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xNovel - The Teacher's Incest Urge


The Teacher's Incest Urge

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The very next day, Sally hitchhiked home from school. As soon as her last class was over, she trotted down to Wenston Boulevard and stuck out her thumb.

If a photographer had snapped a picture of Sally standing next to the busy thoroughfare, he might have titled it “Invitation to Rape”. All Sally had on was sandals, a pair of short denim cut-offs and a skimpy halter top. Her long, tapering legs and big, firm breasts were partially exposed to the lustful gazes of passing motorists.

Sally knew she wasn’t supposed to hitchhike, especially alone. It was one of the few household rules her mother Betty was adamant about. Even as Sally had her thumb out, she knew that Mom would have paddled her ass thoroughly if she’d caught her hitching.

But Sally didn’t care. She didn’t need to hitchhike. It was only a mile to her house down Wenston; she’d hiked five times farther than that more often than she could remember.

Sally wanted some guy to pick her up. She hoped he’d get turned on to her body and fuck her right in the car.

Sally was desperate to get laid. All night long she’d daydreamed about how good Mr. Foster’s dick had felt in her mouth and cunt. Several times during the day she’d had to run to the bathroom and finger-fuck herself, thinking about the way his jism had spurted from the tip of his cock.

It broke her heart that he wouldn’t fuck her again, but Sally knew she had to find her satisfaction somewhere. High school boys were too immature for her. The fastest way she could think of, to meet a full-grown man, was to stick out her thumb and wait.

She didn’t have to wait long. The third car that passed her screeched to a halt, pulling over onto the soft shoulder to pick her up.

It was an extremely strange car. Years later, while thumbing through an encyclopedia, Sally would learn that it was a 1953 Studebaker Starliner Coupe. The Studebaker was painted jet black, with chrome highlights that shimmered in the sunlight. The wide wheels and menacing sound of the exhaust led Sally to believe that it was some sort of hot rod.

The man driving the car was even stranger. He was about six feet tall and enormously muscular, with a shaved head and a broad, toothy grin. The man was dressed entirely in black, matching the exterior of his car. His T-shirt bore the white lettered logo, “Kruze.”

“Where you going?” Sally asked, wriggling her ass over the red upholstery, slamming the door shut.

“Anywhere. Texas. Miami. I don’t care.” Kruze pressed the accelerator, and the car rocketed down the boulevard at an alarming speed. “I can take you down Wenston for sure. Anyplace you want to go.”

“Wenston’s fine,” Sally said. “Are you a weight-lifter or something?”

“Power-lifter. Got third in the State Senior’s last month. Tripled a dead lift in the gym just the other day. No lie. Hey! You want to fuck me?”

This proposition was so brazen and unexpected that Sally blinked her eyes and shook her head, like a startled rabbit. Then a lascivious smile spread across her face. She slid closer to Kruze on the seat.

“Of course I do,” she purred. “How’d you know?”

“I’m into psychic perception,” Kruze replied.

Fifteen minutes later, they were fucking their brains out in Kruze’s apartment.

The apartment was as bizarre as its tenant. Small, cramped and messy, it was filled with everything from Oriental rugs to an inflatable sex doll that Kruze had hung from the ceiling like a chandelier. Posters of various muscular men adorned the walls. Kruze slept on a mattress he had thrown into the corner of the living room.

It was a battered, filthy mattress, with three springs poking through the sides, and assorted cum stains in the top. Sally was at first revolted by it, but now she was too busy fucking.

Naked, her legs wrapped around Kruze’s thickly muscled mid-section, she humped her hot little ass up off the make-shift bed. Kruze was sprawled between her creamy thighs, packing his rock-hard dick rhythmically into the wide open slit of her cunt.

Already Sally could tell that he was a good fucker. His body was almost super-human, so large and powerful; she felt crushed beneath him, as if she was being fucked by a gorilla.

He had a six-inch cock that was as thick around as the business end of a baseball bat, from the fleshy purple knob to the blue-veined stiffness of the base. His dick didn’t go as far up her cunt as Foster’s had, but it stretched her pussy lips much farther apart.

“Harder, Kruze! Fuck me haaard!” Sally yelped. Panting and squealing, she pumped her pussy up into his cock as fast as she could. Her cunt muscles milked his swollen dick, sucking it deeper into her belly. “Make me cum! Please, fuck meeeee!”

