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xNovel - Blackmailed Teacher


Blackmailed Teacher

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AB-5127 BLACKMAILED TEACHER by Robert Vickers


It has been said that every town in America has its scandal-mongers, its gossipers, its muckrakers — those persistent people, who keep digging and looking for something they can either label immoral or use to their advantage. Sometimes the muck that is brought forth can disrupt a whole town. Sometimes it will affect only a small group, or perhaps bring an individual to ruin.

Herein is a story of an individual who is faced with a seemingly uncompromising dilemma. Liz Walker, an attractive brunette teaching at a suburban high school, finds her private life invaded and a particularly embarrassing incident the target of a depraved blackmailer. She must decide whether to submit to his demands or resist — her decision makes for a shocking study of an individual in torment.

BLACKMAILED TEACHER — a searing novel of our time, a story too often reflecting on many people around us.

The Publisher


Liz squirmed nervously as she sat in her high-backed wooden chair. The faces of the bored students told her they didn’t know what was making her so nervous.

If they’d known she had a boy’s tongue eagerly lapping up and down the inside of her thigh and pushing toward her gooey cunt, they would have been far more attentive.

But they didn’t know that Don, their classmate, was under their history teacher’s desk. They didn’t know she had her skirts hiked up around her waist. And they definitely didn’t know what she was feeling at that instant as the boy’s tongue drove mercilessly into her juicy cunt.

“Uh, and who, uh, ummmm, who can t-tell me wh-when the Constitution was ratified?” she stammered. It was getting harder and harder for her to keep talking. The words jumbled together the closer that lapping tongue came to her hot little pussy.

“Uh, 1789?” came a faint voice from the back of the room.

Liz Walker couldn’t even concentrate. The date may have been right or it could have been wildly wrong. All she cared about was getting tongue fucked.

“Good. Now, class, r-read the next chapter wh-while I correct your tests from yesterday.”

She heard a faint snicker from under her desk. Don was enjoying the feeling of power he had over her. She didn’t dare call him on it. The humiliation of being found with the boy under her skirt and licking her twat would be too much.

She would also get her ass fired so quick she wouldn’t know what happened for a solid week.

Leaning back in the desk chair and straightening her legs, she was able to give the pussy-eating student a better shot at her cunt. His rough, wet, pink tongue slurped up the tiny flood of her cunt juices. Nearer and nearer he came to her pussy lips. As his tongue brushed against the blood-engorged cunt lips, she came.

It wasn’t a fireworks-flashing and heavenscrashing come. It was simply a sharp intake of her breath and a warmth flooding her entire body. She felt her tits pressing hotly against the confines of her bra. For the millionth time she wished she wasn’t wearing it. The cloth chafed and rubbed her tender titties until she wanted to scream.

But, of course, that was out of the question. Teachers didn’t scream for no apparent reason in the middle of class.

His tongue slipped under one of the quivering flaps of her cunt lips and probed into her cunt hole. She shivered in reaction. Hot and cold surges raced up her spine. She had to bite her lower lip to keep from yelling out something obscene like, “Tongue-fuck me, Don darling. I want to feel that wet tongue of yours drilling deep into my poor little cunt!”

No matter how much she wanted to cry out those words, they were forbidden to her. And her student knew it. He enjoyed putting her in spots like this. Never before had he actually eaten her out in public like this, but he had pinched her ass, run his hand up under her skirt and done other things that would normally have gotten him expelled.

But Liz Walker didn’t dare turn her teenage student in for disciplinary action. Not when she and Don had been fucking since the beginning of school. She couldn’t really remember how it had started. She had gone to a school football game with a friend. Before they had gotten out of his car, they’d shared a joint.

The pungent fumes of the dope had muddied her brain. Somehow, she’d been separated from her date, or he’d left her for another woman. Don had been on hand and more than willing to give his history teacher a helping hand.

Maybe she’d made the play for him. Maybe he’d seen the opportunity and taken it. It didn’t matter. They’d fucked like rabbits under the stadium. Long after the game was over and won, they were down there fucking. When she wore him out, he’d eat her pussy until she came.

By then, he’d have his erection back. The teenager was a tireless sex fiend. He could fuck all night long and often did.

Since that time, he had been after her constantly. She felt the lion bonds of his trap perfectly. Anything a sixteen-year-old horny boy did was just fine. A respectable history teacher at Walter Williams Memorial High. School couldn’t afford the slightest hint of scandal.

Someone might actually find out why she’d been asked to oh-so-quietly leave the city’s other high school. Liz Walker was over-sexed. She couldn’t handle herself when the chance for a good fuck came along. She’d been caught fucking the football coach at Eight Miles High School just after a game in the school’s locker room…

If a couple of the students hadn’t seen them, everything would have been cool. But it wasn’t. She was forced to take a job at Williams High and Liz had left town in shame.

She abandoned herself to the sensual feelings assaulting her body. His tongue probed deeply into her cunt. Then he began tongue-fucking her with more force than she would have believed possible. His tongue might have been a prick, it was so hard and long.

Swirling in her cunt hole like a tornado, he sucked up all the flowing love juices from her twat. His lips pressed firmly against hers as his tongue tried desperately to dig all the way up into her steamy, humid little twat.

As his soft lips caressed her clit, she came again. The teacher was aware she was sweating profusely now. In the airy autumn weather, there was no explanation for it — except sex. And as hip as her students were, it wouldn’t take them long to figure out why she was gasping like a fish out of water and twitching around on her chair like it was electrified.

Luckily for the teacher, the bell rang ending class. She was limp as a dish rag and feeling the full effects of the boy’s tongue working all over her snatch.

“Remember your homework is due tomorrow,” she said in a shaky voice. “Dismissed!”

They shot out of the classroom like a rocket sled on rails. In less than a minute, the room was empty. Empty except for her and the teenager avidly sucking on her clit.

“C-come on up, Don,” she said to the boy crouching under her desk. It took a few seconds for him to unbend his long, gangly legs. His flame red hair seemed to reflect lines of gold she had never noticed before.

He smiled broadly. “Didn’t you like me sucking on your little cunt?”

“You shouldn’t have done it. You could have gotten us both into a shitload of trouble!” she flared.

“Shitload? Tch-tch, such language and from a teacher, too. And don’t hand me any of that skit that you didn’t like the feel of my tongue up your cunt or my lips all over your pussy lips.”

He was smug and self-assured. And the gleam from around his lips was definitely the remains of her cunt juice that he’d failed to lap up. She shuddered as she looked at him. She’d created a monster in a moment of doped-up indiscretion. How could she get rid of him?

“Let’s do something a bit more satisfying,” he said. “Hop up on your desk and spread. Those lovely legs of yours. I think I want to bury my pecker in that gooey cunt of yours.”

“Now look, Don this has gone far enough!”

“The hell it has, doll. It’s just starting. I mean, gosh, Miss Walker, you and me and, the principal and maybe the PTA and all those busybodies all the time talking about child porno… think of the field day the newspapers would have if they found out one of their high teachers was actually seducing one of her pupils.”

She looked him square in the eye and decided he wasn’t bluffing. He’d go straight to the newspapers with his story if she didn’t let him fuck her. There wasn’t any way she could avoid doing what he commanded. With society the way it was these days, they’d never believe her. And Don could make up such a lurid account, everyone would want to believe it was true.

He could tell them about wild orgies that never happened, how she had virtually raped him, how she fucked dogs while forcing him to watch, how she did all manner of perverted things!

“Okay, Don. This is the last time, though no more after this quickie,” she said, not really believing it. If he could force her to fuck this time, he could do it again and again. She was his sex slave.

Sex slave to a sixteen-year-old satyr!

She hopped up onto her desk and dangled her long, slender white legs over the side. She felt his saliva drying on the insides of her thighs. She opened her legs a little to let the cool, crisp air from the opened window flutter in. As it caressed her crotch, she shivered.

It wouldn’t be that bad, letting the boy fuck her. He was one hell of a cocksman. He knew all the moves. And in a few years, he’d be the finest stud she’d ever had. All it took was practice and she was certainly giving him all that and more.

“God, I can never get over how damned good you look!” he said, the words whistling through his teeth.

His eyes raked her tender body. She was twenty-nine and lush. That was the only word for it: lush. Her tits were more than any man’s mouth could hold. And it would take someone with huge hands to even encircle those succulent mountains of titflesh.

He wished she wasn’t wearing that Goddamned bra. He liked to see her nipples poking hard and mushroom-like against her blouse. That way, when he opened the blouse to spill out the tasty melons of flesh, the nipples would drag and rub against the cloth, making her even hotter.

But those twin mounds of boob were hardly all that pulled him like iron to a magnet. She had a trim waist, no trace of flab at all. He could almost circle her waist using both his hands. And if he did, all he would find would be vibrant, all-alive, all-loving woman.

But it was her ass so sexily perched on the edge of the desk that turned him on the most. He loved the womanly flare of the woman’s behind. He could fuck her thinking about that soft, springy cushion and really get his rocks off.

Reaching out, he grabbed one of her ankles in each of his hands. Lifting, he moved quickly between her wide-spread legs. His cock was hammering hard and long and needy. He had to get into that yearning, juicy cunt and fast or he’d certainly blow his wad.

“Get that skirt up high,” he commanded.

She obeyed. He had already removed her panties so when she hiked the material up to her waist, all he saw was the gleaming gash of her cunt. The raven black fur surrounding her cunt hole was glittering with her excited cunt sauce.

“God, you got a beautiful snatch,” he said, licking his lips. His hands shook just a little as he pulled her legs in to his sides. He loved the way the soft, smooth flesh rubbed against his body. If he couldn’t get her totally bare-ass naked in a bed to fuck, this was just about as good.

She shuddered as his hands moved up her legs. The satiny skin flowed under his grip until he was cupping the swells of her asscheeks. She groaned once, then opened her eyes and looked between his legs. His prick was jutting out of his pants, an ugly red.

He was ready to fuck.

And she was ready for him.

“Hurry, damn you, hurry!” she urged.

Her body was shaking with need. She had to feel his long, hard prick fucking her. The hollow feeling inside her cunt had grown until it threatened to devour her. The eating out he’d given her had only ignited the fires of lust in her body. Nothing less than an all out fucking would possibly quench her raging desires now.

“So you’re hot for my cock, huh?” he said. “Okay, teacher, let me give it to you! Balls deep!”

He rammed forward. And his aim was accurate. He split her pussy lips with the turgid head of his cock, then dived deep into the humid channel of her cunt. They gasped in unison as his purple headed cock vanished from sight in her snatch.

She lifted her ass a little off the desk. She tried to shove her body down hard around his impossibly long prick. He wasn’t thick but his cock was long — very long.

She shuddered again and closed her eyes. She concentrated on the way her body was reacting to this brutal fucking.

There was no skill in the way he simply shoved his prick into her steamy hot twat. He didn’t tease or torment her with the blunted end of his cock before penetrating her softly yielding body. There were no words of endearment; he didn’t say he loved her. Why should he lie? Both of them knew this was pure physical sex. They were fucking because they were both homier than hell. And it felt good having his prick buried all the way up her cunt. Nothing elaborate about motives. It felt good.

“Go on, dammit, go on! Move! I want to feel that fuckin’ cock of yours moving inside me!”

She hated it when he laughed at her, but she knew there was nothing she could do about it. He was calling the shots. Even though she was the teacher and he was her student, he was the one who was in control. The way he was blackmailing her made her cringe with shame. It shouldn’t happen to a dog, yet it was definitely happening to her.

But what sweet torture!

His cock was pulsing and bucking like a racehorse ready to be loaded into a starting gate. She imagined she could even feel the contours of his long prick. The thick blue vein on top of his cock throbbed with lust every time his heart beat.

And the folds of skin all along his prick slowly vanished as his lust mounted. The more he desired her, the more her steaming hot cunt worked its magic on his prick, the less loose skin there was. Soon, the skin was stretched along his cock as taut as the head of a drum.

The woman felt the sexual tensions building in her belly. The single swift entry all the way up into her twat had taken her breath away. Now she supported her weight on her hands, body rocked back, legs locked around the boy’s body as if she were afraid he might escape.

There wasn’t any chance that would happen. He wanted to fuck her as badly as she wanted him to.

“Shit, you got the hottest cunt ever! Even hotter than that slut of a cheerleader, Nancy!”

The teacher didn’t like him comparing her to the one cheerleader who would put out for any of the guys who asked. She remembered hearing about a wild party where Nancy had pulled a train twelve guys long — and then asked for more. Finally, the entire basketball team had gang-raped her. And she was still horny and hot for more cock.

Then all such thoughts were driven from her mind. He began fucking her with long, deep motions of his hips. His prick slipped back down her well-greased cunt until just the glance of his prick split her turgid pussy lips. The pink flaps were trembling like leaves in the wind. Then he slowly stuffed his prick back into her juiced-up silt.

“Faster, oh, ummmm, oh your cock! It’s so looooong! But fuck me! Fuck my poor little cunny! I want to feel you moving inside me!”

“Wanna get fucked, huh? Want it bad?” he demanded.

“Stop playing with me! Fuck me good! Your cock is so nice in me. It fills me up. I… I’m going mad! Fuck me!”

“Sounds like you want this!”

He punctuated his last word with a sharp inward movement of his hips. He ground his bush into the woman’s. Her cunt juices trickled out around the thick plug of his prick, then trickled down across his balls. He didn’t laugh. But it did feel damned good for him.

She was hot. She was juicy. And she was hornier than hell — and for him! A teenaged stud in one of this mature woman’s classes and he was balling her like any college guy could, maybe better. The feeling of power he had over her increased.

There was a bit of scorn for the woman, just a bit, but there was also a large measure of desire. Her cunt gripped his prick like it would never let him go free.

He pulled back, breaking her death’s grip on his cock. When only the tip of his throbbing cock remained inside her cunt again, he paused. Sweat ran down his face and got into his eyes. He had to brush it away. He wanted to see every little thing as he fucked this willing, completely wanton high school teacher.

She was biting down on her lower lip again with enough force to bring blood. The tiny river of red dribbling down her cheek was going totally unnoticed. She was too wrapped up in the cock driving hard into her cunt. That was her universe. Everything revolved around that axis of hard manmeat.

Her eyes were screwed tightly closed so he couldn’t see the piercing green of her irises. The wild strands of her black hair flew in all directions, as wanton as she was. She held the hem of her skirt up so that he could get a clear view of the cunt he was so avidly fucking.

The pink scalloped, inner pussy lips poked out and lewdly kissed his cock. The red pillar of his prick drove relentlessly in and out of her cunt mouth. The juices leaking from her snatch lubricated his cock to the point where he felt almost no friction as his prick rubbed sensuously against her cunt walls.

But if he didn’t feel the friction then, that didn’t mean he wasn’t getting a large charge out of the fucking. The sight of him bringing the woman to such a state of arousal, was enough to keep him hard. But the real thrill was feeling that clinging soft cunt grabbing feverishly at his cock.

If he’d fucked into a slot lined with velvet he couldn’t have found a silkier feeling berth. And the heat boiling from her cunt threatened to melt him down.

“Here it comes!” he grunted. Then his hips exploded in a wild frenzy of fucking.

He was tireless as he drove his prick into her tight little pussy. She sucked his prick in with a violence that left him gasping for air. But, he never slackened his pace. His prick flew like lightning in and out of her gooey twat.

She was coming totally alive now. His cock was touching even her most deeply buried nerves. She was letting him have his will with her. The way he fucked her took her breath away.

The warmth spread throughout her loins. As his prick continued fucking furiously into her, the cunt juices burned away. She felt his naked cock against the trembling walls of her cunt. She tightened her stomach muscles and really clamped down hard on his buried cock.

He grunted and she came. The completely filled feeling assaulted her totally. She lifted her ass up off the desk again and tried humping herself to get even more of his delicious prick into her needy cunt.

Twisting and turning, she shoved herself down into his groin. His cock fucked even deeper into her softly held cunt. The warmth turned into a small fire. The tiny blaze burst into a blinding explosion that shook her teeth together hard.

She came.

Her words had long since become incoherent. She cut loose with a long, heartfelt, “AAAAAieeeeeee!” that rattled the windows in the room. She no longer cared if anyone saw them, heard them. Her emotions were running away with her now.

“God, not so fucking loud!” he whispered. “If someone sees us…”

But she wasn’t listening to him. She was listening to the call of her cunt. It was blazing bright now with lust. His cock was stoking the woman’s repressed passions until she could cut loose and be free.

As he continued to fuck her, she came again. Her clit brushed against his sweat-soggy bush. This small stimulation was all it took for her passions to break free again.

She began to feel like a machine gun. She came and came and came. His prick filled her; she came. His pubic hair lightly touched her aroused clit; she came harder.

“More, oh sweet Jesus, let me have mooooooore!”

Then she felt the hot surge of his jism as it splattered into her cunt. She tensed her cunt muscles again to drink in every precious drop of the teenager’s cum. He groaned and rocked back and forth and tried to really fuck the living hell out of her.

She took his prick all the way up her cunt, then she milked his prick entirely dry of all its lead-heavy cum.

When his cock fell, limp as a worm, from her twat, he sighed. Wiping the sweat out of his eyes, he told her, “You’re one hell of a lay. I wish I could fuck you some more but enough’s enough. For now.”

Tucking his prick into his jeans, he turned and left her sitting on the desk. He said nothing as he slammed the door behind him.

Liz looked down between her well-fucked legs. Her cunt lips were slightly open. Oozing from her cunt was a steady stream of his jism. She seemed shocked. She sat there and watched the sticky jism puddle on her desk. It all seemed unreal to her.


Liz Walker slowly straightened her skin, tried to smooth the wrinkles in her blouse and failed, then stood. She almost fell. Her legs were still weak and rubbery from the fantastic fucking that her young student had given her.

She hated herself for being so weak. It might have been reaction from coming so many times. She doubted it. Liz knew that she should never have allowed Don to get such a hold over her.

She sighed and picked up her purse. Gathering together a pile of books and notes, she made her way down to the teachers’ lounge. She desperately wanted to be alone and get her head straight on what was happening to her. At the same time, she wanted to be able to talk all this out.

Liz wasn’t sure if she was happy or not to see Beth Jacobs, one of the foreign language teachers. The woman was sitting and grading papers from a test she’d given the period before. Both she and Liz had the fifth period free for conferences. Mostly the two of them sat around wishing they could get drunk rather than facing their sixth period classes.

“About done here,” said Beth. “Let’s you and me run away together. I think it’d be nice to go to Mexico City. I just finished teaching my class all about how lovely it is there. What say we get away from this rat race?”

“Chinga,” was all Liz said.

“Oh, so the history teacher starts learning naughty words in Spanish, huh? You look pretty down in the dumps. What happened?”

