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xNovel - Teacher's Captive Virgin


Teacher's Captive Virgin

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Struggling and whimpering, Amanda was stripped of her clothing. Everything but her blue knee socks. Alan had always had a thing about those. And as he pushed her around roughly, he stroked her willowy body and told her what a naughty little bitch she was.

“I’m gonna make you beg for it,” he panted, giving the thong a jerk. The leather cut into her wrists enough to make Amanda wince. Pulling her arms over her head, Alan bound the loose end of the thong to his spotlight. Now he opened her legs, tying one ankle to each end of the bumper.

“If anyone drives up, you’ll be in lots of trouble,” Amanda told him. But she could see that Alan was not in a reasonable mood. He was stripping off his own clothes now. His cock jerked upwards from his skivvies as he skinned them. He came at her hungrily, mounting the hood where she lay stretched and helpless. He pushed two fingers between the lips of her cunt. “Ohhhhhh!” Amanda gasped, her long lashes fluttering.

“You’re wet enough for anything I want to do,” he growled. “What were you letting that dumb kid do to you when I drove up?”

Alan continued to stroke her, his fingers sliding over her slippery meat. She writhed and panted, her heart picking up speed. She knew she couldn’t control her body’s reactions. She’d learned that much by now. And Alan knew exactly where to touch her.

“Don’t… ohhhhh God, don’t do that!”

Alan was pushing his middle finger deep into her hole. When he did it slowly, her ass quivered violently and her cheeks dimpled where she tensed from the excruciating pleasure. When he started using two fingers, her muscled opening was stretched a little and the friction became even more breathtaking.

“Ghhhaaaaah,” she moaned, biting her lip. Her head flopped back and forth on the hood of the car as Alan penetrated her until her velvet flesh squeezed tightly around his knuckles. “Ohhhhh damn you, damn you!”

Alan had pulled his hand away but was kissing the insides of her thighs. She couldn’t close them. Not even if she wanted to, and she wasn’t so sure she wanted to at all. His mouth pressed hard, dividing her plump, dripping cuntlips!

She squirmed harder, her hips plunging up and down, rubbing her slippery pussy against his teeth.

“I knew you’d get to want it,” Alan said, burrowing deeper, his tongue flicking out at the edges of her tight young hole.

“Nhhhhaaaah,” Amanda whimpered, feeling him lick her deeper. Her muscles opened tightly around his tongue as he speared her slowly, rhythmically. Now she held her breath, her face red from the exciting tension that spread in shimmering waves over her skin.

“You want more than just my tongue, don’t you?” Alan said, his voice husky. She focused her eyes enough to see that his chin was smeared with her juice. She could smell her own musky scent, and realized that ha hips were still plunging, even tough Alan had stopped licking her.

He climbed up onto the hood, straddling her naked body until she saw the heavy head of his cock swinging just inches above her mouth. Amanda turned away, but Alan grabbed her chin and forced her to let him rub his prick against her lips. The heat and firmness of his prick made her tremble. He rubbed again until her lips parted.

“Lick me, damn it.”


But he pushed a finger between her teeth then, and when she opened her mouth, he forced the head of his cock inside. She let her tongue play around the taut flesh of his tip, ashamed that the touching, the licking of him was exciting her as well. She felt a dribble of spit slide down her cheek. He was pushing more of his cock into her mouth now, and as it drove slickly along her tongue, her nipples burned with pleasure.

Pumping in and out, Alan began to fuck her mouth. He pushed deeper, letting her get used to his cock an inch at a time. He was so stiff! So huge! She babbled something, moaning through her nose. The leather thongs held her arms above her head, but she strained against her bonds, her belly sucking in tightly as Alan pushed the head of his cock almost into her throat.

“Ghhhhhaaaaah,” she coughed, writhing violently with the fear of choking. Alan just laughed and continued to push his hard-on in and out between her lips.

Amanda was surprised that he stopped and eased his throbbing prick out from between her teeth. Then he bent to kiss her on the mouth, his wet cock smearing spit over one of her firm nipples. He let his cock and balls slide down her chest and belly, then slide lower.

“Nooo! Don’t fuck me!”

“You want it anyway. You were begging for it from that young stud you had in the car!”

“That’s a lie!”

“You had cum all over your hands.”