Kruze dropped his head to Sally’s jiggling tits and greedily sucked her pink nipples. At the same time, he made his powerful hips work more quickly between her thighs, reaming out her dripping fuck hole with the intensity of a jackhammer.

He was a brutal fucker, too, Sally realized. He was actually biting her nipples now, chewing on them with his tobacco-stained teeth. It hurt her, but she liked it. The pain made her that much hungrier for his cock.

“Unghh,” Sally grunted. She grabbed the cheeks of his hairy ass and pulled down hard, shamelessly trying to get more of his prick up her burning pussy.

“Yesss, that’s right! Bite them!” she mewled, pulling his head into her enormous tits. “Bite my tits! Yes, I’m so close! Make me cumm!”

Suddenly Kruze pulled back, withdrawing the cum-oozing length of his hard-on from the buttery wetness of her cunt. Sally squealed miserably and tried to pull his dick back up her pussy.

“Get on your hands and knees,” Kruze demanded hoarsely. “I’m gonna fuck you like a dog.”

Sally was too horny to protest. She swiveled on the bed and crouched on her hands and knees, bending her head and spreading her knees to display the hair-fringed fissure of her cunt.

“Stick it back in me!” she whimpered breathlessly. “Hurry, Kruze! Fuck me with that thick cock! Hurry!”

Kruze knelt behind her, positioning himself between the upturned, peach-shaped cheeks of her ass. He grabbed the shaft of his cock and pressed the bloated knob to the pouting slit of her pussy. Then he heaved forward, and Sally again knew the filled-up feeling in her cunt that she so desperately needed.

“Unghh!” she grunted, clawing the sheets. She gyrated her ass back over his cock as fast as she could. It was the first time she’d fucked doggie-style, and Sally liked the position immediately. There seemed to be more friction against her aching clit this way.

“You’re a little bitch,” Kruze whispered savagely. Slowly, brutally, he hammered his swollen dick into her sucking cunt tunnel. His hands enveloped her hanging breasts and squeezed them hard. “You like getting fucked like a dog, don’t you? You’re just a horny little bitch!”

“Ahhh,” Sally whined. Kruze was actually hurting her now, pulling at her enormous tits as it to wrench them free of her body. The agony seemed to merge with the wet pleasure in her pussy, overwhelming her with sensation. “Stop it! You’re hurting me! Oh, Kruze! Ohhh!”

But Kruze pulled on her tits even harder, viciously pinching her stiff nipples. Then, he rammed his finger deep between her ass cheeks, burying it to the second knuckle in the rubbery grip of her asshole.

“Unhh!” Sally squealed. She flushed with pain and shame, and tried to pull away from him. “Unhh! No, not there! Don’t… unghh!”

“You’ve got a tight little asshole, don’t you?” Kruze whispered maliciously. His throbbing dick plunging through her hairy cunt, he pumped his finger in and out of her puckering hole. “Yeah, you like getting your asshole jerked off. Just like a little fucking whore!”

“Noooo!” Sally shrieked. She felt Kruze’s finger in her asshole, thrusting in time with the rhythm of his prick as it bored heavily into her pussy. “Stop it! You’re hurting me! Noooo!”

Kruze ignored her. He slid two more fingers up into her asshole and held them there, until the stretching of her ass muscles was exquisitely painful.

Then he began to fuck her as hard as he could. His powerful hips blurred with the single-minded intensity of his fucking. Again and again Sally felt his incredibly thick cock stabbing deeply into her pussy. The mattress creaked noisily with the strength of their humping.

All at once, Sally realized she’d been picked up by a genuine sadist. Her cheeks flushed with humiliation; her lips drew back across her teeth in an animalish expression of fear. Then she felt the familiar tingling spasm shooting through her pussy, and she realized that she was cumming, harder than she ever had with Mr. Foster!

“Cumming now! Oh, yes, yesss! Fuck meeeee!” Sally jiggled her peach-shaped ass, huffing and puffing as she struggled to fuck her cunt onto Kruze as fast as she could. “Unghh! Unghh, yes! Oh, God! Harder, harder! I’m cumming!”

Sally came all over Kruze’s dick, drenching the mattress with her seeping fuck juices. It was the biggest cum she’d ever experienced in her life. For over a minute, she jerked and writhed beneath his body, whimpering as the spasms coursed through her lush young body.