Liz hesitated. She didn’t know if she should tell the other teacher or not. Yet, there was something sympathetic about the other woman. She had those features which prevented her from ever being called a beauty, but they were soft and friendly. Her very attitude made Liz know she could trust Beth with anything she had to say.

And she told her. It all came gushing out in a steady stream of words lasting close to ten minutes.

“So that’s where I’m at right now. I’m so damned confused I don’t know what the fuck to do.”

Beth shook her head. “I see your problem. I, well, I’ve had some experience in these things, you know.”

“No, I didn’t. You mean you’ve fooled around with the kids, too.”

“Hell, I don’t know of a teacher in this school that hasn’t fucked a well-hung young stud or a sweet young thing. Goes with the job. See a nice ass and presto! You’re in trouble if anyone finds out.”

Liz looked at the other teacher in disbelief. She thought this sort of thing was an isolated case, that she was almost unique. Now Beth was telling her almost all of the teachers fucked around with their students. And she’d been kicked out of Eight Miles High School for balling the coach.

And most of the people passing judgment on her were probably screwing the pants off a dozen teenaged students!

She felt better and told Beth.

“It’s nothing. But this little creep blackmailing you is going to be a hassle to get rid of. I don’t know right off the top of my head what to do about that. Mostly, they want it, sure, but they’re embarrassed to tell even their friends.”

“Or if they do, their friends think they’re lying.”

“Yeah, the old ‘one-upmanship’ power trip. ‘I fucked the foxiest chick in school’ is answered by ‘Oh, yeah! I fucked her and her sister!’ I’ve heard those young studs talking. Hell, I remember how they were when I was in school. You probably do, too. You’re not that much older than I am.”

For the first time, Liz looked closely at her friend. Although there was an air of self-assurance about Beth, it had never dawned on the woman that she wasn’t at least as old. Beth could have been two or maybe even three years younger than Liz.

“Twenty-six,” supplied the blonde. “And damned sexy for all that, too,” she said proudly.

Liz had to smile. The woman was right. She was one hell of a looker. The tits weren’t anywhere near as large as her own, but then few were. Her entire body was petite, small and almost fragile looking. But that didn’t detract atall.

“I get around,” said Beth, moving a little closer to Liz. “You look like you can use a friendly hand right now, am I right?”

Her hand rested lightly on the woman’s bare leg. The touch was like an electric shock. Liz didn’t know what to make of it. She couldn’t move away and tell Beth to leave her alone. She wanted the assurance this woman could give.

But that hand sliding slowly up her leg. That was something new in her experience. What was it Beth wanted from her?

As if the answer was squeezed from the blonde’s lips, Beth said, “lust relax and let me show you what it’s like.”

As her slender fingers found the other teacher’s bare twat, she shuddered. The woman felt her fingers stroking feather-light all over her pussy lips. When the feminine finger curled around her erect clit, she moaned softly and said, “No, no! This is wrong. Don’t!”

“Don’t worry about it,” she quietly replied.

Then Beth bent over and kissed Liz square on the lips. The hand had shaken her a lot. More than she wanted to admit, the kiss was even more startling. She parted her lips half to protest and half because she was surprised.

She was even more surprised when the other woman’s tongue came surging into her mouth. The feverish tongue stroked and caressed hers until she was gasping in passion.

This couldn’t be happening to her. She couldn’t get hot and bothered by another woman. But she was. Beth was turning her on. She was actually getting hot from another woman kissing her and fondling her snatch.

She broke off the kiss and said, “What’s happening? I don’t understand any of this. Why are you doing this to me!”

“Don’t you like it?”

Her hand crept across her pussy lips. The little tingles spread like wildfire all through her crotch.

She was gushing out her cunt juices now. In another minute, she’d be begging this woman to finger fuck her.


“I think you do. Admit it. To yourself if not to me.”

Liz squirmed uncomfortably, but she couldn’t force herself to move away from the woman’s questing hand. Before she knew it, that hand was pressing firmly into the bulge of her pussy mound.

“Hmmmm you don’t have any panties!”

Liz didn’t answer. She couldn’t tell the woman that Don had taken them. To do what with them, she couldn’t say, but it was no doubt something totally obscene.

“And you’re juicy! All for me?”

“Y-you shouldn’t be doing this. It’s not right!”

“Why not? Doesn’t it feel good when I do this? And this?”

Her agile fingers stroked over the woman’s erect clit. A bolt of sheer delight lanced into her body. She moaned softly and slipped down a little in the chair. The fingers worked their magic spell on her. She wanted to protest, to say this was wrong. She couldn’t do it. The words were killed deep in her throat.

She allowed the pleasure to wash through her body like water. It was a soft and warm sensation that was quickly replaced by a more urgent need as the other teacher began finger fucking her cunt.

“No, ohhhhh, no, don’t! It… it’s too goooood!”

Beth smiled and dropped to her knees. “I think you’ll like this even more.”

Her mouth fastened on the other woman’s cunt. The soft lips pressed into blood-engorged cunt lips. The rough wet tongue began licking and lapping all over the length of her gash. The thick juices oozing from her cunt were sucked up and savored noisily.

But she didn’t stop there. Her tongue lashed out and beat hard against the tiny pillar of erect clit. Each time that driving tongue smashed down, a new sense of need rushed into Liz’s cunt. She felt herself growing weaker. No longer could she protest.

She didn’t even want to!

She was enjoying this tongue lashing too much.

“Ummm, you taste good!” exclaimed Beth, looking up at the woman. Her lips were gleaming with cunt juice and there was a wicked gleam in her eye. She had more than simply eating a pussy on her mind.

“Don’t stop,” begged Liz. “Not now, not when you’ve got me turned on so Goddamned much!”

“You’re going to have to earn it.” Beth acrobatically upended herself, allowing her skid to drop over her head. But this exposed her panties to the other woman’s mouth — her panties and her already wet snatch.

“You want me to… to do the same for you?”

Liz asked, uncertain if she should or not.

“Do it, dammit! And now! Before someone comes in and finds us!”

That thought had never entered Liz’s head. Any of the other teachers could come in and find them eating out each other’s pussies. That would get her fired for sure.

The sight of the other woman’s pussy, it’s nearness, the aromatic and lusty odor, all combined to rob her of her common sense. So what if she were caught? This was the opportunity of a lifetime! She wasn’t going to let it go!

She skinned down the panties enough to expose the blonde’s flowing gash. The pussy lips were already pink with blood and throbbingly hard. She immediately stuffed her face into the vee of the woman’s legs.

The taste assailed her lips, tongue, nostrils. She couldn’t get enough of the other woman’s cunt sauce. She lapped and licked and then thrust her tongue, cock-hard, into the gaping cunt.

She felt the other woman return the favor. Tongues in both their cunts, they began rapidly fluttering around in the velvet hung passages. Liz was almost sobbing from reaction. She could barely contain herself. Wanting to scream and not knowing if it would attract attention made her shove her face even more forcefully into the woman’s crotch.

The acid tang of the cunt juice spurred her on.

Tongue lashing out, she searched for and sought out all the right nerves. She made certain the other woman was getting the eating out of her young life. There wasn’t a single spot she left untongued. The same thing was happening between her own legs.

The quaking sensation of approaching orgasm seized her. She tried to hold it back. She was getting greedy. She wanted to feel the full impact of a big orgasm, a very big one. No longer satisfied with the tiny ones that simply wracked her body for a moment, then passed, she wanted to go all the way.

With the other woman’s knowing tongue on her clit, she thought it was going to be possible this time.

The sexual tensions were mounting in her belly. She felt the vague contractions along her cunt strengthening. Her breath came in harsh, hurried gasps. She started tongue-fucking the cunt so wantonly opened for her with an emotion approaching frenzy.

Then the dam inside her body burst. She came with the force of miujons of gallons of water rushing down a tiny valley. The impact of the physical and emotional come was almost too much for her.

She groaned and shook and sobbed and unashamedly let the tears roll down her cheeks.

And then it was over. Too quick. She wanted more. She had to make the other woman tongue-fuck her cunt even harder.

She began running her rough, wet, pink tongue all over the blonde and bristly strands surrounding the other woman’s cunt hole. She didn’t miss a single spot. Her tongue languorously swabbed down the entire area around her cunt mouth. Then her tongue stabbed out and down into the juicy twat.

The teacher felt the body of the other woman tense up. A trapped animal sound told her the teacher was coming. She felt a rush of excitement. She was the one who’d done it. She had actually made another woman come.

Liz wanted more of this exciting lesbian mouth love. She had never in her wildest imaginings thought another woman could get her this hot. She was wrong. And now she wanted to find out what she’d been missing for too long.

Beth squirmed in her grasp and managed to escape. She quickly pulled down her skirt and heavily breathed, “God, someone’s coming.”

“Yes! Me!”

“Shut up, damn your eyes! I meant out in the hall!”

Liz reluctantly straightened, her skirt for, the second time that day. She smiled a little as Ted Larson came into the teachers’ lounge. He was the chemistry teacher with the hots for anything wearing a skirt. She didn’t know which was worse, him actively pawing all the women teachers or his counterpart in the chemistry department, old Mr. Hunt, long since past his prime and looking like a prune.

“I’d better be going,” she reluctantly told Beth. The gnawing hunger in her cunt wasn’t going to let loose. It was trying to devour her. She was going to have to get balled by a real man’s prick — and soon — or she’d go mad from unfulfilled lust.

Liz rushed from the room, not even looking back at the surprised Ted Larson.


Liz was almost back to her classroom when she realized she’d left her notebook in the lounge. She cursed herself for, being such a fool, then turned round and headed back for the lounge.

Why had she felt so damned guilty? What she and Beth had done wasn’t anything a lot of other women had shared. Why did sex always have to be strictly male-female? She didn’t have any, answer for that one.

She wasn’t really ashamed of what she had just done. She’d enjoyed it. Anything she enjoyed couldn’t be that bad. And to hell with anyone saying it was!

Liz knew she’d have to be more polite to Ted Larson. The man had been around the school a couple years longer than she and was something of a power having the ear of the principal in personnel assignments. Besides, Ted wasn’t all that bad-looking. He wasn’t her idea of the perfect man, but then who really was?

He was about five foot ten, stocky with just a trace of a beer gut. Not enough to get in the way. If anything, she thought it was sort of sexy. There wasn’t any good reason she had been avoiding him except for his reputation as a wolf.

If she got involved with him like she had the coach at Eight Miles High School, she would be out on the street in an instant — if anyone found out. Teachers were supposed to be monks and nuns. Sex could never taint their images. They couldn’t be living, breathing, fucking human beings.

She and Ted might get something fun going between them. Maybe all the other women teachers were being greedy. Maybe they wanted him for themselves. With the gnawing need chewing up her cunt, Liz thought she should have fir st grab at any guy willing to really fuck her good.

Just as she turned the corner of the hall and headed for the teachers’ lounge again, she knew something wasn’t quite right. She couldn’t put it into words. There was an electric tension in the air that stopped her dead in her tracks.

Listening, she heard faint moans coming from the half-closed door of the lounge. They weren’t moans of pain. Quite the opposite, in fact. They sounded like someone in the throes of intense pleasure. Like a woman being fucked.

Liz inched toward the door at the end of the hall and, guiltily, she spied on Beth and Ted.

It was just as she’d thought the instant she heard those telltale noises. Beth was spread-eagle on the small desk and Ted was fucking the living hell out of her. It was a sight that made the breath catch in Liz’s throat. For a second, she wanted to laugh. Then she decided crying might be closer to what she actually felt.

She wanted to be the one on the receiving end of that mighty male prick of Ted’s! She wanted to feel that cock drilling deep into her cunt, cleansing her of the unnatural longings that Beth had stirred, that Don had aroused. A throbbingly alive, all-male, virile prick fucking her was the only antidote for her.

And Beth was the one getting laid.

She knew she should have closed the door. Maybe standing guard in the hall for the two unsuspecting lovers would have been the decent thing to do. If the principal walked in on them, he’d fire both their asses before they realized what was happening.

Still, couldn’t she stand guard at the door? What did it really matter if she watched while she was on the look-out for anyone intruding on the couple?

Liz knew she wasn’t going to let them have their deserved privacy. The itch in her cunt was too intense for that. She had to see what was going on in the small room. If she didn’t, she would go crazy from her own burning, crying lust!

The words drifted lazily out to her. “Ummm, oh, Ted, you’re so biiig in me! I love the way your cock feels!”

“And your cunt is like a blow torch on me. Goddamn, but you’ve got a hot twat, girl. Here, slide around a bit on the table. There, ummm, oh shiiiit! I… I almost came.”

“Do I turn you on that much?”

“That much and more!”

“So fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can!”

The spying Liz had a good view of what was happening in the room. If Ted wasn’t fucking her as hard as he could, he was certainly pistoning powerfully into her yearning cunt.

She could see the long, red shaft of his cock pulling from between her inner pussy lips. The purple head was coated with a gleaming coat of cunt juice. He poised for a moment, as if making up his mind, then lunged forward.

The power of his inward stroke shaved Beth across the table. Ted had to reach out and grip the woman under the armpits. Only in this way could he keep her from sliding off his prick.

“Get in me, damn you,” she moaned. “Let me lock my legs around your waist.”

“Yeah, I’m fucking you too hard. That cunt of yours is too demanding. It won’t do to slide all over the table.”

Liz watched as slender legs wrapped around the chemistry teacher’s waist. The man was already gripping Beth under the arms so that his palms pulled firmly into her shoulders. With a double hold like this, it would take one hell of a fucking to break loose again.

And it was the strongest fucking motion Liz had ever seen. She felt her cunt watering as she witnessed it. The man’s hips came back, then shot forward driving his prick deep into the woman’s softly yielding cunt.

The tiny river of fuck fluid running down the inside of the spying teacher’s leg tickled. She rubbed her legs together in a vain attempt to stop it. She had to have some sort of a plug in her cunt to keep that flood from gushing down her leg.

The kind of plug she’d love best was a cock. And that wasn’t possible. Not at that instant.

She edged closer to the door. The two people so avidly fucking in the room couldn’t hear her moan softly. She began rubbing up and down against the edge of the door. The wood touched her in all the right spots. She felt her body coming alive to the rubbing sensation.

The door collided right at her cunt. The hard wood pressed firmly against her pussy mound. As she rocked up and down, its friction gave her the sensation of a real fucking.

It wasn’t the same, of course. Nothing but a hard cock piledriving into her pussy could possibly totally satisfy her.

But this was better than nothing.

Watching the two fucking like rabbits made her even hornier. She thought she might just watch them for a few seconds, then leave. It wasn’t that simple. The more she saw of that long, adept cock fucking into the gaping hole of the totally wanton woman spread wide on the table, the more she needed it.

“Go on, Ted darling, grind your bush into mine! I love the feel of your bush against my clit!”

The man only grunted. Liz could tell he was having a hard time keeping his cum loaded in his balls. The jerky movements in his hips told her he was nearing his breaking point and hating it. He wanted to fuck all afternoon long.

His ass tensed as he shot forward into the eagerly awaiting cunt. Both of them gasped, then Ted said, “Damned tight, too. Sure you’re not a virgin? Love virgin cunt!”

“Yes, oh, yess, yessss! Anything you say, Ted darling, anything! I’m a virgin if you want me to be!”

“No virgin has cunt muscles like yours! God!”

He panted hard now. His body was shivering like he had a high fever. The lewd squishing noises as his prick shot into the woman’s juicy cunt filled the room. Liz shivered along with the two people fucking their brains out. That noise made her aware of how much she was getting out of this peeping.

In all decency, she should leave them alone, but she was too turned on by the sight of them screwing. His long, red pussy-pleaser driving into the yawning hole of Beth’s juicy cunt made her own desires run wild.

That was what she wanted. And if she couldn’t get it, seeing it happen would just have to do.

She rubbed her snatch against the door with more vigor as she heard. Beth gasping out, “My cunt’s on fire! I’m burning up inside. Oh, dear God fuck me hard! HARD!”

The tiny embers of her own lust, had long since blazed bright and furious inside her cunt. There was no way she could put out the flaming desire that threatened to drown her. She was a lost soul and could only allow her passion-wracked body to command.

“My balls feel like a boiler! My jism is lead-heavy and just burning me up! I can’t wait to come!”

“Ummm, darling, oh darling! Ride me, ride me hard!”

The lewd squishy noise increased in intensity as he picked up the tempo of the fucking. If he had been driving his prick into her with wild abandon before, now he was a tireless sex machine. He fucked with all the power and lust locked in his loins.

The watching woman bit her lower lip as her hand crept under her skirt. She couldn’t restrain herself. Her fingers found her slimy cunt. She began tweaking her pussy lips. When that was no longer the thrill it had once been, she started driving her fingers in and out of her cunt in imitation of the hot scene in front of her.

Her fingers weren’t anything like a cock. But they were better than letting her cunt cry out, hungry for attention. The thick oils dribbled over her fingers, filling the palm of her hand. Soon, she was totally drenched with her own fuck fluids.

“My body! I’m on fire! I… aaaaieeee!”

The woman on the receiving end of that long, powerful prick climaxed. Her body stiffened and a husk of sheer pleasure covered her face. She sucked in her breath and arched her back trying to drive her cunt down over the impaling spike of the cock lodged in her cunt.

All too soon, she let out a long, loud sigh and relaxed. But the man fucking her wasn’t ready to come yet. He was still fucking her clutching manhole with all the power he could summon. His ass tightened, then shot forward in a wild release of energy.

“Oh, keep fucking! My cunt’s still on fire!”

He was pulling her body into his groin with every stroke of his prick. The man was giving the teacher the fucking of her life. The faster he fucked, the more she liked it.

His balls had collapsed into a hard, tight sphere that bothered him. The need to blast out his jism into her hungering cunt was on him. Trying to keep the fiery tide locked in his balls was making his prick feel as if it would explode like a stick of dynamite.

No matter how he tried, the tumbling and churning of his balls made him teeter on the edge of control. But still he fucked into the wet, steamy hot interior of her cunt. The need to be surrounded by her clutching sheath of cunt was inbred. He was a man. She was a woman waiting to be fucked. How could he refuse such a basic urge?

The watching woman finally decided she should leave. The man’s lust was so obvious, it was almost embarrassing to her. The way his prick vanished so lewdly in the grinning cunt lips was a hint that she was witnessing something she shouldn’t.

As Liz turned to go down the hall, she saw the principal sauntering along. She sucked in her breath. This wouldn’t do. And the way Ted was fucking Beth, nothing short of an atomic bomb would make him stop.

“Good afternoon, Miss Walker,” said James Elliot. “Leaving for your next class so soon?” The principal was still far enough away from the doorway so that he couldn’t hear the frantic sounds of Ted and Beth fucking. And Liz hoped she could keep it that way.

