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xNovel - Hot Wild Family


Hot Wild Family

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AB-5282 HOT WILD FAMILY by Ray Todd


Peggy Baxter was filled with pride as she sat watching her beautiful teenaged daughter waiting for her date to pick her up. Sherry Baxter was an extremely animated girl with expressive blue eyes and silky blonde hair that fell far below her shoulders. As Sherry moved restlessly around the room, Peggy couldn’t help but notice how the youngster’s narrow waist seemed to emphasize the soft roundness of her hips and the generous size of her big firm tits.

Staring at the lovely girl, Peggy hoped that Sherry’s future would be more fulfilling than her own. Not that Peggy had a bad life, but she had a constant nagging feeling that somehow, someway, there was something missing. Her husband, Fred Baxter, was a handsome man and an exceptionally good provider, yet Peggy wanted something more, and she didn’t know what it was. She supposed their sex life was as normal as anyone else’s, but it wasn’t quite what she wanted. She always anticipated that something sensational would happen when they fucked, but when it was over and Fred had fallen asleep, she always felt empty and frustrated. She never experienced the flashing lights and bells with her orgasms that so many writers had described, and she had finally decided that the mind-blowing climaxes she’d read about were only in the authors’ imaginations. Still, she realized what a fine man her husband was, and she had Sherry and her son, Chuck. The woman knew she should be contented and happy, yet she wasn’t.

“Hi, Dad,” smiled Sherry when her father entered the room.

Sherry had a deep love and respect for her father, and as far as she was concerned, there wasn’t another man in the world as handsome or as wonderful as he was. That’s why she’d been attracted to her boyfriend, Randy Walters. He had the same thick wavy hair as her dad, and Sherry could hardly wait for the day when Randy’s temples would be flecked with gray, too.

“Hello, honey,” her father beamed at her. “Are you staying home this evening?”

“Nope,” the girl answered. “Randy’s taking me to a movie, but I’ll be home early.”

“Where’s Chuck?” he asked, turning to his wife.

“Have you forgotten,” Peggy smiled. “He’s gone on that Boy Scout bivouac for two days.”

The conversation was interrupted by the sound of a car horn. “That’s Randy now,” Sherry said as she quickly kissed her parents and flew out the door.

“Hi, honey,” Randy smiled as she jumped into his car.

“Hi, guy,” she whispered, sliding up close to him as he drove away from the curb.

Later, when they returned from the movie, he drove into her driveway and turned out the lights. Switching off the ignition, he put his arms around Sherry and drew her soft moist lips to his.

“Oh, darling,” he whispered when their lips I finally parted. “I love the way you kiss.”

“And I love the way you kiss,” sighed the pretty little blonde.

As much as Sherry enjoyed necking with Randy, she was still a virgin and she intended to stay that way. She would occasionally let him play with her tits through her blouse or sweater, but that was as far as she would ever let him. She was very fond of him and even thought she might be in love. He was a powerful-looking youth of nineteen with a handsome face and a head of thick dark hair. Sherry loved the way he kissed her; it made her pussy all warm and itchy, and this never failed to frighten her a little. She always got hot and creamy between her legs when they kissed, and she had to fight back the desires that flooded through her body. Tonight she was unusually aroused as Randy continued kissing her while his hands rubbed her tingling tits through the thin material of her blouse.

Sherry was so excited that she hardly realized it when he slipped one of his hands up under her blouse.

“Please don’t,” Sherry whispered when she became aware of his thumb and forefinger tweaking her nipple.

Silencing her by covering her lips with his mouth, he continued deliciously teasing her erect titty-bud. Sherry knew she should pull his hand away, but it felt so good that she decided to let him continue for a few moments. She was acutely aware of the hot juices oozing out from between her legs as the handsome youth kneaded and squeezed her deliciously bare tits. God, how she loved the feel of his fingers on her tingling naked flesh.

“Oh, honey,” she whispered, passionately tonguing his earlobe. “I know it’s naughty of me to let you do this, but, gosh, it feels so neat.”