“Oh, God, that was good!” she whispered. A giddy, nervous smile curled her lips. Her body was coated with a slick sheen of sweat. “You’re such a fantastic fucker, Kruze! I never thought it could be like that.”

Kruze remained silent. He’d pulled his cock out of her pussy, but she sensed that he hadn’t yet cum. He seemed to be reaching for something next to the mattress.

“I’d really like to keep on doing this with you,” she continued, almost shyly. “Guys won’t fuck me ‘cause I’m too young, but I’m horny all the time! It wouldn’t be so great if you called me at home, ‘cause of my mom and all, but I could call you.”

“Sure you could,” he replied softly.

Suddenly Kruze grabbed her and pinned her to the mattress, using a small portion of his unfathomable strength. For the next minute, Sally had little idea of what was happening to her.

Kruze was pulling her into some strange kind of position, perched on her ass cheeks, her shoulders pressed against the wall, her legs spread wide apart. He was putting something on her, some kind of harness. It grated against her ankles as he fastened it, feeling like rope and soft black leather to the astonished young girl.

“Got ya!” Kruze exclaimed delightedly. He grinned, and rose from the bed to admire his handiwork.

Sally realized that she’d been tied up, bound like an unruly calf. There was a harness on her body, and it held her legs apart and her hands behind her back, fastening to a leather belt he’d wound around her waist.

Sally squealed and kicked her feet, trying to escape. But she could hardly move a muscle. Tied and bound, she sat uncomfortably on her tail bone against the wall, with her legs splayed painfully wide apart to show her hair-fringed cunt and asshole.

“Now, how’s that feel?” Kruze asked. “Sorry if you’re uncomfortable.”

“What are you doing?” Sally cried. She stared at him with fear and hate, her lower lip twitching with terror. “You take this thing off of me! I’m going to scream!”

“Scream all you want,” Kruze replied. “Walls are made of brick. Why you think I moved here?”

Kruze returned to the bed and knelt before the tied-up teenager, his rock-hard prick twitching and jerking before him. As Sally watched helplessly, he rubbed the spongy knob of his dick over the pouting lips of her pussy, coating it with her fuck juices.

“Unhhh!” In spite of herself, Sally felt pleasure as he rubbed his fat cock head against her clit. “What’re you doing to me? What’re you — uuuuunnhh!”

“I’m going to fuck you up the ass,” Kruze replied. “That’s what I’m doing!”


Kruze grabbed the leather belt that was around her waist and pulled her entire body forward. He dug his hands into the cheeks of her ass and separated them, completely exposing her pink, puckered asshole. Then, as Sally watched him with wide eyes, he fit the knob of his dick to her asshole and thrust forward, burying the first few inches of his prick in the rubbery, virgin tunnel.

“Nooooo!” Sally said. Gasping with shock, she tried desperately to pull away from him. “Stop it! Your dick is too big to fuck me there! Nooo! Not in my asshole!”

“You’re going to like it, baby,” Kruze murmured hoarsely. “Take my word for it. You’re really going to like it a lot.”

Kruze thrust his hands under her ass and pulled her up so that she was pinned helplessly against him. He thrust his hips savagely forward, stabbing over half of his cum-swollen dick into her asshole.

Sally thought she was going to die. Spasms of pain overwhelmed her, shooting through her entire body. She felt the walls of her ass tunnel tearing as they tried to accommodate his thrusting prick.

Screaming, she yanked her arms against the restraining ropes, and tried to beat at his chest with her fists. “Noooo! Leave me alone! You’re hurting me! Take your cock out of me!”

Kruze fell forward, trapping Sally under him, her back squirming on the mattress and his cock imbedded in her asshole. Then he began to hump furiously downwards, ramming more of his dick up her asshole with every stroke.

“Unghhh!” Sally gasped. “Oh, God! Ohhh! Unhh!”

The pain became worse. The spasms turned to dull, aching throbs, ravaging her every time her asshole muscles clenched around his throbbing cock.

Sally lost the strength to protest. She simply laid under him on her back, whimpering softly as he continued to pack his thick blue-veined dick into the forbidden warmth of her asshole. “Oh, Christ, is that good,” Kruze moaned.