“Oh, Mr. Elliot, did you see what those awful boys had done to the flagpole again?” She was babbling. It was the first thing that had come into her head. Last month, a gang had run some girl’s panties up the flagpole and horrified several of the more staid groups around the school.

“Again? They…? Oh, hell. I’d better go check it out, I suppose. Thank you for telling me, Miss Walker.” The look in his eyes told the teacher that the man would rather have stayed and talked to her. She had the suspicion that he was hot for her ass.

It seemed as if everyone on the campus had unbridled passions and let them run free whenever they wanted. And if anyone got caught at it, it was their ass in a sling.

Liz didn’t understand this stupid double standard. She was a hard-loving woman who loved a good fuck, who needed it. And if any of the studs prowling around the school gave it to her, they’d all be in trouble. Yet all of them did it. She shook her head, idly rubbed a hand across her hidden snatch and then remembered the hot and heavy action going down inside the teachers’ lounge.

Beth and Ted might never know how she’d saved their jobs for them but it didn’t matter. It had been worth the small risk she’d taken. And now, she felt she was entitled to watch. She’d earned the right.

As the woman sneaked back to the half-open door, the sounds from inside were even hotter than before. She looked at what was happening and her eyes widened. She hadn’t believed Beth was that acrobatic.

The woman was bent double like a pretzel on the small table. Her legs were pulled back so that her legs dangled over Ted’s shoulders. The tops of her thighs pressed hard into her tits. Every time the man stroked into her widely exposed cunt, she emitted a tiny groan of pleasure.

Liz guessed that Ted could drive his prick deeper into her steamy cunt in this position than from any other. The way Beth was twisted around, she had to be getting a hell of a lot of enjoyment from the fucking. Otherwise, the crink in her back would have been bothering her.

“Keep going, Ted darling! I love that prick of yours! It makes me feel like a complete woman!”

“Cunt’s so tight,” the man mumbled, “so fucking, damned tiiiiight!”

“Yes! And all for you! For, your cock!”

His body pressed her legs down into her body. Her cunt gaped wide open so that the spying woman could see the cunt lips lewdly smile and take in the purpled end of his fuck stick. His balls had collapsed into a hard little globe that no longer wetly slapped against her upturned ass. He was burying himself all theway to the hilt in her gooey twat.

Liz sighed as she saw the exciting sight. That cock going into the hungry cunt was more than she could stand. She reached back under her skirt and found her own flowing gash. Fingers ready, she drove them into her cunt.

That sent a wild surge of joy racing through her body. She closed her eyes and imagined she was the one on the table getting her brains fucked out. His cock was inside her, twisting, turning, driving ever deeper. He was probing for her innermost cunt.

The tingles in her pussy lips were passed along to the twitchy walls of her cunt. She shuddered as she felt the sexual tensions mount in her belly. The way her heart speeded up made her breath come faster.

She imagined him poised over her body like he was over Beth’s. Her cunt yawned wide for him. She was totally wanton. She wanted his cock more than anything else in the world. She could prove it with her dripping, obscenely wet twat, too.

As one of her fingers stabbed into her pussy, she shivered. Another finger went in and then another. She started stroking back and forth. The velvety softness of her pussy walls hardened a little as her muscles tensed from the excitement.

His cock — that was what was in her cunt, not her fingers. He was fucking her. She could hear him breathing. Over the thunder of her own pulse hammering wildly in her head, she could hear, his harsh breathing. She could feel his cock delving ever deeper into her juicy, steamy hot cunt.

The first contraction of her cunt walls clamped down on her fingers. When orgasm gripped her body, she was panting and gasping and moaning out her joy. He was fucking her! That was his cock inside her needy cunt! He had come over to give her the fine gift of his cock!

She sobbed openly, tears running down her face. It wasn’t any good. The come hadn’t released all her tensions. She still felt a tautness inside that made her edgy, uptight.

In the room, Ted was still fucking hard into the other teacher’s clinging cunt.

“I… I can’t hold it! I’m comiiiing!” The man’s entire body stiffened as he drove his prick balls deep into the woman’s cunt. He pumped out every single drop of his pearly white jism. And then his cock limply fell from the woman’s still oozing cunt.

A tiny puddle of his cum and her cunt juice formed on the table under her ass. Then Beth disengaged her legs and rolled free. She went to the man and took him in her arms for a big kiss.

“I love the way you fuck! You’re one stud in a million!”

“And how would you know? Have you fucked a million guys? That cunt of yours is mighty tight for such a feat. You might go into a record book if you’ve really had a million men.”

“Some of them just seem like it. But you’re special, Ted!”

Liz didn’t know if anything was going to start between the two or not. She decided it was time for her to split and to hell with the notebook. She didn’t want to seem to be prying into their personal lives.

But she wished Ted would pry into hers. Just once to drive away the demons of longing still inhabiting her body.


Liz existed through her last class of the day. It seemed to be an eternity before the final bell rang. Luckily, the class evacuated the room as if the building were on fire.

She was free to go find Ted. Thinking throughout the long class about what she should do had made her seem distant, remote from the questions. But she didn’t give a damn. The hunger she felt deep in her cunt was more important to her than the questions those snotty-nosed kids came up with. She had to keep her life on an even keel or how could she possibly be expected to perform well as a teacher?

She hastily left the class, almost running. She wanted to catch Ted in his chemistry lab down the hall. Liz slid to a halt and peered into the room. Ted was nowhere to be seen.

She rushed to the window looking out on the parking lot. There was Ted Larson just putting the key into the door of his car. Liz cursed under her breath and hurried down the stairs, hoping to catch the other teacher before he left.

Luck was finally with her. James Elliot had called out to Ted and stopped the man from leaving. By the time she got to Ted’s car, the principal had gone.

TED!” she cried. “Wait a second!”

Ted Larson looked up and smiled. He’d had the hots for her ever since she’d transferred into the school. Passing a few minutes talking to her would be a lot better than knocking off a few beers at a bar.

“Hi, Liz. What can I do for you?”

She blushed. She took that in a way entirely different than Ted had meant it.

Or had he meant it exactly the way she thought?

“Well, uh, Ted, I don’t know how to say this.”

“Straight ahead is the best way, Liz.” His eyes weren’t on her emerald green ones. They were raking her body from her toes to the top of her head. And he liked what he saw.

She wasn’t wearing nylons. She didn’t have to encase her legs in the smoky fabric to make them look good. She had a nice, even tan that appealed to him. Although she obviously spent a lot of time in the sun, her skin didn’t have that brittle, dried look. It was smooth, and he guessed it would feel even smoother flowing under his fingers as he stroked upwards toward her hidden snatch.

The woman’s tits were held in check by a bra. He didn’t much care for that, but what the hell? The school dress codes required it of the women teachers. Another mark against the puritanical school board.

But Liz had a trim waist he would love putting his hands around, boobs obviously, big enough for any man, even one having a thing for good-sized tits. And her face was a classic sculpture. It was offset just right with the black hair flowing all around it like some dark halo.

He wouldn’t mind sticking it to this broad at all. But she had always seemed so stand-offish. Not a prick teaser, but just distant. It was a pity to waste good material.

And Liz’s ass was one of the best.

“I guess you’re right, Ted. Look, I saw you and Beth this afternoon.” She paused and studied his reaction. There was a slight tensing of his body but it was hardly noticeable. He kept his face almost impassive.


“So I saved your asses from Mr. Elliot. He almost came in on you while you were in the middle of, uh…”

“Of fucking Beth? Why not just say it, Liz? You were obviously watching us.”

She blushed again. Was it that obvious? She had to control her racing heart. It threatened to run away from her. She took a couple deep breaths which did nothing except make her boobs rise and fall in the most seductive manner possible.

“Okay. I saw you and Beth fucking. And God, what a cock you’ve got!” she burst out.

Horrified, she turned a bright red. For a moment, Ted looked stunned, then he laughed.

“Shit! I never heard of such a thing before. You watched, you enjoyed it, now you want some action, is that it?”

“Yes, I guess it is.”

“What makes you think I’ll give it to you? Just because you saw us screwing in the teachers’ lounge?”

“I don’t have any reason to think you won’t, either.”

He smiled broadly. “And you’re right. Your place or mine?”

Liz was stunned into speechlessness. She hadn’t expected him to pick up an her request this fast. Maybe ask her to have a drink, then dinner and finally spring that time-honored question.

But he just came right out with it. And she was ecstatic!

“Why not right here?”

It was his turn to look stunned. “In the parking lot? Hell, woman, there are students coming and going all around here. They’d see us!”

“Yeah,” she said, her mind racing. This was going to be a real turn-on. She wanted his cock, sure. She wanted it as badly as she’d ever wanted anything in her life. But it could be an added thrill — the thrill of possible discovery by the students or other teachers. To fuck in full view of the school!

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” he asked, edging closer to her. His hand snaked around her waist and pulled her close. “You want to wait for sundown or start right now?”

The sun was going down rapidly, but Liz’s lust was mounting to the breaking point. She gave him his answer with a kiss. A hungry, demanding kiss that left no question in his mind what she wanted.

She wanted cock and she wanted it now!

Her lips parted just a little when she felt his press firmly into her mouth. It took only a second for a hard tongue to race into her mouth. He found her tongue and engaged it in an erotic duel. Stroking and caressing, he pushed her passions even higher.

She was gasping for breath by the time she broke off the kiss. She tried to back away a step but couldn’t. His hand was still firmly around her waist. He was pulling her bulging pussy mound into the top of his leg. She rubbed up and down on his leg like a cat against a pole.

It felt good, damned good. And it was only a promise of better things to come. The tenting in his trousers told her he was as aroused as she was. And he wasn’t going to put off fucking her for long. He wouldn’t be able to control himself that long!

“You’re a hot wench, you know that?”

“Yes. Now shut up and fuck me! Like you fucked Beth! I want it all, all of it. Every last Goddamn inch!”

His hand snaked over the curve of her ass and cupped one of her buttocks. Squeezing a little, he pulled her even closer. His mouth clamped against hers and his tongue tumbled all over hers.

Their saliva mixed like fine wines. Liz felt herself getting drunk on it. This was even better than she’d anticipated. She was enjoying the thrill of him kissing her, fondling her ass, feeling his leg as she rubbed her now leaking cunt over it.

Even more exciting was the possibility of discovery. This gave an added zest to what they were doing. They’d have to be fast about fucking. It was already twilight. In a little while, it would be dark enough to switch on the lights in the parking lot. When that happened, they would be like actors on the center of a well-lit stage.

Her band slipped down inside his trousers. She found his rigid cock. It was already bucking and throbbing with lust. She stroked up and down it a few times to let him know what was going to be coming his way soon.

“Ummm, I like that. You handle cock well. How about in other places?”

“The tightest and hottest around!”

“I think you’re bragging.”

“I’m telling the truth. Why not find out?” She unzipped his pants and let his prick come dancing out. It was jerking and bounding around like a stallion waiting for a mare. His hand began bunching up her skirt until it was hiked up in between them to expose her snatch.

Pressed as closely together as they were, an observer might have thought they were merely enjoying a very passionate kiss. That observer wouldn’t have been able to see the plum-tipped prick heading directly for the bottom of the furry vee of her bush.

Liz moaned softly when she felt his long, hard cock poking into her cunt lips. She spread her legs a bit wider and firmed up her stance while opening her cunt to the man’s cock. He had to bend down to get under her twat, but that was small price to pay for paradise.

When he stiffened his legs and sent his prick arrowing up into her cunt, she almost passed out. She thought that fainting routine was something that only happened to the heroines in the gothic romances she read.

It wasn’t. It was a perfectly normal physical reaction to having a huge cock driven hard into her cunt.

She twisted and turned and moaned around the tip of his prick. The bulbous end seemed to fill her to overflowing. Never had she had a cock stretch and pull her cunt in all directions like his did. Not only was he long, he was thick.

The girth of his cock actually threatened to rip and tear her most delicate membrane. But she sighed and tried to relax. Her cunt walls stretched enough to take his huge prick.

And then she said, “Go on! Fuck me good!”

“Fuck you? Christ, I just want to stand here! You weren’t shitting me when you said you had the tightest and hottest cunt, ever!”

She clutched him to her body. The feel of his prick resting in her cunt was so comforting. At the same time it was exciting her. She felt her fuck fluids dribbling out around her pussy lips. The thick juices went on down his prick and tickled his balls.

But still he didn’t move.

She tensed her cunt muscles just a bit and clamped down on his buried cock. She felt the thick blue vein on the top pulsing with life. Every time his heart beat, it would twitch just a little. And the folds of skin rapidly vanished as his prick inflated to full hardness.

She sighed and allowed her legs to bend a little.

This crammed her twat down even more firmly on the impaling rod of his prick. The way his cock was responding made her feel better. It excited her, sure, but it also made her more aware of her potential.

She wasn’t going to be turned down by him. She was a worthwhile woman who could make a man all hot and bothered. And she was proving it every second that cock was in her heated tunnel of love.

“Fuck me now?” she whispered in his ear. He didn’t answer. His lips kissed her cheek, then he started licking back along the line of her jaw. When he got to her ear, he breathed hot and heavy for a moment. Her already sensitive earlobe seemed to be nothing but raw nerve endings.

When his teeth gently closed on the lobe of flesh, she gasped. She had to keep herself from coming. His cock was bouncing around against her cunt walls, but he hadn’t started fucking her yet. Just the light touch of his teeth against her ear was all it took to get her really wound up and ready to fuck.

“Forget my ear! Fuck me, damn you! I want you!”

His tongue slammed into the tiny hollow of her ear, cock-hard. His tongue imitated what she wanted him to do with his prick. Still, she had to admit he was getting her hotter than she’d thought possible.

Never had her passions been strung out like this. She was a taut wire ready for the lightest pluck to send her singing. Her fingers clawed and clutched at the man’s back. She was at the verge of shredding his shirt, but neither of them noticed. They were too busy concentrating on more exciting things.

“Want this?” he said, giving his hips a little upward jerk. “How bad do you want it?”

“With all my life! Fuck me, you silly son of a bitch! Fuck me good. Just like you did Beth!”

He laughed. “That good, huh? You want the deluxe edition. Nothing second best for you. Okay. You’re gonna get it!”

He bent his legs just a little, then stiffened his knees. His prick wetly glided from her cunt. She moaned as it left. When only the broad arrowhead of his cock was inside her pussy lips, he drove back into her soft, wet, yielding cunt.

He almost lifted her off her feet. She clung hopelessly to him. She was too weak to do anything else. That prick in her cunt made her into a thing of rubber. Wobbly, she couldn’t help but teeter and sway around the thick, impaling pillar of his cock.

“Like that?”

“I love it! Gimme more! Fuck me haaaaaard!”

He fucked her hard. Harder than she’d thought possible standing up. But still the feel of the prick in her cunt wasn’t good enough for her. She wanted — she demanded! — more.

She deftly lifted her right leg and snaked it around the man’s waist. This opened her cunt up to him even more. And every single upward stroke into her hidden depths was the most penetrating she’d ever felt. As he fucked her, he rattled her teeth.

Her vision blurred and the world spun around her in a crazy vortex. This was what she’d been needing so long. This man’s long, demanding, satisfying prick was the antidote for all her problems.

She was horny. He used his cock like a master. She was getting all the manmeat she could take up her cunt.

“More!” she demanded hotly. “Gimme all you’ve got! Your sweet fucking cock! I want it! I want it!”

He grunted as he twisted and turned. His prick was no longer ramming, straight up into her twat. He was spiralling in, corkscrewing to give an added dimension to the fucking.

Losing his balance, he fell back against his car. He propped his ass on the fender, the woman’s leg resting along the cool metal. From this vantage point, he was able to get better traction. His body movements took on an air of more power. He was able to fuck her even harder.

The liquid squishing noise of a cock racing into an excited cunt seemed to echo across the now deserted parking lot. The prick was burning the woman’s cunt to a cinder. She shuddered every time that hot poker raced into her hungry twat.

“More,” she continued to beg. “Give me that cock till it comes out my mouth!”

He was gasping from the exertion. Sweat ran down his face, got in his eyes. But he wasn’t about to reach up and wipe it away. Not when he had a double handful of the sweetest ass he’d ever fucked.

Squeezing down on his erotic handholds, he was able to pull her asscheeks apart, then rotate them in wide circles. This tightened her already small cunt and made it feel as if there were millions of fingers inside her cunt massaging his prick.

“Can’t hold back much longer. Damn, but you… you’re milking my Goddamn balls!”

“Come in my cunt! I want to feel your jism spurting into my guts!”

For a long minute he pumped hard into her demanding twat. His prick was beginning to drag from friction along her pussy walls. He had long since burned away her lubricating sauce.

A cold voice called to them: “What the hell’s going on?”

Surprised, Ted turned and stared at the security guard sitting in his car. The man held a flashlight on them.

A thrill of honor passed through Liz’s cunt. She felt her pussy tighten all around the cock buried deep in her belly. They’d been seen, they were discovered fucking in the parking lot like a couple of teenagers!

“Nothing, Fred. Just getting in a little extra-curricular activity, you know?”

“Sure thing, Mr. Larson. The lights’ll be on in about five minutes. You might want to, uh, be finished by then.”

“Fine,” said Ted in a voice almost too weak for the security guard to hear. But the tone was all that mattered. The guard drove on his rounds, satisfied that a couple of kids weren’t desecrating his school.

“God! I thought he’d arrest us!”

“Don’t worry about Fred. He’s one of the good guys. If we’d been students, though, he’d have chased us out. Now where were we?”

“You were fucking me silly.”

“Oh, yes. And that cunt of yours really reached out and gave me one hell of a big squeeze, didn’t it? When we were discovered.”

Those words worked their magic on the woman again. She remembered the fear that had almost paralyzed her. And her cunt contracted around the man’s, buried cock again.

“Ummm, yeah! That’s it!”

And then his hips broke loose. He fucked the hell out of her cunt. The man’s prick seemed to be made of stainless steel. He was a machine, a fucking machine intent on driving her insane with ecstasy.

She came like a ton of bricks falling from the Empire State Building. She never even felt his hot, stringy jism spewing into her convulsing cunt. She was too wrapped up in the wondrous feelings assaulting her senses.

When she drifted down from her wonderful sexual high, she clung weakly to Ted’s strong frame.

“It was super, Ted, just great!”

“Glad you liked it. But it did cost me some money.”


“I was leaning against the car. When we really got to humping, I put too much of a strain on the car’s shock absorbers. Have to get some new ones installed.”

She laughed and hugged him even closer.

This was more like it. For the first time in weeks and weeks, the woman’s sex itch had been erased. She was satiated and content — for the moment.