The beautiful blonde was so completely turned on that she wasn’t aware that Randy had unbuttoned the front of her blouse until he lowered his face and sucked one of her big swollen nipples into his mouth.

“NO!” she gasped, trying to push him away when she realized what was happening.

No matter how hard she tried, Sherry was unable to push him away from her tits. With his lips locked tightly over her tit, Randy was vigorously sucking as his tongue teased deliciously around her quivering titty-bud.

“Don’t,” she whispered without much conviction, not really wanting him to stop, but, knowing she couldn’t let it go on. “Please stop it, honey.”

He completely ignored her pleading, and her own body was slowly succumbing to the forbidden pleasure she was experiencing. Her I deliciously swollen rippled revere burning with such an erotic warmth that the excited young girl could hardly breathe. Finally giving up the struggle, Sherry rested her head on the back of the seat, thoroughly enjoying the intense ecstasy that was flooding through her body. Unaware of what she was doing, the cute blonde was unconsciously digging her fingers into his thick dark hair, pulling his mouth tighter against her burning tit.

“Oh, Randy,” she softly moaned. “That feels so good, darling.”

Sherry suddenly wondered why she hadn’t let him do this a long time ago. Writhing back against the seat, the little turned-on blonde was enjoying every forbidden moment of this assault on her tingling titty.

Completely consumed by the intense ecstasy she was feeling, Sherry was unaware of his hand creeping up between her thighs until he wormed his finger up under her wet panties and into her hot, juicy little slit.

“No!” she shrieked, sitting bolt upright on the seat, jerking her nipple out of his sucking mouth. “Stop that!”

Completely ignoring her cries, Randy kept his thick middle finger deeply embedded in the slick warmth of her slippery little cunt.

GODDAMN IT, STOP!” she shouted, trying without success to jerk his hand out from between her legs.

“Stop shouting,” he panted. “I’m not hurting you.”

“The hell you’re not,” she angrily hissed. “Just get your rotten finger out of me.”

“Oh, shut up and relax,” gasped the big strong youth, trying to work his finger even deeper into her slippery little slit.

“You rotten bastard!” she whimpered. “Stop it!”


“You’ll pay for this,” sobbed Sherry. “I’ll get even with you if it’s the last thing I ever do.”

Completely ignoring the girl, Randy gripped her more tightly as he worked his finger even deeper into her juicy little pussy.

“You dirty asshole!” Sherry hissed, trying to bite him. “I’m gonna kill you!”

“Oh, be quiet,” he panted. “Why don’t you relax and enjoy yourself?”

“You filthy pig!” she sobbed. “I can’t believe you’d do this to me.”

“Bullshit!” he panted. “You would really enjoy it if you’d stop acting so stupid.”

“Like hell I would, you rotten asshole!”

Holding the angry girl tightly in his arm, he began plunging his finger in and out of her juicy little swat.

“God, I hate you!” Sherry sobbed, throwing her head against the beck of the car seat.

Feeling helpless, she began crying, tears running down her cheeks as she realized there was no way of stopping her boyfriend. Knowing she could do nothing about it, the sobbing young girl closed her eyes, hoping that Randy would soon stop defiling her.

Sherry’s body suddenly gave a wild lurch when his finger lightly teased her clitoris, sending a wild new sensation streaking through her loins. Having never even masturbated, the pretty youngster couldn’t believe the exciting sensations streaking through her body. Again the tip of his finger brushed across her clitty, sending another delicious wave of ecstasy through her loins.

Suddenly realizing what effect it was having on Sherry, Randy began rhythmically massaging her sensitive little joy-button, and from the way her twat began creaming all over his finger, he knew she was actually beginning to enjoy it. A thrill of excitement raced through his loins when he felt Sherry writhing her oozing crotch against his plunging finger.

