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xNovel - Her Special Delivery


Her Special Delivery

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Bob and I arrived at Nita’s around six-thirty on the second of December. We were exhausted, but their warm cordial greeting relieved us of our personal discomforts. They introduced us to their sons, and my breasts tingled when Mark, the oldest, shook my hand. Timmy, the youngest, was sixteen, slender and the cutest. Every time I looked his way, his eyes were moving fleetingly over my full breasts under my tight pale-blue sweater or over the flare of my hips and the swell of my abdomen under the thin, tight white bell-bottoms.

Chuck fixed us all a drink and we relaxed in polite conversation for a while. Nita wore a pretty light-green shirt-waist dress that put an accent on her full firm breasts. It wasn’t very short, but on her it was very sexy, and from where Bob and I were sitting we could see just a hint of her thighs above her nylons. Nita excused herself, saying that she had to get dinner ready and Mark was going off on a date and said he probably wouldn’t be home tonight. My breasts tingled so that a visible shiver rippled through my body and I wondered if he was going to fuck that little redhead.

Chuck had to go somewhere and Bob went with him. I told Nita that I would like to freshen up and change clothes. She showed me to our room, and Timmy brought in our suitcases. I thanked him, telling him that he was sweet, and the little darling turned bright red.

When I was alone, I opened my suitcase and took out a pair of sheer lavender bikini panties with white ruffled lace around the waist and legs. Next came a matching French bra, my white lace garter belt and a pair of smokecolored nylons. I took off my clothes and slipped into a pink and black lace duster and went into the bathroom down the hall.

The shower felt wonderful. I turned the water on as hot as I could stand. When I dried off, my skin tingled and glowed bright pink. I dusted my breasts, stomach, bottom and thighs with a lightly scented lilac power. I put on my garter belt and nylons, then my panties and bra.

When I opened the door to our room, I stifled a shocked cry of surprise. Timmy was standing by the bed, nuzzling the pink panties I had just taken off against his nose. His other hand was frantically stroking his hardened manly prick. I stared at him disbelievingly for a full minute. Then an excited glow tingled through my thighs and I began trembling with the excitement of Timmy’s actions.

I closed the door firmly and leaned weakly against it, not taking my eyes from his stroking hand. The boy whirled toward me, shock and terror edged over his youthful handsomeness. He sat down quickly on the bed, covering his hardness and bowing his head in shame. I felt pity for the shamed boy. I walked over and sat down beside him, hugging him tight against me. He started crying.

“P… please… don’t… tell… Mom… please, don’t…” the frightened boy whimpered pleadingly against my shoulder.

“I won’t, Timmy… if you tell me why you were smelling my panties.” My own voice trembled from the excitement of the boy’s strange act.

“I… I’m sorry… honest… please don’t tell Mom.”

“Tell me why you were smelling my panties and playing with your prick?” My hand went to his lap and pulled his hands away, exposing his still-hardened prick. I wrapped my warm fingers around it and gently squeezed. He moaned with pleasure against my shoulder. He was an awful lot bigger than the boy in the gas station had been.

“I couldn’t help it. Your p… panties were laying on the bed and…” Timmy shuddered violently, his voice was barely audible. “You’re… so… pretty… p… pretty… and…” The boy began sobbing harder.

“Timmy, you’re sweet. Did you like the smell on my panties?”

Timmy didn’t speak, just nodded his head.

“Do you like to smell girl’s panties? Have you ever smelled your mother’s panties?” I was so excited that my hand was unconsciously jerking Timmy’s prick in short, quick movements.

“Y… yes.”

“Did you wonder how I would look in them while you were smelling them?”

Timmy nodded.

“Would you like to see me in them, now?”

“Yes… yes…” Timmy looked up at me, his eyes wet and sad, very sad. I almost started crying myself. But instead I leaned forward and kissed his quivering lips lightly.

“Do you like to kiss girls down there?”

“I… I… d… don’t… k… know…”

“Oh, Timmy! You never have… have you?” My heart nearly stopped its mad pounding when I realized he was a virgin.

“N… no,” the boy mumbled weakly.

I stood up and let my robe fall to the floor. I reached behind me and unhooked the lavendar lace bra. “Have you ever seen a girl naked, Timmy?”