“All right, class, that’s it for today. Remember the test on Friday will cover the fourth and fifth chapters in your text.”

There were sundry groans of dismay but she’d expected that. Any time a test was announced always produced the same reaction. She had come to believe it wasn’t possible to produce a kid without a built-in fear of tests. She remembered what she’d always felt like the day before a test and guessed all these kids felt the same way.

They all filed out while she entered the scores on their homework in her record book. She looked up, surprised at seeing one of her students staying after class.

Then a cold chill gripped her stomach.

Don Patrick was standing there, his flame red hair in wild disarray. And the look on his face was one of unfulfilled lust. There was no question in her mind what he wanted.

“Well, Don?”

“Well, Miss Walker,” he said, smirking. “You’ve been a busy lady, haven’t you?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I thought you knew. I mean, hitching a ride out in the parking lot like you did yesterday. A ride with Mr. Larson. Or should I say a ride on Mr. Larson’s prick?”

She went into shock. The numbness paralyzed her vocal chords. She didn’t know what to say. She’d never been blackmailed like this before. If Don went to Mr. Elliot with this story of two teachers fucking out in plain sight, he could get both of them fired on the spot.

And with Fred, the night watchman, to verify his story, Don was in an even better bargaining position.

They were doomed unless Don could be bought off. She suspected he could. He had that certain look in his eye.

“You’re awful quiet, Miss Walker. Or can I call you Liz? Yeah, I’ll call you Liz. I mean, gosh, I’ve eaten out your cunt and we’ve fucked and we should be on a first name basis.”

“What do you want?”

“Come on, wise up, Liz. I’m not one of those greedy out-for-money or out-for-grades types. All I want is some action. With you.”

It was as she feared. The boy was blackmailing her sexually. He wanted her body as his reward for keeping quiet. Which only gave him more ammunition to use against her if he ever decided to do so.

“So I just jump up on the desk and spread ‘em for you, is that it?”

He smirked. “Something like that. But not quite. Not this time.”

“You little cocksucker!”

He laughed at her. “That’s not my bag. I just want a piece of that sweet ass of yours. Literally. Up on your feet, bend over the desk and spread those lily white asscheeks wide. I want to fuck you up the ass. Never done that and I want to see what it’s like.”

If possible, she went even colder. No man had ever taken her up the ass before. And now this teenage blackmailer wanted to do it. She could tell him no and suffer the consequences. Better to play along with him. But up her ass…

She stood and walked over to the door on shaky legs. This wasn’t something she wanted anyone to burst in on. Closing the door, she moved a desk so that it blocked the entry.

“So cautious. Afraid someone else might see us fucking?” he taunted her.

“Yes, damn you! You little prick!”

“You shut up, Liz!” he flared. “My prick’s not that little. And I never heard any chick complain about it. Not even you.”

She started to say something to him, then bit the words back. She was only goading him on. That wasn’t the smartest thing she could do. She had to hang loose and maybe figure out how to elude his clutches.

“Over here,” he ordered. “Get yourself bent over your desk. And get that sweet ass of yours up where I can fuck it!”

She didn’t rush to obey. She felt a cold anger at him coupled with the nagging fear she might be caught. This was the day Mr. Elliot inspected all the classes and he hadn’t been by hers in over a month. It was just her luck he’d barge in while this young stud was fucking her shit chute.

“Bend over, dammit!”

He grabbed and spun her across her desk. Her boobs smashed into the surface with jarring impact. She felt the air gush from her lungs. Gasping in a vain attempt to regain her lost wind, she was helpless to prevent him from hiking up her skirt.

“Wow, lookit those panties! Ain’t they sexy!”

She almost cried when she felt his hands stroking over the smooth curves of her bottom. He hadn’t stripped the silk panties off yet. But there was no mistaking the feel of his fingers through the thin material. He was making certain she was ready for him when he entered her from behind.

“Get it over with!” she cried. “If you’re going to do it, then do it!”

“Patience, my sweet little ass, patience. You’ll feel my good, hard cock soon enough.”

His hands continued to lewdly fondle her bottom. Finally, satisfied, he began stripping her panties off her ass. He didn’t merely yank them off, he made it into a big production.

“So gentle, like this,” he cooed, laughing at her helplessness to stop him. “See how I ease them. Around the flare of that big ass of yours. And now I don’t just drop them to go fluttering down your legs. Oh, no, not that. I carefully remove them. Step out of them.”

He knelt down behind her. His hands locked on first one ankle and then the other to get her feet out of the panties. Then he planted a big, wet, juicy kiss on her rump.

She felt as if he’d branded her rather than kissed her. She was openly crying now, the tears leaving salty tracks on her cheeks. This was the ultimate in humiliation. She was being anally raped by a sixteen-year-old. And she couldn’t do a Goddamn thing about it if she wanted to keep her teaching job.

“Ummm, tasty! Spread those legs a bit wider, yeah, just like that. God, what a cunt you’ve got. It can swallow a man’s prick up real good!”

She shuddered again as she felt his tongue probing into her twat. He was stirring her lust and she couldn’t keep her body from betraying her. She was wet with desire for him. No matter if he was raping her. No matter that she hated him with all her soul.

Her traitor body was responding!

She felt him stand and come in close behind her ass. There was a metallic hissing as his zipper went down the track.

His prick nudged warm and hard into the canyon between her ass cheeks. He knew enough not to rush for her asshole and wildly fuck her. That would have resulted in a lot of pain for her. Instead, he teased and tormented her with his cock.

It felt big and round and hot probing between her meaty globes of ass. When he sought and found the humid floor of the canyon, she was gasping, this time in sexual desire. He was getting to her. He was making her want him to fuck her.

“Get it over with, damn you! Fuck me!”

“Now she wants me to fuck her. And at first she said she didn’t want any such thing. Oh, women are so fickle!”

His prick slipped past her asshole and on down to the hanging folds of her cunt. His prick head drove forcefully between her cunt lips. He surged all the way up into her twat.

She almost passed out from the sudden insertion of his cock into her steamy pussy. The cunt walls were hard put to stretch and expand to take his length of prick. But once he was inside her juicy cunt, there was no more problem.

He wasn’t anywhere near as big as Ted. No man she’d ever fucked was. But the kid still had a good-sized prick. And he was well on the way to being able to use it like a real stud. He didn’t merely fuck a woman, he teased and tormented and turned her on, then he fucked the living hell out of her wet cunt.

He made a few strokes back and forth in the greased slot. He wanted as much of the slippery fuck fluid all over his cock as possible before he dived into the sultry depths of her asshole. Besides, the woman’s cunt felt so fucking good around his cock!

He stroked enough times to make himself feel the effects. His balls hardened and began to throb with ill-suppressed lust. When the nuts inside the tiny sac began to chum and lurch, he knew it was about time to move on to the hole he really wanted to fuck.

“Like the feel of my cock in your pussy?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, yes! Fuck me good!”

He pulled out with a wet little plop. The suction behind his prick threatened to pull the woman’s guts out her cunt hole. And the hollowness, the empty feeling he left behind almost drove her insane. She had to have his prick! Without it, she was nothing!

Then he began searching for her tightly puckered asshole. When he found it, he gently pushed the glands of his prick directly into the center. The puckered anus didn’t want to give. He increased the pressure. She moaned out that he was going to tear her apart.

He ignored her. He knew exactly what he was doing. So what if he made her asshole bleed a little? He was after pleasure — his pleasure.

He wiggled his hips a little and leaned into her ass. He felt the soft flesh giving under his belly, along the curve of his groin. His hips moved forward a fraction of an inch more. Her asshole was weakening. He could feel his cock slipping into her bowels.

With a sudden surge as her anus relaxed, he was inside her rectum. He was surrounded by hot, clinging female flesh. The sensation was more intense than with any cunt he’d ever fucked. She was so hot she was burning him to a charred nubbin!

“I never felt a woman so hot and tight before; God, you’re gonna mash me flat!”

“Shut up and fuck me! It… it’s like a red hot poker shoved up my ass!”

He grunted and slowly pulled his prick out of her guts. The suction inside her bowels made her groan and shiver. The feeling was almost more than she could bear. The way his entire prick quivered and throbbed made her all the more aroused.

She wanted his cock. She no longer cared that he was fucking her ass, that no man had ever taken her up the back before. So what? Her body demanded. She must respond.

Her cunt was itchy and hot. Her juices dribbled out and down the inside of her leg, she was so turned on by what he was doing. It no longer mattered if he was fucking her cunt or not. She had his cock all the way up in her body. That was what counted.

“Go, please, go faster!”

“Okay, but remember you asked for it that way!”

He jammed his hips forward again. His prick shot into her impossibly small diametered anus. The feel of the tight ring of muscle around his prick was similar to a hangman’s noose. But he didn’t care. All that he was after was hot and tight female flesh surrounding his cock.

He got it until he could hardly control himself. His balls were at the boiling point now. His lead-heavy jism was churning and weighing him down. If he didn’t get his rocks off soon, he’d go crazy.

“That sweet, lily white ass of yours! Chriiiist!”

She leaned forward full length on her desk. Thrusting her ass out behind she tried to ram it down onto his prick as hard as she could. She didn’t merely want him fucking her ass, she wanted him fucking it with all the strength locked up in his young body.

She had trouble remembering he was only sixteen, that his control wasn’t all that a full-grown man’s would be. She was pushing him perilously close to the edge.

But her body demanded it. She had to have all that prick inside her ass. The way her cunt was hungering for cock, she couldn’t do any less. And taking his prick up her rear made her feel more content, more aroused, than she would have thought.

She was getting his cock inside her. That counted a hell of a lot. It helped satiate the desires burning unchecked in her trim, athletic body. But he wasn’t fucking her hard enough. She wanted to have the friction of the fucking searing her asshole. She wanted to hurt with pleasure!


She got more. As he drove his prick into her ass like a battering ram of flesh, she shoved back into his groin. The combined motions gave her the fucking she so desperately needed.

“God, I-I… can’t hold back!” he grunted. He was stroking his bands along her smooth flanks. The way her body bucked and lurched, he was afraid he might slip out of her clutching asshole.

The boy needn’t have worried. She was so powerfully clamping down on his prick, he could hardly fuck her ass. The tight ring of muscles circling his cock held on for dear life. They weren’t about to let his precious prick elude them.

The woman was sobbing out her joys now. No longer was she feeling humiliated by him buttfucking her. It didn’t matter. He was filling her guts with cock. He was building up her sexual pressures to the breaking point. That was all she cared about.

She rubbed her chest back and forth across the desk. Her bra-encased tits weren’t being stimulated enough to suit her, but this helped. The cloth worked back and forth on her turgid nipples. She wished they could have been exposed to her tweaking fingers. She would just have to get off the best way she could.

She reached down between her legs and found her soggy bush. Her cunt juices were dribbling all over the desk. She couldn’t have cared less. She was more interested in finding her clit and massaging it while the teenager fucked her ass.

The tiny spire of her clitoris poked up meek and timid from its sheath of protective flesh. She immediately seized it and started rolling the pea-sized organ around. A new thrill rocked her. The volts of electricity blasting into her body from this tiny spire of erectile tissue was enough to push her over the brink of orgasm.

As he continued cornholing her, she brought herself to climax. It was a sharp, energetic come. And then her fingers flew over the little button of her lust.

“G-god! Fuck me! My ass is burning up! Fuck me good!”

All the time his prick flew in and out of her butt, she was diddling herself. Her clit was becoming dry from the friction as she rubbed it. Her fingers made a quick trip into her seething cunt. She dipped out a finger of the thick inner lubricant.

As she stayed for just a moment in her cunt, she felt through her inner tissues his prick sailing in and out of her asshole. That light touch was all it took to make him come.

She felt his hot, flowing cum blast into her asshole. The torrent of jism made her suck in her breath with its intensity. Then she was fingering her clit again.

The pearly white jism spewed into her shit chute. The feel of his prick and the friction it generated as he fucked her, along with the sexual tensions she created by her clit-fondling, did the trick.

She came. It blew the top of her head off.

When she came down from soaring on the winds of her ecstasy, she was surprised to find that Don had left. Without saying a word to her, he’d pulled his prick out of her ass and left.

She was exhausted and couldn’t be bothered with a minor thing like that. Liz had enjoyed her first buttfucking. But she wished it had been Ted doing it instead of some blackmailing little prick of a student.

But she was happy he’d done it, anyway. The glow of the fucking remained for hours and hours.


Liz didn’t see Ted Larson for almost a week. She wondered if he was trying to avoid her. She’d spoken several times with Beth, once even telling her of all she’d witnessed that day in the teacher’s lounge. Beth’s response had heartened her. The woman hadn’t been mad at her at all. If anything, she’d been pleased.

“Angry at you for spying? Hell, no! If I’d known I had an audience for that fucking, I’d have asked you to take pictures. That’s something I want to remember in my old age! God, what a fucker he is!”

“Then YOU don’t mind that I stood in the doorway and… and masturbated?” Liz was hesitant to say such things to her friend.

“I said it was okay. And you did head off Mr. Elliot. Shit, we’d have never been able to explain our fucking to him. I bet he doesn’t even know what his prick is for.”

“I dunno,” said. Liz. “I think he said something about shaving his palms every morning.”

Beth had laughed, and waved it away. “He’s an old grouch. I’m glad you were the one watching Ted and, me fuck instead of him. And any time you can talk Ted into letting me have a bit of that fabulous prick of his, you can watch or take pictures — or broadcast it coast to coast! It’d be worth it!”

Liz didn’t tell her friend she knew how worthwhile it was getting the full treatment from that cocksman. Ted was a master. He knew all the moves and had a way about him. He made sure the chick got her kicks while he was getting his.

What more could anyone ask of fucking?

Liz was tired of looking for Ted during the conference periods. She decided to track him down in his classroom. After all, it was only down the hall from her.

She inched up to the half-closed door and peered in. The students were all bent double over a test, worrying pencils and working diligently at punching something into their calculators.

Ted stood in back of a long, waist-high counter littered with all manner of chemical gear. The test tubes and bunsen burners she recognized, but the rest was only glass and copper and funny colored water to her.

The man was pacing back and forth watching his class work on the test. As he turned his back on the door, a sudden inspiration hit Liz. She could make this test one of endurance for Ted.

She slipped into the room without any of the students seeing her. She knelt down behind the counter so she was hidden from their view. Just then, Ted turned and started back in her direction. He opened his mouth like a fish out of water, the words, “What the fuck are you doing here!” forming on his lips.

She simply smiled and motioned him to come closer.

When he did, she wrapped her arms around his legs so he couldn’t move away. Then she ran his zipper down. His limp penis came tumbling out.

“Look,” he whispered, “you can’t do this! Not in front of the class!”

“Hell I can’t! I want your cock! And I’ve been deprived of it for almost a week. This’ll pay you back for neglecting me.”

She pulled the limp worm of a prick into her mouth and began sucking. Her tongue worked over the delicate tip of his prick until he was biting his lower lip to keep from crying out.

She was getting him excited! And in front of his chemistry class!

He couldn’t move away from her now. Not with his half-stiff prick in her sucking mouth. He was happed as neatly as he could be. And, she had no intention of letting him go.

“The class…” he whispered again.

“Screw the class!”

Her mouth worked feverishly all over his prick. The once limp cock was rising up from the dead. Half-erect, then fully erect and throbbingly hard, she kept it in her mouth. The rod of manmeat pleased her. He had a nice taste to him.

Her tongue swirled around the very tip of his prick. She felt his cock buck and throb with added desire for her. His words might tell her to leave, but his cock was giving her a totally different story. His prick wanted all the mouth love she could give!

“Love the taste! Love your cock!” she cooed.

“Damn you! I should never have… uh, yes, Jimmy?” he asked one of the students. “Uh, ummm, no, keep going. Skip that question if you, uh, oh God, if you don’t know the answer!”

His words tumbled and fell from his lips. He was trying like hell to keep the kid from coming around the counter and showing the test problem to him. If the student did, he would see something more fitting to a biology class.

The teacher was loving the man’s prick to death. She used her teeth to lightly score the sides of his cock. The ugly red smears were quickly soothed by her soft, wet lips. She kissed away any of the hurt she might have caused and left behind nothing but total arousal.

He obviously wanted her to keep going. He stepped forward a half-step and shoved his hips toward her face. He was having a hard time preventing his body from taking control. She didn’t mind if he face-fucked her. It would be fun.

She allowed his prick to slip from between her ruby lips. Kissing and licking, she headed for his balls. When she got to the hairy little bag holding his family jewels, she sucked the entire sac into her mouth. Her tongue tormented the trapped balls. She could feel them tumbling around in the thick stew of his jism, trapped and waiting to explode.

“Want more?” she taunted him.

“Stop it. NOW!”

“Say something, Mr. Larson,” came a voice from the front of the room. It was all Liz could do to keep from laughing at the confusion on the man’s face as he tried to figure out what to do.

“Uh, no. Just talking to myself. Finish up the test. I, uh I’m giving you an extra twenty minutes on the quiz.”

There was a tiny, ragged cheer from the class.

And Liz silently cheered. She would have his prick all to herself for the next half hour!

She sucked in his balls and really gave them a tonguing. He had to reach down and lace his fingers through her raven-black hair to keep from falling over. Normally, she guessed he would simply lie down on the ground and let the woman continue sucking on his prick.

He couldn’t do that now. He had to stay on his feet. Otherwise, the eager class of teenagers would know exactly what was meant by the sex education term “fellatio”.

She gave him the best head ever. Her cheeks went hollow as she sucked on the tip of his prick. The acorn-sized glans was actually growing in size as she ran her tongue back and forth over it.

When, she found the tiny triangular flap of skin dangling down beneath the cleft head, she tasted the bitter drop of his pre-cum. He was cocked and ready to fire.

She redoubled her efforts on his prick. She tried to stuff her tongue down his piss-slit. Just trying was enough to get them both really excited.

His hands tightened on her head. He began puffing her face in to his groin. He wanted to face-fuck her now. He wasn’t in a position to tell her what he wanted. He had to do it all with the motion of his hands.

She allowed him to pull her face slowly down his long cock. She didn’t want to gag on his cock, but she did anyway. It took a great deal of skill to completely swallow a man’s cock. She was no Linda Lovelace, but she was going to give it a try with this eight-inch boner.

The second time she went down on his prick, the rubbery tip of his glans bounced off the roof of her mouth. She twisted slightly, her tongue a rough, wet cradle for his cock. Then the long, hard, throbbing cock shot down into her throat.

For a long second, she thought she was going to choke again. She kept it down and even managed to massage the underside of his cock by swallowing a couple times. As her Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, he let out a deep moan.

A shrill voice from the back of the room came, “You okay, Mr. Larson? You look sorta white. You sick?”

“No, Linda, I’m not sick. Now, f-finish your test!”

