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xNovel - What A Sucking Mother!


What A Sucking Mother!

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The more Laura learned about Janey, the more she was convinced the girl was an exhibitionist. Not that it bothered Laura in the least. If Janey was that way, if that was how she got her kicks, who was Laura to say it was wrong?

“If it feel good, do it.” The old saying was quite appropriate to Laura. “And it sure feels good!” she whispered.

She had finished with her bath and was in her panties, walking around, savouring the still-tingling pleasure in her body, waiting for Mike to come home. Laura was going to bring her son and the exquisite Janey together, not just to get the little girl fucked, but to provide happiness for her son, too. It was possible. All she had to do was agree to let Janey watch her son fuck her.

And why not do it?

Would it be any different fucking Mike with Janey present than the way it was now? The only difference would be the added pleasure of having Janey with them, in the same room, in the same bed… being licked… fucked… and sucking her son’s cock… eating that honey-sweet cunt.

The visions in her inflamed mind sent tremors of anticipatory ecstasy burning through Laura’s body. As to having Janey watch her fuck her son, Laura didn’t mind that in the least. It would be fun, exciting, to have the pretty little girl looking on, perhaps involved.

Laura wondered if she should tell Mike about Janey now, or if it would be best to surprise him. She knew if she told him, he would want to get the girl into the house immediately, maybe do something rash. Best to give him a surprise later, she decided…

By the time her son returned, Laura’s cunt was bubbling with heated excitement again. When he entered the door, she was on him quickly, hugging him tightly against her naked tits and grinding her cunt against his body. She kissed him wetly.

“Some greeting for a guy that never got many kisses before, Mom,” he said, laughing in her arms. He looked at her when she released him. His mother’s face was flushed with desire. “And in panties only! I like that.”

“I knew you would,” she said in a thickening voice.

Mike’s cock began to strain against his pants, and her eyed focused on his cock-bulge. “And I like seeing what it does to you, darling,” she murmured.

Laura ran her hand over his hardening cock, kissing him again, shoving her tongue into his mouth. She shivered in pleasure when her son ran his hand over the curve of her ass, squeezing for a moment. She clutched her son’s ass and pulled his cock-bulge against her thigh, I remembering how Janey had rubbed her hot little cunt there earlier. A flaring cock-hunger suddenly boiled within Laura’s body. She dropped to her knees quickly in front of her son, opening his pants with eager fingers.

“You need it real bad, Mom,” Mike said, looking down at her beautiful face as he leaned against the door.

“Oh, yes, honey! I need it now!”

She pulled his cock from his pants, her eyes hot as she looked at his fucker, stroking it with both hands. She sighed and mewled, and finally opened his belt and jerked his pants down to his feet. She cradled his precious balls with one hand and jacked him with the other. Darting forward, she lifted his balls and rubbed them about her face.

Her eyes boiled up into his questioning face. She giggled softly. “You know what I want, don’t you, darling?”

“Are you going to… Mom, do you like doing that, too?”

“Oooo, I love it!” she squealed, kissing at his balls, sliding her hot, wet lips up and down the shaft of his throbbing cock. “I love the feel of a cock inside my mouth, Mike. I like the hot, hard taste of a prick between my lips. I love to suck cock, darling!”

Laura shoved her mouth onto her son’s cock quickly, with a low moan of ecstasy coming from her throat. She held his prick in her mouth lovingly, her tongue pressing his cock head to the roof of her mouth, feeling it throb, sending her emotions soaring with hungry pleasure. She tasted the juices dripping from his piss hole, loving the way that sweet liquid coated her tongue, burning it. When her son placed his hands on her cheeks, it increased her mindless desire to suck his cock.

Laura, with hot whimpers, darted her face forward, taking his cock deeply into her wet mouth. Her lips pressed into the wiry hair at the base of his cock and she held him there her throat working, her lips writhing, her tongue pressing. She drew his balls to her chin and held them, thrilling to the beat on her flesh.

She began to suck him, pushing and pulling her lips on his cock, moaning softly, twisting her head about.

“Oh, Mom!” Mike gurgled as he watched his mother face bobbing on his cock. “Your mouth is so fucking hot, so, fucking wet! Ohhh, I like it… I like it, Mom!”