Amanda wanted to explain that it hadn’t been like Alan thought. But already he was forcing his cock into her, wedging her lips apart, then the muscles of her hole. She shuddered as the thick, pulsing head dilated her. Then be was inside, his shaft making a slick sound as be thrust into the heat of her young body.

“Nhhhhaaaah,” she babbled, flopping her head again. Alan licked ha armpits, licked her chest and small tits. He nursed hungrily at one of her nipples until she thought she’d scream. And all the while, his hips did a slow, rolling dance against her. His cock stretched and speared and opened her up. Her soft flesh tightened around him as she felt herself respond. She couldn’t stop now. Her hips lunged and shivered. She pulled against the leather, liking the pain as the thongs cut into her wrists and ankles.

“You hot little bitch,” Alan laughed, digging his fingers into her ass. “You were born to fuck.”

“Ohhh, ohhhhh, don’t put it in any deeper! Ohhhh, it’s gonna hurt!”

But even as she moaned this, Alan curled his fingers hard into her buttocks, touching her taut, dry asshole as he forced his cocktip into her cunt hole. Shuddering violently with the depth of his penetration. Amanda rocked her hips from side td side. Her clit was being mashed down by his pubic bone and she ground against him, the slurpy suck of her juices making the movement all the more erotic.

Her hole was tightening and relaxing, then tightening again. It was clasping the thick base of his cockshaft as if trying to pull his cum out of his balls. Alan fucked faster, rubbing the sensitive bulge of his tip against her super-soft insides.

As if triggered by each thrust, her pussy contracted around him, its suction pulling his swollen tip even deeper into her belly. Amanda was so close to coming that she was drooling. Her eyes rolled. Her heart pounded in her chest and she strained against the thongs so hard that her muscles shook.

“God! Ohhhh God damn!” she squealed, biting her tongue.

Deep, deep inside her the head of Alan’s cock felt like a huge plum! It was throbbing and stretching her! Then she felt the hot spurt of his cream. Only an instant later, she was coming too, riding the high, hot itch between her cuntlips. She screamed, screamed again. One thong pulled free and her hand fell down across Alan’s back. She clawed him with her long nails as his cock jerked powerfully in the fevered squeeze of her pussy.


“Yeah baby, get it all!”

They plunged and wallowed across the hood of his car, Amanda’s firm cheeks beating a ragged rhythm as her teacher thrust his cock into her and drew it back to thrust again.

“Ahhhh, uhhhhh,” he groaned, getting it in all the way, rubbing his exploding tip against her tightest, hottest flesh. The hot cum streamed down the hood now, and the sticky, squishy feel between Amanda’s cuntlips made her tremble. The tickle had gone through her until she’d forgotten her own name, and now it was about to begin again. But Alan pulled out and staggered off a few feet to slump against a tree. She rolled hungrily on the warm metal of the car, needing more, but ashamed to beg for it. Alan had told her he could make her do that, and she wasn’t about to prove him right.

“Just give me a few minutes and I’m going to have you again,” he said, eyes glazed with sex. He sat down heavily, his back against the tree trunk.

Amanda watched him close his eyes. Was he passing out from the exertion? Had he noticed that one of the thongs had come free and she was able to untie the other one? No, he hadn’t noticed anything.

It didn’t take her long to get her ankles free, looking up every few seconds to make sure Alan wasn’t about to pounce on her again. But he seemed asleep. Or so exhausted he couldn’t bother. She rubbed her wrists as she went around to the side of the car. Her cunt was dripping hot cum down both of her thighs now. She felt messy and ashamed and very angry at the teacher who’d degraded her so completely and so often.

Looking for something to wipe herself with, Amanda opened the glove compartment. The shiny pistol lay there, as if begging her to pick it up. She ran a finger over the handle, then closed her fingers around it. Alan still dozed against the trunk of the tree nearby. A smile cut across her lips as she hefted the small pistol. Yes, it was loaded. But Alan wouldn’t know that she’d never have the nerve to really shoot him. All she wanted was a little revenge. With the pistol behind her, she walked over to where he was and touched the barrel against his temple. Alan came awake with a start.

“Listen to me closely,” she said, making her voice sound as mean as she could. “If you do what I tell you, I won’t hurt you.”

“You silly little bitch, give me that…”

The sharp report frightened her as she squeezed the trigger. But the blast of sand where the bullet went into the ground a foot from Alan’s leg scared him even more. She put the gun against his head again. Alan didn’t move a muscle.

“Now listen to me,” Amanda said. “And listen close.”