“N… no… just Mom…” His sudden gasp of breath hissed loudly in the quiet room as he looked up at me. I stood with my full thighs slightly apart, naked, except for the garter belt, nylons and the sheer lavender lace of my snug-fitting bikini panties. I smiled as his eyes locked on the soft blonde curls that fluffed out at the plump V of my full thighs. Timmy was hypnotized by my blonde, pouty cleft that was so visible through the lavender haze of my panties.

“Is this what you were thinking about while you caressed your prick and smelled my panties?” I asked in a low husky voice, my fingers tracing lightly over the fluffy mound. The boy stared in amazement as I walked up close to him. His eyes widened as he stared at the quivering flesh of my velvety inner thighs. I could feel the warmth of his heavy breaths against my quivering belly as he stared at the forbidden female flesh I knew he had dreamed of so many times. He looked up almost reverently into my smiling face.

“Touch me, Timmy. Put your hand on my pussy,” I whispered hoarsely, thrusting my hips out toward him slightly.

My thighs trembled and tiny electric thrills rippled through my lower abdomen as Timmy’s trembling finger tips hesitatingly touched the fluffy blonde mound through my sheer panties. Timmy’s fingers slowly became more aggressive and their virgin pressure had a maddening effect.

“Take them, darling,” I whimpered, my body swaying dangerously in front of him. I moaned, feeling his trembling fingers pulling my panties down, his face flushed, only inches away from my quivering abdomen. I felt his gaze burn into the honey-blonde curls that hid the soft pink folds of his dreams.

I lay down on the bed and drew my legs up, opening them wide apart and writhing my hips up to an imaginary lover. My hands moved slowly down over my breasts until they were caressing the hollows of my writhing thighs. Ever so slowly my fingers drew the moist blonde hair-lined lips wide apart. I heard Timmy groan as his eyes stared into the moist pink flesh of his dream.

“Kiss it, Timmy. Please… eat my pussy,” I whimpered breathlessly. I cried out with exquisite pleasure as the boy licked at my palpitating flesh. The boy made up with eager youthful energy what he lacked in experience. Timmy’s tongue licked in long, wet strokes up the full trembling length of my open, wet slit.

“Do it on my pussy… Timmy… make your prick come on me… hurry!” I whimpered, urging him up between my legs. Suddenly I wanted him to look at my blonde pussy and make himself cum. The boy stood up and began to frantically stroke the hardened length of his young virgin prick. My finger went to the moist swollen bump of my madly itching clitoris and I rubbed it with the same frantic rhythm as Timmy was using.

His eyes were glued on my writhing pussy and plunging fingers. I watched the boy’s face become intense and strained, his lips parted and his face contorted in passion. When he groaned mournfully, my eyes dropped to the swollen shaft of his young prick. I saw his heavy swaying cum-laden balls drawing sharply up to the thick base of his prick. I watched as the boy’s swollen prick throbbed and jerked violently as thick spurts of his virgin cum exploded from its swollen head to arc through the air and splatter hotly on my writhing thighs and heaving belly. I moaned louder as spurt after spurt landed on my squirming body.

I lay there, breathlessly watching Timmy’s prick slowly deflating, a tiny, glistening drop of his cum hung precariously from the brightly glowing pink tip. I took the pink panties that Timmy had been smelling and lovingly wiped his cum from my thighs and belly. I sat up and wiped his limp prick with them then handed them to him.

“Keep them with you tonight… and think about me when you play with your prick.” I stood up. Timmy was as tall as I was and I hugged him tightly to me. “Would you like to put it inside me later tonight?” I asked, feeling his limp prick throbbing slowly back to hardness against my naked hip.

“Oh, yes… yes, I do. I really do,” the boy said enthusiastically.

“You’re so wonderful,” I said, pulling away from him. “But you’d better leave now, someone might come in and catch us. Do you want to come back after everyone goes to sleep?”

The boy’s eyes glowed and he nodded vigorously.

I leaned forward and kissed him, my tongue probing through his warm closed lips. He opened his mouth and moaned as my tongue slid wetly into the hotness of his mouth. I took his hand and placed it on my tingling breast. I had to pull away, another second too close to this wonderful boy and I would have to have him.

“Don’t wear anything when you come back tonight. I want that sexy body of yours against me with nothing between us. Now run along so I can finish dressing.”