Sherry didn’t want to admit it to Randy, but she’d never experienced such wonderful feelings in her young life. As the delicious ecstasy continued building in her body, she hoped he wouldn’t stop. The fantastic pleasure kept building in her loins until the girl was almost out of her mind from the joy of it.

“Oh, shit, honey!” she finally moaned. “It’s so good, honey! Oh, God, it feels so good!”

Realizing that she was now enjoying it, Randy released his grip and began plunging his finger in and out of her slippery little slit at a faster tempo, rubbing her clitty with every stroke.

“Oh, God!” she squealed with delight. “Do it faster, honey! It feels so good! Oh, shit I love it! I love it!”

Half-crazed with the heavenly pleasure and the feel of his body pressed to hers as he continued to plunge his finger in and out of her pussy, Sherry was suddenly aware of his cock throbbing against her through the material of his pants. The young girl had never given much thought to a man’s prick, but now, in her present state of excitement, the feel of his big hard bulge was really turning her on. Unaware of her actions, she began gently rubbing and squeezing it.

When she finally realized what she was doing, Sherry had a wild desire to see and touch his naked prick. Unable to control her desires any longer, she quickly unzipped his fly and slipped her hand into his pants.

“Oh, my God!” she whispered as her fingers made contact with the hot hard flesh of his cock. She nervously tried to pull it out, but his shaft was too stiff for her to work through his fly.

“Just a minute, honey,” he whispered, momentarily pulling his finger from her oozing swat. “Let me help you.”

Leaning back and lifting his ass up from the seat, Randy unfastened his belt and slipped his pants and shorts down around his ankles.

“There,” he smiled, looking down at his big boner and balls. “Isn’t that a beauty?”

Sherry stared in stunned silence, unable to believe the size of his prick. She’d never in her wildest imaginations dreamed that a man’s cock would be this big. While Sherry sat there staring, Randy took her hand and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing cock.

The little blonde almost blew her mind with excitement when she felt the hot silky smoothness of his hard cock throbbing in her hand. It was thrilling to feel his hot blood pulsing through the distended veins as his wonderful boner continued swelling in her hand. Quivering with excitement, Sherry desperately clung to his big prick as if afraid he might take it away from her.

Wanting her to jack him off, Randy reached down and took her wrist, gently guiding her soft cool fingers up and down over his shaft. Sherry couldn’t believe a hard cock could feel so good. The feel of his soft foreskin sliding up and down over his prick almost blew her mind.

Looking down at the hard cock she was stroking, Sherry could feel the excitement mounting in her loins as she worked her fingers up and down over his pulsing hard-on.

“Do you like this?” she whispered.

“Shit, yes!” he panted. “Just don’t stop!”

When her handsome boyfriend plunged his finger back into her juicy twat again, Sherry began moving her hand a little faster. With his shaft pulsing in her grasp, she could feel his prick swelling even larger with every stroke.

“Oh, honey, I love playing with your big dick,” she whispered, reaching down between his legs with her other hand and cupping his lusty balls in her palm.

Stroking and caressing his genitals was the most exciting thing she’d ever done in her life. She was fascinated by the thick growth of hair around his swollen nuts as well as the curly hair around the thick base of his shaft.

As she stroked his hard prick and massaged his balls, Sherry once more became conscious of his finger plunging in and out of her slippery pussy. The ecstasy was building and building in her loins as he began finger-fucking her a bit more vigorously.

“Oh, honey, that’s so good!” she whimpered, feeling his thick finger slithering in and out between her distended cuntlips.

As his finger plunged in and out of the moist warmth of her little virginal slit, he began rubbing her tingling clitty.

“That’s the way, honey!” she whimpered to her handsome lover. “God, it feels so good!”

Stroking his hard meat, Sherry was moaning softly as he continued drilling his thick middle finger in and out of her cunt. Working it in faster and deeper, he was forcing globs of pussy juice out from between her clasping twat lips.

“Ooooooh, shit!” she whispered, grinding her hot slippery crotch against his finger. “Do you like finger-fuckin’ me, darling?”