“Yes, sir, if you say so.”

There was a ripple of laughter in the class which Ted did nothing to try and stifle. He was too aroused and occupied by the woman sucking on his cock to attempt discipline.

“Admit it, you love me sucking you off in public,” she whispered to him. His hands shook as he reached down and lifted her face up to meet his gaze.

“God, I think I hate you mote than anyone else in the whole Goddamned world, and if you don’t get to sucking on my cock, I’m going to go out of my skull!”

She smiled at that. He might say he hated her, but he loved the wet, clinging feel of her lips on his prick. And sucking? He couldn’t get enough of the blow job she was giving him.

She dived back to work.

Her tongue shot out and circled his glands. The purpled hood of flesh was trembling with desire now. She wasn’t quite up to swallowing his entire prick again.

Right now, she was more interested in just giving him the best head she was capable of giving. Then came the man’s voice and the words chilled her to the bone.

“Stop! Right there, Jimmy. Hand me your paper. Don’t come around the counter.”


Liz turned and saw the blue-jeaned leg of a student right at the edge of the counter. Another half step and he would be able to see everything. But she didn’t stop. She kept sucking on the chemistry teacher’s prick. This was exciting. The thrill of discovery made her cunt gush with fuck fluids.

The possibility of actually being discovered sucking off the man gave her mouth added vigor.

“J-just give me the p-paper,” he stuttered.

“You don’t look so good, Mr. Larson. Want me to go down to the nurse and see if she has anything to help you?”

“NO! Uh, just go back to your, umm, seat.”

“Are you sure you’re okay, Mr. Larson? You got this funny look on your face. Almost like you were getting a…”


“Yes, sir.”

Liz was smiling broadly. The thrill of the almost discovery made her all the hotter. She sucked on the man’s prick as if she’d never done it before, as if it were a brand new experience for her.

His prick was so damned tasty, she couldn’t get enough of it. Licking and kissing the sides of his cock wasn’t enough for her. As her nose burrowed into his tangled bush, she let her tongue play with his balls trapped in their hairy little sac.

She batted them around, until she could feel his balls locked up inside tumbling and lurching in real desire.

Hastily she clamped her mouth over the tip of his prick, afraid he was going to shoot his wad. Through some massive exertion on the man’s part, he kept his pearly white jism in.

She loved it. She could suck on his cock all the longer now. His hands guided her raven-haired head in and out with the most seductive motion possible. Her lips tightened down into a perfect “O” that caressed every part of his cock as it slipped into her mouth.

Moaning in pleasure, she made certain she breathed hot and heavy when his bush came close to her face. The hat air slipped and stimulated through his pubic hair. The man’s prick jumped a little bit harder every time she exhaled.

“Uh, and now, ummm, class, just pass your t-tests in,” he stuttered. “I have decided to let you all go a bit early today.” Ted was making a valiant effort to keep from losing it all right then and there in front of the students. And Liz was doing her damnedest to make sure he did.

That was part of the thrill she was getting.

She twisted and saw the doorknob turning. Another sudden surge of fear seized her by the throat. For a second, she was unable to move. The door opened and in came Mr. Elliot. The man started to say something, turned to a hidden person in the hall, then called over his shoulder, “I’ll talk with you later, Mr. Larson. Better see what Beth Jacobs wants first.”

Liz felt Ted slump forward as the door closed again. They hadn’t been seen.

“Go on, class. Beat it!”

Liz couldn’t see the students leaving the room, but she could guess what the scene was like. They’d all be running to be first out the door. She slouched down but not so far that she would let his prick slip free from her mouth.

She was having too much fun giving him head to quit now. At long last, the final teenager filed from the room. Ted breathed a heavy, sigh in relief and then said, “Goddammit! I ought to throw you but the window, doing something like this to me!”

“Don’t you like the feel of my wet, sucking lips all over your great big cock?” she teased.

“Dammit, I do! But in front of the whole fucking class? Shit, lady, you’re out of your skull.”

“Yes,” she agreed. “With lust — for you!”

She applied herself even more vigorously to his prick. Her mouth was hotter than a blast furnace. She sucked harder than a milking machine could have. And she was rewarded by the tangy flood of his jism. The first spurt hit the back of her throat. The next she allowed to smear all over her tongue. That gave her all the encouragement she needed.

Sucking harder, she milked the entire creamy load from his balls. He was left with a limp cock by the time she was satisfied.

“God, I wouldn’t have I beieved it,” he moaned. “In front of the whole Goddamn class, she gives me a blow job!”

Liz leaned back against the cabinet and licked off a vagrant drop of his cum from her face. It tasted just as good as the power she’d felt over the man.


“You couldn’t have gotten all your kicks from sucking me off,” Ted stated.

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t get your rocks off, did you?”

Liz thought about it for a moment. She still felt that hunger for long, hard cock in her twat. That was almost a constant thing with her these days. So, no, she hadn’t gotten everything she wanted from sucking him off.

“I could do with a bit of prick in the proper place — and I don’t mean in my mouth.”

“Yeah, I thought so, you horny bitch. Let’s go into the darkroom. I want to inventory some stock.”

To turn the lights off would rob them of the sense of sight. It was pitch black in that room. Without sight, all their other senses would be even more acute. And that meant the sense of feel, too.

His cock was tingling just thinking about the hot, clutching cunt waiting for him. If she took the risk of sucking him off in front of his students, not to mention almost getting caught by the principal, then there probably wasn’t a hell of a lot she couldn’t be talked into doing.

And he still fondly remembered that fuck out in the parking lot.

“Let’s go, Miss Walker.”

“Anything you say, Mr. Larson.” She didn’t look away as he eyed her in open appreciation. His hands were already roaming over her trim, athletic body as if itching to start undressing her.

“You should wait till we get to the darkroom before you start to inventory the merchandise,” she said primly.

“It’s one hell of a container. Can’t seem to keep my hands off it. Going to be hard not to steal it and take it home with me.”

They laughed. His hand was resting firmly on her ass as they went into the hallway. Standing there, still talking, were Beth and Mr. Elliot.

The principal looked over saying, “Hey, Ted. I want to talk with you a second.” He looked at Liz, momentarily confused. “I thought you were the only teacher in the room. And no one went in…”

“You must have missed her, Mr. Elliot. I saw. Liz go in while we were talking,” said Beth. She winked at Liz and Ted. It was apparent what had been going on in the classroom. She was paying Liz back for the time she had successfully held off the principal’s untimely entrance into the teachers’ lounge.

“I guess so these eyes aren’t what they used to be. But the ears are. I’ve been hearing some pretty raunchy things about the male teachers and the goings on behind the scenes at Walter Williams Memorial High. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you, Ted?”

“Like what?” he asked innocently.

Mr. Elliot cleared his throat, looked at the floor and finally said, “Well, you know. Fooling around…”

“Fooling around? I don’t understand.” All the time he was talking, Ted’s hand was working down the back of Liz’s skirt. His hand was slipping between her silk panties and the smoothness of her assflesh.

When finger found her asshole, he jammed it into the hot, tight interior of her rectum. Wiggling the finger made her jump around as if she were very nervous.

“I’m sorry about making you so uneasy, Miss Walker. It’s just that I’ve heard reports that some of the male teachers are taking liberties with some of their female students.”

“I’m, ummmm, sure that Ted wouldn’t know about that!” she said. The finger was running in and out of her ass in a mock fucking. She was warming to the anal assault. The way her guts were churning at the moment, it was everything she could do to keep from ripping off her clothes and begging Ted to fuck the hell out of her.

“No, I guess he wouldn’t know. Mr. Larson is one of our most upstanding teachers.”

Beth, hidden behind Mr. Elliot, looked at the teacher’s crotch as she said, “You can say that again. I doubt if there’s anyone in this whole school more upright than Ted at this moment.”

Ted Larson smiled. His finger was warming the ass of the most seductive woman he’d ever seen. And it wasn’t just any woman, either. It was the one who had given him a blow job in front of his class. She cared for him. It was time for him to show her how much he cared for her.

“I’m sure any of us would be only too happy to report such promiscuity among the staff, Mr. Elliot.”

“Thanks. I knew I could count on all of you. Hell, it’s rough enough trying to run herd on these young hellions of students. All the time running off behind the bushes. You know.”

“Yes, sir. We know. And we won’t be beating around any bushes unless you give the okay.” Ted was still smiling. His finger fucking of her ass was going along just fine. He was burying his finger all the way up her hot shit chute before flexing it. He had her perfectly under control. She couldn’t move without his finger guiding her there first.

“Good evening.” Mr. Elliot turned and walked off.

And Ted steered Liz toward the student newspaper room where the darkroom was. He was responsible for keeping it stocked in chemicals since he was the nearest chemistry teacher.

Beth called out to them, “Have fun!”

In unison, Ted and Liz answered, “We will!”

They laughed, then went into the deserted room, his finger never leaving the snug berth of her asshole. He steered her around the desks and into the tiny room. The odor of chemicals was so strong, she almost choked.

“In here? God, Ted, the smell!”

“That’s nothing. The vent fan will clear it, out real fast.” He pressed a hidden switch and the fan started up. In a few seconds the worst of the chemical stench was gone.

“And here’s a nice, level counter. I wonder…” she said. She reached out and touched the wall. It was about three feet away. “Just about the size of a single bed.”

“But not as soft. Unless there’s a nice, yielding woman under me.” His other hand cupped her left tit and firmly squeezed.

As he did, a bolt of carnal delight lanced down into the woman’s chest. A finger up her asshole, wiggling and stirring her passions up, now she had to cope with his hand pawing her tits.

She loved it. The only problem was that she wanted more than he was giving her.

“Let’s not fool around too much, Ted. I want to feel that fine cock of yours fucking deep into my cunt!”

“In a while. I’ve still got to recuperate from that fine blow job you gave me in class. If you have to wait too long, well, it’s all your fault for getting my rocks off.”

He shut up any reply in the best way possible. His lips fastened firmly onto hers. His tongue forced between her lips and then sought out her tongue. Rough, wet tongue stroking a pointy tipped tongue, he raced back and forth until they were both gasping with pleasure.

She let her tits rise and fall, even though they still had that damned bra encasing them. She wanted her naked flesh to press against his chest. To feel her rigid nipples poking into his would be sheer heaven. And she wanted it all! Greedy? Sure, and he was the one responsible. She had tried to hold down her lusts. It wasn’t possible. The same thing that had happened at the other school was happening here.

The principal had to be getting word of what was going down. She was certain to be caught soon. And to hell with it! Her body demanded satisfaction, pleasure, all the cock it could take! And she was going to get it, all of it!

Her hands worked down the man’s trousers to expose his already stiff prick. She’d thought he would need a little help getting hard again. He was obviously playing with her. His prick was throbbingly alive and ready to fuck. She stroked up and down the virile length of prick until she felt his finger twitch deep in her ass.

He was being pushed to the point of coming again. She didn’t want him to lose it. Not with her hand around his cock. She wanted to feel that lovely cock inside her cunt, fucking her, making her into a complete woman.

Without it, she was just a bundle of unfulfilled lusts. With that pussy pleaser giving her all the joy she could stand, she was fucked. It was what cunts were made for — cocks!

And she wanted every last inch of Ted’s massive eight-incher.

She found it hard to get her fingers to grip his cock. Not, only was it big around, it was still sticky with her own saliva front when she’d given him head. But she didn’t care. Her body was in constant agitation. He could do anything he wanted to her and it would be fine.

Anything at all — as long as she could feel that prick fucking her all the way up into the deepest recesses of her cunt.

“Love the way you taste,” he whispered hotly into her ear. “Think I’ll just nibble a bit more!”

She sighed as his hot tongue stabbed into the hollow of her ear. He was licking and touching all the right places to turn her into a weak, watery woman. Her legs were sagging. He held her up with the finger in her ass.

She finally managed to hook the edge of her ass onto the counter. This was the support she needed. She wished she could have seated herself all the way back. It wasn’t possible without him removing that finger so lusciously fucking her anus.

When the finger came out of her asshole with a tiny little pop, he told her, “Lie back on the counter. It’s plenty big enough.”

“So you know? From experience?”

“What the hell difference does it make. Let me close the door and lock it. I wouldn’t want a kid coming in and seeing us.”

As the door closed, she felt as if someone had thrown a black rug over her head. She gasped out, “Ted! I… I can’t see!”

“Do you have to?”

She softly moaned as his fingers clamped down on her silk panty-clad pussy.

“Mmmmm, oh, that’s so nice! No, I don’t guess we need the lights. As long as you know where everything goes.”

“I think I can find all the right holes,” he said.

She simply lay on the counter top and let him undress her. When he undid her bra, she sighed in relief. That damned thing was chafing her tits. It felt so good having her naked boobs out and swinging free. He even briefly kissed first one then the other of them.

His wet lips unerringly found the turgid nipples cresting the snowy white cones of titflesh. He licked back and forth across the summits a few times to make sure the nipples were rock-hard, then he began lightly nipping his way to the huge base.

“Ummm, more, Ted darling! I love the way your mouth feels all over my tits!”

“I know. And I love sampling such delicious treats!”

His tongue circled the tit. Then he staffed spiraling up the silky smooth cone to the crest of the other. He didn’t miss a single patch of the soft skin. He left behind a trail of saliva which started drying. The coolness contrasted sharply with his hot, rough tongue.

And it was that difference which made her even hotter for him. The alternating sensations surging down into her chest made her feel more alive than ever before.

“Go on, Ted, fuck me! I love this, sure I do, but my cunt! I feel so fucking empty!”

“Soon, precious, be down there very soon now!”

His fingers stoked along the lines of her ribs.

When his fingers dipped under the elastic band of her panties, she was ready for him. Her hips lifted easily off the cold, black-topped counter. She wanted him to get her naked as fast as possible.

Only then could they get down to the real fucking.

“More, Ted darling! I love the way your hands move all over me!”

“I just bet you do. Christ, I never saw such a foxy bitch in all my life. You’re one in a million. And that gooey cunt of yours is a real mantrap. I bet it’s all ready and waiting for me.”

“For your cock!”

He laughed. His fingers had found the hidden triangle of her pussy mound. Tracing along the fleecy edges, he came down to the already rigid sex lips. They were coated with her cunt juices. She was ready to fuck.

“Please, Ted, can we have some light? I want to be able to see you while we’re fucking.”

“But the light makes the sense of touch less intense. In the dark, you feel everything more strongly. There, isn’t that good?”

She felt his middle finger dive deep into her cunt. Once inside her, he wiggled it around until she almost came. But it wasn’t the same. She wanted to look him in the face, see the look of passion cross his fine features while they were fucking.

“Yes, but I want to seeeee!”

He sighed and moved away. She started to protest when his finger slipped from its juicy berth. Then the safelight came on bathing her naked body in a funny orange light.

“Christ, you look like a dish of orange sherbet!” he exclaimed. Her tits rose and fell in the most delectable manner possible. He wanted to eat them, to lick them, to savor them for hours and hours. Nothing could be a finer treat.

Nothing but the ghostly, glowing area between her legs.

His attention shifted reluctantly from her boobs to her snatch. She was somehow able to make the inner pussy lips slip free of the outer labia. They were waving back and forth in the strange light in the most obscene and tantalizing manner he’d ever witnessed.

He felt his cock jump a little in anticipation of being kissed by those lewd cunt lips.

“Come to me, Ted! I want you! I want your sweet, long prick fucking me!”

He heaved a great sigh now. The way his balls were churning and tumbling, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to last too much longer. He was going to grant this sexy bitch her wish. He was going to fuck the living hell out of her.

He climbed up onto the cold counter and slipped between her wide-spread legs. Her thighs beckoned him, plump and fit. But it was more than her lovely legs he wanted now. His target was in sight. Moving forward, he was able to poke his prick into her juicy twat.

She shuddered at the first penetration. He didn’t simply shove himself balls deep into her. He was more gentle than that. He was more knowledgeable about what turned a woman on.

The thick purpled head of his cock rubbed lasciviously against her inner pussy lips until she was hardly able to lie still on the counter. The slight friction was enough to drive her out of her head with lust. The woman hunched up in a vain attempt to ram his prick all the way up her aunt. But he was too quick for her. He was teasing her, tormenting her, making her so damned hot she would beg him for his cock.

“Please! Give it to me! Don’t toy with me like this! You’re driving me out of my skull. My cunt’s burning up with desire!”

“You want more of this?”

His hips slid forward a fraction of an inch. The entry into her aunt split her pussy lips and safely deposited, the thick, bulbous end of his cock inside her cunt. She felt the throbbing fuck stick as if it were an entire percussion section of an orchestra. Each pulse sent ripples of delight throughout her body.

And she was greedy. She wanted more of his fine cock.

Another inch and she was reduced to sobs that wracked her body. She let her tits heave up and down. Each breath was like liquid fife in her lungs. Even her throat felt as if it were coated with sandpaper. Her entire body was as alive as a raw nerve in a tooth.

“All the way! Fuck me deep, damn you!”

He slipped another couple inches of cock into her seething, steamy hot cunt. Even this didn’t satisfy her. She wanted it all. Her yearning cunt demanded nothing less than all out fucking.

Another couple inches and he was buried so deep she felt his balls wetly slapping against her upturned ass. Hips sliding from side to side, she was able to move all around the impaling spike of his prick. The way it jerked around in her tight sheath of pussy was almost more than she could bear.

This was living. This was being fucked by a real stud!

“Fuck me good. Oh, sweet Lord, ride me, ride me hard!”

Her entire body was bathed in the orange light. As he looked down on her body, he felt strange sensations ripping through him. There was no mistaking the gripping tight twat around his swollen cock. That was something he’d felt often enough to enjoy to the maximum.

But the way her body looked was so odd. The rivers of sweat flowing down her curvaceous body glowed like molten gold. Her raven hair, was changed into a tangle of the most erotic-colored hair he could imagine. And there was nothing in the world he wanted more than to fuck her.

She felt his prick slide back an inch, then another and another until only the thick head of his glands remained between her pussy lips. She sighed as the pressure inside her cunt went away as his cock slid free. He had been stretching her inner membrane to the breaking point.

He was so damned big! And her poor little cunt was so small!

But she wasn’t complaining. She knew more was on the way. Opening her lust-glazed eyes, she could see his face framed erotically by her twin mountains of tit. Raising her head a little more, she was able to look down the entire length of her body and see the ugly red cock slipping back into her cunt.

It was no longer red, however. The orange light overhead had changed it into something else. She had to laugh at the sight.

“What’s so funny?” he demanded.

“Your cock! It looks like a popsicle! An orange popsicle!”

“Does it feel that cold inside you?”

“Ummmm, oh, no! NO! It’s hot and big and fills me up!”