At the door Timmy turned and smiled shyly. “I love you,” he said, going out the door quickly. I stood there for a long moment, trembling, thinking how excited Bob would get when I told him. I couldn’t decide if I should say anything about it in front of Chuck and Nita.

I picked up my lavender bra and panties and put them back on. I just couldn’t make up my mind what to wear, so I slipped my duster back on, deciding to wait and see what Bob thought I should wear. I quickly brushed the snarls and tangles out of my shoulder-length blonde hair and went to the kitchen to keep Nita company.

I sat on a high stool and demurely let my duster fall open enough to let her catch a glimpse of my sheer panties. She couldn’t keep her eyes away from the blonde curls that strayed enticingly out of the legs of my panties. Nita fixed me a drink and, when she handed it to me, her hand was trembling. A strange excitement flooded through me.

“Chuck and I wrote you a letter, but never got around to mailing it.”

“Could I read it now? I love your letters,” I said softly, watching the way her full breasts moved so invitingly under the tight bodice.

“Yes, I’ll see if I can find it.”

As soon as she left the kitchen, I parted my thighs wide and slid my finger under the leg of my panties, pulling more of my soft blonde curls into view. I did the same thing with the other side and adjusted my thighs and duster so that it would look unintentional.

I sipped my drink and thought about Timmy. I was almost certain he was in his room smelling my panties and doing it to himself. I could almost feel the swollen lips of my pussy contracting at the lewd thought. Nita interrupted my licentious thoughts about her son when she entered the kitchen.

When she handed me the letter, I could almost feel the heat of her eyes on the golden cleft of my exposed pussy. My fingers were trembling as I opened the letter. With the letter were several photos of Nita. One was a complete nude, she had her legs drawn up as though waiting for a lover to mount her. The fingers of her right hand were holding the furry lips widespread and the fingers of her other hand were manipulating her clitoris hidden in the moist pink folds. A thick drop of cum was just beginning to ooze through the tight inner opening of her pussy.

“What is this?” I asked Nita, pretending to be naive.

She walked over near my side, a lot closer than she had to. I pointed to the white smear on the photograph, my arm brushing against the side of her full breast. I looked up into her eyes and her face was flushed as she looked down into the cleavage of my full breasts.

“T… that’s one of Chuck’s silly ideas,” Nita said, her breaths coming quicker.

“Oh, I don’t think it’s silly. It’s very exciting. I wish I had been there to help you!” Nita’s breast was pressing tighter against me and her breathing was coming faster and I knew that she was in the mood.

“Why don’t you show me the house… before our men come back?” I looked up into her eyes, smiling.

“Okay,” she answered weakly. I followed her, watching the slight sway of her broad rounded hips. She opened a door and I walked up against her, pressing my full breasts against her.

“This is Chuck’s den and darkroom. I call it his sex-room.” Nita turned around, her face only inches from mine, our breasts lightly touching. I leaned up against her and buried my face against her throat. I felt her hips straining against mine. My mouth was wetly kissing her smooth neck, and her hands went around my waist, drawing me tighter to her full softness. My hands began caressing the full spheres of her arched breasts. I could feel her nipples harden under her bra as my lips nibbled up her throat to lick into her ear.

Nita moaned and ran her hands over the rounded swell of my full, taut bottom. Our lips met in a strong passionate kiss, and her mouth opened wide, eagerly sucking my fluttering tongue into the hotness of her mouth. My hand moved slowly over the soft quivering swell of her abdomen to the plump downy lips of her pussy. Her thighs opened slightly as the pressure of my hand increased.

Our lips parted and I looked at her. Her head was back against the doorway, eyes closed, lips parted as her tongue licked slowly around the fullness of her lips.

“Let’s go to your bedroom,” I said in a low quivering voice.

Nita swallowed hard and nodded. She held onto my hand as if afraid I’d run away. The hope that Timmy would see us going into her room and peek sent tiny shivers up my spine. I wanted to see him between his mother’s full thighs. That was one of the most exciting thoughts I’ve ever had.

I looked around the room, it was tastefully decorated and conservativelooking. There was an assortment of paintings around the room. The bed was huge, with a bookcase headboard of some sort of blonde wood. In the bookcase was an assortment of sex books, The Neighborhood Party, The Experiment, Human Sexual Response, all of which Bob and I had read. There were two walnut speakers and an AM/FM radio on the bookcase.