By the time she got back to school, Amanda was trembling like a leaf. She wasn’t sure if her absence had been noticed by anyone other than Alan and she was curious whether Tad and Rhonda had returned as ordered. They had, and no one had said a thing to them. Rhonda smiled as Amanda came into the classroom and gave her a quick nod. With Alan gone, the students were bullshitting and fooling around. No one had even noticed that Amanda had been missing for so long a time.

“Where is he?” Rhonda hissed, making sure that no one but Amanda heard. Tad came up then and sat down by them. Amanda took a deep breath and began.

“You won’t believe this, but I left him tied up out by the lake.”

Tad’s face went white. “Tied up? How in hell…”

Amanda blushed. Rhonda squeezed her hand, as if acknowledging that she knew what had been going on all the time.

“He was making you do things, wasn’t he Amanda?”

“Yes, and I got tired of it.”

Tad looked curious. “What sort of things?”

Rhonda was fingering the grooves on Amanda’s wrists where the thongs had been. Now Tad saw the places too. He gave both girls a puzzled look.

“He was using her,” Rhonda hissed. “He was tying her up and making her…”

“Don’t talk about it,” Amanda whispered. She could see that Tad was more than a little interested in what his teacher had been doing. And as she glanced down, Amanda noticed that he was getting a terrific hard-on.

“He tied you up?” Tad wanted to know.

“Yes. I won’t tell you the rest, so don’t even ask.” Amanda sighed and looked around to make sure no one was edging close to hear what they were talking about. “But now Mr. Walker is the one who is tied up. And he doesn’t have a stitch on.”

“How’d you get back to town?” Rhonda asked. “I took his car. Parked it a few blocks from the school. Since no one but him knows we cut class, we’ll be safe. Alan sure won’t say anything.” Amanda giggled. “I called the cops and told them where he was. I told them I was a victim of his fun and games, but didn’t want to press charges. I didn’t give my name or anything, but Alan will have plenty of questions to answer when the patrol car arrives at the lake.”

Rhonda looked scared.

“Oh God, Amanda, you took a big chance. What if he tries to make trouble?”

“I’m betting that he won’t. I think he’s been bluffing me, and I was too scared tar call his bluff. But now it’s called.” Amanda felt Tad’s hand squeezing hers. He looked excited.

“You’ve been through a lot, haven’t you?” he asked.

“I suppose so.” She squeezed back to let him know she appreciated his concern. His cock looked about to break out of his Levi’s.

“How about going out with me tonight?”

“My folks will be gone,” Amanda said. “And I think I’d rather not go anywhere, anyway.” She was already trying to think up an excuse for her father so she wouldn’t have to attend the church social that evening. Tad squeezed her hand harder.

“Then I’ll drop by.”

She couldn’t make herself tell him not to come. Rhonda gave a knowing grin.

“I guess I’ll leave you two alone. I get the feeling that I’m really not needed anymore.”

Things had turned out just as Amanda had expected. She’d heard the rumor, after school ended that day, the rumor about Mr. Walker. The phone kept ringing as her friends called to spread it. Mr. Walker had been found in a compromising situation out by the lake. The papers had been kept out of it, but there were complications with the police. One student whose father was a cop had lots of details. And it was said that the school officials had been seen going into the courthouse just before dark. Amanda was sure now that she had nothing to worry about. If her lustful teacher said anything about her, it would only make it worse for him in the long run. She’d risked a bluff and won.

But a hot bath and clean clothes still didn’t relax her. Her mind was filled with memories of the things Alan had done to her. One part of her hated all that Alan had forced her to submit to. But another part of her tingled at the memory of his mouth sucking on her tender parts, his hands caressing her body. Yes, something inside her had changed. Not just her cherry either. Something in her mind.

She smiled as she remembered Tad’s shock at bearing what Alan had been up to.

“It will be nice seeing him,” she mused aloud. Then she experienced a rush of pleasure that started inside her cunt and washed up her body like a swiftly-moving tidal wave. She had forgotten Alan now. She was thinking about how Tad’s big cock had felt as she’d squeezed the hot cum from it with her fingers. “Oh, what’s wrong with me? I can’t think of anything but sex anymore.”

By the time her parents had left for the church social, Amanda could hardly sit still. She sneaked some of her father’s wine and drained her glass quickly, wondering just when Tad would show up. She had just emptied a second glass when he knocked at the door.