He began fucking her with short, rapid stokes designed to push her to the brink of orgasm. The friction rapidly burned away her cunt juices. The once slumbering embers of her lust began to smoulder. Then they burst into little fires nibbling away at her guts.

When he began fucking with longer, deeper strokes, the tiny fires burst into all-out blazes threatening to consume her body with lust.

She allowed her body to respond to his fucking. She lay back on the counter, limp and excited and completely aroused, and let him fuck her as he wished. She simply enjoyed the feelings assaulting her tender young body.

“I… I am on fire!” she moaned out. Her fingers gripped his upper arms. She felt the smooth flow of his muscles. He was so strong, so masterful. And he made love better than any man she’d ever fucked before.

She came.

The orange-colored world around her went away in a moment of confusion. Her mind was soaked with orgasm. She became the slave of the man’s prick. All she could think about was getting more and more of his prick as deep up her cunt as she could.

Her fleshy hips rose and crammed down on his impaling spike of prick. She wanted still more. She wasn’t satisfied with the power or the depth of his strokes.

She was thrashing about his cock like a fish on a hook. She was screaming and moaning and trying as hard as she could to get even more of his cock inside her convulsing cunt.

Then the climax died a little. She became even more aware of what he was doing to her. He had gone back to the short, rapid strokes designed to burn her cunt with erotic friction. His cockhead rubbed as sensuously as possible against her velvet-hung cunt walls.

He was pushing her right back up the pinnacle to another climax.

She couldn’t keep her hand from reaching down to her clit. She began diddling herself. The rocket blast of desire shooting into her tensed body was enough to push her over the edge again. She came. And came. And came again. She felt like an erotic machine gun going off. It was great.

Still he fucked her. He seemed tireless. His hips moved like well-oiled pistons. She felt her body being wrung out like a dishrag. No man had ever before made her feel this way. She was usually able to outlast any man and his deflatable cock.

Not this man. Not this stud. He was wearing her out and she was loving every second of it.

She lifted her ass and began grinding her bush down into his as soon as his cock drove all the way up her tunnel of clutching, hot cunt. She was filled to overflowing with his prick. He burned her and made her feel like a complete woman with every fucking stroke into her softly yielding body.

She came again.

“Oh, shit,” she heard him moan between clenched teeth. “I can’t hold on any longer!”

Her body exploded with a frenzy of effort as he fucked her even faster than before. She wanted the maximum turn-on from this before his prick blew out its creamy load of jismn.

“Faster, Ted, faster! Burn me up with passion! Your fucking cock, it’s… oohhhh!”

They came together. She felt the first surge of his pearly hot cum splatter into her cunt walls. But they were already rippling and churning with her orgasm. She gripped with insane fury on his arms while he was still frantically fucking her cunt. They came together at the crotch with a lewd sucking noise.

Neither of them noticed it. They were too wrapped up in the fine feelings washing through their love-tossed bodies.

She looked up into the other teacher’s weary face. He looked tired but she’d never seen him happier, either. He was sweating heavily, the rivers of salty tracks all over his body. She wanted to lick that sweat off, but she was too limp from the fucking to move.

That wasn’t all that had gone limp. His prick slipped from her still clutching cunt in one smooth, liquid movement. Behind it came a tiny trickle of the man’s jism. It puddled on the black-topped counter, looking weird and orange in the safelight of the darkroom.

“You were right, you know,” he said. “That light adds a hell of a lot to the fucking. I’ve fucked blacks and chicanos and once, a sweet young thing from Japan in here. She was a transfer student.” His eyes got soft and misty as he thought about it. “But never have I fucked an orange lady!”

“I’m glad I was the first one!”

They both laughed, theft arms locked firmly around their slippery bodies for comfort after the hard fucking.


“I don’t know about you,” Liz said, “but I could use a shower. I’m positively grimy from rolling around on this counter.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I got plenty worked up, myself.”

“And I’m hot!”

“You can say that again! And your cunt’s a really steamy one, too!”

“I meant, there’s no ventilation in here to speak of. That stupid little fan simply doesn’t work too well.”

“We can go up on the roof to cool off.”

She felt his prick stir a bit. She reached down between her legs and found the limp little organ. It was hardly bigger than her thumb now. This was all that remained of the once proud eight-inch boner that had fucked her so nobly. But it was stirring, rising once again to the occasion.

“What’s on the roof?” she asked.

“Well, I’ll be up there. Isn’t that good enough? Or do you want something else?”

“I’d love to have that fine cock of yours fucking me again!”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Is that all you ever think of?”

“No. Sometimes I think about sucking you off. I don’t much care which it is, as long as I can feel that lovely prick of yours as much as I want. But feeling it driving hard between my legs, going all the way up into my cunt, that’s super!”

“Shit, another horny school teacher. Is that a requirement now? You have to be perpetually in heat before they hire you?”

“You should know. You, the stud teacher with the reputation for attacking all the women teachers — and students.”

“Not so!” he protested. “I never attack any of the women unless they ask for it or look like they might ask for it some day when I wouldn’t be around to help them out.”

“So that’s what you do, huh? You help them out.”

“Sure. Horny, inhibited, I bring out the best in them. I make them come to their senses, so to speak.”

“You made me come, that’s for sure!”

“Bitch. But I love you, anyway. Now, let’s get out of this stuffy room and out onto the roof. There’s a moon tonight. A full moan. So let’s you and me go up on the roof and fuck like lunatics!”

“Sounds like a winner, just like this!”

She felt his cock give another surge as she stroked along its length. It wouldn’t be long before he would have a fully usable fucking tool again. And she wanted to be on the receiving end when it rope to the occasion.

They hastily put their clothes on, she giving him sideways looks. The man’s body was even more spectacular than she’d first thought. Well-muscled, he obviously got a lot of exercise. The tiny paunch around his middle was more sexy than a turn off for her.

Love handles. That’s what they were. She reached out and gripped about an inch of the flesh between her fingers and pulled. He yelped, then kissed her. The kiss deepened until she thought he was going to fuck her in the darkroom again.

She almost wished he had because of the disappointment when he finally broke off the kiss to say, “To the roof. I want some fresh air. Hell, after being cooped up in this chemical odor-laden room, I need it!”

“Is that all you need?” she taunted.

“Nope. I could do with a well-spread young lady who was willing to plant herself firmly down around my cock. And then move just a little bit while I was fucking like hell.”

“Is that all you need?”

“I need you.”

The kiss lasted a little longer, but by the time the woman came to her senses, Ted was showing her out of the small room. He didn’t quite push her along the deserted hallway of the school, but he came close.

“Fred’s on duty, you can count on it. And I don’t want to have to tell him why we’re working late.”

“You call it work? I call it fun!”

“Shush, now. Here’s the stairway. On up with you. And wiggle that sweet ass all you want going up. I love to watch!”

And he did. Seeing her wiggle her bottom as she mounted the stairs to the roof was almost enough to get him hard again. Her ass rolled gently from side to side in the most seductive manner possible. He wanted to rape her by the time she finally got out onto the flat, broad roof.

“Ummm, it is cool out here, Ted. And the moon! Oh, it’s full!”

“And high in the air, too.”

She looked down at the bulge in his pants. “That’s not all that’s on the rise. I can see something even more thrilling for me.”

He laughed and took her by the arm. “If we’re going to be up here to fuck, we’re gonna do it so that it’s exciting. Even more exciting than down in the darkroom.”

He seated her on the stone ledge running around the roof so that her ass dangled out over a three story drop. She clutched wildly at the edge of the roof.

“Don’t, Ted. I’m scared of heights!”

“You haven’t even seen the heights yet!” He unzipped his pants and let his newly reborn prick snap to attention in front of his groin. In the moonlight, it looked like a wand of silver topped with a gleaming purplish knob.

“Now that’s the kind of height I like!”

She dropped to her knees to suck on his cock. He didn’t protest. She loved the way that cock came totally alive in her mouth. It had been erect but not fully stiff. As she sucked and licked it, his prick stiffened noticeably. It was like raising the dead.

And she ended up with a throbbingly real, wonderfully vibrant cock in her mouth.

“That feels damn good, honey, but I want to bury it somewhere even nicer. Nicer for me, that is, and I suspect maybe for you, too.”

“Now where would that be?” she asked needlessly. She could feel her cunt beginning to drool at the prospect of having this wondrous length of cock buried in it again.

He said nothing. Looking down into her green eyes made him feel like he was being pulled into another universe. And it was better. This other world was filled with tight cunt and sucking mouths and wanton women.

Wanton women like Liz.

She lightly touched his prick again. The cock was glistening from her saliva. As a cool wind began to blow across the roof, she felt her sweat vanishing. She also saw that the man’s cock was beginning to shiver. She didn’t want it to get too cold.

Immediately, she stuffed it back into her mouth.

“Hmmmm, that’s nice, but I told you your cunt’s what I want to fuck. Not that sweet face of yours.”

She felt strong hands reach under her arms and gently lift her. Reluctantly, she left his prick dancing in the air in front of his crotch.

His fingers began working their magic all over her body. Feathery touches here, stronger ones there stimulating her boobs, fondling them, cupping them in his palms, then moving on.

Before she knew it, she was naked again. He had totally undressed her to stand bare-ass naked in the moonlight. She smiled a little, then twirled around for his inspection.

“Well, sir, do you like me like this? Mother naked?”

“I love you like this!”

“Now you get naked.” With her help, it was only a matter of seconds before the man was standing like a Greek God in front of her. That hard-on he sported told her this was going to be a memorable fuck. He wasn’t going to quit until they were both totally pleasured.

She threw her hands around his neck and pulled his head down to her face. Ups crushed brutally into hers. The kiss deepened. His tongue flashed out and into her mouth to dance around her tongue, teasing, tormenting, luring her out.

As her tongue lightly touched his teeth, he sucked down hard. He trapped the pink, agile little tip between his lips making sure his teeth held her firmly. Not enough to hurt, but enough to keep her from escaping. Then he teased her tongue tip with his. Light, flickering motions soon reduced her to quivering mass begging to be fucked.

Releasing her tongue allowed her to gasp out, “God, you make me feel like a whore! I never wanted cock more in my life! Your cock!”

His hands stroked up and down her sides. He traced each and every rib with calloused fingers. As he worked down her spine, he made sure he properly outlined each and every bone in her backbone. When his fingers found the delightfully rounded surface of her ass, he burrowed between the meaty ass cheeks.

The humid canyon seemed to beckon to him.

His finger went all the way down until he discovered her asshole. A little shove and he was able to thrust his finger all the way up her back.

A tiny gasp escaped her lips as she felt the finger driving deep up her shit chute. The finger warmed her, excited her more than she’d have thought possible. The feel of his throbbing cock so close to her snatch should have been enough.

That finger was the icing on the cake. She wanted him to fuck her more than ever now.

“Go, Ted darling, do it! Do it to me! Shove that swollen prick of yours up my twat! I want to feel you moving inside me!”

“Don’t want much, do you?”

“I want that Goddamn cock of yours! That’s a fucking eight inches!”

Using his finger buried up her anus, he guided her toward the verge of the building. Gently, he used his weight to press her down. She felt the cold stone ledge under her ass. Then she was dangling, ass out, over the three story drop to the ground.

“Wh-what are you doing! Don’t let me fall!”

“I won’t do that. But we’re gonna fuck with you dangling off the building. You get a charge out of exhibitionism. This is the ultimate. Combines real physical danger with the chance of being seen.”

“But all they’d see would be my ass!”

“Yeah,” he said, smiling wickedly. “You’re gonna be mooning the whole Goddamn school. Including that dumb statue of our dear founding father, good old Walter Williams.”

Liz turned and looked over her shoulder. There was nothing but forty feet of empty space between her and the statue on the ground. She shuddered at the thought of falling. Then it occurred to her that Ted was right. The physical danger was getting to her.

And it was turning her into the horniest bitch on the face of the earth! She’d fuck anything that moved, no matter what!

Glancing back down at the statue, she said, “I wonder why they gave him such a horrified expression.”

“The poor fucker wouldn’t stop screaming when they poured the bronze in his mouth. I just hope you’re not going to duplicate his expression when you feel this.”

She gasped as she felt his purple-headed cock nudge into her cunt lips. She snuggled down a little bit in his arms so she could open her pussy lips and suck in the glands of the man’s prick. She wanted to feel that hot, driving poker of manmeat all the way up into her belly.

She didn’t get it. He simply turned and went to the pile of their clothing. She gasped when she saw him coming back with his broad, thick black leather belt. And clutched in his other hand was her smaller, thinner one of brown vinyl.

“Wh-what are you going to do? You’re not going to beat me? Tie me up! You wouldn’t!”

“Nope. But if I don’t do this, I might lose control at the wrong time and we’d both be sorry.” He fastened the belts together in a large loop. He put it over his head and shimmied it down around his waist. Then he put it over Liz’s head and repeated the action. They were tied together at the waist by strong leather. If either of them slipped, the other would be able to hang on and prevent a deadly fall.

“I like a bit of dangerous thrill when I fuck, but I don’t want to end up dead when I screw. And it would be such a waste if you croaked.”

“That’s all I am to you, an inconvenience!” the woman flared.

“Nb. Right now you’re a delectable woman waiting for something only I can give her.”

She felt his cock pressing into her pussy mound. The thick fur was tangled and matted from the previous fuck fest down in the darkroom. But the erotic rubbing of his cock against her pubic mound was enough to make her forget all about her mock anger.

This was living. This was why they’d come up to the roof. She didn’t even notice as he maneuvered her back to the edge of the building. She knew her ass was hanging out in thin air, but it didn’t matter. She was letting his turgid prick come over closer to her cunt mouth.

When he stabbed forward with his hips, his prick went sailing down the slippery slit of her pussy lips. He parted them and stimulated them as he stroked back toward her ass.

She felt a sudden surge of delight pass into her cunt. She sighed and wiggled her hips down over his cock. It was soothing and stimulating at the same time. She didn’t understand how a man’s cock could affect her like his was doing.

It didn’t matter. All she cared about was getting that big, round, wonderfully hard prick into her pussy.

“Go on and fuck me! I want it! I WANT IT!”

His hands gripped her ass with ferocious strength. She felt herself being lifted up into the air. When her feet no longer touched the roof, he swung her backwards. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist.

She immediately sucked in her breath and held it, the action had driven his cock impossibly deep into her cunt. She felt it bending down as her body bent backwards. Her hair streamed down over her head, dangling over the edge of the roof.

Opening her eyes, she was horrified at the sight of the ground. She was being held almost entirely upside down — and dangling over the edge of the building. She could see now why he had insisted on the rough leather belts around their waists.

Sure, that iron-hard cock in her cunt was supporting her just a bit. It turned and throbbed and made her feel good. But when he began fucking her, it would enter and leave her cunt. If either of them came, it could have been disaster.

“G-god! This is spooky, Ted! I… I don’t know if like it.”

“You will. Just give it a few minutes.”

His hands gripped firmly into her soft, pliant assflesh. She giggled a bit as his fingers worked their way between the globes of her ass to press into the damp canyon bottom. When he began lifting her by the ass, she thought he was going to rip those softly yielding ass cheeks from her body.

But it was necessary. This moved her up enough to allow her cunt to take even more of his cock. She felt his balls wetly slapping against her ass. Then he dropped her. She let herself go. He caught her at just the right moment.

Not only was there the feeling of falling, his prick left her cunt. She tensed her belly muscles in a vain attempt to stop it. Although he grunted from the impressive strength of her cunt, both gravity and the action of his hands on her ass made his cock leave her cunt.

She looked straight down at the ground. The thrill of danger ripped across her mind like a jagged razor slash. She was headed directly down to the ground, the only things holding her up being the leather around her waist, the thick prick resting firmly inside her cunt lips and the man’s hands on her upper arms.

She shivered and began swaying from side to side. This drove his cock into her cunt at an entirely different angle. As he pulled her up, the cock rubbed first one side, then the other of her well-oiled cunt. She loved it.

She loved the thought of falling — falling with the man’s prick still actively fucking her to climax.

“Oh, Ted, Ted! Fuck me good! Th-this is super!”

“I knew you’d like it,” he gasped. The man’s hands were getting slippery. He was sweaty and hot even though the cool night breeze was caressing his broad chest and resting icy fingers on his back.

She wigged her ass against the rough stone of the building. Even this sharp, searing pain gave her a new and totally different thrill. His cock was giving the ultimate in human pleasure. The pain gave her something to compare that joy to.

And the distance all the way to the ground!

Her body went berserk with orgasm. She screamed and thrashed around in the other teacher’s grip as best she could. Falling. She could fall to her death at any instant.

Or be discovered. The security, guard was walking his rounds. What would he think seeing her stark naked, dangling over the edge of the building, a long, hard prick fucking her juicy little cunt?

She didn’t even want to think about those things. They were in her head but it was her cunt that drew her undivided attention. The way the man’s prick drove mercilessly into her filled her with a bliss she hadn’t known for too long.

“Keep going, love, keep fucking my poor little cunt!”

Her only answer was a grunt from the straining man. He had braced his feet against the edge of the building. He didn’t want to fall forward. If he relaxed for a spilt second, they’d both hurtle down to the hard ground three stories under them.

His balls were aching from the strain. His belly muscles pulled taut and were beginning to complain from the unusual fucking position. His prick was being bent downward at an unnatural angle.

It may have been unusual for him to fuck downwards into a gripping, steamy twat, but it was stimulating him to the breaking point. He could barely keep his lead-heavy jism locked up in his balls.

Twisting to and ho, he managed to fuck her cunt with every ounce of strength in his body. He lifted her up and drove his prick relentlessly into her pussy. Then he bounced a little on his toes to make sure it was driven as far into her inner reaches as possible. This done, he simply relaxed and let gravity pull her body off his prick.

“C-can’t hang on much l-longer!” he moaned. “You’re pushing me to the brink! God, gotta fuck you, fuck you!”

He began pulling her body even more firmly into his. Their crotches ground together in a liquid morass of lust. His bush mingled with hers, the cunt juices spilling out of her aroused pussy.

The tickle of the fuck fluids on his balls made them harden into a compact little bag that ached and pained him. He fought back the burning tide of his cum. He wanted more of her hot pussy. He wanted to feel it massaging his entire buried length of needy prick. There was nothing in the whole world that mattered more to the man at that instant.

He had to really get his rocks off.

Looking down past her body, he saw the ground. It was framed by her heaving boobs. The big mountains of titflesh were bouncing around, giving the view an erotic aspect it wouldn’t have had otherwise. The thick, red, pointy tips of her nipples were erect and demanding. He wished he could reach down and take them between thumb and forefinger.

They’d feel bloated between his fingers but that wouldn’t matter in the least to him. And the woman would get an added thrill from this attention that would otherwise be lacking.