I sat down in the small easy chair by the bed, my duster was completely open now.

“I’ve never done this before,” Nita said in a low voice, averting my lustfilled gaze.

“Don’t let it worry you, Nita. It will come naturally.”

I stood up, letting my duster fall from my shoulders. Nita was staring at me, her eyes moving slowly from the full cleavage of my breasts trapped in the lavender lace bra down over my smooth flat stomach to my blonde tuft of curls that were so plainly visible through the lavender haze.

“Take your clothes off, darling. I want to see that beautiful body of yours in real life.” My voice was low and hoarse as my hands went to my back and unhooked my bra. Nita was slowly, trancelike, unbuttoning the front of her dress, her eyes still on me.

“You’re so beautiful,” Nita whispered ardently. I moved up close to her and my trembling fingers finished unbuttoning her dress. Her hand came out and cupped my right breast, kneading it gently, running her fingers adoringly over the satiny skin, gently tweaking my hardened pink nipple. I moaned, my knees were trembling weakly as I pulled her dress down over her shoulders. When it fell to the floor, I stepped back and hooked my fingers in the waistband of my bikini panties.

I was trembling so badly that I could barely manage to pull my panties down. Nita watched lasciviously as each blonde curl appeared above my sliding panties. Nita unhooked her plain white bra and I gasped as the fullness and beauty of her breasts swayed slightly before me. They had looked firm and beautiful in the photos, but they were breathtaking in the flesh.

My eyes raped Nita’s full body as she slowly slid her sheer white panties down over the broad flare of her hips. When she straightened, our arms went around each other, our lips met in a deeply passionate kiss. Maddening thrills of ecstasy rippled through my quivering body. Nita’s full breasts were burning against mine, their hardened nipples seemed electrifying. My hands moved lightly over her full, rounded bottom, kneading its resilient smoothness, drawing her writhing furry mound tighter against my own.

As though on some prearranged signal we collapsed onto her bed. Nita’s arms went around me, drawing me to the quivering warmth of her naked, burning skin. Nita moaned and her hand went down from my shoulder to my big full young titties, then she leaned closer and her lips opened firmly against mine, spreading and nibbling as her tongue slipped between my lips. My lips softened and kissed back, blanketed by a sheet of passion caused by the demanding heat of her need. My hand crept slowly onto the full rounded sphere of Nita’s arched tittie, then down the soft quivering flesh to her inner thighs, until it mingled with the thick bush of soft black curls and its moist hotness. I moaned loudly, my eyes closed as my fingers slipped into the hot pit of Nita’s fiery lust. I ran my other hand behind her and cupped her large, rounded bottom as she writhed wantonly against my thrusting fingers. My hand slipped between the crevice that separated the full spheres of her ass and found her tiny puckered hole. I thought of my finger as a long, slim prick as it teased at the swollen pucker.

Nita, who was the strongest, took the lead and rolled me onto my back and quickly reversed her body, straddling me so that her thick black hair-lined pussy hovered over my face. My mouth was just inches below the slightly open lips of Nita’s wet swollen pussy and I raised my head, to kiss deep into the heady nest of her wet quivering pussy. At the same time I felt Nita’s kiss, centered by her hot darting tongue. Sensations seemed to ripple around and around our tonguing bodies, the mounting tensions were perfectly matched. I licked and nibbled, the glistening wet flesh of Nita’s pink pussy.

I put my hands to the full rounded spheres of Nita’s ass and pressed and pulled at them, enjoying the erotic shapes I created. My thighs, urged by Nita’s hands, spread and spread until my hips seemed like they were going to tear apart, then I began to writhe to the rhythmic licking and plunging of her tongue. I felt a wriggling finger at my tiny puckered hole and I teased at hers. As my finger entered Nita’s asshole, the erotic intrusion made me moan with ecstasy. I felt as though we were one, with this beautiful woman, her tongue was like a small slithering prick, my fingers searching and savoring the secret muscles that gripped it spastically.

I cried out in pleasure against the open lips of her pussy as I began undulating my hips, legs widespread, letting the intense thrills between my thighs grow stronger and stronger as her mouth and tongue sent shivering bolts of ecstasy through every part of my body. I licked at Nita’s pussy frantically, feeling the strangeness of my orgasm growing, and I knew that it wouldn’t escape me… not this time.