Laura felt her son’s body trembling and his cock jerking inside her mouth. She snaked from his cock and stroked it with her hand, grinning lewdly and hotly up at him.

“You should like it, honey,” she whispered throatily. “My mouth is almost like my cunt, isn’t it?”

Mike nodded. “But still different.”

“Of course,” she agreed. “I can do a lot more with my lips and tongue on a cock than my cunt can, you know.” She squeezed his cock, watching a bead of liquid bubble from his piss hole. She flicked her tongue out and licked it away. “Fuck my mouth, Mike! Fuck me in my hot mouth!”

Mike began to gasp, his fucking motions almost jerky now. Laura clung to his cock with wet lips, prepared to hold his ass forward tightly if he tried to pull away when he came.

With a sudden yelp, Mike fucked his cock forward, the urge to push at the moment of coming very strong. Laura groaned hotly.

His cock spurted come.

Laura felt and tasted the thick sweetness gushing from his piss hole, flowing over her tongue. She gurgled wetly as his come juice flooded into her hungry mouth.

The hot taste of her son’s come juice coating her tongue sent a ripple of ecstasy through Laura’s body. It was such a strong ripple, her cunt seemed to explode with an impossible convulsion. She moaned as she came, her ass shaking. She sucked powerfully on her son’s come-squirting cock with a hot hunger that came from a long period of not having a cock in her mouth. The taste of his come juice was sweet, like fresh honey. His come rolled down her throat, leaving a trail of burning pleasure. Her eyes were closed, her face flushed with the intensity of her pleasure.

Time and again her son’s cock spurted come, filling her mouth until the thick white fuck juice seeped from the corners of her tight lips, flowing onto her chin. Laura held her son’s cock deep inside her mouth, her lips at the base, twisting heatedly as he came. Even when he stopped coming into her mouth, she didn’t want to let his cock go. She made soft whimpering sounds as he started pulling his prick from her clinging lips.

“Ohhh, Mom,” Mike gasped, leaning against the door, his legs rubbery. “Ohhh, that was as good as fucking your pussy!”

She nuzzled at his damp cock and balls, rubbing them about her chin. “You mean it wasn’t better? I thought I was a damned good cock-sucker, darling.”

“You are!” he panted. “You are a damned good cock-sucker, Mom.”

“And just how would you know?” she teased, kissing the tip of his cock and standing up. “How many girls have had this in their mouth? Enough so you can compare?”

“Aw, Mom, you know I’ve never had a blow-job.”

“I know. I was just being mean.”

Mike stepped out of his pants when she told him it was time for dinner. They sat and ate, with Laura’s tits beautifully naked. She wished she had sat closer to him at the table so she could play with his cock and balls during dinner.

“Have you seen Janey lately?” she asked him.

He frowned. “You know, that’s strange, Mom,” he said. “I usually see her at the park, or somewhere. But the past few days she’s disappeared.”

Laura smiled, knowing very well where the little girl was when he was running around, trying to find her.

“I wouldn’t worry about it,” she said. “Janey will show up again when she wants to.”

“I’m not worried about her, Mom,” he said, but the tone of his voice told her he missed the girl. “Besides, who wants her when I’ve got you.”

“That’s right,” she agreed. “It’s better to fuck me than dream about her. Right?”


“And you’re full of shit,” she teased. “You still want her little cunt so bad you’d do anything to fuck her.”

Mike grinned at his mother. “I’d probably drink a few gallons of her piss just to see where it came from.”

“Naughty, naughty,” she laughed. “That was old when I was your age.”

“One thing,” he said, “all this talk gives me a hard-on.” He stood and showed his mother. His cock was, again, jutting out so deliciously hard.

“Then we better take care of it, don’t you think?”

She stood and closed her fingers about his cock and, leaving the dishes on the table, she pulled her son to the bedroom by his prick.

“Fuck or suck?” she asked, arching her brows in what she thought would be a professional invitation.

Her son giggled. “You don’t look like a whore, Mom. You just look silly trying to act that way.”

“And you know what a whore looks like, do you?” She grabbed his cock and jerked it swiftly. “What else do you know? Are you doing things I don’t know about? Maybe I should cut back on your allowance if some fucking whore is getting it.”

“I don’t know any whores, Mom,” he said, sprawling on the bed, “and you know that.”

