesssss,” the horny blonde screamed with pleasure and excitement.

She felt her brother’s prick bucking and jerking hard against her tender cunt walls, and she writhed and moaned, realizing how lucky she was to have three hard cocks at her service!

“Fuck meeeeee!” she yelled over and over. Steve grinned and rested his hands on either side of her body as he began to stroke back and forth. He felt her hot, wet cunt grab his cock and squeeze it hard before letting go again, and he groaned with a hot, rising fuck lust for his sexy sister.

“Ohhhhh, Tiff, what a great, tight cunt you’ve got! Squeeze my prick, honey! Squeeze that fucker!” he yelled.

“Yeah! Fuck her hard, Son,” Mark said proudly, his cock already rising to a new stiffness in his hands as he continued to watch the exciting fuck action along with Ted.

Tiffany raised her head and moaned continually as she watched her brother’s long, reddish cockshaft vanishing between her blonde furred cuntlips. She had never seen anything so exciting in her life! She could see every single one of his ten inches of cock fucking into her smoothly.

Steve was thrilled by the same sight, his eyes fixed on his sister’s cunt as he stroked into her over and over. The lewd, squishing sounds as he pulled out turned him on even more. And the sight of her excited fuck-juices puddling on the lawn under her crotch let the teen know just how aroused the horny teen really was. It was all so exciting to Steve that he realized he would have to use every ounce of his self-control to keep from coming too soon.

He began to fuck her expertly with slow, deliberate strokes, which made the girl moan as her entire body twitched and writhed obscenely beneath his prick.

Steve lowered his face to his sister’s tits, his lips closing over the rigid, stiff nipple of one of her gigantic tits.

“Ahhhhhhh, Steve, suck my tits!” the girl moaned and she came.

Steve could feel Tiffany’s pussy spasming in orgasm around his cock, and he thrilled to the exciting sensation, having to hold himself back so he wouldn’t blow his wad too soon.

As he continued to fuck his big ten-inch prick into her convulsing pussy, he used his tongue to lick across both of the stiff, sensitive nips, and down into the deep valley between the two mountainous tits. Tiffany was moaning constantly now, and Steve was excited by the knowledge that it was his cock that had the girl so turned on.

“Ahhhhh, Steve, your cock’s soooo big and hard! It feels great! Fuck me, Steve, fuck meeee!” she moaned, arching her back enough to give the teen a fully exposed pussyhole to drive his bursting prick into.

The girl reached out and raked her brother’s broad muscular back with her sharp fingernails. She left bloody tracks on Steve’s hard, masculine flesh but neither of the young lovers noticed. They were both too lost in their own private world of fuck-lust.

“Wow, Dad,” Ted panted, his cock growing stiffer and bigger in his hands. “Look at them go! That could’ve been me! Maybe I shouldn’t have let Steve go first.”

Mark laughed. “Don’t worry, Son. You’ll get your chance. The way this slut is acting, I’d say we’re all gonna get a lot more turns before she’s finished with us!”

Tiffany was happier at that moment than ever before in her life. The feel of Steve’s big cock pressing hotly against her trembling pussy walls turned her on beyond belief. And the way he was working his hot, hard tongue over and between her gigantic tits just thrilled her all the more.

Her big tits quivered under his sucking lips and licking tongue until she was about ready to come again. Using both of her hands, she gripped her big brother’s upper arms hard, pulling him even closer to her, demanding more and more from the teen.

“Fuck me, Steve! I want it all! Give me all your cock! Rip me apart with that big monster of yours!” she panted.

“She sure sounds different now than she did before, Dad,” Ted laughed huskily, watching the horny girl spreading her legs even wider for Steve.

“Yeah,” Mark agreed. “Look at the way she’s getting off on that hard fucking he’s giving her. Did the same thing with me when I fucked her ass hard. That cunt doesn’t know what gentle, loving fucking.”

“That’s okay with me, Dad!” Ted said, laughing again. “I’m looking, forward to fucking her as hard as I can!”

“You’ll be next after Steve, Ted. Then I’ll be ready to go again,” he murmured, glancing down at his cock, which was already rock-hard and twitching with desire.

“What happens if we make her too sore from all this fucking?” Ted asked worriedly.

Mark chuckled. “Why, then we’d have to call her sister out here to eat her pussy out for her. That would be nice and soothing.”

“Yeah, and we could all watch!” Ted said, groaning with excitement at the idea of watching Alice eating Tiffany’s pussy out.

“You got it, Son!” Mark laughed.

“Mmmmm, such a sweet, hot, tight cunt!” Steve groaned, digging his prick even deeper into the girl’s hungry cunt.

“Fuck me hard! Fuck me good! Fuck meeee!” Tiffany bellowed, her entire body going rigid with the force of the climax smashing into her body.

The horny blonde felt as if she were going right out of her mind with the raging lust that filled her entire body, every fiber and nerve of her being. Each thrust of her big brother’s hot, hard cock made her feel just that much more turned on. She could feel all ten inches of the massive prick reaming out her pussy, and she thrilled to the sensation, moaning over and over as her brother continued to fuck her skillfully.

“Ohhh, baby, you’re such a hot fuck!” Steve groaned.

His strong hands reached down under the girl’s trembling ass cheeks and lifted her ass off the ground. She whined and ground her pussy down hard into his crotch. Her sexy movement allowed her big brother’s prick to enter her cunt at a new and excitingly different angle. She whimpered again, beside herself with lust.