A wild masochistic pleasure had suddenly taken hold of my body as Nita’s finger thrust into my rubbery asshole. I ground my ass in complete abandoned ecstasy against the madly probing finger and wildly sucking mouth.

Suddenly I felt the wetness and tensing of Nita’s orgasm; I became more frantic, but my mounting orgasm slowly slipped away from me as the woman over me went limp and rolled over on her side. I opened my eyes and saw Bob staring obscenely at my splayed thighs. My hips arched off the bed lewdly as I beckoned to my husband to fuck me. Bob fell between my thighs. My fingers went to his head, urging his mouth down to the wet open lips of my passion-swollen pussy. I moaned and squirmed under the exquisite pleasure of my husband’s sucking lips. I looked over and saw that Chuck had crawled between Nita’s thighs and was pounding furiously into her own swollen wetness.

“Oooohhh! Eatme eatme eatme eatme eatme…” I whimpered incessantly, undulating my hips faster as the tingling chills burned through my body… God! The sensations were so maddening… so intense that I knew I would die from its intense pleasure. Bob’s hands pulled the upturned cheeks of my quivering, squirming ass higher, his tongue circling, teasing my tiny sensitive asshole.

Then his mouth returned to my swollen, sensitive pussy and began sucking voraciously on my clitoris. My head flailed listlessly from side to side and I tensed, arching my hips up to his sucking mouth, and it felt as though my whole body was one giant tingling nerve-end. My orgasm was building deep in my heaving belly and it was the strangest sensation I had ever felt; even my finger tips were tingling maddeningly.

“Fuck me, now! Bobby! Fuck me!” I cried out. Bob crawled quickly up over me and shoved the thick throbbing fullness of his prick into the depths of my madly palpitating pussy. Our lips met and I sucked eagerly on his slippery tongue.

I threw my legs around his slim waist and moaned deep in my throat as he began moving his thick hardened shaft in and out. My husband’s hands slid under my writhing bottom, raising me and at the same time pushing his massive prick deeper into me. I began moaning incoherently as my mind became a burning, passion-blinded thing. The wet slippery sheath of my pussy gripped him tightly until I could feel every pulsating inch of his massive flesh buried deliciously inside me.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me! FUCK ME HARRRDDD!” I screamed, knowing that I was approaching an orgasm. The sensations were even stronger than the ones I had just felt with Nita. My body became completely abandoned as I twisted and writhed, spreading my legs wider, fondling and playing with the contracting lips of my eager pussy where Bob’s massive prick entered, bringing more intense thrills to race through my overly sensitive and heaving body.

The plane of my crotch was wide open to the furious, pile-driving thrust of his hips as he rammed brutally and deliciously into me.

“Oh… oh… oh…” I whimpered incessantly, our faces contorted in unrecognizable masks of wild obscene passion. Bob groaned and quickened his thrusts, grinding hard and deep so that his massive prick of fire bored hard against the resilient lips of my tortured womb. Then I felt it!

“Oh, God…! OH… GOD! It’s happening…! I’m going to…” I lost all sense of being, my head stopped flailing and tensed as I arched my back, thrusting my hips hard against my husband’s. I felt as though my insides were going to gush out as my orgasm tingled in my finger tips, toes, nipples, ears, lips, thighs, belly; there wasn’t a spot on me that didn’t feel the maddening effects as my first orgasm began.

A low guttural cry rumbled deep in my hoarse throat, choked off at the last second by the blinding sensations that erupted in every pore of my writhing, tormented body as release finally came. Suddenly I was floating on a tiny obscure cloud high above a world of brilliant colors that swirled, in hazy patterns; multicolored bolts of lightning coursed through me, surging out from the nucleus of my being through every nerve-ending I possessed.

I awoke in Bob’s strong arms; the warmest, deepest feeling of contentment hung over me like a soft golden shroud. I really did it… it really happened! Kept echoing through my mind. My body and mind literally sang with joy… I was a whole and complete woman. My body still felt tingled with the delicious aftereffects of my very first orgasm. I reached down, exploring the swollen, sensitive area between my thighs; it still felt as though Bob’s hugeness was still possessing me.

And this was only the beginning…




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