But he needed his hands on her arms for support. He couldn’t hope to hold her aloft with just the belt around their middles.

He allowed his gaze to pass her mounds of succulent tit and go across her belly. It was concave with the strain of the fucking. He imagined that his prick was causing such a suction in her cunt that it was pulling her belly down into her fuck channel.

But that was ridiculous. This was simply a reaction to the unique fucking position he’d gotten her into. The black triangle of her pussy mound was like an arrow pointing out the last bit of passion between the two. His long, firm cock was driving forcefully between her pinkly scalloped inner pussy lips.

Those delicate flaps of aroused flesh were obscenely, wantonly kissing his cock. As if they were oral lips sucking his prick, he was pulled into the humid depths of her cunt.

And he came.

He couldn’t stand it any longer. His balls were churning around until he thought he’d go crazy from holding the fiery tide of his jism back.

His cock gave a convulsive lurch, then spewed out his lava-hot cum. He creamed in her cunt until he was milked dry. And the entire while, he was lifting and dropping her body around his prick. The heat, the clutching of her gooey twat, the unusual position, all conspired against the woman, too.

As he was pouring forth his manseed, she came. Together, they twitched and ground their crotches together in a wild display of unbridled passion.

The woman felt like she was falling and soaring at the same time. She forgot all her fears of high places. It no longer mattered. She was anchored to the world by the man’s driving cock. And she was soaring on the gossamer wings of her own come.

He managed to pull her up over the brink of the building and softly kissed her. His lips were sweaty and hot and demanding as they crushed into hers.

Words weren’t enough at that moment. The kiss told of their mutual desires, their mutual enjoyment. That was enough. For the time being.


The kiss lasted for minutes, perhaps hours or years. Liz was completely lost in the sweet taste of the man’s saliva, the urgent passion as his lips worked against hers. Most of all, the driving, probing tongue poking between his lips was too insistent for her to deny.

Her own lips drifted open and allowed the entry into her mouth. His tongue went wild. It touched all her teeth, stroked along the roughness of her own tongue, then carefully ran between her teeth and lips.

She was gasping with a new passion by the time the man broke off to gasp for air. “God, I can’t stand it!”

“What’s that?” he asked.

“My need for you! Christ, you just fucked me the best I’ve ever been fucked and already you’ve got me hot for your cock again!”

“I’m a magic man. I can do things you wouldn’t believe.” He lightly kissed her on the forehead.

“So if you’re a magician, make that prick of yours rise from the dead. I want to ball again! Over the edge of the building or on the roof or, hell, even falling over the edge of this Goddamn place! What a kick that would be. Kamikaze love!”

“That, my dear, you’ll have to find someone else to give you. I value my balls and your sweet, hot cunt too much to waste, for one fleeting instant of pure desire.”

Her hand crept down and found his limp penis. She wanted to call it a cock but it wasn’t. Not limp and dried up like it was. This was a penis. A cock was a hard, long, vibrant fucking tool that could give her cunt the most intense pleasure a human could endure.

She was still so damned horny she didn’t believe it was possible. Had she just tailed him? The way her butt felt, she was sure it hadn’t been a dream. She had been dangling over the edge of the school, her ass rubbing into the hard brick.

And his cock had fucked her while she was suspended forty feet above the ground. One small slip, one brief instant of too-intense passion and they would have both gone over the edge.

She shuddered at the thought of dying like that. Still, it would have been more meaningful than dying in some car wreck. And it was a hell of a lot more fun thinking about going out that way.

If she had to die, she wanted to die while she was fucking.

Her hand worked feverishly on his prick. The limp hose refused to come back to life. No matter how her dexterous fingers worked, it simply wasn’t going to turn magically into the fucking stick she wanted to feel driving between her legs and surging into the deepest recesses of her seething pussy.

“I guess the evening has worn you out,” she sighed.

“Maybe. Down in the darkroom was one hell of a fine fuck. I’d thought it would never get better. Up here on the roof, with you dangling over the building, depending on me, depending on my strength, while I fucked you, that was worlds better.”

She had to agree. There was something about being at his mercy while he fucked the living hell out of her that made it special. She needed a strong man to lean on. And Ted Larson fit the bill to a tee. He was everything she could have wanted.

Smart, strong, handsome and one hell of a stud, he could pleasure any woman, no matter how horny and demanding.

Still, for all his manliness and virility, his prick was positively refusing to harden. A boner was still some time off in the future. She’d have to be content with that.

She dropped to her knees and gently, almost reverently, stuffed the limp worm of his cock into her mouth. Her tongue gently washed off the last traces of his cum, her cunt juices and, the salty, tangy sweat that had run down his thickly muscled belly.

His hands laced through her raven-black hair and he told her, “I love the feel of your mouth on my cock, but it’s a losing proposition. It’s going to be a while. Get used to the fact I’m not a superman. I can’t fuck like all those men in the books. I wear out from time to time.”

She sighed. He was right. No man could come and come and come all night long. Women could, men weren’t able. That was the burden both had to bear up under.

“What should we do to kill the time? Until…” she let the words trail off. He knew what she meant.

Until they could fuck like rabbits again.

“The moon’s still high in the sky. And there’s always that juicy cunt of yours. I bet it’s just itching to get eaten. Come here, woman, and let me eat pussy!”

She giggled like a school girl on her first date and tried to dodge his grasping hands. It was all a big game. Chasing her around the roof would cool their bodies and still get them hot for each other.

“Catch me! Catch me if you can, stud!”

She dodged around a ventilator pipe, ducked his hands again and dashed toward the far side of the building.

Both pulled up short when they heard frenzied breathing. It was a distinctive sound. Just like the sound that went with it. The liquid squishing noise seemed to fill the quiet night.

Two people had joined them on the roof and were fucking merrily away just on the other side or a maintenance shack.

Liz heard a muffled voice, “God, your cunt’s squeezing my cock flat! Keep going, damn you, keep that cunt clutching hard at me!”

“I… oh, shit! Fuck me, you rotten cocksucking bastard! I hate it! I hate it! And I don’t care! Fuck me!”

Liz looked at Ted, confused. The other couple were obviously enjoying a little roll in the hay but the woman was mouthing vile insults. She should have been enjoying the fucking to the utmost. It sounded, though, as if she had mixed feelings about what she was doing.

This oddity — wanting to get laid and hating the thought — made both of them curious enough to sneak to the edge of the storage shack. As if by mutual consent, they knew they’d have to see what was going on. It wasn’t too polite, but what the hell? This was a public place.

They looked and saw a blonde array of hair fluttering back and forth on the roof-top. The woman’s face was turned away, and all they could see was the wanton way her legs were spread wide for the boy to mount her and fuck like there was no tomorrow.

The woman’s legs were butterflying back and forth. She would bend her hips, arch her back and drive her cunt into his prick. At the same time, her legs went almost flat on the roof to each side of her body.

This was causing her cunt to mash down brutally on the boy’s prick. And he obviously got off on the constriction around his cock.

“Go, baby, go! Love it to death!”

Ted looked at Liz when the boy’s face turned momentarily toward them. It was Don Patrick, the flame-haired youth who was blackmailing Liz!

Liz whispered hotly into Ted’s ear, “That motherfucker! That son of a bitch is balling more than just me! He’s obviously blackmailed someone else into fucking him.”

“He’s blackmailing you? How? With what?” She hastily told him about how Don had eaten her out in class, her need for his young, lusty prick after breaking up with the coach at Eight Miles High School and, finally, about Don seeing her and Ted fucking that evening in the parking lot.

“He’s seen us together? That little dipshit! I’ll break him in two!”

Liz’s hand flew to the teacher’s strong bicep. She held him back. “No, you can’t do anything to him. He’s got us all over a barrel. You, he’s got by the balls. Think about it.”

Don could get all of them fired if he went to the principal about this. The way the schoolboard was on its yearly purges looking for fornicating teachers, it wasn’t too big a jump in logic to see how they could all lose not only their jobs but any chance of ever getting another teaching position anywhere.

“It’s his word against ours. Who’d believe a lying little prick like that?”

“All the nasty-minded people running this school. They want to hear the worst and they’ll believe anything they want. Just accusing us would serve his purpose. If he can tar us with the brush of blackmail, it won’t matter what happens after that.”

Ted saw the woman was right. Just hurling the suspicion was enough for Don’s purposes. He didn’t need to prove a damned thing. Just get the bluenoses thinking about how raunchy their teachers were, and that was it. It was a nasty bind they were in.

“Ooooooh, look! Shit, I… my cunt! Oh God, oh God!”

Ted moved closer to Liz. His hands, circled her waist and settled down over her snatch. When he struck the well of her lust, he shoved a finger all the way up into her cunt.

She gasped and sagged weakly back against his body. That finger promised her so much. A cock would soon follow. She knew it. And she was getting so hat just spying on Don fucking — fucking Beth!

“Look, Ted, that’s Beth he’s balling!”

The blonde’s head turned back toward them. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut and her lips were pulled back into a razor-slash thin line showing how intense her passion actually was.

“Christ, that little bastard is a real loser. I’d love to toss him over the edge of the building.”

“Shush. Let’s just watch.” She snuggled back, forcing her rounded, naked ass into the man’s crotch. She felt his hairy thighs rubbing against her bare flesh and sighed. His prick was still limp but a tiny twitch told her it wouldn’t be much longer before he was up and ready to fuck her long and hard.

The sight of Don fucking Beth was turning her on in a big way. She’d felt the same thing when she’d spied on Beth and Ted balling. There was something sneaky and disreputable about all this. And she didn’t give a damn. It turned her on. That was good enough.

The finger in her cunt began to wiggle around. She started stroking up and down the man’s legs, more for support than anything else. That finger so deftly exploring her twat was making her weak in the knees. She felt as if her legs were turning to water.

When he began running his finger in and out of her cunt in a mock fucking, she came. It took her completely by surprise. One second, she caught her breath from the sudden intensity of the feelings smashing into her cunt, the next she was groaning out her unbridled passions.

He supported her against his body. When her eyes focused again, she saw the youth still avidly fucking Beth’s tiny cunt. The woman’s pussy lips were gaping wide open. The angle told the spying teacher that the student was getting a royal fucking.

His cock drilled hard and deep into her yearning curd. The juices frothed and boiled out and dribbled down the woman’s ass to puddle on the rooftop. She could see his balls swinging loosely to smash against the wet spot on the woman’s behind.

The prick sank entirely out of sight between the rigid, blood-engorged pussy lips.

And the woman was enjoying the virtual rape. Sure, Don had blackmailed her into this. But her body was betraying her. She wanted his prick. When he’d started fucking her, her cunt had been dry as a desert. The light touch of his plum-tipped prick against her cunt lips had thrilled her. Then she let her traitorous body take command. It was easier that way. She didn’t have to think of the degradation he was inflicting on her.

Liz was gasping for breath now, watching the active balling going on. She felt a big hand snake around her body and cup her left tit. The heavy hand pressed into her boob and made her even weaker in the knees. When fingers caught and held the rubbery tip of her nipple, she came again.

Lightning blasted down into her chest to match that echoing up from her finger-fucked cunt. The entire scene was getting to her in a big way. She couldn’t begin to describe the feelings inside her at watching Don fucking the living hell out of Beth.

The linger swirling around in her gooey cunt couldn’t be ignored. It was making her into the weak, wanton woman who so badly needed long, hard, fucking cock driven into her pussy. The man’s finger was hardly enough to keep her happy.

It rubbed and pressed into the velvet-hung walls of her pussy. As he stroked, his finger became greasier and greasier from her fuck fluids. He used this to good advantage. When his finger fell out of her twat, he massaged first one then the other of her pussy lips.

The light pressure on the rigid flaps of her sex lips sent volts of carnal electricity surging into her body. She couldn’t begin to control herself now. It was her body commanding her to full arousal.

And she wouldn’t have it any other way!

As he lightly fingered her clit, she came again. The last thing she saw before she screwed her eyes tightly shut to ride with the monumental tide of her come was the boy’s long, hard prick driving forcefully into the other woman’s softly yielding cunt.

That allowed Liz to imagine it was happening to her. The way her clit throbbed and pulsated, it might have been her getting the full benefit of the fucking cock.

But she wasn’t receiving only the visual turn-on and the finger on her clit. That hand cupping her immense tit was mashing the soft, pliant flesh into new and wondrously delicious shapes. He was teasing her nipple, pressing it down into the marshmallowy tit underneath.

That would have been enough for her. Not for Ted. He wanted to make sure she got the best out of this manhandling.

He gripped down hard on her left tit until the flesh flowed like putty between his fingers. He tried to reshape that massive mountain of boob. Working it around in circles, she thought he was trying to rip it off her chest.

And it felt so damned good!

“Keep fondling my titties! I love the way your hand feels! Make it into any shape you want!”

“I like it like this!”

He released his grip and the huge jug snapped back into its original cone shape. The snowy white flesh of the sloping boob was covered with fierce red masks left by his fingers. These only made her more aroused.

Trapped animal sounds reached Liz’s ears. She opened her eyes again to watch the now frenzied fucking going on in front of her. Don was going berserk. His hips blurred with the speed of his fucking. He drove his prick into the blonde’s cunt with diabolical force.

Each forward thrust lifted the woman’s ass off the roof. Their crotches ground together in a sloppy wet, carnal mixture of pain and pleasure. His bush was stimulating her cunt as it had never been before. And the depth of his fucking was attained only by his brutal moves.

He didn’t care if her cunt lips ended up bruised. All he was interested in was his own pleasure.

“My cunt,” moaned Beth… “My poor, aching cunt! I’m getting sore! My muscles are killing me!”

“Shut up, bitch. I’m fucking you the way I want.”

Then he arched his back and let out a loud scream that ripped and tore at the spying teacher’s ears. The teenager came.

Liz could see the convulsive quakes in the youthful body as his cock spurted out its jism.

Each time he shuddered with a powerful spurt, he attempted to drive his cock just a bit deeper into the trapped woman’s twat.

Eventually, Beth came. But Liz could tell it wasn’t much of an orgasm. It was a puny thing, hardly worth all the effort. But when you’re being blackmailed, what choice is there?

Then she was too caught up in the emotions wracking her own body to pay much attention to the writhing couple on the roof-top. The finger had sensually dragged over her erect little clit. She felt her ass rubbing hard against the hairy body pressed firmly into her ass. His hand clamped over her boob was tormenting her again.

She came. And it wasn’t the easy, almost wasteful one that had gripped the blonde. This was a full-bodied orgasm that befitted the care and attention going into stimulating her.

She felt as if the top of her head was coming off.

“Quiet,” she heard a voice whispering in her ear. She could barely hear it the roar of the blood in her temples was so loud. What did it really matter if anyone saw them?

This was fun!

“Quiet, damn you! That shithead, Don, might hear us. And if he gets his meathooks even more firmly into our reputations, we’re up shit creek and without a paddle!”

Liz knew Ted was telling the truth. It was stupid to blow everything simply because she wasn’t able to contain her lust for a few seconds. Still, he’d done everything right. The feelings in her juicy cunt demanded satiation. The way her tit throbbed and burned, she was sure it was going to pop from the excited blood hammering into it. And most of all, she could still see the boy’s half-erect cock splitting the blonde’s fleecy, matted cunt lips.

It was too much to expect to hold back.

And Don heard.

The youth pulled his prick from the seething cunt that had been gripping him and spun around to face the moaning woman.

“Goddamn! I don’t fuckin’ believe this! You two been spying on me! That sure takes the first prize for perversity!”

Liz looked back over her shoulder at Ted. The shit had hit the fan now. She and Ted, as well as Beth, were in it up to their ears now, the victims of a teenaged blackmailer.


“Well, well, the gang’s all here. And already decked out in their birthday suits!” chortled Don.

“Kid, I can crush you like a fly under a boot heel. And if you try to use this against us, I’ll do just that,” snapped Ted.

“Big man,” sneered Don. The teenager looked more sure of himself than ever before. “Threatening the kid like that. What you gonna do, bust my head open? Hell no, you don’t dare. You’re too much of a fuckin’ coward to even try.”

“Don’t bet on it.” Ted advanced on Don, his shoulder muscles flexing ominously. Liz tried to hold him back. “Don’t, Liz,” he said, menace in his voice. “Sometimes two-bit chiselers like this have to be taken care of or they’ll bleed you white.”

“Ted, please!” begged Liz. “Don’t do anything to him. How would we explain it?”

“Ya, muscle man, how would you explain it? What caused a small, frail little teenaged kid to fall off the roof of a building at ten o’clock in the evening. The school board will have a field day with that.”

Beth brushed back the blonde strands of her hair and said, fear making her voice crack, “He means it, Ted. Honest to God, he means it! If the school board catches wind of this Liz and Ted exchanged silent looks.” Beth was right. The school board didn’t need facts, all they looked at were suspicions. No one “unfit” could teach. And “unfit” meant anything the school board said it meant.

A death would surely bring their wrath plummeting down like an ancient God’s wrath. And that wasn’t even taking the cops into account.

They were implacable. They wouldn’t rest until the killers were brought to trial.

“Yeah, man, you’re gettin’ the picture. I call the shots from now on. You and Liz, are so lovely, and Beth ate all mine to command. You’ll damn well jump when I say jump, too. Or it’ll be just too bad for you!”

“What do you get out of this, Don?”

“Power, man, power. I like having these foxy teachers spread ‘em whenever I say so. And having you under my thumb is going to be a real trip. I saw you and Liz fucking that night in the parking lot. And tonight — wow! What I can do with that. The two of you up here, bare-ass naked, fucking like crazy. Hell, that’s all I need.”

Liz placed a shaking hand on Ted’s shoulder. The man was quivering with barely suppressed rage. He wanted to tear the blackmailing teenager apart limb from limb. If there was only some way he could get rid of the body! He’d turn murderer in a split second!

“Yeah, the power of it is something.”

“What are you going to do?” asked Beth.

“Do? Baby, I’m going to watch the damnedest fuck fest ever!”


“You, blonde beauty with the tight cunt, are going to be part of a sex orgy on the roof. Under the lovely moonlight, you and the chem teacher and my esteemed history teacher are all gonna ball your, brains out while I watch you!”

Liz felt a cold chill race up her spine. The knot in her stomach tightened until she felt like puking. This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be happening to her. Not tonight!

Not when she and Ted had just fucked and felt the biggest comes of their lives. What a downer this evening had turned into. Sex slaves for a warped student to do with as he pleased.

She began to cry.

“Hey, I like that,” Don said, smiling wickedly. “She’s crying her little eyes out before she fucks. Lemme see, how should this work? You got a boner, Ted?”

“I want to smash you so bad.”