He lifted her up even more until most of Tiffany’s weight was pinned on her shoulders. He fucked her pussy as hard as he could, making the girl writhe with excitement.

“Yesssss, yesssss, Stevie!” Tiffany panted. “Fuck that big monster of a cock all the way up my pussy! Give it to me! Fuck meeeee!”

“You got it, baby!” Steve cried. “Hang on!”

He suddenly, quickly turned the girl over in midair. As she felt herself going up and over, he slid underneath her body. She landed heavily on top of him, his prick never once leaving her horny pussy. She now lay on top of him, her legs on either side of his, her toes just barely touching the ground.

“Go on, baby,” Steve ordered, “fuck yourself!”

“All riiiight!” Tiffany squealed excitedly, moving her trim ass up and down so that she could get Steve’s cock moving into her cunt again.

Feeling such a new-found freedom of movement just turned the girl on even more powerfully. Now she could rotate her ass, move and spin her hips so that she was able to cork-screw herself down hard over her brother’s prick.

She bent forward and dragged her nips across Steve’s chest as she moved up and down. She glanced up and saw Ted’s cock about to explode and she licked her lips hungrily, longing to taste his cum. Or if she couldn’t taste it, maybe she could feel it shooting inside her while Steve was still fucking her! The idea thrilled her so much that she almost came on the spot.

“Ted!” she yelled suddenly, startling everyone. “Come on over here and fuck me!”

“Hey, wait a minute!” Steve objected. “I’m not finished with you yet, you little cunt! You can’t do that!”

Tiffany laughed softly as she continued to pull her pussy up and down on her brother’s big, hard cock. “Not to worry, Brother dear,” she murmured. “I want you to stay right where you are so I can fuck my cunt on your big prick!”

“But you said…” Steve started to say, confused now.

She laughed again. “I told Ted to fuck me, but I didn’t say I wanted him to fuck me in the pussy!”

A gleam suddenly lit up Steve’s eyes and he grinned back at his sister. “Oh, I get it! You want him to fuck you in the ass!”

“Yessss! Come on, Ted, fuck my asshole! I need it up there! Give me your big prick up my ass, Ted!” she begged, throwing him a pleading look as she kept riding Steve’s cock up and down.

“Go on, Ted,” Mark said, shoving his son toward Tiffany and Steve. The teen seemed paralyzed by his own fuck-lust, unable to move, unable to believe his good luck! “The whore’s begging you for your cock! Don’t let her down! Go on over there and stick your prick up her ass!”

Ted grinned and all but ran the short distance to where his sister and brother were busily fucking each other. Tiffany moaned with pleasure as she felt Ted’s nine-incher diving down between her asscheeks. When she felt his throbbing cockhead strike against her asshole, she came.

Ted thrust forward hard, ramming all nine inches of his prick up his sister’s spasming asshole. Tiffany moaned, feeling Steve’s big cock reaming out her cunt while Ted’s prick fucked in and out of her tight, juicy asshole.

Suddenly, the girl felt something hard nudging against the side of her face. Turning her head, she found herself staring right at her father’s big hard-on!

“I’m feeling left out, honey. Suck me off,” Mark murmured.

Almost before he had finished speaking, Tiffany had opened her mouth wide and, as her father thrust his cock inside her hot, wet mouth, she began to suck him hard, relishing the taste of his throbbing cockmeat.

As she continued to suck her daddy’s prick, while still riding up and down on Steve’s cock, she bent forward and spread her legs even farther apart, allowing Ted to shove his big cock even deeper up her trembling asshole.

“Hey, I can feel your cock through her insides, Ted,” Steve panted. “It’s kinda weird but it feels great.”

“Yeah… damn, she’s got the tightest ass! I love fucking this bitch! I’m gonna shoot my wad any second now.”

“Noooooo! Don’t you dare come!” Tiffany cried.

“You’re gonna make me come, you stupid cunt!” Ted said. “Your asshole’s squeezing my cock so hard!”

Tiffany tried to stop squeezing the cocks in her pussy and asshole so that they would last longer. But she couldn’t. It was as if her body had a mind all its own, and she had no control over it. Both her cunt muscles and ass muscles were clamping down hard on the big cocks fucking into them, and all four lovers were moaning and groaning now as they neared orgasm.

Tiffany had slipped her mouth off of her father’s cock to beg her brother not to come too soon, but now she had it back in her mouth clear down her throat! She was expertly deep-throating her father’s prick and she thrilled to the sensation of his big cock throbbing lewdly against the walls of her throat, which she used to squeeze his cock hard.

“That’s it, baby! Suck it hard! Suck your daddy’s prick!” Mark grunted, feeling his nuts tightening painfully. He knew he was about to shoot.

Just then Steve’s cock lurched crazily and shot out a large wad of cum into Tiffany’s cunt. At almost the same instant, Ted let out a loud cry and shot his load of hot, creamy jism up his sister’s asshole.

“Ohhhh, yessss, you bastards!”

Tiffany screamed around the thickness of her father’s cock. Her words were unintelligible because of the thick prick filling her mouth, but she didn’t care. All she cared about in the whole world at that moment was in her mouth, her asshole, and her cunt. Cock and more cock! Cum and more cum!

“Keep sucking hard, you cunt! I’m commiiiinnngg!” Mark yelled as his balls released their tremendous load of cum.

Oh God, Tiffany thought to herself, I’ve died and gone to heaven! My cunt and asshole and mouth are running over with cum and I’m coming again myself! Oh God, give me more cum… more cum… and with that final, lewd thought, the girl passed out.




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