Amanda had put on a long, flowing dress for the occasion, and she could tell Tad liked it, as his eyes passed down over her braids, over her small breasts and narrow waist. He gave her a hug, his fingers resting on the outwards swell of her ass cheeks for a daring moment. She could feel his cock pounding against her belly. This thrilled her even more than all of Alan’s wicked games. Because she wanted Tad to like her.

“Want some wine?”

“Sure,” he nodded, keeping his arm around her waist as they walked to the living room. She was barefoot, and the occasional glimpses he got of her bare toes under the hem of the dress seemed to work on him. The alcohol in her blood had made her feel more carefree than she’d ever felt in her life. More daring, too.

While Tad sipped his wine, she studied his handsome features and curly brown hair. They were holding hands, and she could feel him trembling ever so slightly. He was tense. After all the things Alan had done to her, Amanda thought she knew why Tad was so nervous.

“You like me, don’t you?” she asked, making it more a statement than a question.

“More than just like you.”

Amanda pulled the end of a braid around to suck on. This excited Tad all the more. She giggled and painted his chin with the braid.

“I think you came over here to do naughty things to me.”

Tad swallowed hard and quickly took a drink of his wine.

“Well?” Amanda insisted. “Didn’t you?”

“You excite me,” Tad admitted, his cheeks red.

“More than Rhonda?”

“Lots more than Rhonda.”

Amanda brushed her lips across Tad’s and pulled away teasingly. “I think you’d like to tie me up like Alan did. Am I right?” she knew she was. Poor Tad had to squirm to make his rigid cock more comfortable.

“I’m not that kind of guy.”

“Oh, don’t be heroic,” Amanda whispered, her wet mouth just touching the handsome boy’s ear. “You do want to tie me up, don’t you? While I’m all naked?” Her fingers slipped quickly down his chest, down his belly. She squeezed the lump in his jeans so hard that he groaned.

“God, Amanda, I’m crazy about you!”

She let him wrestle her down on the sofa, let him feel up wider her long skirt. Then he was unbuttoning it, fumbling to jerk it down.

“Come on,” she said, pushing him away. “Let’s go upstairs. I’d feel more comfortable in my own bedroom.” Her smile made him lick his lips. “And anyway, I have something there you could use.”

“Use?” Tad asked, panting harder.

“To tie me up with, silly,” she breathed, her tongue flicking out to tickle his ear again. They almost raced up the steps. Amanda giggled when he caught her and pushed her against the wall. Her ass cheeks tingled as the force flattened them. Tad’s hand went up her loosened dress. He touched her pussy, pressing the crotchband of her panties between the seeping meat of her cunt.

“Ohhhhh!” Amanda gasped, twisting out of his arms again, fleeing down the hall. Inside her room she turned to face him. Tad shut the door and stripped his shirt. His chest heaved. His eyes sparkled with anticipation. “Catch me if you can,” she dared, jumping away from his hands.

It didn’t take him long. Her had her down on the bed now, the silk belt of her robe in one hand, her two hands in the other. He bound her wrists behind her and Amanda fought him the whole way. But she struggled only enough to make it interesting. She wanted to be tied! She wanted Tad to have total power over her.

She slid to the floor, her knees braced apart as he looked down at her.

“Make me suck your cock,” she whimpered, losing what little self-restraint she had left. “Make me suck it!”

Confused at first, Tad stripped his own clothes off. Then he grabbed her hair and held her still while he petted his cocktip across her lips. Amanda kept turning her head away. Tad was being too gentle.

“Make me suck it,” she panted. Tad pulled her hair then, cursing under his breath. Whimpering with helplessness, Amanda opened her mouth. She wanted him to be just a little rough with her. Tad sensed this now. He thrust his cock almost to the back of her throat. She gagged and her belly bucked. But when he dragged it back some, she began to suck it hungrily, her tongue wallowing against the barbed shape of his tip. The spit ran down her chin as she slurped and licked him.

“Jeshhhuuuussss,” Tad sighed, his knees shaking as she bobbed her head forward and back. She was doing everything she thought might feel good to him. She used her tongue in every way she knew how and, some that she didn’t. She flicked his swollen tip with it, then rubbed the underside of his shaft with slow, circular movements that made Tad suck in huge breaths of air.

Tad made her stop. He pulled her to her feet and hugged her in an eager embrace, his mouth hot against hers, his hands feeling the smooth white flesh of her curves. Being kissed and felt of while her hands were tied thrilled Amanda more than it ever had before.