“Yeah, sure. But that is a nice erection. And it shakes like crazy when you wave that fist at me. How about this? Liz, down on your hands and knees. Ted, fuck her like a bitch in heat. And you, Beth, you can lick her cunt and his balls.”

No one moved for the span of several hurried heartbeats. Then Don yelled, “Goddammit! Move! Do as I say!”

He turned red in the face and there was no mistaking the viciousness in the youth. He really did mean for them to fuck like that.

Liz limply dropped like a rag doll. The rough gavel cut her knees but she hardly noticed. It was too humiliating to comprehend what was actually happening. She was trying to fantasize something nicer, something more to her liking.

It was hard. The strutting student was making like the cock-of-the-walk. He was calling the shots this time and there was nothing any of the three teachers could do about it.

“Get on your fucking knees and take her like a bitch, damn your eyes!” Don flared.

Ted did as he was told. In spite of the situation.

“Oh, yes, Ted darling, do it! Fuck me good!”

“Yes, Ted darling,” mimicked, “fuck her good.”

Ted shot the youth a scathing look. This seemed to make the teenager grow in stature. He was the one in power. He was ordering these symbols of authority around like they’d once done to him.

Liz caught her lower lip between her teeth as his prick gently eased into her slippery twat. The thick head of his turgid prick pressed between her throbbing cunt lips. He hesitated for a moment as the plum-tip of his cock entered her pussy.

This caused a little friction on her cunt lips. Not much but enough to tell her the best was yet to come.

Her tits bounced around loosely under her chest. Don came over and lightly batted one of them. It shivered and sprang back into place. The boy was amused with his newfound toy.

He continued to tease and torment her boob until finally he tired of the little game. He turned to Beth and commanded her, “Over here, cunt. I want you licking her cunt and his balls with that tough, pink tongue of yours. If it’s half as good as I think it is, you’re gonna be dynamite for them!”

Beth hesitantly obeyed. She was obviously unsure of herself in this. It was so perverted, three people making love all at the same time. Yet she couldn’t deny that the sight of Ted’s prick vanishing between Liz’s throbbing cunt lips turned her on. He would be fucking her with his powerful strokes any second now.

To be under the other woman’s sex slit, lapping up all the fuck fluids, teasing the man’s balls with her tongue, seemed to be the height of perverseness to her. And she found her cunt watering at the thought.

Why not? Being forced by Don gave her the excuse to engage in something she found secretly exciting and which she’d never, under any other circumstances, do.

“You slimy little prick,” she hissed at the student.

Don smiled broadly and pointed. “Under them. NOW! MOVE!”

Beth moved. She rolled over onto her back and scooted until the other woman’s tits hung pendulous and heavy just above her lips. She had been told to lick the woman’s cunt. She decided the dangling boobs were more tantalizing for her.

She licked across the tip of one tit, then the other. The feathery touch of her tongue set off depth charges of delight in Liz’s chest. She was openly sobbing by the time Beth sucked one nipple entirely into her mouth.

The woman was confused by the sensory messages assaulting her body. The thick cock poking into her from behind was stirring her guts around. Any second, he’d ram all the way into her frothy twat and make her into a complete woman. And the other woman’s mouth all over her erect nipples sent shivery little messages of joy into her chest.

Her breathing became harsh, rough and ragged. She felt flames lapping at her throat, searing her lungs.

And the real fucking hadn’t even started yet!

“Yeah, gang, this is real cozy. I like it,” came a distant voice, the voice of their tormentor. “That stud with his pecker shoved into the bitch’s ass and the other one licking her little titties. Yeah, I like it real good. Now, move, damn you all, move!”

Liz gasped as Ted’s prick came hurtling into her cunt. She thought she was ready for it. She was wrong. It stretched her in new and different directions. For a horrible moment, she was afraid he was going to rip and tear her delicate inner membrane.

She didn’t like the idea of bleeding to death for Don’s amusement. But nothing this drastic happened. Her flexible cunt walls stretched to take the man’s huge girth.

The jerking and bucking of his cock stirred her inner nerves and made her acutely aware of her body. The momentary pain had passed and now all that was left was pleasure. The huge cock was dancing a wild dance inside her cunt.

She tightened her stomach muscles and clamped down on the buried prick. She felt the thick blue vein on the top of his cock stand out in bold relief. The thick hooded glands of his prick expanded even as she tightened her muscles around it. And the soft folds of skin all along his cock quickly vanished as more and more excited blood hammered into his fuck stick.

“You fill me up!” she sighed. “So nice, so damned nice!”

“You’re hotter than I remember,” Ted told her. “Hot and you’re squeezing me to a pulp! I… I can’t take much of this.”

“The hell you can’t,” came a cold voice. “Fuck her good or you’re gonna be sorry.”

Liz tried to block out the student’s voice. He was a monster. Better his parents had put him in a burlap bag and tossed him in the river than allow such a beast to live and hurt others.

She concentrated on the feel of the long, all-male prick inside her pussy. She twitched her hips a little to move it around inside. His cockhead moved gently against her cunt walls, stimulating both of them. The thick fuck fluids made sure that the fucking wouldn’t really turn either of them on too much.

Once the friction of the fucking burned away the cunt juices, then it would be sheer bliss for both of them.

“Oh, ride me, ride me hard!” she begged. “My cunt’s burning up with desire for that huge prick of yours!”

Then she felt a new sensation on her snatch. It was a small thing, hardly noticed. Then it became more and more powerful a force for giving her the utmost in joy.

It was Beth’s tongue working avidly along her gash. The woman’s tongue sought and found the little clit meekly poking its head out from the protective sheath of flesh. She began licking and sucking hard on that tiny spire of sensation.

Liz felt wave after wave of desire flood her. She was gasping with reaction. Her entire body quaked. She was caught up in the throes of the most massive lovemaking ever to assail her tender, trim young body.

“Go on. Do as she says. Fuck her good.” Don was still calling the plays, but she no longer cared. The feel of the cock and the tongue so near her cunt made up for any humiliation the student might decide to pass out.

Liz knew it instantly when Ted obeyed that command. She felt inch after long, throbbing inch of virile prick shoved up her cunt. She grated her teeth together and unashamedly allowed tears to race down her cheeks. The feeling of having her pussy filled with fuck stick again was so indescribably tremendous she didn’t care what emotions she showed.

She loved it. She wanted more.

The man began fucking her with long, deep, slow strokes. She felt him bury his cock balls deep into her cunt. A tiny trickle of cunt juices oozed out around the plug of his prick, then he ground his crotch into her butt. She sighed with relief. He was hard and he was fucking her. All was right in the world. The hairy thighs stimulated her round, smooth tits and his balls wetly banged against her cunt lips.

When he began, retreating from the tight, hot berth of her snatch, she cried put, “No! Don’t leave me! I love your prick! Leave it in my hungry cunt!”

There was evil laugh which hardly penetrated her lust-glazed mind. To hell with Don! Let Ted fuck her good! That was all she really cared about any more.

When only the thick, knobby head of his cock remained inside her, the other woman’s tongue started licking all over her juice-drenched cunt lips. Liz heard Ted moan and mutter, “Your Goddamn tongue’s driving me wild! More! MORE!”

She could only agree. That rough, pink, probing tongue was seeking out every tiny little fold of flesh all around her cunt and digging in to stimulate. The tongue was probably giving Ted’s cock a good tongue-lashing. It was also building up a sexual tension inside the woman’s body which wasn’t to be denied.

She screamed and let her hips go wild. She thrashed around, shoving her hips back to get as much cock into her heaving cunt as possible. Ted rode out the fury of her desire and kept his prick poised between the rigid flaps of her bloodengorged pussy lips. He’d fuck her when and how he pleased. She was only along to enjoy.

“Make noises like a bitch,” came a cold command. “I want to hear you sound like an animal. It’s only right. If a bitch in heat is getting fucked like an animal, you ought to sound like one.”

She ignored Don. And was immediately rewarded with a sharp, stinging pain across her shoulders. The teenager had hefted his belt and was swinging it through the air. He was whipping her for her disobedience.

“Stop! Don’t!” she pleaded. It did no good. If she wanted to enjoy this fucking, no matter how degrading and defiling the circumstances, she would have to make Don stop whipping her with the leather scourge.

“Then whimper! Sound like a animal!”

She began making tiny, trapped-animal noises deep in her throat. She wanted to sing out her joy at having a cock up her cunt and a tongue eagerly working all over her snatch. But the sounds coming out were pure animal. She whined and whimpered like a whipped dog.

This seemed to satisfy Don’s insane cravings to make her appear a degraded and humiliated woman. His need for a big power trip was being satiated just as her own sexual needs were being attended to by Ted’s huge prick.

“Oh, fuck me good. And quick! Make it fast, Ted darling!”

Ted’s hips exploded in a wild frenzy of motion. He started ramming deep into her twat. He spared nothing in his drive to fuck her with all the strength locked in his strong, masterful body.

“Not so fast!” came a mumbled command from under her body. Liz vaguely recognized Beth’s voice. The blonde wasn’t able to lick and suck up all the juices leaking from her aroused cunt. And there was no doubt that she was having a difficult time licking clean Ted’s prick as it drove in and out of the juicy curd with its frantic tempo.

Fuck her. That was the way Liz felt. She was on the receiving end of this and was going to enjoy it to the hilt. No more of the puny little fuckings. This was the real thing. And she had that cocksucker Don to thank for all of it.

She abandoned her senses to pleasure. All she cared about was the heavy, meaty prick battering into her cunt and the rough, pink tongue laying her most delicate flesh. Then another sharp stinging blow from Don’s belt landed across her shoulders.

For a second, she didn’t realize what had happened. The pain was blotted out from existence by the ecstasy rushing through her body. Her cunt was dictating to her. But the more he whipped her, the more the pain took control of her life.

“Wh-why are you doing th-that!”

“Shut up and fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck!” He sounded like an old-time galley master whipping the slaves into rowing faster.

Whatever the effect, Liz immediately noticed Ted’s moving faster up and down her well-oiled cunt. He was drilling into her tight, clutching hole with impressive force. Each time his body impacted against hers, it jarred her teeth together.

He rotated his body counterclockwise to screw his prick in a fraction of an inch deeper. When she twisted her ass in the other direction, she felt his prick lightly bouncing off her deeply buried cervix.

He was fucking her deeper than any man ever had before. And she wanted more!

No matter that the rain of leather on her back was raising ugly welts. The pain only spurred her to bigger efforts. She let her hips go surging back into Ted’s crotch. She felt his balls harden into a tight little bag. She even imagined she could feel the agitation she was causing in his lead-heavy jism.

When his prick began growing inside her, she knew he was having trouble keeping his cum in check. She was panting and shivering. Everything was building up nicely in her body. The cock pleasured her as it never had before. She loved the girth stretching her tiny cunt to the breaking point. The way he lit her inner fires with a forceful fucking was the best she’d ever encountered. And the other woman’s tongue all over her pussy lips, her clit, her bush. This pushed her desires ever upward. But the heavily descending belt across her tender back gave pain. Even this was turning her on to the best come of her life. She had a way of directly comparing the agony Don was inflicting with the joys that Ted and Beth were so avidly dishing out.

It made the pleasure even more intense. She came. And came and came. She felt like a leaf caught in the violent winds of a hurricane.

Distant, almost too far away for her to notice, she heard Ted screaming, “Aaaaieeee!”

His body worked passionately against her ass. His cock was tireless. It flew in and out of her twat as he continued fucking her even while his jism was blasting out to whitewash her cunt.

The thick, stringy jism coated her cunt walls. The heat of his cum made her come a last time.

And then it was all over. She felt Ted’s prick wilting in her manhole, still convulsing from the intense orgasm she’d had. She was completely drained of all emotion. Her body was physically wasted and nothing could get her aroused again. Or so she thought.

As the man’s prick limply dribbled out of her twat amid a flow of his own cum, a hungry mouth clamped over her cunt.

She’d forgotten all about Beth. The other teacher was still stretched out on the roof, her mouth questing for new places to lick and suck and tongue. She had discovered a goldmine in the woman’s cum-filled snatch.

Her tongue lashed out and whirled around inside the tight cunt like a tiny tornado. She sucked and licked up all the jism leaking out of the hole, then applied suction to drain out what was still clinging inside the gooey swamp of her cunt.

Liz pushed her gaping cunt down onto the woman’s face. The tongue speared deep into her twat, then avidly licked down the length of her pussy lips. If that had been all, she would have been able to stand it. She was still tired from the machine gun comes she’d experienced.

But that wasn’t it.

The other teacher’s eager tongue found her fully erect clitoris. She shoved her tongue down roughly on the sensitive spire and then began rolling the pea-sized organ around.

It might have been an atomic bomb blowing up in Liz’s belly. She came again, even bigger than any of the times before.

The entire world blurred and went away while she soared on the winds of ecstasy. Her entire body was shaking like a leaf in a breeze by the time she came back to her senses.

“God, Beth, that was super!”

“Yeah, Beth, that was super,” sarcastically mimicked Don. “But you’ve all done real good. Now split. I’ve had my kicks for the evening.”

Liz didn’t like being reminded that this wonderful fucking and sucking had been forced. More than ever before in her life, she hated Don.


A week passed and Liz was amazed to find she couldn’t even face Ted or Beth. She was too scared and humiliated from that night on the roof. She was scared they might blame her for some reason. She might be the one to logically point to and say, “She’s the one who got us into all this.”

After all, she was the first one Don had caught. Maybe she’d given that slimy bastard the idea with all her uninhibited fucking. She was so confused she didn’t know what to think.

All she really knew was how disgusted she felt afterwards. She felt good from the fucking, but mentally disgusted. She hated herself. She hated Beth for licking her cunt as she’d been told. She even hated Ted for going along with Don’s blackmailing scheme.

But what real choice did any of them have?

That was what rankled. What was even worse, it was only a matter of time before Don came back and demanded another sex show for his amusement. Somehow, it was more humiliating being put on display for his amusement than it was actually allowing the student to fuck her.

Liz didn’t understand that, but it was the way she felt.

In the hallway after her second period class, she saw Ted purposefully striding toward her. She turned to flee, but he was too quick. He caught up with her.

In a low voice so they couldn’t be overheard easily, he said, “Hey, don’t run. I know how you feel. Really. I felt like homemade shit all week long for doing that to you.”

She realized then how self-centered she’d been. Sure, a guy as nice as Ted was bound to have feelings about what they’d done on the roof he wouldn’t have liked it any better than she.

“Oh, Ted, I’m sorry! How could I have been so stupid!”

“That’s okay,” he brushed it off, “because it’s taken me a while to realize you and Beth were feeling the same way I was. But look, I’m glad we’ve got our heads together. Things can be fun among us if we do it right. You understand what I’m saying?”

She nodded. But it wasn’t going to be fun. Not as long as Don was around to force them to do his bidding.

A wry smile wrinkled the corners of Ted’s mouth. “Worrying about Don won’t do a damned thing. I’ve decided to take some direct action of my own, but I need some bread.”

“Money? Why, sure, Ted. How much?”

If a bit of money was all it took to get Don off theft case, then well and good.

“All you’ve got. I need a lot.”

She sighed. She hadn’t thought Don would come cheap. “I just cashed my paycheck. A month’s pay. Almost a thousand.” She hesitantly fumbled it out of her purse. To lose a month’s pay was hard, but it was money well spent if Don would simply vanish from the face of the earth.

“Good,” Ted said, pocketing the money. “I’ve got Beth’s already. And with two grand of my own, that makes four.”

“Four thousand dollars!” she cried. “Don’t do it! Don’t let that blood-sucker con you, Ted!”

His smile widened. “Don’t worry. Don’s not getting the money. He’s getting the shaft.”

Liz watched Ted walk off, more confidence in his stride than she’d seen in a long time. She wondered what he had in mind for Don.

She found out later that afternoon.

The police filled the halls, trying to control the students. Liz pressed to the edge of the crowd and saw Don being taken away by the police, his hands in handcuffs fastened behind his back like a common criminal.

She asked one of the students at the front, “What’s going on? What’s Don done?”

“Wow, Miss Walker, you’d never have thought it, would you? Don was dealing shit.” He blanched a little at the word, then rushed out, “You know. Heroin. He had close to half a pound in his locker.”

Liz felt a wave of coldness pass through her. She knew then what Ted had done. He’d framed Don in such a way no matter of confessing would get the youngster off the hook. With that much smack in his possession, the judge would never believe a frame. Too much money was at stake.

She realized fully what Ted had done. He’d made sure of Don for a long, long time. A little bag of heroin might have resulted in a suspended sentence from a lenient judge. But half a pound? No way would any judge dare let such a big time dealer off the hook, first offense or not.

The quiet words in her ear, “That was the best money I’ve ever spent,” told her Ted was right behind her. She turned and looked at him. He said quickly, “That was the only way. Believe me. I thought on it hard for a solid week. It worked. He won’t bother any of us again.”

“And they’d never believe him if he did tell them about us,” mused Liz. It was cruel but what Don had been doing to them was cruel, too. He had only gotten what he deserved.

“Meet me on the roof after school for a little celebration,” said Ted, his hand squeezing down firmly on her ass.

After school, she rushed to the roof. The meeting place was already occupied. Beth was avidly sucking on Ted’s cock when Liz burst out onto the roof.

“So! Started without me, huh! I’ll show you!”

She quickly stripped off her panties and cast them aside. She shoved Ted flat on his back and gently moved Beth off the man’s prick. “Young lady, can get him to eat out your pussy. His cock’s mine! I earned it, after all I’ve been through!”

Beth smiled and said, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Okay, lover boy, lick those chops! And lick my cunt!”

She hastily got naked and crouched over the man’s mouth. Already, his tongue was racing around his lips in anticipation of what was to come.

But Liz was more interested in the man’s saliva-soaked cock. It was gleaming a dull red in the afternoon sun. She caressed it like some precious religious artifact. The thick purpled head was throbbing with lust. She stroked the sides of his prick until she felt the entire organ bucking and dancing around. He was ready. And so was she. For anything!

She straddled his waist and held the prick directly under her gaping cunt lips. She didn’t simply drop down on his long cock. She wanted to savor this moment. After all, it was a celebration fuck. They’d all earned it for getting rid of Don and his blackmailing ways.

She lowered her body enough to feel his blunt-nosed cock against her pussy lips. A tiny thrill raced into her cunt and made the hole begin to ooze her fuck fluids. She was going to have all the round, long, hard cock she could stand — and soon!

She lowered her hips another fraction of an inch. She sighed at the feel of his virile prick so near to her cunt. The blunted head of his knobby glands parted her cunt lips. Her juices oozed forth, and ran in thick rivers down the sides of his prick.

And then she couldn’t stand it any longer. She let gravity do the work, for her. She relaxed and then gasped loud and long as his cock rushed into her cunt, filling her to overflowing.




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