“Just teasing, baby. I’ll be your whore if you think you want one. I can do anything a whore can do, and better.”

“I believe it!” he laughed when she grabbed his cock and began to squeeze it.

Laura leaned over her son’s cock, flicking her tongue about the smooth cock head. She felt his hand sliding up her thigh as she licked up and down the throbbing prick shaft. When he pulled at her panties, dragging them down, she sucked his cock into her mouth for the second time.

She got up and let her son take her panties from her feet. She then lay back on the bed, her head at his feet. Spreading her thighs, she watched her son gaze between them at her hair-lined cunt.

“Want to fuck that pussy a bit, darling?” she asked as she writhed her ass. “Come on, put that lovely hard-on up mother’s cunt for a while.”

As he moved between her thighs, she took his cock in her hand and fitted that sweetly swollen cock head between the lips of her hairy cunt. She sucked in air as his cock fucked into her pussy, stretching those sensitive cunt lips, going very deep. She lifted her crotch when his balls touched the cheeks of her ass, and began to hump up and down with him.

“God, I love to fuck you, Mike!” she hissed hotly, caressing his hips with her hands, closing her hot thighs against his. “I love that cock up my cunt, fucking me! I’d rather fuck you than anyone else in the world!”

He stabbed his cock far up his mother’s cunt, fucking hard. He enjoyed hearing his mother say that, it increased his passion.

Laura drew her knees back, touching her tits with them, holding them wide, arching her crotch up to him, looking down and trying to watch his cock penetrate her steamy pussy. His balls slapped against her uplifted ass.

“Fuck my tits,” she whimpered.


“Fuck my tits, darling,” she asked again. “Bring your cock up here and fuck my tits.”

Laura’s eyes glazed hotly as she saw his glistening cock sliding up over her trembling stomach. He straddled her, his cock leaving a wet trail of moisture along her flesh. She took his prick in her hand and rubbed the dripping piss hole about her tits, going from nipple to nipple, her chin against her neck to watch. She tried to press one of her nipples into his piss hole, mewling with the contact. Then she placed his cock in the hot, smooth valley between her tits and closed them about his prick.

“Fuck mother’s tits,” she hissed. “Ooo, your cock feels so good between my tits! Fuck me this way, Mike! Fuck my tits!”

Mike leaned over his mother’s head, looking down as his cock fucked in and out of the hot, smooth valley. As the cock head slipped past her tits, Laura tried to lick at it with her tongue. She managed to swipe lightly across his prick, but could not get it into her mouth.

“Oooooo, fuck me! Fuck my tits!” she crooned, her eyes wild with desire as she watched his cock move back and forth. The wetness of her cunt lingered on his cock, making it slippery. She squirmed her naked ass on the bed, her cunt bubbling with heat. She closed and opened her long thighs, creating pressure against her knotted clit.

Mike began to fuck faster, sliding his cock back and forth as she held her tits tightly around it. His balls slid along her tit flesh, exciting her so much she shoved a hand around his leg and grasped his balls from behind. Laura gurgled with heat as she watched his cock, her tits tingling.

Suddenly she turned her tits loose, pleading with her son in a thick voice.

“Jack it off, darling! Jack your beautiful cock off! Come on, jerk off for me!”

Mike gripped his cock and began to pound it frantically. Laura stared with steamy eyes, watching his balls swing while he jacked on his prick. The head of his cock was swelling larger as he beat on it.

“In my mouth!” she shouted, clutching her son’s ass with both hands. “Come in my mouth!”

Mike started to shove his cock into his mother’s mouth, but she stopped him.

“No, jack off into my mouth!”

The words were hardly said when the boy came.

Laura’s mouth was wide open, her tongue protruding as far as she could get it. The thick come juice gushed from his piss hole and filled her mouth. Laura’s eyes almost closed with the ecstasy of having her son jack off into her mouth.

The head of his cock was a couple of inches away and every drop of his come juice landed either on her tongue or inside her open mouth. She held his come juice there until he finished, then she swallowed it, mewling with pleasure. She ran the tip of her tongue over his wet piss hole, lapping away a dripping bead of come—then she let her head rest on the bed.

“I told you I’d be your whore,” she said.

“Do whores do that, Mom?”

She giggled. “I don’t know what whores do, baby. I just do what I enjoy doing.”



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