He sighed as he fell forward, burying the last inch of his stiff cock between her spread ass cheeks. For a moment, he lay motionless on top of her, savoring the way her asshole walls sucked and kneaded his cock. “You got such a tight little asshole. I think I’m going to blow my wad any fucking second. Oh, Christ!”

“You bastard!” Sally cried. The pain had almost subsided now, but the emotional pain of being tied up and raped still remained. “I hate you, you bastard! Fucking son of a bitch!”

Kruze pulled back his hips, withdrawing the length of his dick until only the knob parted her puckered asshole lips. With one heave, he rammed his twitching cock all the way back in again.

Then he started fucking her, reaming out her asshole with jerking, thrusting strokes of his aching cock. Kruze held up Sally’s huge tits so that he could lick her stiff red nipples. At the same time, he intensified the rhythm of his humping, sighing with pleasure as he repeatedly pumped his dick down into the clasping warmth of her asshole.

Then Sally realized she was beginning to enjoy it!

She couldn’t help it. She didn’t want to give in to Kruze, but the sensations of pleasure were undeniable. All the pain was gone. Every time he rammed his cock into her, a warmth pumped through her asshole, filling her whale body, making her cunt wet and hot. Sally liked being fucked in the asshole very much.

“Unhhh,” she whimpered softly. Shutting her eyes, she began to rock her hips up off the mattress, lifting her asshole up to him. “Oh, God! Kruze! Oh, ohhh! Nnng!”

“You like it now, don’t you? Little fucking bitch!” Kruze grinned wickedly and fucked her asshole harder and harder, stretching her ass and lips with every thrust. “You like getting tied up, just like a whore! Beg for it, you cunt! Beg for my nice thick prick!”

“Fuck meeee!” Sally squealed. She blushed with shame as the wanton plea burbled from her lips, but it was impossible to stop herself. Sally furiously pumped her ass up off the mattress, crying with ecstasy as she humped her asshole onto Kruze’s prick. “It’s so good, I’m gonna cum again! Fuck my asshole! Fuck me haaard!”

Kruze sucked her jiggling tit into his mouth and bit down hard on the nipple. Grunting and moaning, he began to fuck her ass as hard as he could. His thick cock was throbbing violently now, stiff and swollen with cum. He was about to shoot off at any moment.

“Harder, Kruze!” she squealed excitedly. Sally pulled at the ropes that restrained her, wanting to free herself so that, she could, fuck back to him and match the strength of his humping. “You’re making me cum now! Oh, God, I can feel it! I’m gonna cum! Keep fucking me!”

“Play with your pussy,” Kruze demanded hoarsely. “Go ahead. Finger-fuck yourself. Do it now!”

The ropes around her wrists were so tight that Sally could barely reach her cunt. But she managed, and as soon as she touched her fingers to the sopping lips of her cunt, she started cumming.

“Awwghhh!” she shrieked. Spasms poured through her cunt and asshole, drenching her pussy with juice. “Cuming now! Fuck my asshole!”

This cum was even more powerful than her first. Sally shuddered, and bucked and humped up off the mattress, whimpering like a bitch in heat. Her asshole muscles clenched hotly around Kruze’s pulsating cock, sucking his hard-on deeper into her throbbing ass tunnel.

“Oh, fuck!” Kruze moaned. He jabbed his dick fast and hard through the puckered ring of her asshole, wincing as he felt his cum boiling in his aching balls. “There is it! I’m cumming too! Blowing my wad! Oh, shit! Ahhhh!”

A hot torrent of jism squirted from the slit in his prick head, filling Sally’s asshole with cream. The first jet was followed by spurt after spurt of gooey white cum, gushing wetly from Kruze’s throbbing cock.

Kruze moaned like a wounded animal, and pumped his spurting dick furiously between Sally’s reddened ass cheeks. His load of jism filled her asshole completely. Burbling out of her pink asshole, it dripped down her thighs, leaving yet another cum stain on the already filthy mattress.

When the last drops had burned out of his balls, Kruze grinned and undid the knots of Sally’s harness.

“Now, tell me the truth, honey,” he said with a wink. “Did you like it, or not?”

Sally only smiled. Mr. Foster had been a good fuck, and she planned to spread her legs for him the next time he called her in for a babysitting assignment. But even he couldn’t make her cum the way, Kruze could.



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