“Fuck me,” she panted. “Do it now! Make me do it with you!”

She was thrown down on her own bed. Tad forced her thighs apart and nestled his cock between the lips of her young pussy. She fought him every step of the way, her braids flopping, her squeals ad whimpers adding fuel to his aroused state.

When she felt the head of his prick opening her, Amanda growled deep in her throat and pushed her tongue between Tad’s teeth. He sucked it as he forced his cocktip deeper. Using gentle thrusts, he divided her cuntlips and filled her hole with the hard heat of his throbbing cock.

“Ohhhhh God in heaven!” Amanda cried, her ass thumping the bed. She wriggled from side to side, then up and down. She realized now that there were no formal movements to fucking. You could do anything you felt like doing. And she was moving like a rabbit now. She gave Tad’s cock loving squeezes, using her muscles around the base of his cock like she’d done with Alan. But Tad’s cock was nicer! Hotter and bigger and… it belonged to Tad.

“Uhhhh, Tad darling! Uhhhh you’re fucking the daylights out of me!” It was fun to feel helpless. Tad was strong, too, squeezing her lithe body as he let his cock slide deeper yet. But suddenly she had the desire to hug him back. She whispered her desire into his ear and he untied her wrists quickly.

“I wanted to feel my cunt when you…”

“Fuck you,” Tad finished for her, lifting his body so she could work her long fingers down and curl them around his cockshaft. Then he fucked her slowly, fucking the circle of her thumb and finger at the same time.

Amanda was ecstatic. She could foci how swollen and slick her pussy flesh was. And how rigid Tad was! She squirmed hungrily, letting his swollen barb gouge against her very deep inside. Then she found his balls and squeezed them in their sack. Tad gasped and fucked her harder.

“I wish it could go on forever,” Amanda panted.

“You’re too much,” Tad laughed, forcing himself to stop so that it wouldn’t be over so quickly. For a while they stayed like that, Amanda petting his back and shoulders with one hand while she massaged his balls with the other.

But neither of them could stay still for long. Soon they were squirming again, rubbing their crotches together in eager anticipation of that final, heart-pounding thrill.

“Do I have a nice cunt?” Amanda whispered.


“You’ve got a nice cock too. It’s so hard! I love how hard it is. I love the way it spears so deep into my body.” She licked his mouth. “Am I hot inside?”

“Like fever.” He pushed her knees up to spread her pussy wider. Then he slipped his hands under her ass cheeks. With her hips prancing, Amanda fucked furiously. They were both getting close now, and she didn’t care. She wanted Tad to have her, to fill her with his love juices.

“Amanda, I’d better stop now. I’m getting pretty close…”

“I don’t care, darling,” she cooed. “Do it! Do it inside me! I’m gonna come too.”

The bed thumped as their wild movements became wilder yet. Amanda flung her arms around Tad’s neck and held on for dear life. He was working her into a slippery fury, her cunt was so swollen and slick that it made sucking sounds as it tried to pull his cock up into her womb. At least that was how it felt to Amanda!

The familiar spasms were going on inside her now. The tightening of her satin-smooth flesh around Tad’s thrusting cock. And that crazy tickle. The tickle became an itch so exhilarating and so maddening that Amanda screamed with all her energy, her nails raking red lines across Tad’s back.

She came, her spasms combining with Tad’s hot spurts to send them both tumbling into a paradise neither had ever visited before. Amanda raked her thin heels against Tad’s ass, urging him to ride her deep and hard and fast. Tad rode her just like she wanted. The slick strings of cum were dripping down her crack. She wallowed in the sexy glory of the moment, kissing and biting and clawing at her man until she was trembling with exhaustion.

Tad held her face between his hands, then kissed her nose and mouth. “Was it good for you?”

“Oh yes!”

“Better than Alan?”

“Don’t ever mention that bastard’s name to me again,” she said, tightening her cummy cunt around Tad’s prick. She only wanted to hear one man’s name from now on. Tad, Tad, Tad! She could say it forever.

“Let’s fuck again,” Amanda whispered, still working her cunt muscles.

“I’m limp,” Tad grinned.

“Just put it in my mouth and you won’t be limp for long.”

Amanda rolled him onto his back and began to lick the ropy jism from his prick. It was going to be a long, fun evening. And there would be many, many more to enjoy. Now that she’d found her man.




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