“Fuck, yes!” Randy gasped, once more increasing the tempo of his strokes.

“Ooooooh, baby!” she squealed as his finger drilled in and out of her hot flesh. “Do me good, darling! Give it to me honey!”

Almost hysterical from this newfound ecstasy, Sherry was sobbing unintelligible words. The beautiful girl’s nostrils were flared, licking her lips as her head rolled from side to side.

“Oh, yes, honey!” she screamed, pumping faster on his throbbing tool.

Thrilled by Sherry’s squeals of passion, Randy was drilling his finger deeper and deeper into her hot juicy little cunt.

“Oh, God, darling!” she squealed as the ecstasy increased in her loins.

Having never even masturbated before, Sherry didn’t realize what was happening when her first orgasm began building deep in her loins. From the way her entire body was jerking and writhing, Randy could tell that she was starting to climax. Sherry was screaming hysterically as the orgasm began engulfing her pleasure-racked body. She couldn’t believe the intense ecstasy she was feeling as her boyfriend’s finger carried her to her very first orgasm.

“Oh, sweet Jesus!” she cried as wave after wave of screaming pleasure surged through her wildly jerking body. “Hold me, honey, hold me! I’m gonna explode! Gonna explode!”

Randy held the squealing girl tightly in his arm until her orgasm finally subsided.

“Oh, Jesus, darling,” she whispered a few moments later. “That was the most thrilling thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“I’m glad,” he smiled, pulling his juice-drenched finger out of her juicy little swat. Not wanting her to cool down until she’d brought him off, he cupped one of her luscious tits in his hand.

“Mmmmmm,” she softly purred, feeling his strong firm hand slide across her bare tit until his fingers found her erect nipple. A delicious shudder rippled through her body as she felt her sensitive titty-bud becoming erect as he lovingly rolled and tweaked it between his finger and thumb.

“Oh, you sweet darling,” she whimpered as his fingers sent little electric-like thrills shooting through her body. Sherry had been completely drained and exhausted by her intense climax, but Randy was rapidly rekindling the fire in her loins.

“Suck on my titties,” she whispered, resting her head on the back of the seat as she continued stroking his hard cock.

Holding her breath, the beautiful young blonde watched his mouth move down toward her quivering tit until she felt his warm lips slip over her hard nipple.

“Mmmmmmm!” she whimpered, stroking his prick more rapidly as Randy began sucking on her swollen bud. “That feels so good!”

With his tongue lapping across her firm young nipple, he flicked it from side to side, sending heavenly chills streaking through her trembling body. Parting his lips, the young man lowered his open mouth down over her tit, gently sucking and nibbling on her smooth white flesh.

“Oh, Randy,” she purred. “It feels so fuckin’ good, baby! So fuckin’ good!”

Moaning passionately as he sucked on her tit, Sherry was very much aware of the beautiful thick cock she was stroking. His prick felt so deliciously hard and warm in her hand.

“Jesus, honey,” Randy whispered, momentarily releasing her spit-soaked tit from his mouth. “I’m almost there, baby.”

“What do you mean?” she naively asked.

“I’m almost ready to squirt!” he panted, his ass writhing around on the seat. “I’m ready to squirt my hot load!”

Sherry had heard that men shot sperm out of their cocks when they came, and she was suddenly anxious to feel it squirting into her feverishly aroused pussy.

“Oh, Randy,” she panted, releasing his cock from her grasp. “I wanna be fucked.”

“What?” Randy gasped.

“I want to feel your beautiful big prick in my cunt,” panted the girl.

Randy was just starting to guide his throbbing boner up between her legs when the front porch light came on and Sherry’s father stepped out.

“Oh, shit,” Randy gasped, desperately tugging his shorts and pants up while Sherry pulled her panties back on and buttoned her blouse.

“I’m sorry,” Sherry whispered, opening the door to the car. “I’ve gotta go in noun but I still want you to fuck me the next time we’re together.”



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