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The following are the most recent additions to the site, in reverse chronological order:

cover: lustin' and teasin' + she needs some pleasin'
DN-7374B She Needs Some Pleasin' (Stu E Boy)

cover: lustin' and teasin' + she needs some pleasin'
DN-7374A Lustin' And Pleasin' (Perry Verihard)

cover: maidenhood lost + passion found
DN-6933B Passion Found (R U Forreal)

cover: maidenhood lost + passion found
DN-6933A Maidenhood Lost (E Z Make)

cover: modeling her pleasures + exposing his desires
DN-6760B Exposing His Desires (Joe D Dawg)

cover: modeling her pleasures + exposing his desires
DN-6760A Modeling Her Pleasures (Bo Zodeclown)

cover: students at play + lesbo lessons
DN-6193B Lesbo Lessons (Twyla Twacht)

cover: students at play + lesbo lessons
DN-6193A Students At Play (Ursala Updike)

cover: young and willing
CSN-103 Young And Willing (John Coles)

cover: mom needs it, too!
CL-120 Mom Needs It, Too! (Ron Taylor)

cover: swedish sex trip
BTB-102 Swedish Sex Trip (Olaf Svendige)

cover: bound hooker
BP-112 Bound Hooker (Willa Huffner)

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Top 3 D'loads (past month)

  1. rx-626 family sex fest (julia tayle).zip [129.26KB]
  2. tfb-146 daddys plaything (bruce flores).zip [290.31KB]
  3. fam-120 loving daughters (evan burke).zip [313.34KB]

Top 3 D'loads (all time)

  1. pp-7089 two naughty moms (tom allison).zip [119.49KB]
  2. rws-121 camp for little girls (james wheatfield).zip [134.79KB]
  3. dn-386 daughters wide open lips (ray todd).zip [75.81KB]


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